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Hello yet again, community!

This little idea is presented to the Development Team free of charge and property in case they want to start adventuring in the "Flying Machines" territory for this game, or other similar games in the future.



The reason why I suggest this particular aircraft is because it was invented in the interwar period, and used and perfected during WWII before evolving into the Helicopter after that conflict, making it fitting for the Foxhole Universe and current context.

Not only that, but this particular device required little to no landing strip, and its speed was similar to that of a bycicle, eliminating the issue of normal contemporary aircrafts being too fast for this game (Because they would constantly crash with the Borders and could not engage enemies effectively).

Its workings would be simple: You accelerate, you advance, and the rotors above you spin faster. If those spin fast enough, you take off. If you stop, rotor will slow down and would make the Gyrocopter fall slowly.

What do you guys think?

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Spruce moose!