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I am looking to upgrade my pc, but i’m a total noob when it comes to PC components. So i was wondering which are the best CPU’s out there for this game since its CPU orientated.

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The best is whatever has the best single thread performance for your budget if you use dx 9 for dx 11 you’re better off with more cores


Probably an i5 12 series

As he says for directx 11, I would recommend a 4/6 core cpu at least with the tiny single core speed cut. As directx 11 continues in beta in the future and for anything else you would be doing with the machine. Fyi, not based on any specific and/or direct information on directx 11 development really though

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I play on Geforce Now, where the GPU is top notch but the CPU is conparatively weak. With DX11 there is a very significant framerate gain, as in I can almost max all settings (other than model number in pve metas). So even with the current implementation of DX11 (setting aside a few bugs and rare crashes) the situation of “you need the most expensive CPU” is clearly changing.

Yeah, as more cores become beneficial a better gpu is going to be relatively increasing in importance over a super high-end cpu.