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Patch 24.2.3, a server-side hotfix patch, is currently being rolled out the to the regions. The patch includes updates to Battlegrounds and Arena, as well as a few bug fixes, as follows.

Battlegrounds Updates
General Updates
• Returned Bru’kan, Tavish, Sir Finley, and Master Nguyen to the hero pool.

Armor Tier Updates
• Silas Darkmoon, Tamsin Roame, and The Great Akazamzarak are now Armor Tier 1 (0 Armor).
• Al’Akir, Dancin’ Deryl, Lady Vashj, Lord Barov, and Jandice Barov are now Armor Tier 2 (2-5 Armor).
• Alexstrasza, Dinotamer Brann, and Skycap’n Kragg are now Armor Tier 3 (3-6 Armor).
• Cariel Roame, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Kurtrus Ashfallen, Mr. Bigglesworth, Onyxia, and Zephrys, the Great are now Armor Tier 4 (4-7 Armor).
• Guff Runetotem and Queen Azshara are now Armor Tier 5 (5-8 Armor).
• Galakrond, Infinite Toki, King Mukla, Rat King, and Sindragosa are now Armor Tier 6 (6-9 Armor).
• Captain Eudora and Lord Jaraxxus are now Armor Tier 7 (7-10 Armor).

Quest and Quest Reward Updates
Quest Baseline Adjustments:
As a reminder, these are baseline numbers that are affected by several factors in-game.
Unmask the Culprit
• Old: Lose or tie 3 combats.
• New: Lose or tie 2 combats.
Sort It All Out
• Old: Order your minions from lowest to highest Attack for 4 combats.
• New: Order your minions from lowest to highest Attack for 3 combats.
Find the Murder Weapon
• Old: Increase a friendly minion’s stats 15 times.
• New: Increase a friendly minion’s stats 17 times.
Dust for Prints
• Old: Add 17 cards to your hand.
• New: Add 18 cards to your hand.
Reenact the Murder
• Old: Have 19 friendly minions die.
• New: Have 20 friendly minions die.

Reward Difficulty Adjustments:
• The Smoking Gun, Staff of Origination, Tiny Henchmen, Stolen Gold, Alter Ego, and Secret Sinstone were made more difficult to earn.
• Ghastly Mask, The Friends Along the Way, Snicker Snacks, Anima Bribe, and Teal Tiger Sapphire were made easier to earn.

Arena Update
Several micro-adjustments were made to the draft appearance frequency to several cards to make high-performing classes weaker and lower-performing classes more powerful.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Remornia, Living Blade could cause disconnects under certain circumstances.
• [Battlegrounds] Baby King Krush will now lose Stealth even if its Devilsaur attacks and kills its target.
• [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where the Training Session Darkmoon Prize did not work properly with Sire Denathrius.
• [Duels] Fixed a bug that prevented the Potion of Sparking Passive Treasure effect from triggering.
• [Solo Content] Fixed a bug that prevented a Book of Mercenaries puzzle from being completed after the most recent Magister Dawngrasp balance change.