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Patch 25.0 is now available on desktop and is coming to mobile devices soon. The patch will includes a new expansion, a new class, a new minion type, dual-type minions and more! We’ll be using this post to track any issues that pop up during the 25.0 patch period.

As a reminder, March of the Lich King and the Death Knight Prologue unlock on December 6. It is not a bug that they are not available on patch day.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • [Resolved 11/30] The team is aware of reports of Android clients crashing on their second login after installing the new patch. The 11/30 client hotfix should address these issues.

  • On your first login in 25.0, some previously completed achievements will show up and be claimable again. These are the achievements that relate to the golden cards you earned in the last rewards track. You can’t have additional copies of these cards and they can’t be disenchanted or crafted, so this bug does not affect gameplay. The team is working on addressing this issue for upcoming patches.

  • Death Knight cards, like those you will get from packs or the Path of Arthas, can’t be used in the Hearthstone mode until you unlock the class. Under certain circumstances, players may be able to queue a Hearthstone mode game as a Death Knight before they unlock the class. This will result in an error and the game will not start. Complete the Death Knight Prologue (available on December 6) first to unlock the class, then you will be able to play with it on ladder.

  • Under certain circumstances, players may be able to complete the Death Knight Prologue prior to getting the special Event Quest to finish the Prologue. The Event Quest can be completed if you go back and redo the final fight of the Prologue after the Event Quest is offered to you.

  • Anachronos can cause disconnects when moving Dormant minions through time. If you get lost in time, restart your client to reconnect to the game. The team is working on a hotfix to address this issue.

  • [Added 12/2] Anachronos can cause a visual bug where the visual cues for keyword effects (such as the Taunt shield effect) do not appear when a minion is returned from being out of time.

  • In Mercenaries, Chromie’s Change the Timeline visual effect does not appear as intended on mobile. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

  • Artist credits on cards that have Signature versions are showing the artist of the Signature version on all versions. The team is investigating the issue and will make sure that all artists get their correct credit soon.

  • [Added 11/29] Some Collectible Coins for old expansions (Engineer’s Coin, Naxxramas Coin, Gallant Coin, Explorer’s Coin), are incorrectly visible in the Collection Manager. They’re still in-development and can’t be earned right now. They will be earnable once they are ready. The team is investigating a solution to their early appearance.

  • [Added 11/29] The team is aware that the achievement to earn Sire Denathrius (for people who did not earn him during the Patch 24.0 cycle) requires you to play Sire Denathrius, making him harder than intended to be earned. The team is looking into alternative options.

  • [Resolved 11/30] Fixed an issue where Duels deck codes were not copying.

  • [Resolved 12/2] The team is aware that Pre-Release Fireside Gatherings are not working at this time. This issue is resolved in hotfix Patch 25.0.1.

  • [Resolved 12/6] The team is aware of reports that the new duplicate re-roll feature did not work during pre-release weekend pack openings. Affected players will get their re-roll offers upon login now that March of the Lich King is live.

  • [Added 12/2] Death Knight shows as a playable class in Dungeon Run solo content. This is a visual bug; the class will not be able to be selected for that content. This will be addressed in the next major patch (Patch 25.2).

  • [Resolved 12/8] Souleater’s Scythe may fail to function if it starts in your hand and is mulligan’d away. The team is looking to get this issue resolved in a hotfix shortly after expansion unlock. Resolved in hotfix Patch 25.0.2.

  • [Added 12/6] The team is aware that some players are receiving the Death Knight prologue fights in the incorrect order. The team is investigating the issue. It appears players are still able to complete the prologue and unlock the Death Knight Core Set cards even if the fights are out of order.

  • [Added 12/6] The team is aware that some players are getting stuck after winning the last fight of the Death Knight Prologue. Restarting the client will get you “unstuck.” If the Achievement has appeared for completing the fight, the player should be counted as having completed the prologue and unlocking the Death Knight Core Set cards.

  • [Resolved 12/6] We have addressed the bug with Standard Packs and Class Packs, and have reenabled all pack openings in all regions.

  • [Resolved 12/6] Death Knight Core Set cards now appear in Duels.

  • [Updated 12/9] Everybody, get in here! We are rolling out a hotfix that will un-ban Grim Patron and Gruntled Patron from Ranked and Casual. In order to avoid an unwanted interaction, they will now no longer leave Corpses when they die. We are still working on further solutions to this interaction and plan to have an additional update at a later time.

  • [Added 1/3] We’re aware of a text issue with the product description for Mal’ganis Bundle and are working on correcting that issue.

11/30 Hotfix:

  • This afternoon, we released a client hotfix patch to address the disconnect issues seen by Android devices. The patch is currently available on PC and set to be made available as soon as it is approved by the various app storefronts.

12/20 Update:

1/5 Update:
We are currently in the process of deploying a client hotfix patch with a behind-the-scenes update and the following bug fixes:

  • [Solo Content] Fixed a bug where the Death Knight prologue encounter nodes would appear out of order for some players.
  • [Solo Content] Fixed a bug where the final fight of the Death Knight prologue could cause a crash for some players.
  • [Mercenaries] Fixed a bug where some players could be blocked from entering the Village when playing on mobile.

We will update this post with more information as we track known issues this patch.

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Yeah, when patches ship with known issues it’s from internal testing. The cutoff for patches is a while before they go live, so sometimes bugs are found after the patch is ready to go, or the bug is found earlier but the fix can’t get in in time so they get scheduled to be fixed after launch.

over 1 year ago - GnomeSayin-11972 - Direct link

Thanks, the team is aware of this and is exploring update options.

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Correct, the intended meaning here is that you can’t queue a game with those cards in your deck. If you get them through other means (like Sunwell or Priest/Rogue thief cards), you should be able to play them even if you haven’t unlocked the class yet.