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Hey all,

Thanks for joining us for today’s announcements! We hope you enjoyed the show and the first look at our next expansion, March of the Lich King!

As some of you know, there was an issue with the Twitch Drops that were planned for today’s stream. To make up for that, we’re implementing category-wide Twitch Drops from November 3 at 9am (PT) to November 4 at 6 pm (PT)! Watch for a total of 2 hours to get a free Murder at Castle Nathria Pack; watch for 2 more hours (4 hours total) and you’ll get a free March of the Lich King pack!*

Because these are category-wide Twitch Drops, they can be earned by watching any channel in the Hearthstone category. Just make sure you link your BattleNet and Twitch accounts so that you’re eligible to receive drops.

For those of you who missed the broadcast, you can watch the VoD here.

*March of the Lich King packs will be openable once the expansion launches in December.