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Originally posted by PhantomhiveBrats

Not at the minute dude but after I've learnt a bit more I'll link you it! :)

Please do! Thank you. :)


Do you have any Xbox screenshots or clips of this anywhere? This is fantastic.

Do you have this on youtube by any chance? :)

tag #halospotlight, tag me (@misplacedyank), post it here...any work!

Incredible lol.

Thanks for the reports - we're looking into it with the appropriate teams right now.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on Xbox Live's Status here: https://beta.support.xbox.com/xbox-live-status

06 Apr


This is it Chief.

My man.

Originally posted by Dishviking

OP is going to get arrested for animal cruelty if he keeps carrying around those sick pythons


03 Apr

I love this!

Just missing the pup. :)

Originally posted by GodsChosenSpud

Send pics or it didn’t happen :P

If I could get into the studio I would lol.

02 Apr

Decisions decisions! FYI that MCC is currently on sale on Steam! But on Microsoft Store, you could opt to get MCC via Xbox Game Pass for PC (which is a great deal).

01 Apr

Is double XP still on?

8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

It's being extended - thanks for the flag on the Steam event, we'll need to update that.


8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Richiieee

So, more of the usual "coming soon" stuff. They dove deep into how they identify issues, come up with new features, etc, but they just say "coming soon" to everything. Wow... I'm so glad I know how you guys work, that's really gonna make me enjoy the game even more...

Idk if it's just me, but I find that Challenges in just about every game are designed so poorly. First of all, there definitely needs to be a larger sum of seasonal points. Just 1 doesn't cut it, sorry. Especially for challenges that have you do campaign missions on Legendary, it's time consuming and you're doing all of this for one lousy seasonal point. Oh, and 50k exp, but if you're already in the higher ranks where you need millions of exp, what good does 50k do? I'd rather take 3 seasonal points over 1 seasonal point and 50k exp.

Moving Flight invites to Halo Waypoint is questionable. I know why it's being done; to give Halo Waypoint more traffic/activity, but at the same time it just doesn't reall...

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sorry you feel that way, but there's no desire to 'move traffic to Waypoint.' If anything, that 'traffic' is just more server load, no? Not like we're monetizing or advertising, etc.. The reality is that sending out hundreds of thousands of emails has proven to be spotty and unreliable and every flight we have a lot of folks who never get the email or are missing one or the other. Different ISPs and email clients have different rules handling mass emails and spam that we can't fully predict and work around. We are removing 3rd parties and that uncertainty from the equation and handling it in-house which will be more reliable, consistent, and streamlined for our internal processes. If an Insider wants to flight and participate, we dont feel it's too much to ask to stop by Waypoint to read the necessary info and pickup a key to install the build.


8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by neverhadlambchops

This update did not give any indication of a date on the invite flighting did it? Just making sure.

correct - we don't have a firm date quite yet. As folks below noted, the team just did a Ring 1 pre-flight over the weekend which is the first step. It allowed us to test the new Waypoint Insider messaging/invitation system primarily and I believe several build blockers are still being actively worked on. Unfortunately this new reality we live in with everyone working from home and impact to our dev partners has introduced a bit more unpredictabiltiy but the team is working through it as best they can.


8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by big-rat-sock

Mod. Support. Info.

Realistically there won't be any signficant developments here in the near term. There are all sorts of things the team would love to get to - and hopes to - but for the foreseeable future the priority is shipping the remaining titles and addressing existing issues/features.


8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TheMightyArsenal

Haven't read anything on ranked being unplayable due to issues in the ranking system itself meaning there isn't any high level games being played on pc! I made a post about it here:


Thanks for the flag - I didn't see this OP. I'll pass it along to the team - curious myself what the level distribution looks like and how many outliers are stuck unable to find suitable matches. It's a tough issue as population varies.


8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Gig4t3ch

You absolutely can roll back a 60GB update, but you have to do it the day it happens. People were already complaining about the framerate within an hour of the patch dropping. H3 / H2A are still randomly unplayable and it's been almost 4 weeks now.

Unf there was just too much intertwined in that update and a real need to get the titleIDs and back-end re-aligned between Xbox and PC. Definitely not ideal by any means. My understanding currently is that the root cause has been tough to pin down - the team is still investigating. Hopefully people can continue filing tickets w/ Halo Support to help provide more clues and insights.


8 days ago - /u/ske7ch343 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by blamite

I don't understand the change from emails to invite flight participants. I have absolutely no reason to ever log into the website so unless I get an email, I'm never going to know if I'm in a flight from this point on I guess.

Many people have had numerous issues receiving emails in prior flights. It's created a lot of confusion, frustration, and support tickets for players and the team. There's no silver bullet solution to send out hundreds of thousands of emails to dozens of different email clients that kind of all handle mass mails a bit differently. We also have internal systems that need to query the Insider database, pull the correct user group, merge in the correct platform key and info, etc..

We'll still get the word out when a flight is beginning (@Halo Support is probably a good account to follow), but Insiders who are interested in participating will need to expend a tiny bit of effort to visit Waypoint, log in, and get their key. We feel it's an acceptable thing to ask in return for more reliable and consistent communications (particularly as the flight groups have grown and exceed 100K active invites on average). But, as with everything, we'll continue to listen and monitor and find ...

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Originally posted by The_Athletic_Gopnik

Fr, I didn't know that

Yup, we've got corner panels from each of the cars hanging in the museum at the studio :)

27 Mar

This is awesome.

26 Mar

25 Mar


Looks awesome! Love that color scheme.

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