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This Sylvari here has a rocket launcher that is.. I mean, fully functional. Attack skills, AoE heals, jump-into-the-air-with-a-parachute-skill and all. But I don't know what they use to summon it, and it is *literally* driving me insane trying to scour the Wiki to find it xD.

Would anybody be able to shed any light on what item it is that lets them conjure it wherever they like?

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But they do it without needing to summon a Waystation or anything!

Hi! So I can give a bit more info on that (I made it :P) You use the waystation to pick one up but once you've acquired it it'll be a Special Action Button skill on your bar. From there you can run around wherever you want with it as long as you have ammo. Once you run out of ammo, it goes away.

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Oooh, chance to thank someone 'in person'. I know everyone goes for the EMP but medizooka was my favorite mastery in IBS (mount stealth is a very close second), so I wanted to say I appreciate the work you put into it. It's impactful and fun to use, a fine addition to the game.

Thanks! FWIW I worked on the Mount Stealth too (and the upgrade mastery for all the skills) so I also appreciate the compliment on that one as well, haha.