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Patch 24.4.1 is a server-side hotfix scheduled for this afternoon that includes the following game updates and bug fixes:

Battlegrounds Changes
Armor Updates
• Bru’kan is now Armor Tier 3 (3-6 Armor).
• Deathwing, Lich Baz’hial, and Sneed are now Armor Tier 4 (4-7 Armor).
• Onyxia and Tavish Stormpike are now Armor Tier 5 (5-8 Armor).
• Aranna Starseeker, Greybough, and Guff Runetotem are now Armor Tier 6 (6-9 Armor).

Quest Reward Updates
• Teal Tiger Sapphire, Snicker Snacks, Yogg-tastic Tasties, Devils in the Details, Evil Twin, and Another Hidden Body have all been made slightly easier to earn.
• Stolen Gold, Ritual Dagger, Tiny Henchman, and Secret Sinstone have all been made slightly more difficult to earn.
• Stolen Gold will now be offered significantly less frequently.
• Mirror Shield is now banned in Murloc lobbies.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
• [Hearthstone] Updated Theft Accusation’s effect timing to match the text of the card (“after” instead of “whenever”).
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Theotar, the Mad Duke would cause crashes if the card swapped was a “Choose One” card.
• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Parrrley would not enter the opponent’s deck if the card swapped was a hero card.

Update: This patch has now been deployed to all servers. All new logins will be playing on servers with this patch.