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Lost a truck full of logi and i was waiting in queue next to a dozen of other trucks and a few tanks

If only it didn't costed us hours of grind all to get everything lost due to crap servers

Usual day on Foxhole

The Server Hamster rules us and we are all obeying to his will

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Yea servers died, apparently it's "Steam servers" but i'm wondering what does that mean
The simple thought of every single Steam game having their servers crash as often as Foxhole (aka: every day) is really hilarious

Foxhole and many other games rely on Steam services for networking. Most of the time, Steam services run fairly smoothly other than on Tuesdays when Steam goes down momentarily for maintenance.

However, this past week Steam services has gone down unexpectedly multiple times which has caused a bunch of chaos for our servers. Whenever Steam services goes down you can see a dip in the graph on this website below. This impacts any online game that integrates with Steam networking, not just Foxhole.


The team is monitoring the situation closely and doing what they can to minimize the impact of such incidents, but there will unfortunately be some level of chaos that results from these events.