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Hey everyone, I've been keeping an eye on this conversation and talking to several people on the team about this change. I want to let you know first that we will be making an adjustment in an upcoming build to reduce the cooldown from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. To give some context on this change and what led to it, jade tech offensive and defensive protocol effects are intended to give players a temporary boost of power at the start of combat, not to maintain those boons permanently—which invalidates many skills, traits, relics, and so on. We also discovered a bug associated with players having both effects at the same time in a particular order, which allowed players to apply the full duration of both boons on demand in certain situations. In the April 16 game update, when we corrected the issue, we also adjusted the cooldown to more accurately reflect the intent for the jade tech protocol effects. However, the change to 90 seconds didn't account for smaller, shorter skirmishes, so while we will not reintroduce the bug that prevented the cooldown, we will revert the cooldown to 30 seconds. Thank you as always for continuing to share your feedback!

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