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Hello all,

We identified an issue with our mobile version of the 22.6 patch. We’ve fixed the issue and resubmitted the patch to the mobile storefronts, but it can take some time for those storefronts to update. We expect the 22.6 patch to become available over the next few days, as those storefronts update.

Please be aware that until the mobile patch is available, updating to 22.6 on desktop will block you from being able to play Hearthstone on your mobile device. We advise any players who plan to play on mobile to wait until the 22.6 patch is available on all their devices before updating.

3/18 morning update: Mobile updates for Google and Samsung went live last night. We are still waiting for Amazon and iOS services to update. We will continue to update as we have more information.

3/18 late morning update: We are seeing the patch available on all storefronts! If it is not yet available on your specific device, it should become available shortly as those storefronts propagate to their users.