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Recently, there has been lots of posts giving hard evidence of cheating. Instead of considering these posts, the moderation team has actively suppressed any mention of cheaters and any discussion regarding the removal of these posts. Is this really a good way to run a game community? In a way that actively benefits rule breakers and cheaters?

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Just to clarify: If you have evidence of alting (same person playing on both sides during the same war) or any other gameplay actions that goes against the game's code of conduct, always send the info through the proper channels. Please create a ticket at https://clapfootgames.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new and add all the videos, screenshots and whatever else you have as evidence. We do investigate all the tickets summited.

  1. If you do it this way, we can add the issue to a tracker.
  2. Insufficient info from one report can be collated with other reports to paint the larger picture, if need be.
  3. It can be investigated using the logs we have in game and we can take the appropriate actions when needed.

Keep in mind that as of this moment, it is still our policy to not discuss results of moderation.

Posting things like this on reddit will always be deleted. Not because we are trying to portray the game as being perfect. But because just posting screenshots and videos in a public forum very often leads to vitriol conversation and other players looking to perform some vigilante justice either against the individual portrayed or a whole group. Regardless if the accusations are true or not. Which in turn can leave the well intentioned players trying to "clean up" the game to be in potential breach of the Code of Conduct themselves.

By creating and submitting a ticket you ensure we can properly investigate the issues. And believe me. We have no reason whatsoever to sabotage our own game. We don't want alts messing up the fight. We don't want cheaters and rule-breakers making the experience worse for other players. We spent so many years of our lives making this game, it would insane of us to be ok with a player destroying it.

I hope this makes things a bit more clear. Keep on fighting, soldier.

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So yeah. TL DR: Reddit post regarding game issues don't work and will be deleted. Submitting a ticket is the way to ensure we investigate the issue.

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Originally posted by maverickandevil

u/agebee:"Keep in mind that as of this moment, it is still our policy to not discuss results of moderation."

You do understand that's exactly why players say you're not doing anything to mitigate the problem, right? How does not giving feedback to the tickets help your playerbase to keep sending reports?

I mean, if we go through all the channels you decided are correct for this, make an account, collect data and send it to you to help the game, you won't even give feedback? If a report is good, tell the player he did it right. If a report is not good, tell him why. This will show us that you are actually doing something instead of an automated 'No WiTcH HuNtInG" message that is breaking instead of helping communication.

Also, not being able to reply directly to your post just helps the " Don't even bother trying to reach us" impression the community is having about how you deal with criticism.

Really, review your policies on communication to the players. Leaving people in the dark doesn't help anyone else than the cheaters and alters.

Fair enough.

I personally don't have a hand on what policies are implemented regarding moderation. I was just trying to clarify why posts get deleted, and what are the best avenues for dealing with alts.

But I will bring it this point up with other people in the team. Moderation in general is a complex topic. There are several different opinions among the devs as to the best way to deal with player facing info. Hopefully, the more we talk, and the more we develop, the better we can come up with solutions regarding this topic that best serve not only the game itself, but the community as a whole.

Thanks for the input. Cheers!