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yep, I claim objectives (usually camps) for ArenaNet in WvW, just to do this, and give all the NPCs at the objective the ArenaNet tag on their nameplate :)

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Originally posted by linkdude212

The only devs I've seen in WvW were on my server....

I'll hop around on different servers when I WvW to give different people the opportunity to kill me then :)

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Originally posted by readoclock

Now I want to see an Anet vs players wvw session… do you think enough people at Anet play wvw?

We used to have a WvW stream every week where the WvW team and a guest dev would go into WvW tagged up. I think that stopped when the main person doing it got promoted to a lead and didn't have time for it any more though. More recently (maybe 6 months ago) the engineering team did go into WvW together with a bunch of minion mancers to maximize the number of Anet tags, but nothing in any way organized in a while.

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Originally posted by Paradachshund

Ah so that's why they stopped! I was wondering what happened to those. Always was fun to see the zombie horde chasing you guys around 😅

I'm not 100% sure on that, but I think it's the reason. The timing works out, at least.