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0s hey everyone and welcome back to mullet
2s over
5s today we look into mulligans and
6s match-ups from one of the most popular
8s decks from the summer championship thief
10s rogue the deck has plenty of variations
13s some including swashburglar and double
15s agent others with contraband stash and
17s tess greymane and the newest versions
19s featuring jackpot and swiftscale
21s trickster but for this episode we'll
23s focus on last weekend's best performing
25s version with double shot of concealment
27s and double si7 extortion
30s extortion itself hardly feels like a
32s crucial card to play in the deck but
33s it's still kept in the mulligan as it
35s and blackwater cutlass are your only
37s tradable cards trading on turn one is
40s ideal for thief rogue as it discounts
42s wild pawn knoll while you're still under
44s a maestro disguise naturally nol itself
46s is a keep in every match up since that
48s huge pile of stats can come down as
50s early as turn 2 with the right hand
53s when deadraw faces nagamage the mulligan
55s is almost exactly what he wants to see
57s the only thing that can make it better
58s is a tradable for turn 1.
60s preparation is usually not a keep by
62s itself and ajar and vessel is borderline
65s but together they're strong in any
66s matchup especially naga mage the matchup
69s is a close one because the rogue can
71s wreak havoc in the early turns while
72s mage is setting up but if the mage gets
74s a full spidel siren combo around turn 5
77s there's very little rogue can do to come
79s back on board so it's on the rogue to
81s get optimal damage from board by turn 4
84s and then close out with their burn
85s spells wicked stab and tooth of nefarian
88s are just good old mr smite even though
90s his gnoll is still expensive dead draws
92s prepped vessel on turn 2 represents even
94s more attack on board and fits the
96s gameplan better
98s with top deck gone fission he can even
100s prep the sunken vessel out and continue
102s cycling putting forward enough board
104s presents that even a pop-off turn from
105s naga mage would struggle to answer after
108s putting jochen you to eight the game is
110s mostly a formality for dead draw but he
112s still executes a perfect lethal setup
114s filet fighter and then the second gun
116s fission to draw the wicked stab he saw
118s from the first dredge he shadow stops
121s the filet and hits with his dagger
123s meaning that even if the naga mage
124s manages a full board clear and
126s counter-lethal setup next turn dead draw
128s would still have wicked stab plus dagger
130s plus filet for the perfect six damage
133s moving on to the boar priest matchup we
135s have deads vs msbc
137s shroud is also a borderline keep but
139s deds tosses it in search of higher tempo
141s options he trades his cutlass on turn 1
144s but doesn't hit a null
145s by turn 2 the knolls in deck costs 2. if
148s he spends 1 mana on prep shroud the prep
151s would revert him to rogue so even if he
153s draws noel off of it it's unplayable
155s this turn so he goes filet fighter for
157s board presence knowing priest doesn't
159s want to commit pyro into one minion
162s with the one mana remaining he could
163s still prep shroud but he saves it in
165s case of top deck vessel next turn
168s if he doesn't get a good spell he can
169s still prep shroud and play one null next
171s turn
172s on turn 3 he plays prep reconnaissance
175s there are currently 37 non-rogue class
178s deathrattle minions 5 of which cost 5
180s and thus fit the curve with recon on 3.
183s if he hits one of them it's on average
185s higher stats than wild pawn knoll plus
188s aegwynn fel soul jailer and spirit guide
191s all have significant upsides in the
193s matchup spirit guide can draw shadow
195s step or shroud of concealment
197s he ends up hitting felsoul jailer which
199s is arguably the best in the boer priest
201s matchup because if you can discard their
203s elwynn boar and shadowstep the jailer
205s back to hand the board never enters the
207s pool of minions for amulet of undying
209s and the priest combo is instantly dead
212s thankfully for msbc nothing like that
214s happens
215s by turn 5 dez has seen two switcheroos
218s and so he plays around zyrella by not
220s committing the azuran vessel to his
222s board which already threatens a lot of
224s damage
225s he's then able to use the vessel on a
227s refill turn which draws out the xyrella
229s clear
230s afterward he follows up with edwin
232s creating wave after wave of board and
235s eventually shadowstepping the silenced
237s edwin to make sure he always has
239s resources with this division of threats
242s deads forces msbc to play both
244s pyromancers and both shadower devourers
246s before his last amulet is ready meaning
249s deaths could kill the last pyro
251s stranding msbc's last three boars while
254s dud sets up a two-turn lethal board
256s in the end he happens to discover altar
258s of fire to burn the amulet and instantly
261s win the game but make no mistake that
263s was already won by the rogue next up we
266s have rogue vs warrior both the control
269s and charge variants are tough matchups
270s for rogue but if there's ever a recipe
272s for success it's the hand levitt keeps
275s versus fury hunter edwin is crucial
277s specifically against warrior because
279s it's a mid-game source of both card draw
281s and pressure and it can be used for an
284s otk setup with mr smite after
286s shadowcrafter scabs has been played
289s the turn one cutlass trade gets even
291s better since levick has now drawn a null
293s which creates a decision point for turn
295s 2. he can either play recon into null or
298s coin and prep out the vessel
300s because the cutlass discount went on
301s recon rather than vessel levick goes for
304s recon and null with a strong potential
306s curve of aegwen into vessel
309s note that he holds onto the coin by
310s holding back on vessel this turn
315s the way it panned out vessel was never
317s even necessary as levitt got a
319s devastating restaurant viper which
321s starved fury hunter of card draw from
323s forged in flame with edwin into shadow
325s stop already set up the coin levick
328s saved finally pays off on turn 7
330s allowing for an early scabs
335s and of course the classic hero power
336s into edwin play seals the game with
338s plenty of damage to spare once smite is
341s found
343s last but not least let's take a look at
345s a lightning fast but intricate matchup
347s the rogue mirror
348s right off the bat msbc takes a value
351s oriented approach by keeping shroud of
353s concealment the card is quite slow but
355s it means more chances at drawing wild
357s pawn knoll the player with more early
359s knowles is far ahead in the match up and
362s playing one out for no immediate rush
364s value is always at risk of being
366s punished by null and shadow step on the
368s other side
370s on turn 1 deds trades cutless even with
372s extortion in hand losing the gamble to
375s discount his vessel
376s when you have both extortion and cutlass
378s in hand the argument to trade extortion
381s first is so that you maximize the
382s chances to discount more relevant spells
385s so at first this looked a bit strange to
386s me but that eventually does get use out
389s of a zero cost extortion
392s on turn 3 after multiple cutlass trades
394s he coins out a vessel he can follow with
396s the second unturned 4 because of the
398s discounts
399s in the mirror the first to play vessel
401s is usually at an advantage even if the
403s opponent has a knoll because the stealth
405s essentially guarantees 6 damage phase
409s by turn 4 msbc has played his second
412s shroud and is far behind on tempo even
414s with a trade on turn 1 his knoll still
417s costs 1 since he drew smite and viper
419s earlier but the stealth from shroud can
421s at least protect it
423s dead's own turn 4 consists of a close
425s choice between blademaster okani and
427s azsharin vessel okani here can
429s potentially block a vessel on the other
431s side but is also vulnerable to cutlass
434s with a knoll already on board duds could
436s have gone for a mind game of blocking
438s minion instead which would potentially
440s punish a second knoll but chooses the
442s safer line of vessel he even skips on
445s trading cutlass first to avoid the risk
447s of discounting a different spell
449s by this point he can already count a
451s total of 24 damage by turn seven twelve
454s from his four three threes and twelve
456s from smite plus shadow step he only
459s needs six more for lethal so he commits
461s extortion for another three damage while
463s msbc is still unscathed
467s msbc responds with noel shadowstep to
469s clear two of the 33s plus his own vessel
472s better late than never
474s but dead straw's tooth of nefarian the 3
476s damage he was missing with a clear 3
478s turn lethal setup okani plus cutlass to
481s kill the opposing knoll looks decent but
483s the okani hardly gets battlecry value
485s when it's dead to trades on board so
488s detz trades his cutlass and daggers up
490s instead using tooth as removal to
492s protect his own health total the hero
495s power still represents a lethal setup
497s this way counting a re-dagger on turn
499s seven
500s however msbc capitalizes with the top
503s deck krabatoa setting up a lethal of his
505s own deds responds by removing max damage
508s with extortion plus null to kill the
510s crab while still getting his might plus
512s shadow step setup done but in the end
515s msbc clutches out a shadow stop for 14
518s total burst from hand while it's true he
521s had fortunate top decks back to back his
523s early shrouds let him find every minion
525s in his deck by that point so hitting the
527s smite combo wasn't very unlikely
529s ultimately it goes to show how quickly
531s tempo can shift in the mirror and that's
533s all for thief rogue as always thank you
535s for tuning in and see you next time on
537s mullet over