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3s foreign
13s Legends where we look back at the most
16s iconic moments and matches that made the
19s players we know today Legends this
22s episode we focus on a player who has
24s provided some of the most memorable
26s moments in competitive Hearthstone
28s history 2016 World Champion Pavel for
34s many the 2015 European Championship was
37s the first introduction of Pavel his
40s match versus life coach became iconic as
43s a single misstep cos Pavel not only the
46s game but the series as a whole and put
49s an end to his 2015 World Championship
51s hopes although Pavel didn't quite make
54s it this time it was the beginning of a
56s journey that quickly made him one of the
58s most recognizable faces in Hearthstone
61s hello everyone and welcome to the
63s European Championship we are still
65s waiting for life coach a bit but
67s somebody handed him a rope so I'm sure
69s he's going to be ready pretty soon uh he
72s is going to play versus Pavo and one of
74s them is going to advance to BlizzCon one
77s of them is going to BlizzCon and is
78s going to represent Europe next to nyria
82s poor than the other guys uh so we we had
86s ties called five first then we had an
88s area built to qualify over Pavel and
91s then we just saw Oscar copy toy are you
93s guys happy with that with the free we
95s have oh yeah absolutely I think the
96s these three players are three of the
99s best players in the world uh not even
100s just Europe uh of course you can always
102s just transpose the idea that Europe's
104s one of the best regions and therefore
106s the best players are automatically in
107s the best but I when you think about like
109s some of the top players
111s out of the entire population of
113s hearthstone I'm thinking about these
115s three guys as definitely top contenders
117s so now the big question is who is going
119s to join him is it life coach or Pavo
121s lofar who do you think is going to take
122s it well no bias
124s I mean
126s even if I'm if you take into account
128s that I'm in the same team as life coach
130s I think life coach is the favorite he
132s here he has a lot of titles we know how
134s much he prepares and well the experience
138s should matter here right so I would put
140s my money here on life coach and uh for
143s them do you think like Pavel can
145s overtake life coach father was really
147s composed when he was playing before and
149s he was actually having a little fun like
150s he was just smiling beaming a bit
153s uh certainly I think uh Pavel is really
156s underrated by a lot of people I think
157s they're sleeping on him and they
158s shouldn't be uh from every single time
160s I've seen Pavel play he's kind of like a
163s younger and less uh less developed
166s version of kolento and the way he looks
169s at the game is like he's learned through
170s playing thousands of times uh he's very
173s like it's almost kind of like it's kind
174s of like insane if you think about like
176s how many times he's played some of these
177s decks and I you know I was talking about
179s with cevis and we're like wow yeah he
180s does remind me of Club so just the way
182s his personality is the way his playstyle
183s is
184s um but at the same time there is a
186s little bit of some you know inexperience
188s I think showing for example one of the
190s series he played really really quick
192s like uh you know almost like back when
195s dog was first competing dog was like a
197s really quick player too and even then he
198s slowed down some because it's good to
200s just think about things through uh so I
202s think one of those things that might end
204s up being a factor is Ken Pavel you know
206s continue to play his game and make sure
207s he doesn't get suckered into the pays of
209s other people's Tempo or is it the
212s opposite like maybe plays fast and then
214s life coach takes forever and then he
216s wants to play even faster and then life
218s coach takes Another Broken turn and then
220s it just becomes a comes this weird
221s erratic Pace where you can't really get
223s into the zone of like this is the
224s decisions that I want these are the
225s things I'm trying to do yeah that will
227s be really interesting to see how is Papa
228s going to behave in that match if there's
230s someone like he did um play very fast in
232s the previous matches so I want to ask
234s you both of you guys uh lothar first
236s what are their favorite moments from the
237s day for you like what what was the key
239s moment during the matches maybe you have
241s a specific match that really liked
243s um it's not about a specific play and uh
246s and I know of the matches but I love the
248s atmosphere when someone actually
250s qualifies qualifies for BlizzCon when
253s everyone is cheering with the players
255s are you know smiling like even they
258s don't want to the smile appears and this
260s is really cool to watch the emotions of
263s the players just on display here and
265s this is my favorite moment all right
267s that's pretty good Friday we are here in
269s the park in Czech Republic do you have
271s something Carson related or like overall
273s atmosphere well almost everything I've
275s done has been Hearthstone related Nims
277s um so it's very hard to pick like a
279s non-harstone related moment are you
280s asking me to do something that's not
282s related no like she's just oh okay I was
284s like well it's very hard because it's
285s just been such a good day so far
288s um I think one of the things that I've
290s actually enjoyed the most is just being
292s able to interact with some of the people
293s here I actually met someone who flew all
295s the way from South Africa just to be
298s here and yeah because I mean he can't go
300s to like you know North America then as
302s easily so it's like you're like the
303s closest I guess
305s and I was like
308s OverWatch or you know meet some of the
309s other people's like no actually I just I
311s really like Hearthstone I came here to
313s meet you guys and I was like wow that's
314s amazing yeah so uh you know shout out to
318s him that's like just really cool to see
319s some people some fans be extremely
321s loving towards what blizzards create
323s here uh and be supportive of some of
325s their favorite players and I mean if
326s you'll see them on screen I mean there's
328s very few players as loved within this
331s region in the world than life coach
332s absolutely life coach is a great
335s personality and a great player
337s um but with his lineup he is bringing
339s Hunter so what do you guys think about
341s that low part
342s um when I talked with ties and Live code
344s about the corporations and they
346s basically boot camps for one week
348s this lineup that they created for both
351s of them is made to is tailored against
355s the power Trio so you know do a look to
358s do it and the warrior and I think
361s because of that because of how they
363s tailored the decks it's really favoring
365s life coach again it's not only
367s experience now but also how the lineup
368s is built but at the same time and I
371s talked about it too uh with ties That
373s Pavel is really consistent I I mean when
376s I'm watching these games I don't see
378s anything there's like almost Flawless
380s being almost everything is being
381s flawlessly played and that's really
383s impressive for such a young player
385s absolutely and the papa is bringing a
387s standard Handlock instead of demon lock
389s front and you think it's going to make a
390s difference maybe demon lock will be
392s better
393s uh it's hard to say I think um you know
395s I kind of want to see how things pan out
397s a little bit beforehand but there are
399s some weird choices already that are that
401s somewhat uh redefine how the magic is
403s going to be approach like the Big Game
405s Hunter and the patron for example so I'm
407s excited to see I'm going to go ahead and
408s say that I don't think it'll be worse I
411s think it's just going to be different
412s and I'm ready to see who's gonna come
414s out on top oh man I'm excited to see
415s what's going to happen the players are
417s almost ready so for this match Frontline
419s lothar is going to bring and talk about
421s the action it will take a while
425s or so they say I think the first game is
427s about to begin thank you very much uh
429s Warrior versus Druid seems to be the
431s matchup we're starting off the most
432s commonly outside the drewaver street but
434s that opening hand opening hand man from
437s life coach looks really powerful that's
439s a force to be reckoned with it looks
441s Grim for Pavel now well hold on I mean
445s let's let's just you know
447s if Papa throws it back gets another
449s Force nature and two Savage drawers then
451s then we're talking it's like Ah that's a
453s problem
454s sorry ten to five green patch inner
457s rates
458s right but he doesn't have death bite and
462s he also uh yeah right he has to also use
464s coin but he also might just get too much
467s pressure like what if Pavel gets
468s innervates and of course that's possible
470s because that's how Pavel wants to win
473s the game right play innervate pass the
475s shredder into just infinite pressure
477s from the death rattles always having
479s something on board always doing at least
481s a few damage per turn and just finishing
484s up like you know with that that constant
487s uh pile of damage
489s all right well first game for the final
492s spot in BlizzCon for European
494s championships everyone collapsed between
496s two players life coach and Powell both
499s worthy honestly like if you if you
502s really evaluated the from both a
504s standpoint of the fans and the peers you
507s have to understand that both these guys
509s deserve to go yeah and fun fact life
512s coach is twice the age of Pavel exactly
516s twice my coaches really 34 years old and
519s probably 17.
521s wow so technically oh never mind it's
526s kind of like uh you know it could be
528s father versus son type of like I just
530s wanted to say that but maybe I'll just
531s you know just jumping overboard but no
533s worries no worries uh so already a
535s couple of interesting things the first
537s of course Pavel jokingly says that that
539s was a mistake that he didn't draw wild
541s growth or Dynasty's aspirin but followed
543s by an opportunity to attack his opponent
545s I was thinking that that was the mistake
547s oh where's the heck to deal the damage
549s Oh I thought I thought he actually
551s emailed before he he hero-powered oh no
554s it's spectator and so sometimes it's
556s twisted right it's true but um the
559s important thing is that if you attack
560s into the warrior you activate his
563s ability to get battle rage and that's
566s something you don't really want to do
567s especially in this matchup before like
570s the warrior can just go for battle rages
572s before 10-5-6 right to get those cards
575s for the emperor get those guards for the
577s combo with patreon until five all runs
581s in six depends on how it's of course
582s open out with uh with the draws but it
586s doesn't look bad for life coach
587s especially with two missed turns from
590s Pavel yeah and this gives life coach a
593s couple of really big information just
595s like first used to have ramp but second
597s of all uh you know does he take the
600s opportunity to seize the board we've
601s seen some Patron Warriors Optical for
604s frothing Berserkers very early on to
605s control the state of the board but
607s that's usually when they don't have many
608s options now he has acolytes that
610s potentially set up draws and then Maggie
612s have it like accolades drawing off the
613s whirlwinds of the patrons and it's like
615s all of a sudden it gets that way out of
616s control yeah I think you should just go
618s for the alkaline of pain because the
620s front of the Zucker as we said when he
621s has the pigeons in your head when he has
623s the patrons you have one woman condition
625s what would you throw away the second win
627s condition as the temple player yeah no
629s no it doesn't generally feel good but
632s it's something that's almost necessary
633s to stop the pressure in the very early
635s stages of the game but that's not the
637s case in this situation so not at all
639s okay well they used one Keeper of the
642s Grove which is slightly unfortunate uh
645s you generally want to be able to please
646s draw one otherwise you're going to be
648s held
649s straight in your tracks but life coach
651s has another acolyte the only question is
654s how he kind of balances turns this
656s turned and because next one he
657s definitely wants to go for
659s the patron yes to Patron I mean you
663s don't have to be a Mana efficient in
664s this uh in this particular turn because
667s you know what you're gonna do next and
669s and having about it you know you will
671s not play acolyte
674s um after you will not have enough time
676s to play Accolade after you play patrons
678s right wow so you need those card rules
681s right now and let's look at how
682s important was that because that depth
685s pipe I mean this is this is just game
687s defining right here there's no Harrison
689s Jones or Pavel but I think that life
692s coach might be thinking about just um
694s patroning right now you think so yeah
697s well
702s so you have to go for the death spot and
704s just kill the grid of the claw so
706s there's the problem with Patron is
708s twofold the first right now on this turn
710s the first is that your opponent won't
713s lose his minions the second is that he's
715s coming up on a turn where he probably
716s could remove it with a series of force
718s of natures and be able to deal with it
720s very effectively
721s um and you have to give up a coin for
723s something for board that you might not
725s have immediate results that said if your
727s opponent didn't have the perfect
728s response
729s you could just win the game I generally
731s like the death Spike on a lot of levels
734s here to set up for a potential Whirlwind
736s uh times too and you can save one of the
738s whirlwinds
739s I mean six patrons on board next turn is
741s pretty intense
743s I was just thinking about with which um
746s which Target do you attack it makes
748s sense to not attack the uh toys of the
750s club because it will die next time most
752s likely anyway yeah because of the win
754s wins or so he thinks oh no low theft
758s stops uh at least the whirlwinds from
760s being played and the inner rage
763s pretty big moment there
764s so this might be determine whether a
767s life coach is pushed to play the Frozen
769s Berserker on the board right it's just
772s just so he can stamp the bleeding
774s because for the music is such a huge
776s deal to deal with but Droid has to
779s sacrifice some damage would you uh would
783s you play armor Smith with that at all
786s or do you feel like it's better to armor
788s up or even unstable gold to preemptively
791s set up defenses but I think unstable
793s good with foreign
801s it set ups like two attacks into your
803s minions instead of your character right
806s so it's basically says unstable gold and
809s floating Berserker heal eight or nine
811s something like that right but then if
813s you play
815s uh Elmo Smith and hero power the result
818s will be very similar and you don't lose
821s your one condition
823s yeah I kind of like unstable gold with
825s the hero power here because like you
828s said uh it really challenges the board
829s effectively and you really actually play
833s around the inner Vape combo too by doing
835s this I believe yeah well can you see
838s around the nervate combo
840s you can't you certainly can when your
842s opponent hasn't played a lot of cards in
844s the early game you a power twice on
845s turns two and three yes like so there's
848s no there was no innervator at all in his
850s hand right but you could have the combo
854s which he actually incidentally does does
856s have and you have a position where
858s you're like okay I definitely don't want
860s to lose from here
861s um just be careful
863s okay just be careful though
866s I'm The Reckless type man
868s I can tell I straight I I should I can
871s tell you you work out you definitely are
873s that type of guy uh Emperor Thor's
876s thinking to put down
877s a lot of pressure here because he
879s reduces the the combo just to seven mana
883s and that's a lot of damage oh look at
886s that I mean Live code is missing and
888s wasn't Commander for his combo but I
891s think this is the turn when he just
892s dropped the patrons and hope for the
894s best that he don't die from a double
896s combat accident you can because that's
898s nine minutes
901s uh it would be nine Mana correct so you
903s had eight so with the innervate double
904s combo but that's still pretty unlikely
906s so we're about to uh go to Patron town
909s lothar and seeing a life coach can fight
912s back pretty appropriately sorry don't
915s drive you but you can use uh double
917s Wings to clear the board so that's very
919s attractive for life coach yes
923s um although one thing to consider is
925s that uh if he doesn't have enough
927s patrons
929s for you know like basically you can use
931s the combo to clear the patrons and
933s that's usually something that Druid has
935s to do because you can rely on the
936s quality of your minions you don't have
938s to rely on the combo to finish the game
939s a lot of people look at combo and be
941s like yeah of course that's how Druid
942s wins but you don't have to use a combo
943s to win you can just sometimes run the
945s patron out of resources yeah that's true
948s this is as you said this is very
950s important to spawn as many patients as
952s possible six
954s that's six people at the party
957s and a very full
960s yeah if you've had the first Patron ends
962s up dying for five attack but uh Pavel
964s picks up this wipe but swife is very
967s problematic with so many full health
969s patrons
970s I mean departure is not really helpful
972s either
973s yeah but the thing is oh man the real
975s big problem is six patrons is that if
977s you combo clear you still have a 3-2
980s Patron so it's still copy technically
982s and you're like ah it really stinks but
986s it almost you know you gotta do what you
988s gotta do
990s so now the combo goes off and because
992s the full hell patrons has said leap C32
997s right this might be awkward for powerful
1001s the next one just can be as awkward at
1003s this one oh that's like a huge draw the
1007s battle rage to draw three cards followed
1009s by an emperor Thors and I'll be very
1011s surprised if uh life coach did not
1014s capitalize immediately off of this I
1016s mean you you don't have to necessarily
1018s to play the emperor because that depends
1019s on the quality of your troll fair enough
1020s right that's also good true yeah like
1022s novish better is also appropriate but uh
1024s I don't think you should Emperor this I
1026s I think you should just
1029s maybe consider even
1031s think about well-ending but that makes
1034s no sense because you're left with the
1036s same state yeah almost the same you I
1039s mean you have a free free instead of a
1040s free two but that's basically it
1042s you know I don't you know what I don't
1044s mind about Emperors that's the five five
1046s most likely whatever comes out next oh
1049s well the swipe is still kind of useless
1051s and you have no way of clearing that
1054s free to Patron well you can swipe the
1056s three two first and then swipe the
1057s emperor but that costs your entire turn
1059s and that's not exactly what you want
1061s wanted to see well it's one for one so
1065s it's not about that bad of a trade yeah
1068s oh it leaves up Emperor thorus and with
1070s no fear at all it feels like um
1074s it feels like there's not a lot of
1075s respect for Emperor throwers in these
1076s days I'm very that's very true people
1079s are like
1080s well he got one tick off it right so why
1083s would I care because he already has like
1085s such a huge array of possible combos by
1088s just decreasing the cost of by one right
1090s so it has decreased the cost by two most
1092s of the cars are on zero anyway so it
1095s makes almost no difference and I I
1097s cannot I can see that there's almost no
1099s difference here by the one tick or two
1101s ticks
1102s I'm trying to see if there's lethal and
1104s I believe the most that life coach would
1106s do was 18 or 19 damage oh that's kind of
1111s awkward because you know the new room
1113s our web Lord actually blocks how much is
1115s better from coming down very cheaply
1116s shouldn't you just attack the face with
1118s the Emperor or do you think fine damage
1121s and you have wars on commander and
1123s Berserker in here
1127s the second force of nature of cyber
1130s drawer and like the Druid is not really
1132s punished by the uh narrower web Lord
1135s because there's almost no better cry
1136s minions in the deck yeah it's true
1138s second Warner not really helpful I mean
1141s you can just go and play one right
1144s oh the whole point is that it's gonna
1146s get reducing costs anyways so you're
1148s gonna be able to play your whole hand
1149s regardless of what happens next turn
1150s good point yeah everything there's so
1152s many zero car spells
1155s if this is wondering if it will heal
1158s dangerous too because the idea that
1160s sludge Belcher lows up the board even
1162s more uh and then it's like more minions
1165s get buffed the frothing Berserker for
1168s Whirlwind damages I'm not feeling very
1170s confident if I'm powerful two slams are
1172s gonna just get additional cards just for
1175s zeroanas like wild growth that deals
1177s damage
1179s uh does he have okay so he can play Four
1182s he can play his entire hand yes oh he's
1184s gonna get four minions plus the three on
1186s board so that's seven so whirlwinds plus
1188s seven but well two slams are also adding
1190s damage right or one damage well it's one
1193s that's two right that's a lot two bears
1195s okay okay there almost certainly has to
1198s be lethal here
1200s because yeah he's probably Berserker
1202s gets uh seven from the Whirlwind
1206s so yeah that's definitely more than
1208s enough here because the war sound
1209s Commander can help buff it and get some
1211s extra damage as well that's two damage
1213s now so basically the outcome was almost
1215s the same everything is doubled twice
1218s over because of the two filing
1219s Berserkers
1220s so that looks like a pretty huge people
1223s why not
1224s uh the only thing that could sabotage it
1227s is time but yeah we'll see you some time
1230s there game number one is in the books
1233s life coach off to a very first very
1235s quick first lead in fact it looks like
1236s life coach is still playing well
1246s a very good first win there to get the
1249s patron out of the way considering that
1250s we know Hemlock is available for uh for
1254s Pavel and I think Pavel is going to want
1255s to do the same exact thing the only
1258s interesting Dynamic here is that Hunter
1260s deck from life coach how does Pavel uh
1262s fit that in like is it is it going to be
1265s the you know the hand lock or the Druid
1268s that runs into it or does he get to you
1269s know kill it off with all these decks it
1271s doesn't really matter or maybe the
1272s hunter just wins and lets it pass
1273s through and yes it's Rio Druid those are
1275s always really tough positions for our
1277s Russian player yeah it is really tough I
1279s mean hunter as we know is a natural
1281s Nemesis for warlocks just because of the
1283s hero powers out there being designed
1285s it's the complete complete opposite yeah
1288s so one does damage to yourself and the
1290s other just damage to yourself so it's
1293s pretty one-sided with how the damage
1294s Stacks uh seconds hand locked and that
1297s could be ultimately what you're looking
1298s at here uh maybe that uh that Hunter
1300s deck from life coaches uh you know it's
1302s a throwback to you life coach used to
1304s play a lot of Hunter back in the day in
1306s fact that was his claim to fame the
1308s sunshine Hunter yes the same goes like
1311s maybe no one knows but Sanchez actually
1314s the daughter's name that's right so uh
1316s back back up a year and a half ago uh
1318s life coach was still uh just like
1320s beginning to play hustle and learning it
1322s uh he was actually a little bit known as
1323s a very interesting streamer he used to
1326s stream with uh you know no shirt on yeah
1328s yeah shirt off and then he'd get a
1330s little mad actually people called him
1331s king mukula for a while because he just
1333s he'd get like really no like dog can't
1336s believe this happened to me um but he
1339s transitioned from that into a very
1341s respected deck builder with mid-range
1343s Hunter and at the time Hunter was not a
1344s very respected class yeah uh so life
1346s coach basically soared the mid-range
1348s Hunter to high popularity with kalento
1351s and uh that's what really took off the
1353s hunter class since then he's definitely
1355s a transitioned to other decks hand lock
1356s being one of them Paladin being another
1358s uh Patron but you know bringing the
1361s hunter back for his his turning into
1363s BlizzCon is definitely a really cool
1364s thing yeah it's a it's a song that's for
1367s sure and now we'll see oh he uses 100
1369s smart and he's for sure and the prison
1371s drive I'm really interested in the array
1374s of traps he has in this deck because
1375s that's a really defining thing for
1378s Hunter's decks in general yeah it almost
1381s uh it almost like dictates the type of
1383s style you want to play with this deck
1386s um just through the traps because what
1388s the traps do is they represent the way
1389s you uh play for Tempo or you play for
1391s board or play for damage and you know
1394s all those things could Factor
1395s differently with how you make trades and
1397s I do really like the idea of you know
1400s evaluating Hunter's deck based off their
1402s traps it's a very smart way to do it and
1403s also it kind of allows you to Bluff
1407s it does you know mixing it up is very
1409s good I'm not a big fan of like only two
1412s exposure traps unless you're trying to
1414s like go for super damage or only two
1416s freezing traps because sometimes it just
1418s becomes a little too predictable yeah
1420s but at the same time now with the
1421s inclusion of bear trap you have the
1423s option to always set up a snake trap and
1426s a bear trap at the same time and always
1427s trigger something it's true
1430s so uh the coin knife juggler is the most
1432s optimal damage Pavel has no play Minion
1435s wise instantly plays Wrath and he also
1437s plays the one off the top just to kind
1439s of mess with your opponent's psychology
1440s yeah I just drew the exact response I
1442s needed yeah but I to be honest I like to
1445s use the cars that I have in my hand
1446s because most of the time you're not then
1449s telling your opponent I kept this card
1451s in my opinion hand why would I do that
1453s if it's still in my head till then six
1456s it's true an example right I mean you
1458s could for every argument for you can
1460s argue against and uh for every time you
1463s see an innervate you might see a
1465s Hunter's Mark
1466s Misha that's actually the best one
1468s against against Druids yeah it's wipe
1472s it's forced out a swipe this very good
1474s point but this also doesn't die The
1476s Keeper of the broke so it's it's like
1478s it's like a huge temples for Hunter if
1481s it gets keeper if the if the hopper is
1483s getting Keeper of the proof this has
1486s been a very uh tip for Tat game so far
1488s but it definitely still feels like
1490s hunters in the driver's seat because it
1491s keeps presenting the threats
1494s um however this Keeper of the globe is a
1495s very big one yeah it's gonna just shut
1497s down the knife juggler
1499s and the second one for the high main oh
1501s man what's really funny is that power's
1504s drawn almost two of every card in his
1506s deck outside of innervate and Drew the
1507s claw he's drawn two wraths two swipes
1509s two keepers by this logic he's gonna
1511s draw either drew the claw or innovate
1513s next let's see oh no but
1517s it's really important that he has the
1519s second swipe because it's the snake trap
1522s is a huge deal here right the second
1525s swipe is a really big deal but um and
1528s even so how do you kill I guess you have
1530s to wrap the high Main
1533s I was very smart that Pavel played the
1535s second keeper that also caused him more
1537s Mana because otherwise he'd give Intel
1538s to life coach that he's uh of course
1540s that's playing a second Keeper in his
1542s hand
1543s and it's not so important to use the
1545s hero power right now because you're not
1547s dying at all so they want HP is not that
1550s that important at all and
1553s um lothips five damage you don't want to
1555s miss but this does mean you can deal
1558s with the high Main
1559s oh but the
1561s the snake trap he knows well now he
1565s knows because he was he was also
1567s thinking about bear trap that it might
1569s have been possible at this Bearcat
1570s because is triggering right when it
1574s deals damage I mean when when the
1576s opponent deals damage to your hero
1585s yeah is this nose ark or something
1587s everything comes two by two right now
1589s but those are both males
1592s two lions
1594s two lions on on the ark so they can
1597s repopulate the entire Earth with hyenas
1599s oh yeah it's true that's the babies that
1601s come out life coach picks up the highway
1604s but the play on curve is actually at the
1608s bow and the shredder for more Mana
1610s efficiency and the bow does give a
1613s charge because most likely he's gonna
1615s want to kill off the Jaime in some
1617s capacity so you could argue that just
1620s better play and there's a lot of damage
1623s and you squeeza hero power regardless
1625s what you draw on accident because you
1626s would like to play Savannah Highway in
1629s class hero power
1632s okay well the swipe should be able to
1634s clear but as long as uh
1639s additional free damage for the bow which
1642s is very important because it basically
1644s that's almost the same traps it's also
1647s something with four attacks doesn't come
1648s out here
1650s yeah it should be clear but at the same
1651s time like you said he's got more damage
1654s and that second High main is back
1656s breaking oh no
1659s Facebook trap is like pretty useful if
1662s he wants to isolate a Target and keep
1663s his high main alive like I mean Asian of
1666s lore oh look at Pablo who's pretty upset
1668s to see that yeah is great but it mostly
1671s just has to heal you can't really draw
1673s cards well when does a Savannah highway
1676s staring at you the defense the engine
1678s floor is not really appealing because
1680s it's like always just one damage more
1682s than between before even if you heal and
1685s there's a hero power that deals two
1687s damages each turn
1688s this way go to work you spend 10 sorry
1692s 14 Mana to get six damage
1697s yeah but uh that that being said I think
1700s uh it might be that time the game is not
1702s going to last very much longer with the
1704s high main on board life coach also
1705s debating if you just swing at this 2-1
1707s Keeper of the Grove or go for face
1710s um with the bow you have 10 damage
1712s assume you can hear a power every turn
1713s and that's still gonna be short so he
1716s might feel like this High main is is
1718s always like he's like he's gonna protect
1720s it as best as he can he can't wrap it he
1722s wants to make sure that's minion get as
1723s much damage as possible and make up for
1724s the lack of bow damage I really like
1726s killing this minion here I agree this is
1728s very important just to
1731s is not in danger at all it's not the
1734s dangerous species poor power just a
1737s little bit off this entire game even
1739s though he's got like a lot of the pieces
1740s correct right he's got like the wrath
1742s for the answers he's got the keeper for
1744s the juggler he's got you know the
1745s innervates but he just keeps having
1747s getting responded perfectly by Hunter
1749s right he got the Hunter's Mark and he
1751s needed you know he got the second
1752s Savannah highway so a good draw got met
1756s by even better outcome on your
1757s opponent's side well the double pair is
1759s not enough
1761s wow he's saying you know what I can't
1763s win by playing defensively I am going to
1766s go on the offensive but yeah I've seen
1769s this many times that's what you said and
1771s I've seen Druid lose almost every single
1774s time this happens
1775s web spinner draw is something we saw
1778s when oi was playing right and he wasn't
1781s really fond of it and I'm sure life
1783s coach isn't fond of it either but he can
1786s get a king Crush an example if the I
1788s mean it's a beast so most likely you'll
1790s have killed Man live next turn because
1792s he can't silence this so even if Webb
1794s spinner died in the worst case scenario
1796s uh it would definitely still pay a
1798s trigger for kill command so pedal is
1801s Pebble Looking For Tons a heel a let's
1805s say what does he have left he used both
1808s swipes he used both refs so he has no
1811s both Keepers response to a minion on
1813s board yeah and he knows there's a trap
1815s also
1816s I I just feel like sorry for Pavel
1819s because that's really tough sport the
1822s real big problem is the freezing trap
1823s because force of nature will bounce it
1824s back and he's gonna be able to clear
1825s every minion but that needs more damage
1827s with the bow yeah so he's gonna need to
1830s draw his second ancient of lore
1833s because the problem with um just even
1835s stabilizing is that hundredth hero power
1837s will outrace your hero power
1839s and they want to take the web Square oh
1842s yeah
1844s because right now he's gonna be too
1847s damage off
1848s and land coasters need to pick up one
1850s thing in fact Powell's like do I even
1851s kill this website I just want to say
1852s maybe you just leave it but then there's
1855s the hunt master
1856s yeah but come on at this point you're
1858s like I just don't want to give him any
1859s outs I'm going to play to what I I can
1861s like this coach just needs a little bit
1863s of damage
1864s oh man that's like a big draw from the
1867s top of the deck
1869s into a Headmaster look at that
1871s somehow you knew that's a 2-0 lead for
1874s life coach and now all he has to do is
1877s grab a win with the Druid which seems to
1880s be struggling this series I mean pavel's
1882s been suffocating under the pressure that
1884s life coach has been able to put him
1885s under
1887s you were just talking like in the break
1889s about the life group matches going too
1892s fast yeah like it's uncharacteristically
1894s fast a lot of the times and even though
1896s he has some ropes but this Series has
1898s been what 10 minutes long 15 minutes
1901s long the the break leading up to it was
1904s uh kind of like making it seem like this
1905s would be an epic three-hour match like
1907s two men enter one man leaves but uh
1911s right now it's just one man enters and
1913s one man's crushing a poor young 17 year
1915s old boys dream for BlizzCon
1917s that's really sad to see I mean I mean
1920s I'm looking for power because he's so
1922s young that's really like a dream to go
1923s to the BlizzCon but at the same time
1925s life coach like he really works for it
1927s yeah I mean he worked a lot to be here
1930s that and he even like just insanely is
1934s insanely focused on playing hearts in
1937s general so I'd really love to see him
1938s winning this I mean if you like you like
1941s make a list of players of the year and
1944s for 2015. in terms of performance uh
1946s contributions to community and you know
1949s being able to represent Hearthstone as
1950s well as like deck Innovation everything
1952s Etc uh you definitely put life coach on
1954s that list I mean Powell doesn't
1955s immediately jump out as a player like
1957s that but life coach is and therefore
1959s when you think of BlizzCon you think of
1961s it not only as a tournament but a
1962s celebration of 2015. it almost feels
1965s right that life coach goes there but
1966s that said you know not every person
1968s deserves to go they have to earn it and
1971s therefore like Pavel is not out of it
1973s yet uh he's earned his right to be here
1975s to challenge life coach and what a
1977s statement it would be to be down zero
1979s two one step away from BlizzCon and
1981s reverse sweep your way in order to go to
1984s Anaheim in November so Pavel will need a
1987s lot of help and it's definitely doable
1989s Druid vs Jude is not exactly a matchup
1991s that's uh sometimes controllable on your
1993s side I think you're just gonna have to
1994s play your best and hope for the best and
1996s life that's very interesting and I hear
1999s I heard of him talk about it that this
2002s is one of the strategies that ties
2004s convinced him to do just to always keep
2007s the pile toucher even if you don't have
2009s the wild growth and believe in the wild
2010s growth oh I just hit the jackpot I would
2014s say
2015s do you need wild growth I mean coin
2019s innervate multitude into wild growth
2021s seems appealing yeah
2024s um it also disrupts his turn for
2027s darnassy's aspirin but looks like life
2029s coach he's uh he's he's running dry here
2032s in terms of being able to hit the Mana
2035s crystals he needs and Pavel getting wild
2037s growth this early on is huge
2039s such a big deal
2041s unfortunately she's he didn't hit any of
2044s the six cards that gave him the land
2046s acceleration he needs and he still
2048s misses I mean now he will just have
2051s bigger minions insurance right right but
2054s Pavel takes the initiative now so and he
2057s also has the potential to explode into
2060s whatever he draws next like Dr boom or
2062s ancient of lore
2065s of course chance to make a comeback here
2068s this thing would be an innovate to just
2070s innovate emperor
2076s definitely not over by any means
2079s um you might look like oh one player's
2081s wild growth one player doesn't but
2082s initiative on the board is also a very
2085s powerful tool um as well as like life
2087s totals
2089s so I'm really interested in uh if papa
2092s will be doing this then I mean if there
2095s will be a free two minion popping out of
2097s the feather I will definitely like to
2099s see that yeah that's a very bad outcome
2101s here life coach gets a one attack minion
2104s um and Pavel ends up having a really
2106s pretty good spot although the one thing
2108s that is worrying for Powerball is is he
2110s have minions to play after this I mean
2111s if he just has Keeper of the Grove
2113s that's not a very strong minion for his
2114s follow-up so he's gonna really hope that
2116s he either picks up a minion or that he
2119s has really good board momentum and
2120s doesn't necessarily need to he can use
2122s Swipe to remove minions and do damage
2123s for example I just wanted to eat like
2126s I waited till you end this sentence that
2129s does not Dr boom until five one good
2132s draw is ours deserves another oh well
2135s that's a good draw to counter the guitar
2138s not bad I mean life coach got the ramp
2140s he needed but Pavel has several options
2142s here he can play the removal game
2145s um he can also just answer big minion
2147s with big minion what if he just kills Dr
2149s boom and just plays ancient war like it
2152s you know depends on how he wants to go
2154s for it if he feels aggressive it feels
2155s more board oriented this is where I've
2158s defer to guys like Ty's because I feel
2160s like Tice has played so much as matchup
2161s he really understands the dynamic of
2163s what Drew Kenny can't do and there's no
2165s harm to smoke to help and just don't
2167s know Hunter's morph and Druid imagine
2170s that
2171s uh imagine if Hunter's Mark was a
2173s neutral spell that's a very scary
2174s thought yeah definitely too good to be
2177s true and there's no as we talked before
2180s lifeguard has no potential combat
2183s mechanism in his hand there's no force
2185s of nature no savage rule no raps no yeah
2188s I'll put it swipes I have to remind you
2190s that he does have one comeback potential
2191s the boom Bots I'll go underestimated
2196s you kill ancient of lore or ancient of
2199s war with the with Boom Out number one in
2201s Dr boom and then you somehow killed the
2203s the shade of next Ram is and they just
2205s play the emperor Thor's what kind of
2207s what kind of board is that what kind of
2209s situation have you flipped about around
2210s that's this is what Dr boom does oh you
2213s just boombot into part of the Shredder
2215s and papa doomsayer right
2218s yeah but then you can't play anything on
2220s your board
2223s so half of Hunter's Mark is being played
2229s it's pretty close there for half a
2231s second it was a little scary uh but it
2235s wasn't I really like the sequencing too
2237s because now if it lands on one of those
2239s minions the boom bot has a chance to
2241s kill it and it lands and it's three damn
2244s almost
2246s wow that was a perfect boom board but
2249s for the shade yeah
2251s that allows him to trade effectively and
2254s now the keepers are coming down in full
2256s force Powell's still choosing to hold on
2259s to his shade also something to note is
2261s um is key
2263s I think he attacks oh is he
2267s I think he should attack here in the
2268s situation if he attacks then he opens
2271s himself up to wrath that still gives him
2273s an opportunity to develop a five-man
2275s opinion well he in this situation does
2277s an option for life coach to play an
2279s example a nation of Law And even if he
2281s does then the
2283s um the Shadows just trades for two cards
2286s that's true that's right so I would
2288s definitely trade to the uh that's also
2291s Fair very fair
2293s and now we can see that if life coach
2296s finds a way to somehow clear the board
2299s and just regain some control Pebble
2302s bubble's hand is not that great
2304s right but it's also fin has a lot of
2306s potential for finishing damage in fact
2308s if Pablo Drew's savage or instead of
2310s wild growth last turn I think he might
2312s have won that that fair return so it's
2315s still a very dangerous situation for
2317s life coach
2318s that's a good draw
2320s yeah a minion to play is just very solid
2323s overall that's why life coach fought
2325s with smaller minions than just like one
2326s ancient Ozark because it's not a
2327s resource battle it's a board battle at
2329s this stage
2330s what comes out of the shredders still
2332s could be pretty meaningful two three
2335s it's not the best because it doesn't
2338s necessarily put any minions from
2341s powerful to a legal range of course
2344s right it does soften it up still though
2346s for swipe I believe it doesn't swipe
2349s like which hands that's the problem
2351s right and what oh that's so painful to
2355s draw the dinosaurs aspirin right now
2359s what can you even do here
2361s um
2362s yeah it absorbs so much damage and if
2366s you pass you're letting 12 damage exist
2368s on the board I mean Pavel very wisely
2370s set up lethal for the following turn for
2373s exact damage assuming his opponent has a
2374s hero power because he would have uh 12
2378s on the board plus the force of nature
2379s hero power so that's 19 so life coach
2381s would be at 18 at best
2383s he could use the ancient Lord to heal
2385s himself though but that's a very
2387s that's a very that's like a losing play
2389s because you survive but do you win
2391s that's exactly what we talked about uh
2393s last match that this is the play to
2395s survive and this is something you don't
2397s really want to do
2399s at any point of the game house because
2402s this is game of Hearts is about being
2404s the beat down and you want to be like
2406s you want to be sure of killing me up on
2409s the next uh
2412s all right life coach choosing to go for
2415s the darkness aspirin a little bit more
2417s more Brazilians than the big game hunter
2419s gets traded into
2421s and that means Pavel will drop this
2423s pilot Shredder still not enough Mana
2425s crystals to use wild growth for for
2427s cycle it's unfortunate about the father
2430s is one of the best drops uh because it
2433s goes well with the potential little
2434s Savage Road they're all next then
2437s speaking of but not for the player right
2440s that we talked about they could fuse
2442s their hands together now life coach has
2444s a couple of options here but ancient
2447s Lord seems to be seems to be the best
2449s one because he needs to dig deeper into
2450s his deck Emperor throws reducing the
2452s cost of these cards is not exactly what
2454s you want he needs the draft clear one of
2457s the minions and there it is but now it's
2459s the question do you cleared Panther
2461s trigger because one minion makes the
2464s combo lethal anyway right unless
2469s unless there's something that uh like
2472s unless the shredder drops doomsayer that
2474s clears the board but that's a very cool
2475s probability that kills yeah but you
2477s don't die the combo so there's no way to
2479s play around the combo I think at this
2481s stage you're pretty much sure that when
2483s your opponent draws the combo you die
2485s anyway even if they're like yeah exactly
2488s in return so I don't think you just
2491s clear to pass the shadow at all but I
2494s think the logic is that there's no way
2496s to play around the force nature Savage
2497s rule anyways so oh well that's a lot of
2501s damage we're gonna wow growth first
2503s though to see what we get
2505s and Pavel could just draw
2508s like super amounts of damage here
2511s that's not bad at all this allows you to
2515s cycle through the deck and use the
2516s Minion from the puzzle turn to clear the
2519s end that engine of Law and there's the
2521s seven door Salvatore is pretty big looks
2524s like Pavel is in a prime position
2526s to climb back into the Series and win at
2529s least one game but he still has to wait
2531s one more turn before he gets his final
2532s blow in this situation life coach has to
2535s armor up and clear the board it's
2538s impossible like Azure Drake he had to
2540s have Azure Jack swipe and the ability to
2541s hero power and even if he had those
2543s things in hand he would need to have
2545s innervate exactly so there's no way life
2548s coach can get out of it unless
2552s it's something though I'm just thinking
2554s what's the most ridiculous card that can
2556s have in this deck to get out of it but
2559s I don't think there's one if
2562s if wild growth was in the hand
2565s I think life coach may have survived oh
2567s sorry if wild growth was able to get
2569s ancient of Ward maybe he would have won
2571s or would stabilize but in this case
2573s Pavel is so far ahead uh the damage is
2575s too much to stop and life coach does end
2578s up dropping a game which means Pavel
2580s climbs back and gives the series some
2582s life it was looking a little bit
2583s one-sided yeah kind of well that's the
2586s usual thing about Detroit mirror match
2588s right one of the player hits the um the
2590s Mana curve and Rams at the same time and
2593s then the second planet is kind of
2595s punished for not having like a turn to
2597s play because most of the time they turn
2598s two free with Innovative wild group he's
2601s a really big minion and if you can't
2602s catch up with your opponent you're just
2605s losing too much damage even if you make
2606s a call back you'll just you're not
2609s enough uh high on your health points to
2612s just sustain the combo right uh
2614s definitely an opportunity for Pavel to
2617s come back we're gonna check off that
2618s Druid momentarily uh he has an
2620s opportunity to go into the patron into
2623s the Druid followed by the hand lock and
2626s that's going to be his best sequence
2627s although realistically he can choose
2629s whatever he wants in theory
2632s um light coach has two okay matchups
2635s maybe one is even heavily favoring The
2637s Druids and I mean here that there is
2640s favored against warlock especially the
2643s classic handle because it doesn't avoid
2646s colors there's no directions there's no
2648s uh volcanoes to play around combo and
2653s yeah that's basically it right yeah it's
2655s never truly over till it's over
2657s um and specifically with Patron Warrior
2659s we've seen that do very well against
2661s Druid and uh you know Handlock can
2663s stabilize against Druid even though it's
2665s very tough uh it just takes Druid
2666s whiffing you know a game with not
2668s getting the wild growth and their
2670s darnassus aspirin so it's consistency
2672s just has to not work one time very
2674s doable still for Pablo you don't have to
2676s you don't look at it as I have to win
2678s three in a row I just have to win the
2679s next game just to win the next game once
2681s that bad time and Pavel can make this
2683s comeback yep and we saw a lot of
2685s comebacks when it comes to Conquest
2687s format because it's not about the
2689s conquest of form and how it works it's
2691s not about the strongest deck in your
2694s lineup it's about the weakest link in
2696s your lineup so if one of your Tech
2698s struggles against a particular strategy
2699s it can be abused and you can win two
2702s games first you can be 2-0 up but you
2704s can still lose with your third deck
2706s because it lacks something to battle
2708s against your opponent and it'll just be
2710s that would just your weak point your
2712s Oculus feet yeah absolutely um and I
2715s think that's gonna definitely come to
2717s play here I mean pavel's had a really
2718s long journey to get to this road of
2720s BlizzCon
2721s um your life coach also had a really
2723s long journey himself but he's also had a
2724s little bit of help because he's got a
2725s lot of advice to tournaments and got
2727s some of his points that way pavels had
2729s to go through so much ladder
2731s qualification uh hitting number one one
2733s season being able to climb through
2735s multiple Seasons hitting top 10 and he
2738s comes in here as one of the highest
2740s seeds he's gonna go with hand lock
2741s immediately you know what I like it he
2744s says I have to win with this eventually
2745s why not dance around the topic when I
2748s could just go for it sure I'm not the
2749s fan of that but I can definitely
2751s understand how you want to play life
2754s coach fist pumps he gets the wild growth
2756s but Pablo has two mountain Giants that's
2758s insane that's pretty formidable yeah
2761s that's something if Druid can't really
2763s keep up with those giants because
2764s basically says well I have wild wild
2767s growth too but in the form of one card
2769s and it just you know applies to one card
2771s only right because it basically says I'm
2774s ramping out I'm ramping out a huge
2776s minion for format like double innervate
2779s right
2781s well
2783s life tap is going to almost be a
2785s certainty for powerful over two turns
2787s life coach will wild growth into the
2790s shredder uh and he does have a curve he
2793s has wild growth pilot Shredder Harrison
2795s Jones doctor boom well the Harrison
2798s Jones is kind of lackluster but sure
2800s it's still a minion I mean it's it's a
2802s reasonable sized minion it allows you to
2804s set up trades
2805s um or even just pressure the opponent we
2808s didn't talk about one thing that Pavel
2810s is playing aside from Soul in his deck
2813s uh that is that is pretty true the
2815s siphon so allows him to go one for one
2817s with big threats but you know it only
2818s allows you to answer the you know part
2820s of Dr boom not all of it
2822s and interestingly enough he's opening
2825s void colors but he is still the drugs in
2827s the deck true so that's also very true
2829s one of the things uh that
2832s is is being why Papa's being different
2835s from other hand looks players and um
2837s life coach is drawing Asus wipe which is
2840s a great card to finish off the game but
2842s he needs pressure from board first
2844s the pirate Shredder coming out with
2846s pressure is what he needed Pavel does
2848s have his own big minion
2850s and you know don't be fooled even though
2852s generally speaking oh oh he might be
2856s baited oh man like the fact is you know
2860s if you play the Twilight Drake you can
2862s have the mountain giant the following
2863s turn and you're really tempted to do so
2867s and you don't want to get Big Game
2868s Hunter for Tempo definitely yeah and in
2871s this case this is a like a loser
2873s scenario if there will be a big game
2874s hunter or either keeper right both are
2876s really bad an actual keeper is more
2878s statistically likely because there's two
2880s in the deck versus Big Game Hunter
2882s generally speaking there's one in the
2883s deck unless there are some practical
2886s changes right life coach lineup to maybe
2888s beat hand Block it's true oh man but if
2891s he plays the Twilight Drake
2892s then The Keeper of the Grove will come
2894s out and then the coin hero power will
2896s take it out and that will be bad for
2899s Powerball but then there will be no 10
2901s sixth after Boom at least
2905s the whole point is that you have
2906s something on board though
2907s self-threatening I'm just I'm just
2908s saying like you know trying to find a
2910s map side in this
2911s What's it gonna be Mountain giant or the
2913s Twilight Drake you got to make a choice
2915s I wouldn't mind
2917s the Twilight Drake is gonna get punished
2920s or I mean
2921s silence yeah it's oh he's got the red I
2925s think I keep the ref I think so yes I
2927s think you keep the raft in uh and the
2930s reason why would you do that is that you
2932s need something to clear the Giants okay
2934s and you have no big game hunter in your
2936s deck I mean in your hand so you have to
2938s find another way and when you're at such
2940s high life points uh I think you can just
2943s use your help of resources but live
2944s photos are real food well I mean I can
2946s understand what you're saying but I
2948s think wrath he just wants to find like
2949s his average War you know find like the
2951s more powerful Game ending cards that's
2954s generally what wrath I feel like
2955s functions the best
2957s and he's got six power on the boards
2959s it's not something that you want to
2960s scoff at and Powell's not happy he's
2961s like ah I chose the wrong one so he's
2963s gonna tap Mountain Giant
2965s and he he did this calculation already
2967s he's like well I know he has coin I know
2969s he can do this can I afford to take this
2971s damage and he thinks so although it's
2974s really starting to mount up 12 damage
2976s available right now for life coach what
2978s do you think about uh Harrison Johnson
2980s instead of azure twig because you have
2982s swipe to maybe even make a big
2984s difference until nine if you don't draw
2985s the savager but at the same time as you
2987s as you said about graph it's about
2989s digging for the deck that's just the
2992s card I'm looking for right now so maybe
2994s because of that factor Azure Drake will
2996s be better here the thing about Harrison
2998s too is that um
3005s the thing about Harrison is that um
3008s you know it's it's the same thing as
3010s Azure dick effectively uh because you
3012s have swipe Edge removal you just use
3014s Wrath and so I think Azure Drake and
3016s Harrison's actually not too much
3018s different except one draws your card one
3020s doesn't yep yeah that's my second
3021s question yeah
3023s however I'm trying to explore in a world
3026s where life coach can just go super hand
3028s I don't think so he's not very well
3030s prepared for uh so he goes into town
3032s mode
3034s oh wow interesting
3047s you know it's still there for the
3050s savager
3051s that is really interesting I was not
3054s expecting that at all
3056s um I was expecting more of azure Drake I
3058s think he didn't want to get Shadow
3059s flamed
3060s because he didn't want to lose his
3062s entire board
3063s second force of nature well you have to
3065s go for the doctor boom right
3068s it was a shadow flame yeah I guess he
3070s wanted to set up Dr boom as best as he
3072s could
3075s Dr boom though is the best specifically
3077s for this Mana slot Pavel doesn't have a
3080s big game hunter yet he has his own
3082s doctor boom instead
3084s some few detector nice to have
3087s he can Shadow flame let's see
3091s if you Shadow flame The Watcher you can
3095s trade in the sun Fury beforehand and
3097s then mortal koil the doctor boom yeah
3099s that's correct oh he goes okay put a
3102s bomb
3103s there's a Twilight Drake instead damage
3107s onto the giant the giant is pretty
3109s relevant if he wants to trade into boom
3110s so he doesn't have to worry about that
3111s is important
3113s would have left the giant one HP so it
3116s would have most likely died to a swipe
3117s to a trade from the bomb yeah true there
3120s free damage through the face I mean this
3123s is actually relevant because there's the
3124s molten design in the power of the land
3127s yeah uh and Pavel he's like willingly
3129s going lower but you know how low can you
3132s go before it's just too low
3134s ultimate question I was thinking about
3137s this
3138s like imagine a
3140s Savage right now that's six damage and
3143s swipe that's for the seven that's nine
3145s eleven damage right now because just a
3147s single Salvador and a swine yeah that
3149s Vitality totem is not threatening at all
3151s so Paul was just calmly places onto the
3155s board he says you know what I'm good to
3156s go second Keeper of the Grove on draw
3160s exactly for the Twilight Drake oh but
3164s that's the second time the same
3165s situation do you you swipe the stone
3175s but the thing is you can take it slow
3178s like now you're gonna be on nine Mana
3180s for the rest of the game at least
3182s um darnassus Ashman can actually knock
3183s you from ten to nine but no matter what
3186s uh life coach will have enough Mana to
3188s threaten combo so if you just like trade
3191s onto the board and says look I have
3192s three minions I could just average Roar
3195s in force of nature you down uh papill
3197s has to play with that fear in the back
3199s his mind
3201s okay well he's still at 15. right so
3204s right but it's a threat not to mention
3208s that um he's not in a position to win
3210s anytime soon either like one of the
3212s things hand lock sometimes can do is put
3214s load the board to win but it doesn't
3216s it's not in that position at all Pablo's
3219s not in any kind of position to Demand
3222s right now yes that's very true and if he
3225s wants to just play a taunters he's
3227s pushed to use the both actionable engine
3230s Watchers with design free projects right
3232s that's a necessity that you have to do
3234s you just without that you die instantly
3236s most in most scenarios
3239s two four uh plus six ten twenty four
3243s even if he had combo oh he does pick up
3246s the Big Game Hunter that's gonna be
3247s really useful against the inevitable
3249s doctor boom probably next turn but for
3251s now it's kind of late for the Giants
3253s imagine if you would have died yeah
3254s against the giant like the second giant
3256s sure sure
3258s um life coach does have some plays here
3262s but here's the problem
3264s um those ancient Watchers are also very
3266s devastating Shadow flame targets they
3269s are but what about Asterix wipe this
3271s then can deal five damage to one of the
3274s virtuals
3276s then to damage to the other one you can
3278s oh
3280s I mean you definitely swipe one of the
3282s Watchers and kill the other one with
3283s your Keepers and you leave like two
3285s Minions on board
3287s very weak too to another swipe you have
3290s also a big game hunter so you can deal
3293s with
3295s yeah you can definitely deal with uh one
3297s of one of the Giants pretty effectively
3299s this Vitality is so troll it's been
3302s alive for so long well at least it
3306s healed the damage from the Twilight
3307s Break
3308s yeah I know but it's just like if it was
3310s a minion that could attack maybe it's a
3312s different story yeah probably
3314s low theb uh to shut down with Shadow
3317s flame this is what uh Pavo wanted to do
3319s to swing back the board but he needs the
3323s antique keyboard next turn yeah he still
3326s has no uh molten Giant
3329s yep that's true
3332s Sylvanas is interesting too but I think
3335s Harrison also challenges the low Feb and
3337s it does almost the same exact thing yeah
3340s I agree with you the only problem is if
3343s he dark bombs and Mortal coils and he
3345s has used one coil
3348s but he he life coach knows that there's
3350s a lot siphon soul and correct usual hand
3353s lock so there might be no second mortal
3355s coil in the deck because why would you
3357s why would you cut yeah so right
3361s that's a very good point
3362s so if he's afraid of just direct removal
3365s he might play Sylvanas to try to force
3367s him to clear the board but then you lose
3370s this van that's just a huge minion right
3373s and Harrison just feels like a just a
3375s fill flare here
3382s oh you know what I do like about this is
3385s going past the damage means
3386s hypothetically forced nature and swipe
3388s could kill
3389s oh yeah that's a very good point
3393s does come in the hand so Powell did have
3396s a way to kill off Harrison pretty easily
3398s but you know if he had Hellfire mortal
3401s coil that kind of stuff be interesting
3403s like this little move that's a very
3405s clever thing whoa oh oh power play too
3410s fast you're supposed to trade until
3411s Sylvanas first oh no this could be this
3415s this
3428s man what just happened he's gonna be
3431s able to swipe the face Big Game Hunter
3433s and that's gonna do it life coach is
3437s going to BlizzCon oh man that that was
3440s just social
3442s I don't know what to say that's just so
3444s unfortunate for favorite
3448s oh no
3455s big congratulations to life coach she
3457s goes to BlizzCon 3-1 over Pavel it may
3461s not been the way he wanted it for either
3463s player but a really good accomplishment
3466s nonetheless and Pavel it's a tough loss
3469s to accept but he's also done a great job
3470s the man of the moment is life coach
3473s though he did survive coming through the
3475s losers portion of the group it was a
3478s very tough battle as one of the matches
3479s off Freedom was two hours long and he
3482s was able to web the storm what an
3484s intense emotional series Rachel is
3487s standing by for a few words
3489s it's true I'm down here with life coach
3491s and you're taking a deep breath I mean
3493s you seemed as surprised as Pablo about
3495s that last move how is that to end that
3497s match uh well actually I had my doubts
3501s that I would ship this game and
3502s afterwards it would be against Patron
3504s that's like 50 50 so
3506s I was really really afraid to get a
3509s reverse sweep for the discount qualifier
3511s game or match yeah so I mean these were
3514s like my biggest fears like leading to
3516s zero and then getting reversely like
3519s and I'm so happy I'm just so happy that
3522s I'm gonna let you breathe for a minute
3525s well I'm so glad to see you're happy I
3527s was going to ask you a question about
3528s what it's like to be one of the most
3530s famously patient and And Timely players
3532s going against Pavel who likes to play
3534s very quickly and I think we saw exactly
3536s how that can work out in a match yeah I
3538s mean
3539s um
3541s I mean it's rather like
3543s um I don't want to answer this question
3544s but rather about the audience like
3546s um I mean I've been in some tournaments
3549s now and then some Arenas but the mood
3551s was never that great as it is today here
3554s and I really want to thank all of you
3556s like um yeah for being that brave I did
3560s notice that there is a huge contingent
3562s of life coach fans here how did you get
3565s to have such a relationship with this
3566s huge crowd here in Prague
3568s I have no idea but I'm really happy that
3570s it is like how it is
3572s well in the theme of happiness you have
3575s qualified for BlizzCon you are our
3577s fourth qualified player and you will be
3579s competing at the tournament at fuscon
3582s you're going to Southern California man
3584s how Phil how does it feel I'm emotional
3587s for you yeah I'm in California I will
3590s actually come visiting you you're also
3592s living in California right yeah let's
3593s hang perfect so good stuff and I I do
3597s want to ask who we we talked about when
3599s you first came out on the stage I mean
3600s you are sort of the ultimate Pro Gamer
3603s in that you have a family you have a
3606s life you have so much going on and you
3608s manage to juggle all the complications
3609s of being a father being a husband being
3611s a businessman and being a pro player how
3613s do you do it it's pretty sick being a
3615s Pro Gamer and having a life right it's
3618s it's pretty awesome I think that's why
3621s we're so impressed
3622s yeah I guess well I want to consent my
3625s uh congratulations to you and I'm gonna
3628s give it back to the casters when we come
3629s back on the stage we're gonna have a
3630s little surprise for all you guys thank
3632s you
3633s life coach the man the myth the Legends
3637s and we have our top four we have life
3640s coach we have a Kaka we have an idea and
3642s we have ties what are are you guys
3644s excited well I'm for sure excited both
3647s my teammates are going to BlizzCon man
3648s that's 50 of the European persons
3651s participants I don't know if I recovered
3653s from that game quite yet I was throwing
3656s that was really hard to digest and I was
3658s just watching and talking about the game
3659s I can't even imagine uh
3662s oh my God he was so close like he's he's
3665s one match away from going to BlizzCon
3667s and and Pavel you know it's a mistake
3670s that definitely cost in the game but it
3672s was like on the verge of potential
3673s comeback too because he just he drew his
3675s Moulton he just had to taunt it up yeah
3677s you know it's like he would be GH but he
3679s had Dr boo man that so it's like can he
3681s actually do it and it's like
3683s so close yet so far like there's just
3687s now he has to wait till next year in
3689s order to try again I mean it does the
3691s moment does belong to life coach about
3692s these four players but man that series I
3695s I can't I'm gonna remember that one for
3697s a long long time everybody's going to
3700s remember that series and uh well
3701s hopefully papa will learn from that
3703s mistake and will grow even stronger
3705s because this year he was amazing he got
3708s here to to park to Czech Republic face
3710s players like life coach and he did
3712s really well that one last moment the
3715s pressure and everything at stake maybe
3717s he will he got overwhelmed by that he
3719s played a bit too fast but you know right
3722s he comes in as the youngest player but a
3723s great amount of experience um and we're
3725s talking about this during the series it
3726s only feels kind of right that life coach
3728s goes to BlizzCon uh at least from my
3731s perspective based off of like players of
3732s the year that you kind of expect to to
3734s be at the conclusion of it so the fact
3737s that he's threatening as one of the top
3738s 16 players in the world is absolutely
3740s fitting and uh you know I couldn't be
3742s more happy for him but also these other
3743s players tights also on G2 we also and we
3747s have oscaka who was able to take out his
3749s teammate Ahoy and be able to show is
3751s very effective and naria from Team
3753s Liquid who had unfulfilled desires from
3755s the previous year what a what an amazing
3757s top four and we're not even done yet we
3759s still have to play out the European
3761s champion after it's all been said and
3763s done yeah that's the only part one
3765s because right now we're advancing to
3766s part two where those four players are
3769s going to fight for great monetary prizes
3771s and also for the European Champions
3774s title that's important now I don't think
3777s that anyone from Japan cares about the
3779s money it's all about the fame they
3781s already have BlizzCon they just want the
3782s title and especially near here once the
3785s title right it's like oh and Osaka too
3787s because the both of those players still
3789s lack the major win they still lack that
3792s really important title it's true it's
3795s one thing to be you know among the best
3798s but to be the best I mean that's at
3800s least for today right you can set
3803s yourself up so that that way you can be
3804s the European Champion you have all the
3806s confidence and that's something that you
3807s can kind of hang very proudly because
3809s this is the first European Champion that
3811s we'll have last year this is where we
3813s stopped we stopped at the four players
3815s and we're like oh we'll see you guys
3816s next time and it's like well no we're
3817s actually going to determine it out and
3819s make it so that way you have an
3820s accomplishment there's a narrative like
3821s this guy comes in as the king of Europe
3824s but only one of them can be out of the
3825s four it's a very heavy title and they
3828s still have great opponents in front of
3829s them who actually grab it but right now
3832s we are going to head into short break so
3834s stay with us and get tuned for more
3836s Hearthstone
3837s with his 2015 hopes over we quickly jump
3841s forward in time to early 2016 where
3844s Pavel competed in the second season of
3847s The Hearthstone Champions League beating
3849s RDU ecop and tice he found himself in
3853s the finals against 2015 World Champion
3856s oskaka after going down 0-2 Pavel pulled
3859s off what later would become his
3861s trademark taking three games in a row to
3864s become the winner one of them is going
3866s to be crying season two uh champion of
3869s the Hearthstone Champions League so you
3871s know a locked up for grabs here not just
3873s prize money but The Prestige of winning
3875s this event so yeah I think Pavel is
3878s going to be hungry for this but also ask
3879s Kaka just to get another kind of major
3882s under his belt since winning the World
3884s Championship yeah absolutely yeah and
3885s you know I really like the fact that the
3887s world champion uh the guy who actually
3889s went through all those rounds and took
3891s it is again in the final so oskaka is
3893s proving like Firebird last year he won
3895s the World Championship and then he won
3896s many tournaments after out he ended up
3898s in many finals they are proving that
3901s they are worth the title because getting
3903s title once is a great achievement but
3905s then holding it for the the whole year
3908s and winning other events as well proving
3910s that harson is not random it's all about
3911s skill I'm the best in the world is a
3914s great achievement
3915s yeah and Pavel is a player a very good
3918s up-and-comer from Europe an Eastern
3921s European scene you know one of the
3922s youngest pro players in Hearthstone
3924s special on Europe's side kind of like
3926s our very own amnesiac and he's been
3928s performing very well in 2000 and 2015
3932s going into 2016 now and he starts off
3935s with a good matchup for himself freeze
3937s Mage versus the secret Paladin however
3940s Oscar has a very great start
3943s yeah that's a very good point because I
3945s wonder what was ostakaka thinking taking
3947s a paladin to start with but apparently
3950s puzzle did snipe that Paladin with
3952s freeze Mage he was bold enough to take
3954s it normally you would think that maybe
3956s he will not take the freeze Mage for the
3958s first match because he will be afraid of
3960s the Druid being played by oskaka as the
3962s first deck to open but he was bold
3964s enough to take that freeze Mitch into
3965s Paladin and let's see like overall it's
3968s a great matchup for freeze Mage there
3970s are cases where Paladin can actually
3971s steal it but it's what it is it's just
3974s stealing it because this matchup is so
3976s right
3977s and I think competitive Spirits are a
3979s good pickup Frost Kaka though because
3980s right now what he has on board isn't
3983s that threatening but combined that board
3985s with competitive spirit and a
3987s hammer or just another hero power that
3989s would start to become a a little bit
3991s scary and represents a lot of damage
3993s over time so this might actually Force
3997s out a frosting over a doomsayer in the
4000s future once his competitive Spirit pops
4002s yeah maybe like even right now because
4004s you can froze Nova doomsayer this board
4007s and if that's a competitive Spirit it
4009s will be absolutely wasted but on the
4011s other hand like looking at this board is
4013s only five to six damage which is not a
4015s lot you are 21 as Pavo so you feel
4019s pretty confident and um this matchup is
4022s also good because for for like freeze
4024s Mage like just looking at those minions
4025s without competitive Spirit they are not
4028s doing that much damage so sometimes you
4030s just do not have to throw your removal
4032s cards up in the air because you're like
4034s all right I'll just take six damage next
4036s turn that's fine I have my my eyes bar
4038s ears I have my heel Bolt
4040s but they're saying six damage anymore
4042s this is a lot more this is pretty much
4044s double that gonna do 12 damage to the
4047s face and now a board of one ones becomes
4050s incredibly threatening after that
4052s competitive spirit and now uska doesn't
4054s have to commit much to the board until
4056s Pavel finds an answer to what's down
4059s already
4061s that's the Frozen of Adam sir
4063s um
4064s I wonder if there will be a repentance
4066s uh like Osaka is not even playing it but
4068s sometimes you can have those funny
4069s situations where there is repentance
4071s doomsayer just gets zero one you kill it
4073s with a weapon
4075s yeah those are feel bad moments for the
4077s freeze Mage but I think this is a great
4080s opportunity for us Kaka because he's
4082s invested a frost number doomsayer in one
4084s ones potentially that's what they
4086s started out as uh he had a very good
4088s value competitive Spirit uh his spider's
4091s gonna pop open and leave Minions on the
4093s board he'll still have a weapon it does
4095s make this turn a little bit dead but
4097s Pebble doesn't have a force in the
4099s follow up
4100s yeah he doesn't have it yet he does have
4104s antonitus but he'll probably not be able
4107s to play it next turn so for now next
4109s turn for Pavel doesn't look that great
4111s but he will have an empty board from
4114s Oscar's perspective so maybe on tonight
4116s is actually a play for the next year
4118s just coin on tonight is five seven
4120s all right almost an empty board
4123s um yeah you could coin Lantern eye
4125s that's quite a
4126s a risky play though if uh oskaka has say
4130s a Blessing of Kings it gets dealt with
4133s actually a little unfortunate I'm
4135s thinking like because there are the
4136s spiders maybe mad scientists and a ping
4139s might be a bit better
4141s oh is he gone he's just expanded the
4143s coin all right drops the antonidas
4145s there's asker do you have an answer to
4147s this because if you don't I'm gonna
4149s start throwing fireballs well an answer
4151s would be what splitting of Kings for
4153s example right because that would be five
4155s six seven eight uh enough to
4158s to kill him but then it will still deal
4160s five damage to skaka and now skaka is in
4162s a really tough spot like he and just
4164s slam missed his challenger but uh Pavo
4167s can generate fireballs or other at least
4170s one Fireball
4171s yeah you can throw one Fireball I guess
4173s that's the unfortunate situation at this
4175s Antonis right now is he's only going to
4177s generate one extra Fireball but uh the
4180s anthonitis does pose a threat he does
4182s slow down Oscar a little bit and that
4186s might be what this and his intention was
4188s put something down on the board that as
4190s Kaka will feel he needs to get rid of
4192s and give him a bit more time to draw
4194s into what he needs
4196s also again the secrets of the skaka is
4198s playing he had to play Redemption from
4200s hand I believe after this mysterious
4202s Challenger so he has Redemption from
4203s hand avenge and Noble sacrifice that he
4206s played before so this means that one
4208s Noble sacrifice is still in the deck and
4210s mysterious Challenger was only able to
4212s pull one Secret
4214s so he could Fireball the Challenger now
4216s uh it would get Redemption uh avenge
4219s would go on one of the spiders and then
4220s he could pin the six the sixth one yeah
4223s and then he could hit well he could even
4225s just leave the noble sack there is no
4228s reason for him to attack he generates
4230s that extra Fireball uh again so he just
4232s recycles a fireball essentially uh but
4235s this puts him in a really good spot
4236s where antonitus is still a threat and
4238s you still need to answer it
4240s foreign yeah that's absolutely right
4243s um but on tonight this can be answered
4245s with just a weapon attack and attack the
4247s spiders but still the weapon connects
4248s down tinnitus that's five damage to face
4250s and uh even if ananitis die dies even
4253s the damage it's not that important the
4255s important part is that then Pavel is not
4257s taking damage from muskaka he's so
4259s comfortable comfortable on 15.
4262s now he's just slowing him down and I
4264s think that's what antonitus's main role
4266s whilst being played that turn let's see
4268s if I can slow us cacker down a bit force
4271s him to use those minions use that weapon
4272s to clear mountainite is protect my
4274s health pool and let me dig deeper into
4276s my deck and so far anthonitis has done a
4279s fantastic job he's cleared a challenger
4281s very cleanly and he slowed us Kaka down
4284s so this is opening up a lot of
4286s opportunities for Pavel to take this
4288s game he has he has Alex ready he has two
4292s Fireballs ready he only needs a little
4293s bit more to find a win
4295s yeah he's still
4298s cannot do much on the next turn but I
4300s guess on the next turn papa will be able
4302s to play until he killed by the Met
4303s scientist and he still draws a card for
4305s skaka though what do you do do you just
4307s um kill antonitis and then slam Tyrion
4309s like you know this is freeze marriage so
4311s Tyrion is posing a threat uh still like
4314s it will not it can die to Fireball but
4316s then you're getting a weapon all right
4318s so Scott decides that he really needs to
4320s get that Iceberg down and puts Papa low
4322s enough to prevent an Alex Strazza being
4325s played online with the iceberg on
4328s pyroblaster hands a little slow probably
4330s would have rather the frost fault at
4332s this point just to slow us Kaka down uh
4336s what could he do here claim strike
4338s doesn't seem that great uh antique
4341s hillbot heals him for eight but a
4343s scientist will also heal him for eight
4345s as well through the ice barrier but if
4347s the block gets popped the scientist is
4349s there ready to uh get another ice block
4352s out unless Oscar kills the scientists
4355s first so I think uh maybe just Auntie
4358s keelbart into the scientist at this
4361s point just to get a lot of sustain on
4363s your half full yeah it should give him
4365s enough to be able to uh and even attack
4367s with antonitis maybe to get rid of the
4371s oh actually not really you you probably
4373s want to attack
4374s um into the noble sacrifice of the mad
4376s scientist
4378s so now skaka needs to pop the is it
4381s possible to pop the block with Blessing
4382s of Kings that's 15 he's missing one
4385s damage oh man if he gets a knife juggle
4389s of the hero power that hits face uh
4391s he'll be able to pop the block but a lot
4394s of Minions on board is very risky and of
4395s course antonitus is still sitting there
4398s uh as a Fred he does have an opportunity
4400s to clear it at this point uh with just a
4403s Divine shield and the one one but
4404s oskaka's already kind of said that you
4406s know I need to pop the block at this
4408s point and he looks like he's gonna go
4409s for this knife death knife could have
4411s decided the game but he did miss that
4414s but yeah oh man oh if you pop the block
4418s this turn then Pavel
4420s can he really play alextraza if he gets
4423s um ice barrier not really like you have
4425s to start trading and if you just pop the
4428s block right now and probably getting ice
4430s Warrior from the math scientist it could
4432s have just won the game
4435s well there's gonna be no ice block now
4437s that's definitely gonna be a ice barrier
4439s and Oscar cannot find that dagger on the
4442s face decides to take this opportunity to
4444s clear the antonidas finally I've never
4447s seen an Antonis stay on the board so
4448s long yeah
4450s still had a chance to take this game
4452s that was amazing but right now I think
4454s it's mostly over with Alex Strazza being
4457s able to reduce uskaka to 15. oh actually
4461s um not over yet ascaka can pop the block
4464s this turn
4466s yeah I think Pavel might have to Flame
4469s strike here
4470s how much does that flame strike does get
4471s a flame strike gets clears most of uh
4474s the board the only thing that will stick
4476s around will be the sludge Belcher right
4479s because you can want to actually
4481s um although there is the double
4482s sacrifice still right so uh
4485s oh that's true so Tyrion would stick
4488s around
4490s so we ping the sludge Belcher and the
4493s new flame strike and then there is the
4494s one two there is the six six
4497s so there's seven damage
4499s on the board if um oskaka gets like
4503s Blessing of Kings you get 11 so you're
4505s still good it's probably better than
4507s just slamming electrasa because
4508s specifically if you go for Alex trouser
4510s there's a good chance that the iceberg
4512s will be popped like you can risk it that
4514s there is no Blessing of Kings but Pablo
4515s knows better he makes a read that it's
4517s absolutely possible especially because
4519s of the sequencing from the last turn I
4521s think that was Kaka showed
4524s and of course like the calenderian
4527s oh double Blessing of Kings
4530s oh really wow wow that was a good read
4533s by Pavo but um it doesn't sadly for
4535s stuck it doesn't change anything yet I I
4538s think like he cannot pop the block this
4539s turn it's it's 15.
4543s he's just out of range uh not far off
4546s and yeah but he would you go for it at
4549s this point just kind of go all in
4552s um or maybe just drop one Blessing of
4553s Kings on your token I think I have to
4555s because it's like it's not Checkmate yet
4558s but uh oskaka is just checking
4560s um the ice block and he is putting Pavel
4563s Under Pressure all the time to not give
4565s him an opportunity to play the Alex
4567s razza unless
4569s Pablo finds a frost ball because for now
4571s he doesn't have the kill yet with just a
4573s double Fireball and pyroblast you'll
4575s need two turns or something like a
4577s second froze Nova maybe to to block the
4580s attacks a freeze but uh with this he
4583s probably just needs to go
4585s hmm
4587s this is hard like
4589s if he is in a range of ashbringer and
4592s he's exactly at five
4595s a clear in the Tyrion and while clearing
4597s the board doesn't really do a lot simply
4599s because the ashbringer is going to pop
4601s the block regardless so a very awkward
4604s situation for Pavel he could go for some
4606s card draw try and find that freeze like
4607s you said but if you do commit say like
4610s an uh
4612s an acolyte it looks like he's going for
4614s the double Fireball which I figured he
4615s would go for but
4617s again his block is still going to be
4619s popped yeah but this gives him actually
4621s a chance to
4623s um just find something like an Iceland's
4626s or um or like whatever like the iceberg
4629s is getting popped for sure but he has a
4631s couple of tools to to be able to to deal
4633s with um the hero attack and five health
4636s is uh still a lot like keeper of ulduman
4640s um and a one one guy will not be able to
4642s pop the block if there's just a simple
4644s icelands
4645s and uh papa will have some draws so an
4648s interesting game like I didn't expect
4650s this game to go this way for sure
4652s it was looking very much in pavel's
4654s favor for a while but some aggressive
4656s place from muskaka uh well basically uh
4659s put him in the driver's seat for the win
4661s here uh it's looking very close uh
4664s pavel's gonna need to find something to
4666s keep him around and he has to
4668s defensively Alex strasa himself so and
4671s tonight's is gone and both Fireballs so
4675s he's relying on Alex being able to stick
4676s around here and do some damage there is
4678s the keeper of ulderman
4680s so Australia will be able to deal with
4683s Alexa or just limit the damage a bit
4685s maybe he's still going for the Dome
4687s uh how much damage is there 11. if he
4689s goes into the free one with the one one
4691s goes for face and goes for mysterious
4693s Challenger there is still one more noble
4695s sacrifice in the deck I believe
4697s because he played one before he actually
4699s played
4700s um the card
4702s yeah I don't mind actually just ignoring
4704s as Alex at this point just swinging into
4706s the face
4708s and again putting more pressure on Pavel
4711s what can Pavel find that could
4713s potentially win the game here
4715s it needs a freeze effect it needs
4717s something like a frost number that just
4718s stole stuff but that Ash bringer is
4720s still chipping away at him
4723s yeah but on the other hand if he
4725s actually deals with this board and uh
4727s ashbringer can swing for five uh for one
4729s one more swing probably might not have
4732s uh the remaining burst there is the The
4736s Blessing of Kings is out if you are able
4738s to deal with this boy like Frieza then
4739s maybe then remove it so going for
4741s Acolyte and pinging and acolyte makes
4744s sense
4747s all right it's gonna go for the loop
4749s holder as well I guess he's gonna drop a
4751s freeze on these two minions potentially
4755s um he needs to test the secret first uh
4758s Noble sack is what we're convinced it is
4760s oh he's so act fast this game is still
4763s winnable for Pavel but uh it seems for
4766s now that oh there's a nice block there's
4768s a ice block so that's gonna definitely
4770s help in the future
4774s okay Frost bald and then Iceland's a 6X
4779s oh wow he is taking a gamble here but
4783s what can actually buff those minions
4785s double Blessing of Kings is out loaf up
4787s is really good but he's like staying in
4790s one and he knows weapon will never
4791s attack him
4793s so he has no fear of a weapon attack I
4795s had no fear of a true silver
4796s consecration possibly consecration would
4799s be lethal knife about consecration is
4801s not common in pound index and I don't
4803s think we've seen one from oscaka a
4805s second knife juggler will be possible
4806s and a knife hitting the 25 percent
4810s but oskaka didn't have that lucky knife
4813s earlier so again it's still a a big
4815s gamble with knife juggler to get the win
4817s and Pavel I think it representative like
4821s think about the courage from Pavel just
4822s uh I I can build one Health I'm good
4824s like you have nine power on board I have
4826s to help I'm alive
4828s low feb's gonna make things awkward
4830s because he he think he wants to line up
4832s the pyroblast for the win next and with
4833s the minions he has on board uh he wants
4836s to force trades but low Feb is gonna
4838s probably gonna force a nice block uh for
4841s next turn which is fine I think um
4843s especially because
4845s some minions are going to connect to
4848s face and the iceberg is going to be
4849s eight so I think with that that oh no
4852s law firm so that's still not it but he
4855s can just slam ice block
4857s go forward to face oh actually Gothic
4860s can block the pyroblast for the next
4861s turn and he can still pop the block
4864s smart play from us cack of their window
4866s I wonder if he was thinking about that
4867s so if he has pyro he's seen two
4869s Fireballs he's seen
4871s I've definitely seen a frostbold
4873s definitely seen a nice Lance so if pyro
4875s is is only out uh he knows he can't be
4878s taken out this turn again being left on
4881s one much like Pavel did the same task
4883s Kaka so very smart play from uska there
4886s that is crazy good that is such a great
4889s read he didn't he basically knew that
4891s Pablo was sitting on that piroblast and
4894s now he pops the block seals the
4896s pyroblast
4897s and uh Pavo will have to one block was
4901s already popped right
4904s yes this is the last one yeah this is
4906s the last one so Pavel needs to top Jack
4908s something like an ice barrier I think
4911s but it's not it still might be too much
4913s power on board after playing golf
4915s especially because
4917s deal with those minions and Papa was
4919s just so upset about this
4923s wow that was a fantastic Place
4926s goodness he got a froze Nova but there's
4929s still a weapon so he cannot do
4931s everything he wants and oskaka just
4933s brilliantly kept that weapon Shaq made
4936s well done indeed
4938s uh that Zoom mirror is going to be a
4941s very intricate matchup anyway because
4943s the two very different styles and
4945s speaking of mirrors we have the uh the
4947s classic Druid mirror yeah the classic
4950s Druid mirror which a lot of people say
4952s is a coin flip and I believe it it is in
4954s fact the conflict it's just uh really
4956s similar decks not many differences
4959s the key is to ramp and actually get
4961s Tempo plays because the player who
4963s starts attacking face and
4965s um can get that Tempo Advantage there
4967s was a small apartment secret for stacker
4969s but this is beautiful now
4972s the best Druid mirrors I find are the
4974s mirrors where each player doesn't get
4977s ramp and it becomes a very honest game
4979s on board
4981s um when a one player gets the ramp and
4984s the other player doesn't it can very
4985s snow much snowball out of control for
4988s the the player with the ramp so when
4990s these players have to match each other
4992s evenly uh that's when the game gets more
4995s interesting I find yeah I I do agree
4997s with you but sometimes I've seen games
4999s where one player got ramp and the other
5000s was forced to make weird plays and it
5002s actually worked for him by the way web
5004s Lord most of the time is useless versus
5006s Druid most the cards from the Druid side
5008s do not have Battle Cry they do have
5010s shoes which is not affected so we can
5012s see
5014s only Law Firm is affected by the web
5016s blurry
5018s and it's not going to matter at this
5019s point especially if that Shredder gets
5021s an opportunity to clear the web load in
5024s time for that low Feb to come down as
5027s for the shredder there is a keeper that
5029s could silence or even ping it so there's
5032s a few options there what do you prefer
5034s here the silence or the Ping
5036s I think you do ping
5038s um I know I'm saying it after the fact
5039s oh man
5043s yeah but I would prefer I would prefer
5045s that specifically because uh you hope
5047s you your opponent gets a one one and you
5049s keep your shade overall and then um
5051s you're in a better situation there but
5054s let's go back to that doomsayer how much
5057s of an impact did that have for Oscar
5059s like he just cleared pavel's board it
5062s won't really do much he doesn't have a
5065s brilliant follow-up play uh he has a
5066s keeper of the Grove he decides to go for
5068s living Roots but why I love is terrible
5070s for Pavel considering looking at his
5072s hand he doesn't have any minions to
5073s follow up right now yeah it was very
5075s unlucky because shade of Max Ramos is
5077s one of those cards early in the Druid
5079s versus Druid that can kill something
5080s like Druid of a claw later in the game
5083s and so you really need your shade to
5084s grow as much as possible losing it this
5087s early is
5088s um is crying like a backstab
5091s and a very slow response from Pavel then
5094s drawn another wrath so I'm not drawn
5096s that minion he wanted to develop and
5098s then low Feb can get slammed down you
5100s can innovate keep a keeper of um keeper
5103s keeper of law keeper of no ancient of
5105s Law and uh get some cars but he does
5107s keep hold of the enemy just in case he
5110s gets the double combo so yeah things are
5112s looking pretty tough oh man Papa was
5114s lucky to get that pilot Shredder without
5116s that you will be in a in real trouble
5118s our preemptive attack on no Fab as
5120s possible here
5121s um yeah he does that to be able to
5123s contest the offer with the shredder
5125s that's a really nice play that a lot of
5128s pro players do and I've seen a lot of
5130s other players actually missing
5133s the silence wrath is just a perfect
5136s response clears that minion right up and
5138s low Fab it's gonna stick around for a
5140s little bit might see a swipe from Pavel
5142s but ancient of lore is looking too
5144s tempting and what a clunky hand at the
5147s moment
5148s yeah it's quite tough especially because
5152s um he is losing on Tempo even though he
5153s was able to clear the board ascaka is
5155s the one who is going to play the Minion
5157s now and then Pavel needs to react
5160s um as Kaka can get uh faster to the
5163s first nature savager as well because
5165s he'll be joining the cars for cards
5166s first
5167s it's a really tough situation where
5169s Pablo is just playing from behind and is
5172s um overall behind on health and cards
5175s what do you think has more influence
5177s here at the shredder in the shade or the
5180s ancient of law
5181s so Shredder in the shades yeah it's
5184s probably better you want to let your
5186s shade grow
5188s and uh and you don't really need cars in
5190s hand at the moment
5193s the nation of law might actually
5194s replenish pavel's hand here maybe you'll
5196s find some minions just find the low fare
5198s so I can come down a little bit later
5201s however there is a response to this uh
5205s ancient of law innovating to swipe a
5208s perfect clear-up if he wants to and it
5210s looks like he's gonna go for it and now
5211s this board is looking very dangerous
5214s from uska
5215s yeah it's tough It's it's really tough
5218s to come back from this and Druid doesn't
5219s have many comeback mechanisms there is
5222s this swipe and uh and living roots or
5224s maybe force of Nature and living roots
5226s that can help clear this board somehow
5228s but uh it's still playing from behind
5231s and you know your opponent has force of
5232s nature you know your opponent has Druids
5234s of the claw or even a simple Dr boom
5236s that can overpower you easily
5240s swipe I think it's gonna have to come
5241s down with our living rooms just to clear
5243s up the shade and the Drake he will leave
5246s the for free on board so uh it's very
5249s close to lethal however
5251s if Oscar does play Dr boom next turn uh
5255s but Game Hunter might be the swing he
5256s needs they kind of maybe get back into
5258s this game but I don't think Oscar is
5261s going to go for that
5262s yeah okay pops a shredder first seems
5265s like he was going for a doomsayer hoped
5267s for a second don't say there a second
5269s didn't say that's very ambitious Pavel
5272s well you know he is so behind that he
5274s has to make those stuff choices
5276s I was trying to get one damage on the
5278s trains
5280s all right that's something
5282s he's not dead yet but pretty soon and
5286s even with the doctor boom being sniped
5288s by the beginning Hunter
5290s skaka doesn't really have to play Doctor
5291s boom he might just Ascension of Laura
5293s and her cards
5294s ancient London shade seems pretty nice
5296s plays her in doctor uh plays her in Big
5298s Game Hunter puts two Frets down uh which
5301s Pavel will have to have very specific
5303s answers for
5305s um although he could just slammed up The
5306s Boom Like you said those boom Bots pose
5309s enough of a threat on their own uh
5311s however I do like the H and of law here
5313s just play around that Big Game Hunter
5314s and try and secure this win next turn
5317s and Pablo concedes he knows there is no
5320s coming back from this there was no way
5321s to clear his board so oskaka taking the
5323s lead 2-0 versus Pavel frismich versus
5326s zoo is a great great match
5328s and then the last deck for Pavel was
5331s palad palette no it was the games begin
5336s all right so
5338s well I don't want to be a doomsayer here
5340s but Oscar has a really good
5343s um chance to win this
5345s yeah I've asked 3-0 uh taking a 6-0
5350s final in the last two games of this
5353s tournament which would be a big
5355s Testament to his titler's world champion
5358s however Pavel is definitely a player who
5361s can take games off oskaka I think he
5363s showed a a very strong performance
5367s against Tice as well as against orange
5369s so I I believe purple can definitely
5372s take this and with this hand this is
5375s definitely a hand you want to have
5376s against soon early stuff got some freeze
5379s you got some cardio got some heal so a
5381s bit of everything you need to fight a
5383s zoo player yeah absolutely I mean this
5384s the match is not over till it's over and
5386s Pablo still has a chance to take the
5388s whole match a reverse sweep will be even
5390s more impressive than just you know a
5393s head-to-head battle so freeze Mage
5395s definitely has a good matchup versus zoo
5397s and I I believe Pavel will take this um
5399s with our problems if oskaka takes this
5402s game Zoo Vs freeze Mage that demands
5405s even more respect
5406s yeah of course I mean this is a bad
5409s matchup but we saw uskaka win two bad
5411s matchups against ecop so he has done it
5414s in this tournament and he has done it
5415s today so you know I'm pretty convinced
5417s he could do it again if he wants to
5420s and honestly this version of zoo might
5422s be even better versus prismage like um
5424s it's still a bad matchup I feel but the
5426s fact that you're having sea Giants and
5428s have we seen enhancer meccano from
5430s muskaka I think we had
5433s um he still has gormock so he might have
5435s enough birds and big big creatures to
5438s actually be problematic for the freeze
5440s Mage on those key turns unless I forget
5442s Leroy yeah exactly that's a look at his
5445s hand like he already has P.O soulfire
5448s that's a lot of this damage already he
5450s just needs a LeRoy to back that up and
5452s then his tremendous reach with this deck
5454s something a zoo hasn't had in its
5458s history uh been able to uh
5461s do a lot of this damage from hand
5463s outside of say a PO on a minion and a
5466s doom guard so this is a pretty dangerous
5468s for Pavel already but his hand is pretty
5470s decent you know like I said he has a bit
5472s of everything he needs to stay in this
5474s game but osakaka has another egg an AOE
5478s Insurance you know those AOE clears uh
5481s pop up in eggs and leave four Falls On
5483s the Border you never want to leave four
5484s fours on the board uh when you do those
5486s clears do you like the second Ruben egg
5489s or do you like the live top
5490s um because sometimes the Ruby decks can
5492s be not that useful for you mostly
5495s because it just takes the spot on the
5498s board and if your opponent goes for the
5499s freezes
5500s sometimes you just have many minions on
5503s board but you only deal four to six
5505s damage so freeze Mage doesn't even need
5507s to freeze your board or do anything he's
5510s like fine just attack me for those slow
5512s numbers or low numbers I think it's fine
5514s keeping the egg in your hand could you
5516s have an egg out so if a blizzard does
5519s come down next turn I'll pop the one egg
5521s and like you said it doesn't take too
5522s much space on the board at that point
5524s and once that egg has been popped you
5527s can drop another egg so it kind of gives
5528s you Insurance once once again low Feb to
5531s us kaka's hand is a big card he can lock
5534s out uh a freeze turn or a flame strike
5537s turn and be able to push even more
5539s aggressively of damage and an owl so he
5542s has two of the key cards that can really
5545s uh put freeze Mage into a state of
5548s misery because those cards can be
5551s devastating in their plans of clearing
5553s the board yeah I think like I would
5555s easily say that his hand at the moment
5556s with all the five cards are really good
5559s versus Mage all those cards are a threat
5561s burst
5562s spell lock silence and a big dude
5566s that's great
5568s how'd you go about this turn uh foreston
5571s is definitely a threat you want to get
5573s rid of however we've seen us Kaka ignore
5576s uh these kind of invisible taunt minions
5579s uh before I I think for our son's a
5583s bigger threat than antoninus at this
5584s point
5585s yeah probably it is especially because
5587s uh you will be going lower
5590s um I would like seeing a sea giant here
5592s overall uh to have a big threat and
5594s force a freeze from your opponent that
5597s you can actually
5599s um do something about and and definitely
5601s clearing some part of your board to be
5603s able to have space on board and play
5606s something like lothab or r b again Osaka
5609s does that he knows he needs the space if
5611s there is a frost Nova doomsayer he needs
5613s space for silence
5616s in this way he can silence his sea giant
5619s uh next turn into the silence and the
5621s Doomsday and then he can clear the
5622s doomsayer so the Doomsday has no chance
5625s of soaking up knives and those knives
5627s could be very important in uh finding
5630s lethal in the future I think there is a
5632s slight misplay from Pablo
5634s um I would like to see a ping on the Imp
5636s gang boss
5638s and uh well it's not like a misplay but
5640s knowing that there is a possible iron B
5642s into that doomsayer if you ping the Imp
5644s gang boss you fill out his board and
5647s then you froze Nova so there is no
5649s chance for him to play the iron weak to
5651s silence the doomsayer yeah that's really
5653s good actually if he had gone for that
5655s this wouldn't be happening right now and
5658s the giant uh clears up the doomsayer now
5660s look at this board very threatening no
5662s more doomsayer no more freeze flame
5664s strike being the only thing that I can
5666s drop right now but it pops open at least
5669s one egg which is very dangerous I think
5672s that's still fine uh you have the frost
5674s bolts so you can
5677s you'll be you will you will end up with
5679s a four four on board and an eight
5683s one if you frostbold it
5687s yeah the frostbolt's great actually
5689s looking at it he can pop open the egg
5691s here and then he can flame strike
5694s frostball was a giant so next thing you
5696s can ping it uh he does have to deal with
5698s the 4-4 but I wouldn't feel too bad at
5701s that point
5702s it goes for the heel bolt okay maybe he
5705s wants to pop up an egg first before wait
5707s if you go to the can you even go for the
5709s heel bar at this point
5713s if you freeze the giant you do slow
5715s things in quite a lot though
5717s how much damage is there
5720s um six nine nine damage so that's not
5723s much basically the eggs like not popping
5725s the eggs is fine as well you basically
5727s they are a zero attack almost 10 10
5729s damage I think with the other egg so
5731s skaka doesn't have enough and he cannot
5733s play any minions here unless he trades
5735s which he can do
5737s you can pop your egg open to get that
5739s full fall down uh run your Argus into
5743s the anti-heel ball
5745s or even out uh whichever and then drop
5748s low Feb and then he can't do an AOE
5751s effect like a frost Nova or a flame
5753s strike and things look really dangerous
5755s from that point yeah it's hard to clear
5758s um because of lotha and overall I think
5760s Oscar can set up a really nice situation
5762s here with that off and he still has
5764s burst like if he pops the block next
5766s turn then Pavel will have to either kill
5769s him or freeze the ball and uh
5774s I don't know what to do block the spells
5775s because there might be a soul fire just
5777s waiting to win the game
5779s so you're gonna hold off at this point
5781s interesting
5784s he's demanded an answer at this point uh
5787s he could have dropped a low Feb to
5789s protect it from the AOE perhaps he feels
5791s a bit more secure having that egg down
5793s as well
5795s what do you think of that play from
5796s Osaka
5798s I'm already thinking about Pablo's play
5799s actually
5800s um with this he is forcing AOE and
5804s something can stay on board and then if
5806s there's Law Firm he still has some birds
5808s like he can deal 12 with the power of
5810s warming so far it's hard to say I don't
5813s know what exactly Oscar was thinking
5814s there I'm trying to find a way to win
5817s for Pavel if he can maybe go
5820s antonidas into ice block into frostbolts
5824s getting two Fireballs is that is that
5827s enough no not really
5832s he was having a blizzard there if he
5833s goes for the blizzard he will leave the
5836s egg up but he can go for the frostball
5837s first you will take a dagger to the face
5839s he can blizzard and then he can flame
5841s strike uh however we know that there's a
5844s low Feb sat in the hand so if the
5847s blizzard might just
5848s make the flame strike oh he goes for the
5851s flame strike instead of course yeah so
5852s this is very clean he only leaves one
5854s one up I forgot that was a discounted at
5857s that point yeah yeah he had enough mana
5859s and um as well obviously he couldn't
5861s play Iceberg this turn as well because
5863s he has a nice book already
5865s okay so Papa was able to clear the board
5868s he still has a lot of freezes to stop
5870s ostakaka unless lotha displayed
5872s somewhere along the way and he has the
5874s archmage antonitus to to find
5878s actually blizzard with doomsayer might
5880s be quite good uh freeze the board and
5883s stop anything from being played
5885s by ostakaka and now he finds a spell
5887s that he can turn into Fireball
5891s yeah I quite like that blizzard into
5893s doomsayer
5895s because low Feb uh doesn't have any
5898s effect really uh unless you can clear
5900s the doomsayer as well which you won't be
5902s able to do uh you can well you'll get an
5905s extra improv but that gets frozen of
5908s course so yeah he won't be able to use
5910s uh overwhelming with the direwolf Alpha
5912s for example Leroy comes to hand that is
5915s a way to deal with that doomsayer with
5918s direwolf Leroy yeah if you really want
5920s to go that line you can also pop the
5921s block here
5922s um
5923s which is uh quite awkward I mean still
5927s Pablo has a block uh in his hand like a
5929s second one but is it is it tempting to
5931s to pop the block or do you want to just
5934s clear the doomsayer and uh and keep the
5936s board intact
5939s it is a tough one I mean we've seen that
5941s we've seen a lot of AOE clear from Pavel
5943s already
5944s so uh to expect another blizzard after
5948s seeing a flame strike plated Frost Nova
5950s double doomsday uh you may just take a
5953s risk here I like popplaying
5956s no I like clearing actually thinking
5958s about it just keep the board intact
5959s force them to have another answer he
5961s does have the answer to it unfortunately
5963s for us to Kaka but there was a
5965s possibility he didn't have it and then
5966s this board would become very threatening
5969s yeah it's uh it was a good move overall
5971s because if you even if you pop the block
5974s you actually have nothing to follow up
5975s and uh and kill Pavel and if he has a
5978s second ice block with something like
5980s anthonitis you're in a bad shape so he
5982s was able to stall there and he's still
5984s in the game and fighting Pavel is
5986s getting lower and lower you know
5987s implosion didn't hit but skaka still has
5990s those burst cards at hand
5992s the only issue as well is Oscar's
5995s getting low as well so that could be
5998s problematic Alex Strazza can be used to
6001s as a defensive play in the future for
6003s Pavel uh here things are a little bit
6007s awkward do you Fireball the low Feb
6010s I think you what you can do you can
6012s ignore it maybe like you have to
6014s consider going for face as well you see
6016s lofap so what can still do after this
6018s maybe just go Arcane in select and
6020s attack face being face get into 14 oh he
6023s goes with the fireball to face that's
6024s fine as well because next turn in theory
6027s you will be able to arcmage ice block
6030s yeah yeah just archimage ice block
6032s icelands and you're good you have two
6035s Fireballs what can you do
6036s you can also intellect as well to find
6039s the power blast so you can have three
6041s draws the pyroblast and then if the
6043s block does get popped and he finds a
6045s pyroblasty just plays another block and
6046s then he's won the game so
6048s yeah I think that's a that's a good play
6050s actually putting them in range of
6052s pyroblast Putnam range of potential
6054s lethal with all the drawers he has
6056s coming up yeah
6058s all right so it seems like Pablo won
6060s this uh even though it's Kaka
6062s gave us some excitement this is a bad
6065s matchup to begin with right but it
6067s seemed like he has an opening somewhere
6069s he had a chance like maybe if he would
6070s play off it before or if there would not
6072s be this the second blizzard
6075s yeah it was it was a tough match to
6078s navigate like you said it was already
6079s pretty bad to start with but then it's
6082s also uh you know Finding
6085s the right way to do things uh playing
6087s what can what can you play around can
6088s you play around all of the clears in the
6091s mage deck like banking them on drawing
6092s them all
6093s but and tonight is going to come down
6095s with the ice block gonna give him that
6097s fireball throws an eye center the doctor
6099s boom to protect the antonidus putting
6102s two Fireballs in hand and this should be
6103s it now
6105s yeah this should be enough
6107s um no second law third question Mystic
6109s can save him powerful me oh wow power
6112s overwhelming can power woman savement is
6114s end of his turn so the bomb can not kill
6117s him all right all right just uh I was
6119s just thinking there's
6123s he doesn't know if it's an ice block but
6125s he knows oh actually
6131s wait was there a way no there was no way
6133s okay the bomb actually like hits but by
6135s the end of turn that was Kaka game
6137s number four here two one to Oscar so far
6140s one game away from winning five thousand
6143s dollars and being cranjo Champion but
6145s Pavel has uh not given up just yet he's
6148s gonna be fighting yeah absolutely Papa
6150s got that win that he expected and now
6152s he's going for a mirror match
6154s but I think Osaka has an advantage with
6157s regards to Dex uh you've mentioned that
6159s before oscaka is running the sea giant
6161s the Leroy version and the Pablo is
6163s running a more stable let's say or
6166s standard
6168s dark iron dwarf and brand version so uh
6171s obviously openings are openings but in
6173s the ground scheme of things if there is
6175s an early sea Giant
6177s then there might be not an answer for
6179s him uh From pavel's perspective and uh
6182s if the if if both get low on health then
6184s Osaka can actually get an opportunity to
6186s to Leroy for the win but on the other
6188s hand Pavel will be having a stable board
6190s and if he keeps that board stable and
6192s extends it does good trades
6195s and takes gold shy footman
6198s the good old culture
6200s um ready for action right yeah
6203s sometimes it's a good card actually and
6205s it's Zoo versus Zoo but uh what isn't
6209s the board on board there's a 2-1 right
6211s from muskaka
6213s uh yeah there's a abusive sergeant
6217s yeah it goes around footman seems like
6219s the card we can defend against the two
6221s one uh well in the future
6223s it may not be as effective it might
6225s block a couple of imps uh but overall
6228s knife juggler is going to be a nice
6231s minion to come down 3-2 with the knife
6233s juggle effects uh eggs a good way to
6237s challenge it in the future especially
6238s with that power overwhelming sitting in
6241s the background he's gonna pop the egg
6243s open yeah because the power warming
6245s would give him too much uh value and if
6248s the knife hits the 4-4 then uh knife
6251s juggler contests it so it really already
6254s an interesting play uh and a great play
6257s by stacker and he had still a chance
6259s like to get something like a soul fire
6261s and then just kill it right away
6263s and this nice juggler poses quite a big
6265s threat so I'd be surprised if we don't
6267s see the full free go into it
6270s um he could have potentially ignored it
6272s there maybe because the knives don't
6273s interact with the gang boss but is that
6276s a minion you ever want to leave up
6278s probably not
6281s and that was Kaka needs to oh actually
6283s he can slam gormog as a 4-4 and because
6286s he is a bit ahead on board at the moment
6288s um just keep that initiative decides to
6291s go for haunted creeper gormox still
6293s presents a big threat if you're able to
6295s get four minions and haunted creeper
6296s gives you that chance
6299s I mean golmaal could potentially help
6302s him get some extra burst damage in the
6304s future as well he goes for like a nine
6305s Mana Leroy go mop that could pose as a
6308s lethal threat as well uh I like him
6311s clearing up the same game Boss here
6312s because the spider does clear the two
6315s tokens on its own so very good play from
6317s us Kaka so far you know definitely going
6319s for the board Centric uh line not being
6322s too aggressive at this point and uh
6325s forcing Pavel to kind of fight back yeah
6327s this is something I was really waiting
6329s for because I I always loved to watch a
6331s Scott couple's Zoo he makes some plays
6335s that are not really easy to see and uh
6338s he has a different style and he went
6340s with it right now he is a bit behind
6342s unfortunately for him
6344s um
6345s because of that knife juggler and go
6347s share food but you'll not be able to get
6348s into it but he can slam lotha being the
6351s biggest minimum board
6355s so anything else you could do
6357s I think low fed's probably here plays
6360s around power overwhelming one of these
6362s small guys so the five five will need an
6364s honest response from the board and uh
6368s but you know pavel's looking pretty good
6370s now he's gets another taunt minion uh
6373s lots of little tones it's very uh it's
6375s not very often you see this uh decides
6377s to go for the tap just just using that
6379s opportunity while he has bored to maybe
6381s pick up some extra minions but finds an
6383s implosion which is a great card as well
6384s so things are looking pretty good for
6386s Pavel at the moment yeah Oscar will need
6388s something like an implosion himself
6390s um to be able to come back from this
6392s lothab is not doing anything uh just
6394s playing Cornwall because the body might
6396s be something he has to do in Sea giant
6399s not this turn yet so
6402s um with the power overwhelming he can
6404s lose their big minions and then Pavel
6408s can slam his own Loth up to block things
6409s so I would not hate something like
6413s PO on actually even implosion maybe
6416s because he has the
6418s knife juggler
6421s I mean you need to clear the in-game
6422s boss first yeah for the conclusion you
6425s don't want that guy spawning laser one
6427s ones and if he gets a nice number here
6429s two isn't brilliant and oh they one oh
6434s that's awkward yeah he can still hit the
6436s knife though
6437s and he clears it so not too awkward
6440s after all have all taken the dominating
6442s lead on board here and this is what you
6444s need to do in the zoo game and nothing
6446s in Oscar's hand that I can help him at
6448s the moment
6450s yeah I can't see anything actually just
6453s uh slamming the sea Giant
6456s might be the thing you need to do and
6457s you can't even tap your too low at the
6459s moment and there's five plus three plus
6462s uh two more is eight ten fourteen damage
6465s if the knives hit you
6467s you'll be probably one off still but uh
6471s that's the position you want to be in
6472s anyway
6474s I don't think there's any way Oscar has
6476s come back from this yeah
6478s low fat blocks say any kind of
6481s overwhelmings any implosions five Health
6485s left a giant ball from Pavel this looks
6488s like it's probably gonna go to a game
6489s number five to decide who is the
6491s champion of the Hearthstone Champions
6494s League season two so this is the intense
6497s game that you guys want I mean money's
6499s great but you know tournament wins is
6502s what makes you get invites to these
6505s invitationals and stuff like that that's
6507s what people look at so I mean money is
6510s great but when you're a competitive
6512s Hearthstone player uh tournament wins
6515s the prize what it's a pride it's the
6518s grand prize really uh Oscar I know what
6521s a lot of money from the world
6522s championship but he is the world
6524s champion and that is a title that only
6526s him and fire bat hold I mean absolutely
6529s you know these titles mean a lot but uh
6532s this matchup I was supposed to be good
6535s for zoo and I it is a great matchup for
6538s Zoo but Pavo got a very important wild
6540s growth and he has a very important
6542s Keeper of the Grove into lothip or
6544s another keeper If he if he wants to so
6547s um normally zoo is able to overpower
6549s Druid easily with cars like power
6551s overwhelming and then the Ruby legs but
6554s thanks to the good good opening Pavo has
6558s a chance to fight back and maybe even
6560s take this game from muskaka
6562s yeah those keepers are great and there's
6563s an enhancer mechano which we were
6565s talking about earlier so he is running
6566s the uh the Chinese Zoo the sea giant Zoo
6570s lot with Leroy completely those enhance
6572s those but like you said Pavel has an
6575s opportunity to definitely fight on board
6578s here it needs a good implosion he gets a
6580s two very unfortunate for otaka there
6583s yeah
6584s it was really important because of when
6586s handsome Manos as well if you will get
6588s something like F4 he will get a lot of
6591s really good imps
6593s um Pavel doesn't have a swipe
6597s and low Fab is gonna lock out any
6599s powerful Wyoming Shenanigans coming from
6601s these one ones and uh if he gets a swipe
6604s next turn things will look fantastic for
6606s Pavel hmm what kind of skaka do just uh
6609s play small minions I guess before you
6610s play on cancer meccano you want to have
6612s as many minions as possible so you can
6614s go for the flame him the Reuben egg
6616s abusive and even kill the lothab I feel
6619s yeah I think you kill a low-fat at this
6621s point uh you can I you do clear all your
6625s little one ones but if a swipe comes
6627s down it's pretty devastating so yeah I
6629s think I like maybe the Imp you could go
6632s for the egg but I think that Peddler
6634s probably has a lot more value see what
6636s you get from The Peddler first and might
6637s influence how you play the rest of this
6639s tune actually uh hmm okay there's a
6644s second abusive which probably changed
6645s his line of play but there was some
6647s value in not killing lover overall
6649s because void Walker is blocking the Loft
6651s up unless there is a shape shift and if
6653s there is a shape shift you know that
6655s Druids will only have four Mana for his
6657s disposal and you've seen one keeper
6659s already so there's a chance that there
6660s is nothing to block it but force of
6662s nature is a great card to deal with a
6664s lot of minions at the same time
6667s he cannot swipe would have been
6668s beautiful though yeah yeah that's what
6670s would be the best like swipe is
6672s literally worth 1 500 right now but uh
6676s yeah uh so what would you do here is it
6679s worth using a force nature on this uh
6682s you can have a keeper and a shape-shift
6684s like keeper the two one shape uh or
6686s actually keeper the tutu and shapeshift
6688s into one one and you have a 24 to
6690s challenge the rest of the Minions on
6691s board I think that's probably the best
6693s but if you go for force of nature you
6695s clear
6696s free minions and have nothing so I think
6699s there is nothing better than keeper
6700s overall
6702s and he agrees simple ping and hero power
6705s to try and relieve some pressure off
6707s Pavel here he still has a lot of good
6709s cards going to next turn engine of law
6711s might I find him something like a swipe
6714s going forward to the claw a nice tanky
6716s minion Oscar on the other hand is it
6718s still so is it in hand so time I would
6721s like to see flaming and enhancer I think
6723s it might be like if you get the taunts
6725s or Divine Shields it will be super
6726s annoying for um Druids to deal with your
6729s board especially if you have four
6730s minions with Buffs if you get wind fury
6733s on the two ones they deal four damage
6736s suddenly I mean they will not be able to
6737s kill the two four but you can start
6739s pressuring and asking yourself is there
6742s that swipe somewhere or not
6745s yeah I think enhancers definitely the
6747s play uh like you said it can create such
6750s a nuisance uh for all Pavel where
6752s enhancer would be a little bit less
6755s efficient but I think he's just gonna
6756s flood the board with less swipe
6759s vulnerable minions
6761s all right I think that's fine that's
6763s that's probably a little bit better we
6765s want to see some crazy enhancer stuff
6767s but Oscar's gonna hold back and wait for
6769s the moment that he feels is the best oh
6771s man oh giant at the boom it jumped on
6774s the board so fast it didn't even land
6778s it just bounced he's just flying in the
6782s sky right now
6783s yeah but this has to be the time for a
6785s handsome meccano and what can stock
6787s again can he get wind fury on a 3-2 can
6789s he get a chance on the Ruby neck what oh
6792s he gets a toned as well wow
6795s that's that's interesting that's nice
6798s and that's great for him yeah it's
6800s really good and when Fury and the one
6802s too is also interesting because if he
6803s gets uh something like the PO in the
6805s near future you'll be able to pack a lot
6807s of damage from it
6810s and the thing with having a wind fear
6812s and a haunted creeper you know it's a
6814s nuisance to deal with because when you
6816s pop it open it's going to uh just spawn
6819s more minions anyway and like you said if
6821s you do decide to kind of just leave it
6822s alone uh appear will make it really
6825s crazy if you miss an attack from the
6827s spider
6829s attack twice okay yeah you attacked
6831s twice for one one's face and once for
6833s the bomb
6834s all right
6837s okay so what do you do uh you can't pop
6839s the egg
6842s you can pop the attic with 11 Roots
6844s which is pretty decent and then you can
6847s well you can force nature as well at
6848s this point you can pop the egg and
6853s okay so he's going for the Imp first
6856s uh you could use living Roots here to
6858s pop the egg open clear the egg with
6860s seven seven and drop the taunt
6862s that is an option force force is not bad
6865s overall um Forest will be able to clear
6867s the free one and the four four
6870s and then you but here you can clear the
6874s wind Fury which might be a bit more
6875s important because if there is this power
6877s of well-being Suddenly It's 8 damage out
6879s of nowhere
6881s oh he leaves him up okay
6884s well he does have its owns in the way
6889s direwolf Alpha almost a dream another
6892s fight there with a knife with a good
6894s knife it can maybe work
6898s you can't commit low Feb as well so tap
6901s into po that would be so funny like
6903s knife juggler into direwolf knife lens
6906s and the four six then he attacks into it
6909s with the 5-4 because it's now buffed and
6912s then goes PO on the spider and spider
6914s attacks for 12 to face
6918s the dream right or even six to face and
6922s then attacks into doctor boom and the
6924s knife skill doctor boom
6926s but no no PO
6929s no dream unfortunately yes crackers
6931s gonna have to take a more practical and
6933s Fair Route in order to deal with this
6935s but he still hasn't quite decided the
6937s Rope is burning down uh definitely looks
6939s like a knife juggler direwolf Alpha is
6943s not manner efficient in Camp boss is a
6945s little bit more stickier let's see where
6947s the knives go first I guess he really
6949s wants to kill that 4-1
6953s no it doesn't get killed before when
6956s sticks around
6958s how much damage is there now with uh
6961s Force that's 11 plus 617 1920 damage
6964s really close to just uh having lethal on
6968s pebble's side this game is so intense
6970s but I think Pavel has a great Advantage
6973s here
6974s you can basically clear this board
6976s easily with Force if he wants to and
6978s he'll be still he will just have a
6980s vanilla 7 Forum born
6984s hmm lucky do
6986s you could clear the knife juggler with
6989s the living Roots that's nice and clean
6991s you could even heal his uh Drew to the
6995s claw here which I quite like I think I
6997s kind of like force so attack into in
7000s gang boss with 4-1 take one dagger
7002s somewhere and then Force and shape-shift
7005s and kill everything you take one damage
7007s to face and then you slam face with Dr
7009s boom
7012s and after that you play uh engine of
7014s lore next turn
7015s but this is probably fine as well just
7017s this represents so much damage next turn
7020s he has forcing each combo with living
7022s Roots uh you can just slam seven to face
7024s and now he's saying to ask kaka do you
7026s have a way to clear my board uh does it
7029s take him down to 16 so he actually has
7032s lethal from hand alone at this point
7035s oskaka needs taunts well he has oh a low
7038s Feb to stop this so uska can hold things
7040s off for a little while but look at this
7042s board from Pavel is very threatening
7044s yeah it's absolutely threatening and and
7047s just leave it alone
7049s or does he have to clear blue all right
7051s so he clears boom first
7054s then goes for the law firm and he cannot
7056s play in the urban egg this turn but this
7058s is still a great situation for Pavel uh
7062s he can literally just kill the low flap
7065s and deal two damage to face or do
7066s whatever he has the combo in hand
7070s he can heal uh himself drop the shade
7073s clear the low Feb still in a fantastic
7075s position to win the game
7077s uh he could draw if you want but I don't
7079s really
7081s does it mean that Pavel was actually
7084s able to reverse sweep oskaka in the
7087s final from zero two to three two versus
7090s the world champion
7092s it does I mean we were we were seeing us
7095s Kaka kind of on the streak up to this
7097s point he hadn't lost a game until the
7099s complete reverse sweep from Pavel is it
7102s anything Oscar can do at this point
7105s not really even though he got Leroy he
7107s has a lot of bursts but Oscar concedes
7109s and Pavel is your Harrison Champions
7111s League champions before the 2016 World
7115s Championship there was the last call
7117s Invitational a tournament series made up
7120s of three regions with eight of the best
7122s players from each region competing for a
7125s world championship spot in the European
7128s last call Pavel faced RDU in the finals
7131s RDU was a crowd favorite but Pavel
7134s managed to dominate winning the series
7137s 4-1 and gaining that fated place at the
7140s world championship so there we have it
7142s Tice neyman Dr hippie these are our
7145s Europe representatives for BlizzCon so
7148s far while those guys have been showing
7150s up to championships and winning these
7151s high profile events the the eight guys
7153s in this tournament have been grinding
7155s away behind the scenes and they now have
7156s to fire out for the one last spot more
7158s specifically these two guys you see in
7160s front of you pabul and RDU one final
7163s look at the lineups here anything that
7165s stands turns out to you in particular
7166s about the the matchups not really the
7169s band's no surprise you already use our
7170s role getting banned okay again and uh
7173s audio betting pavel's Shaman that Temple
7176s Mage is going to be free and I'm really
7178s interested to see how it works out
7179s because it is so different from the
7181s other Temple match that we are used to
7183s seeing after York's Veronica introduced
7185s because it does kind of been like the
7186s centerpiece of that deck that's their
7188s end game in case you don't finish your
7190s opponent early on in early enough and
7193s having those garbale storms kind of to
7195s sustain yourself
7196s it is not playing any capitalist terms
7198s so he has to make something else happen
7200s yeah well it seems like a natural
7201s response right if you want to continue
7202s playing Tempo Mage he's cut out a lot of
7205s the the mid game spell stuff with the
7207s cabalist home and he's packing in more
7208s minions he's playing water Elementals
7210s and faceless Summoners uh you know so if
7213s you're not going to be relying so
7214s heavily on on spells then and suddenly
7216s packing in all these value minions seem
7218s like a good strategy moving forward but
7220s you know it remains to be seen how
7222s powerful that build is moving forward
7223s but definitely a lot more aggressive a
7225s lot more focused than we've seen some of
7227s the tempo Mage builds coming out but I
7229s also want to talk about rdu's Zoo deck
7232s and I think
7233s since the Nerf came out not really the
7236s zoo lost a lot of power level sure it
7238s had one of its best cards in Earth and
7240s abusive Sergeant but not to the point
7242s where it's unplayable abusive Sergeant's
7243s still a very strong car but I think a
7245s lot of the trickle-down effect of the
7247s meta of freeze Mage becoming powerful
7249s because they prey on the new slower
7250s shamans for example like lots of
7252s byproducts like that have made Zoo a lot
7254s weaker than it once was do you are you
7257s surprised to see a zoo in the grand
7258s finals do you think it could be a weak
7260s link for RDU I think it might be that's
7262s a good matchup for it too if he gets it
7264s against the warrior the warrior may just
7265s have a fiery War ax if he gets it up
7267s against a druid maybe a druid has a slow
7270s start Druid AOE tends to be very weak so
7272s he might be able to fly to the board in
7273s a way where trude cannot answer that
7275s against the Rogue it's going to be a
7277s little bit tricky against the Mage
7278s anything can happen it depends who has
7280s the early Tempo and the early turns
7282s especially are going to be key in that
7283s one yeah it makes me see I think if
7285s anything maybe the minion heavy Tempo
7287s mage deck is a little bit weaker against
7288s Zoo even because you don't consistently
7290s get those those blowout turns with the
7292s removal spells because generally the way
7294s Tempo major would win that matchup is
7295s just kind of stall stall stall and then
7297s one big Swig turn with a you know cold
7299s sorcerer or a flame Waker in the mid
7301s game so they've just got a handful of
7302s like water Elementals and faceless
7304s Summoners it might not work out too well
7305s but yeah RDU obviously a ton of faith in
7308s zoo he thinks with very good reason that
7311s he is one of the strongest Zoo players
7313s in the world he plays that deck
7314s incredibly well all the positional
7316s concerns you know specifically knowing
7319s which particular one drops he wants in
7321s his hand in which one which matchups you
7322s know how to play a curve with the coin
7324s where to you know use that Mana for a
7326s quick burst so if anyone can pilot Zoo
7328s successfully I think it's going to be
7330s radiu I completely agree I couldn't name
7332s a better Zoo player in the world uh the
7334s audio if not the best is definitely up
7336s there and he's a great Zoo player he
7338s knows exactly what he needs to do in
7340s every single matchup and uh that's also
7342s something for like maybe some viewers
7344s back at home like that's Jeffy that deck
7347s is extremely cheap that's not even a
7348s single legendary so if you wanna gonna
7350s like try to craft a really strong deck
7352s that might be an option if you even if
7355s you don't have all the cards and the
7357s audio is going to be the player to to
7359s learn it from
7360s so it's going to be very very
7362s educational also to be watching him play
7365s that sure hope so but looking one more
7367s time at how these players reached here
7369s or how the the road brought them here
7371s Pavel again huge chunk of points from
7373s ladder a little splash into the open cup
7375s scene picking up 20 points there as well
7377s but primarily a ladder monster as we've
7380s all talked about at length you know a
7382s top 10 and uh just outside the top 10
7384s finish consecutively in April or May
7386s which is
7387s um pretty incredible when you consider
7389s how competitive these ladder seasons
7391s have been you know I I remember seeing
7393s parvo you know taking rank one at ease
7395s or honestly like several years ago but
7397s that was during a point where the ladder
7398s wasn't quite as competitive as it is now
7400s because there wasn't really any End Game
7402s Reward to doing well on ladder so still
7405s being able to compete in the top 10 is a
7406s huge achievement and there you see RDU
7408s with a much more uh balanced pie chart
7411s with the the splash of Mages in there as
7413s well open cups about the same level and
7415s then still those uh those 71 ladder
7418s points putting him far away Far and Away
7420s the points leader overall and what's
7423s amazing and what is a similar story when
7425s we get to the America's last call
7427s Invitational later on next week is that
7429s the points leaders have done it without
7431s that kind of artificial boost that you
7433s get from being in one of the
7434s Championships exactly and uh here we go
7437s game one underway of these finals it's
7440s going to be RDU Zoo while going up
7442s against pavel's Timber Mage and uh like
7445s I said the early turns are going to be
7446s absolutely critical for this one and uh
7448s both players are right now looking at
7450s decent hands actually
7452s is really good is double Mana worm
7455s Arcane missiles good I would say that's
7457s good I'm thinking faceless Summoner is
7460s not that great though and so Pavel might
7462s be with him within after the turn three
7465s and four maybe if he misses a play there
7467s that can be something that he can't uh
7469s really like recover from right so now
7471s suddenly RDU has to play a game of
7474s removal Roulette in his hand you know he
7476s has to consider all the options
7477s frostball Arcane blast uh you know
7479s Mirror Image even is a relevant card
7482s um Arcane missiles as well when you make
7483s a play that is strong against the most
7486s of them possible and uh he's gonna go
7488s first line here and now RK missiles is
7491s going to come out huge such a high
7492s percentage to be able to take out this
7494s one three here just needs to blame him
7496s on it oh even better
7498s that was incredible it actually took out
7501s the Flaming but now RDU oh no he really
7505s wanted to have that alive and to be able
7506s to trade with at least one of the the
7508s Mana verbs but
7509s now he can't really find a trade no
7512s diable available no abusives in the deck
7516s I I just want to pull his proceedings
7518s for a second and ask what kind of man is
7521s Pavel because he has one golden and one
7523s regular faceless Summoner in his deck
7525s this is an unforgivable sin and I think
7528s we should disqualify him from this
7529s tournament immediately I think it's a
7531s punishment enough to be drawing it in
7533s the starting handoff for finals so
7536s right now Marvel does not have a play
7538s well okay there's a play not maybe not
7541s the best one but it does buff both of
7543s the Mana rooms so that's something
7545s he there's no real reason to use it
7548s though right he can just ping and double
7549s trade and you know Zoo doesn't really
7551s fight from off the board too well so it
7553s doesn't really matter about the Lost
7554s value on your Mana worms like the only
7556s thing that can affect this board is
7558s knife juggler and even then it would
7559s have to be a lucky shot so I would
7561s expect to see the Arcane blast held on
7563s to in case there's no play available for
7565s Pavel next turn as well I would just go
7567s for it because if these two damage
7568s immediately but what through those Mana
7571s rooms so that's quite a bit and I was
7574s actually mistaken there by saying that
7575s the rider doesn't run any abusive search
7578s and there is one in the deck
7581s interesting Pavel choosing to just take
7583s the really aggressive line here and you
7585s know disrespect the possibility for RDU
7587s to trade and I imagine a huge part of
7589s that is the fact that there is only one
7590s abusive in the deck and abusive is the
7592s the primary punish there in that
7594s situation okay
7598s okay but anyway moving on there's the
7601s blood image coming down and uh and the
7603s hero power not what bubble was hoping
7605s for the N4 but again at least he has a
7608s play not just playing uh waiting for
7610s that turn six could have been worse he
7612s could have drawn a something like a
7613s violence portal there
7615s I trusted you man yeah I feel betrayed
7618s honestly yeah blood Mage not not the
7621s greatest pickup but it's it's all about
7623s kind of just filling turns at this point
7625s if he can continue being aggressive and
7627s at least do something possible on each
7629s turn leading into these faceless
7630s Summoners then just the raw stats on the
7632s board is going to represent a very
7634s imposing situation for RDU yeah this is
7637s looking like a nightmare for RDU right
7639s now he's down to 14 HP already from just
7642s from those minor worms and and uh Pavel
7645s is running a lot of burn this double
7647s violence portal there's obviously two
7649s Fireballs do frost bolts all of that
7652s burn
7653s I mean I mean if there was a fireball it
7655s would all why are you would uh would uh
7658s go extremely low already
7660s wow what Elemental okay well that's
7663s something to play I suppose yeah I mean
7664s the problem is he traded into the
7666s darkshire councilman there with the
7668s likely intention of maybe taking a trade
7670s ping with the manual arm and looking for
7671s something to play alongside it or
7672s drawing a spell and then getting the
7674s buff on the Mana worm and trading in
7676s that way water Elemental does neither of
7678s those things so from this point it looks
7680s like he's just gonna try and play
7681s minions and hope that enough of them
7683s stick that he can dig in some damage to
7685s face here and finish out the game seems
7687s like it how do you hear that Doom God
7690s looks quite damn thing with the silver
7691s silver column but there is that tiny
7694s chance that if he went for that play
7695s that the silver column would not get on
7698s the board and by playing the two
7700s jugglers here he makes sure that the
7702s Doom God will get the silver on the
7703s board and not only that but he's getting
7705s two jackals from that him can boss
7709s yep needs a Juggle to hit the war
7711s Elemental that is not a good face from
7713s RDU I think they've both gone face they
7715s have a means the water Elemental lives
7717s here that's another potential three
7720s damage to his face of Pebbles on the
7721s race plan but now now that he's lost the
7724s board against Zoo a pile of minions is
7726s not what you want in this situation
7728s because zoo is just able to chew them up
7730s one by one that's what zoo does when
7732s they've established a board present yeah
7734s like RDU did get back on the board and
7736s he's going to be pulling even further
7738s ahead here Soul fire well
7740s I can't play it gets to discarded from
7743s the Doom God you can't really risk it
7744s here he could go for the soul fire first
7746s if he was extremely greedy and then
7749s played the Doom God but I mean that's a
7752s risk you can't take
7753s just no way so if he Doom guards here he
7756s still has plenty of plenty of damage to
7759s be able to clear up this board right so
7761s I don't really see the the risk uh
7763s reward working out in his favor in in
7765s terms of the Soul fire so I agree with
7767s you I'd like to see doomgar just come
7768s down here get your free 3-3 on the board
7770s get two knives in the process I guess
7772s he's just thinking about sequencing in
7774s terms of Trades preemptively so that he
7777s can have greater control about where the
7778s knives go if he wants to First Trade
7781s into those minions maybe with their
7783s councilman I guess that's the only
7785s consideration here right and uh how much
7788s is he gonna move wanna go for face and
7790s how much does he want to trade for yeah
7792s I think potentially trading into the
7793s water Elementor with the councilman is
7795s reasonable the the freeze won't matter
7797s too much when it's just a pink talking
7798s anyway he's going for it
7801s oh no and the punish is enormous Pavel
7806s gets the news of just how big that 50 50
7809s was as the silverware Golem is played
7812s for pan that is a huge risk from RDU did
7815s he need to take that savit
7817s I don't know I felt like he didn't but
7820s if audio I guess feels that he's so low
7823s on HP that he has to go for some kind of
7825s gamble a little bit grumbling there is
7827s it the pressure getting to him or what
7829s because he plays the silver vertical and
7830s before life dabbing them I don't really
7832s see the the reason for that he could
7834s have potentially picked up a better
7836s stream on a card than the silver column
7838s to play instead of it that is a Argent
7841s horse rider which means this could be a
7843s potential pretty big clear here but
7845s he'll take three to face as well that's
7847s perfectly fine in this situation means
7848s he can just dig the damage and now any
7850s Fireball that is drawn at any point this
7853s game is going to be lethal lethal for
7854s Pavel as long as he lives Alive long
7856s enough to tell the tale RDU has no
7858s answer to the board he's gonna give it
7860s up from a man that's been playing so
7862s well this entire day it's possible that
7863s he was just operating on a further plane
7865s of existence than I'm on there and you
7867s know maybe we've missed something if we
7869s have it please tweet at me tell me what
7870s was going on but it just looked like
7872s such an unnecessary risk it really did
7874s and I think it might be the pressure
7875s there's so much on the line here to get
7878s the police gonna to play for that one
7880s million dollar prize ball is so huge
7882s this is what he worked for for all year
7885s long so 11 hours play there from RDU I
7889s feel like and I I hope that he won't be
7891s kicking himself and over that for the
7893s rest of the series just thinking about
7895s it when it when it's already done just
7897s get over it as fast as possible and uh
7899s focus on the next game it's not going to
7901s be easy but I hope he can do it so new
7904s matchup on the boards Rogue versus
7906s Hunter here are you trying to fight back
7908s with the hunter deck but Pavel with a
7910s strong looking opening here with the
7912s road deck has that swashburgler on one
7913s picked up a pretty nice card with it in
7915s the form of the infested wolf and any
7917s hand against an aggressive board
7919s presence deck that contains the card's
7921s preparation and Edwin Van Cleef usually
7924s puts you in a pretty strong position
7926s yeah but Pablo does know that RDU is
7928s running two copies of deadly shot in his
7930s Hunter so uh so that's very risky if you
7934s choose to go for it I don't think you
7936s can do it just yet maybe just go for
7938s something like a 66 on next turn just
7940s dagger here
7942s save the coin for later on I think I
7944s like that a little bit more although we
7946s can see that there's no deadly shot so
7948s if he just went for it he would probably
7949s be doing quite well yep it's very
7951s possible but you know just just that
7953s combination at some point could end up
7955s paying dividends you know if he can get
7956s say the infested wolf down on the board
7958s and then prep together a huge Edwin to
7960s go alongside the infested wolf that
7962s plays around deadly shot because of how
7964s sticky that minion is so definitely has
7966s the potential to move forward with that
7967s kind of line later on in the game but as
7970s you said playing into deadly shooting on
7971s curve when there are two of them in a
7973s deck a little bit risky and but are you
7975s just gonna happily continue developing
7977s here animal companion comes out comes
7978s down that is a Huffer and I think this
7981s is uh just seven damage downtown do you
7984s really mind about protecting your your
7986s Huffer from face tank and the one one
7988s here if the the Rogue wants to slap into
7990s it with her face again I I I think you
7993s go face I mean how much do you get about
7995s that bubble is playing the maluka stroke
7997s too so there won't be any cold blood
7999s punish coming right
8001s so I would imagine that this is just
8003s going to be 70 phase yes it's such a
8006s minor difference in every world that
8007s clears this you know even fan of knives
8009s for example it's a difference of one
8011s damage if you do get punished so yeah
8013s just sending the damage to face
8014s definitely seems correct second prep
8016s would be so good here
8019s it's good enough yeah I thought it was a
8022s preparation but it's still going to be
8024s amazing he can just go for the backstep
8026s rip the fan use the dagger get that huge
8029s Van Cleef out there and uh not only that
8031s this time he he is protected against the
8033s deadly shot it is going to be only 50 50
8036s even if already you had it
8042s that is a huge deal that means that if
8045s deadly shot was in the hand for RDU From
8048s pavel's perspective he is completely
8050s insured against that card now now only a
8053s 33 chance of hitting the Target and
8055s there it is I wouldn't be surprised if
8057s he just went for it I don't see how he
8059s wins the game if he doesn't try to
8061s deadly shot this 12-12 it's the correct
8063s play 66 of the time you lose the game
8066s but a hundred percent of the time you
8069s lose the game if you don't deadly shot
8070s it's just that it's on his face he's
8072s going for it that he is going for it he
8073s knows he has to do it it's it's only one
8076s in three but he has to try it
8078s does he get it no
8081s unlucky uh far right instead of far left
8085s RDU didn't quite uh calibrate his aiming
8088s system correctly there and now Pavel is
8090s just going to run a train over RDU with
8093s a with this 12 damage now yeah I don't
8095s think there's much audio can do at this
8097s point that deadly that was all he had
8099s and uh
8100s that's high man not gonna do anything
8102s and uh animal companion even if it's
8105s Amisha it's just a doom blister we'll
8107s trade into it it might find another turn
8109s but yup seems like the line of play is
8113s bottom right click that button and then
8115s it's the top option RDU manages to find
8117s it he finds the line but on a serious
8119s note like the the deadly shot you know
8121s it looks a bit comical and whatever and
8122s if it'd come off would have perhaps look
8124s even more ridiculous but the important
8126s thing is you know you know the odds of
8128s that working there they're 33.3 and you
8130s have to do it because 33 of the time you
8133s give yourself a chance to win the game
8135s if you don't take that line your win
8136s rate is roughly zero yep I completely
8139s agree I mean it might look pretty
8140s terrible like using it there like it's
8142s only one in three but he absolutely had
8144s to take the shot
8146s so RDU um now after following up that
8149s first performance where where maybe
8151s there was a shaky turn towards the end
8153s just a a crushing win for Pavel means
8155s the momentum is building up for him but
8157s I don't even really want to bother
8159s asking questions about rdu's tournament
8161s mentality because there is not really a
8164s more experienced man in terms of high
8166s pressure situations you know dealing
8168s with the mentality that you need to make
8170s a comeback so if anyone is is equipped
8172s to just continue playing solid
8174s Hearthstone even perhaps recovering from
8176s from playing some some sub-optimal turns
8178s earlier on I think you'll agree RDU is
8180s one of the men to do that yeah I
8181s certainly hope so but even no matter how
8183s experienced he is it's just a
8186s it is tough especially after that game
8189s one just trying to trying to like reset
8191s the situation he he might be thinking
8193s right he's in bad shape right now and
8195s start overthinking at the place that's
8197s the most common mistake that I see is
8199s when a player is kind of like there is a
8202s the obvious play that the kind of the
8203s one that you see first and then you just
8205s like think about it think about it just
8206s trying to avoid mistake as possible and
8208s then you see something weird and just
8210s think about the perfect card that would
8212s counter your first play usually the
8214s first instinct is correct when you play
8216s as much as RDU does so I just I really
8219s hope he won't start overthinking I I
8221s agree with you for the most part you
8222s know when you've played tens and tens
8223s and thousands of games as as all of
8225s these players have um essentially you
8228s build up correct instincts over that
8231s time right your your mind is trained to
8233s recognize patterns and and without even
8235s really thinking about things your brain
8236s says to you okay you've been in this
8238s situation you know 30 times before
8240s here's what you have to do in this
8241s situation and you have to learn to trust
8243s that a lot of the time so I agree with
8245s you overthinking can be a problem
8246s problem but RDU needs to make something
8249s happen here because Pavel is very
8251s quickly putting his wins on the board so
8253s his remaining decks now the malagos
8255s Druid one of the most powerful decks in
8257s the game sure can be expected to get a
8259s win fairly comfortably here but also the
8262s c'thun warrior how does the c'thun
8263s warrior line up against RDU I'm not sure
8266s like the cartoon warrior is something
8267s that has also not been that popular
8269s lately I mean it is a strong deck it's
8271s especially good in in beating aggressive
8274s strategies so I think it might do quite
8276s well against the zoo if he just gets
8278s there gets the couple of important early
8280s game cards it can fall really far behind
8283s if you don't get the fighter War ax and
8284s the ravaging ghoul maybe they kind of do
8286s some cleanup if you don't get revenge at
8288s the right time but I think all the tools
8290s are there to beat the shoe beat the zoo
8292s Warlock and uh maybe even like the well
8294s Hunter is always going to be difficult
8296s but I think there's even a small chance
8297s to beat that one yeah I think um against
8299s Zoo c'thun Warrior has so many great
8302s additional tools obviously they have the
8304s fiery War ax and the revengers and
8305s brawls and all these classic tools that
8307s we know are strong against aggro but you
8309s know even just things like um c'thun's
8312s chosen on turn four for example Divine
8314s Shield minion really really hard for the
8315s for Zoo to interact with correctly and
8317s then the extra late game stability with
8319s the VEC lore and the shield Bearer being
8320s able to just wall themselves out of
8322s rough situations I think
8324s um c'thun Warrior has a very decent
8326s chance against some of these aggressive
8327s decks for sure but I'll just give you
8329s guys a quick update um Pavel has just
8331s gone for a quick bathroom break RDU has
8333s gone for a quick bathroom break I
8334s apologize so we are just waiting for him
8336s to return while he uh he's composing
8339s himself a little bit but um yeah so
8340s c'thun Warrior probably good against the
8342s aggressive strategies how about this
8343s kind of wonky build of malagos Druid the
8346s the Pavel is packing here with the dark
8348s aracoas in it like where did the Arcos
8350s come from the only part of at least uh
8353s is a player who would do something like
8355s that if I heard that one player was
8357s bringing some cards like uh like that
8359s that nobody else was playing I would I
8361s could have guessed it at this Pavel and
8363s uh yeah I mean it costs one less than an
8366s engine of war and it only has three less
8367s stuff Nesta I guess it makes sense seems
8371s logical I mean it's just a very very
8373s high quality minion you know it's very
8374s nicely started for its Mana cost it's
8376s just not really something you've seen
8378s too much outside of c'thun decks the
8380s occasional appearance in some heavy wall
8382s ramp Druid style thing but now in this
8384s kind of combo malagos deck RDU here
8386s queuing in his Hunter now against this
8389s uh this malagoster with this unique
8390s malagoster is so hopefully we get to see
8392s if dark arakoa can do some work here for
8395s Pavel yeah did get an innervator and he
8398s also has a mire keeper I'm interested to
8400s see if he just chooses to go for it
8402s right here he wouldn't really have a
8405s play for just coin hero about a good
8406s work actually or he could just go for
8408s the innervator miner Keepers too the
8410s fondral I don't like one bit because
8412s there could be something like a quick
8413s shot and then the fiery bat and quickest
8415s would deal too easily with the control
8418s he also just has no upside on fandral
8420s either like even if it sticks he has
8422s nothing to pay it off afterwards so it
8424s doesn't really that seem that worth it
8426s are you here just gonna push face it
8429s looks like with the fiery bat that does
8431s give parvo potentially an opportunity to
8433s increase the odds in his favor of uh
8436s some favorable juggles here from these
8438s early Hunter minions but on three Mana
8440s he's unlikely to be able to develop a
8441s secondary minion to to change the the
8443s equation on this my keeper getting
8445s sniped down so definitely don't mind RDU
8447s taking the aggressive line yeah he
8448s didn't want to take the risk there it
8450s would have been kind of rewarded for it
8452s because now Belleville won't need a
8455s federal rage necessarily you can just
8457s hear all power and trade for the with
8459s the huge toad and he'll be hoping to
8462s tank this one onto the 3-3 Maya keeper
8465s gets it as well so yep just getting a
8468s little bit of damage there every little
8469s helps and he's gonna be able to develop
8471s fandra on the board on the following
8473s turn and now he does have some upside to
8475s following that up potentially with the
8477s barrel rage yeah
8478s Vibe is looking quite alright too
8481s how about Vandal no vanderla no good
8484s just gonna go for the swipe doesn't
8485s expect audio to be going too wide on the
8488s board
8490s nine Mana called the world we are a long
8492s way away from that but there are two
8494s very sticky minions being developed into
8495s Play Now The Squire and the horse rider
8497s being able to push through from RDU and
8499s Pavel having just used a swipe these
8502s Divine Shields and the one Health of
8503s these minions per potentially able to
8505s get a lot more value and you than usual
8507s but living Roots is a pretty nice answer
8510s to this board State yeah it certainly is
8513s it doesn't remove the minion straight
8514s away but with that funnel he also gets
8516s the one one so there's one ones are
8517s going to be trading so efficiently
8519s sure and that Call of the Wild does have
8522s a even bigger impact being drawn this
8524s early than it looks like because
8525s obviously it's it's a little ugly to
8527s draw a nine Mana card this early on in
8529s the game but it's also blocking him from
8531s ever drawing a card from that quick shot
8533s essentially by just being sat in his
8534s hand for nine Mana so wouldn't be
8536s surprised to just use it see how do you
8538s use that foursome initiative at some
8540s point if he doesn't for example pick up
8541s Savannah High main on the next turn yeah
8543s that's kind of a weird combination of
8545s cards there if he wants to draw a card
8547s with the quick it won't be before return
8549s then
8550s um I would expect him to just use it to
8552s maybe remove a minion on the board or if
8555s he gets closer to little maybe just uh
8557s enjoy that his opponent's face healing
8559s does soul of the forest he does have
8562s those
8563s innovate plays an eight eight this turn
8565s I feel that's probably the strongest
8567s Choice isn't this the double deadly shot
8569s thing again so I I don't hate this
8571s that's a very good point it's a very
8574s good point he will still be able to play
8575s the giant next then with this and kind
8577s of like upgrades here sapling into two
8579s us that's a fair point he's also seen
8581s this quick shot hanging around for a
8583s little while so he could be giving
8584s credit to this to being deadly shot
8586s there hasn't been a fantastic deadly
8587s shot opportunity so far so yeah sure a
8590s one extra turn on your giant to play
8592s around the danger of deadly I like it
8593s yep an interesting not the worst
8596s strawberry goes well with the with the
8598s Mana that he has available by playing
8600s that quick shot alongside it and uh if
8603s RDU picks up something like a high main
8605s on his next straw he's uh he's totally
8608s still in this game plays out the wild
8611s growth I think influenced a little bit
8612s by the fact that he drew nourished that
8614s turn realized that he's not going to
8615s need that wild growth to cycle late in
8617s the game just uses it to gain the Mana
8619s and uh an 8-8 on the board thanks to the
8622s extra discount from the wild growth that
8624s is a savannah High main from the Barnes
8627s RDU uh doing his his best seems good
8630s impression right now trying to hide his
8633s Delight now that was the second best
8635s medium that he can get from that the
8637s best would have been Ragnar is the Fire
8638s Lord but still amazing he's definitely
8640s happy with that result
8643s I just that's so much damage it really
8646s is yeah so does he ever have a world
8649s where he gets to go face here if he goes
8651s face he puts RDU to 16 and then he has
8654s 14 from hand is that right 12 14 yeah I
8658s think that's a pretty good play
8659s potentially with just like fatal racing
8661s the Barns and going face with that uh
8664s with that giant then he puts upon it on
8666s the 16 and with the second Federal race
8668s and the spy pikuda in the game on the
8670s following turn yeah that relies on the
8672s Arcane giant connecting with face again
8673s but he's relying on that anyway he's
8676s just a little bit short in terms of pure
8678s damage from hand right now I think maybe
8680s with the hero power over the two turns
8682s as well he has lethal from hand I don't
8684s think he wants to swipe here but just
8686s because that high man is a much less
8688s threatening I said that's the two one
8691s ones I think if he did just want to go
8693s for a direct lethal setup he could just
8695s uh push some damage this term with one
8696s hero power and then follow it all up
8698s with the with the damage and another
8699s hero power on the next turn with an
8701s innovate but he's going to take a more
8703s conservative line and just gain the life
8704s try and push through the hard way oh
8707s that's still gonna be good enough like
8708s are dude enough find an additional point
8710s of damage so there's no trade available
8711s for that that giant and Marvel is about
8715s to go up 3-0 in the series
8718s yeah no hesitation from parvo this is a
8722s huge amassed pile of damage in the hand
8724s from the malagos combo Druid not in the
8727s fashion you normally see him getting
8729s burst down and normally it's malygous in
8731s combinations of moon fires and living
8732s Roots but feral rages and swipes with an
8735s AA on the board do the job just fine as
8738s well and now two players in the grand
8740s finals going through drastically
8743s different emotions right now for for RDU
8745s he is seeing nine months of of hard work
8749s as has been mentioned by so many people
8750s perhaps more hard work than anyone else
8753s puts into the game he's seeing it all
8754s crumble away from him whereas From
8756s pubble's perspective that that that
8758s Prospect of redemption is Within Reach
8761s he can he can finally maybe when people
8763s hear the name Pavel they won't think
8765s about Dr boom and Sylvanas anymore
8767s they'll think about the guy that
8768s qualified for BlizzCon in 2016 we will
8773s see it's going to come down to parvo
8774s picking up a win with his c'thun Warrior
8776s here so these I don't know about you I
8778s feel like he's got a great chance I
8780s definitely Pavel on the driver's seat
8782s here the cartoon warrior is fairly
8784s strong against all of the remaining
8786s decks from RDU this is the best uh best
8789s uh matchup that RDU has available to him
8792s the hunter is pretty good against
8793s warrior in general and uh if especially
8797s if Powell doesn't find some early cards
8799s um I wouldn't be surprised to see are
8800s you just run away with the game that is
8802s a brutal looking opening from RDU here
8805s this is exactly what he needs just a
8807s nice comfortable win in a favored
8809s matchup just to get him into this series
8812s so he can start operating and Squire
8814s into sticky minion into sticky minion
8816s into bow into bar like this is this is
8819s so much damage output here that he might
8821s just be able to run this match up over
8822s yeah
8823s no play for turn two there it does have
8826s the cool now but it doesn't really do
8828s all that much he might just have to like
8829s armor up and shield Slammer I don't know
8833s feels so bad
8835s it does feel terrible but really how
8837s long can you sit around taking three
8839s damage a turn from this huge toad I
8841s don't think it's a reasonable Prospect
8842s so he is just going to go ahead and
8844s shield slam here but the the hits are
8846s just going to keep on coming here from
8848s RDU he can choose to develop this and
8850s anyway he sees fear and that is a
8852s perfect draw let's just play the Harper
8854s wait what half are broke I'm just gonna
8858s have to have the stats instead but looks
8860s like that is still going to get to
8861s connect with face right now so yeah no
8864s harm done in it not having the charge he
8866s might as well take the extra stats in
8868s this situation although there's a decent
8869s chance the Huffer would have got to hit
8870s twice if it was a Hoppers oh yeah it
8872s actually would have as we can see uh
8874s bubble's hand
8876s um RDU here with a bow that's pretty
8877s good cleanup for that then with those
8879s two drops and no high man to save the
8881s coin for her I think it's going to point
8883s out just like add some more pressure on
8885s the board I like it he's going into the
8888s broad turn but there's definitely uh no
8890s disaster if rule was to come out this
8891s early there is the brawl being drawn I
8894s would have liked to see the coin too
8895s drop there I think but RDU might just be
8897s holding on to the coin here he does have
8899s a lot of high cost drops in his deck
8901s ragnaros as well as double Call of the
8903s Wild I believe still at nine Mana he's
8906s one of the players in this tournament
8907s playing two of them so yep and even
8909s though he didn't have anything to coin
8910s out really the next turn with it no high
8913s man no dragon has to save it for no call
8915s of to have to save it for it he might
8916s pick up one it's very likely and uh here
8919s houndmaster oh it's a little bit of uh
8923s it's a kind of a lot of eggs in one
8925s basket here executes would be pretty
8927s nice on that Misha but still not too bad
8930s even if the execute was to happen it
8931s does cost two Mana nowadays so there
8934s will still be a good amount of power
8935s remaining on the board yeah and no
8938s secrets in rdu's list so no danger in
8941s using the bow up there no lost value in
8943s terms of generating extra charges Pavel
8945s is just gonna try and uh tank this game
8948s from behind quite literally with the
8950s tank up and he's going to take a ton of
8952s damage but just hope he can bounce back
8954s in the late game but it's not looking
8956s pretty for him right now not at all uh
8960s RDU has to think about if he wants to
8961s play around Revenge here or not because
8964s that is something if he went face with
8965s everything and he overpowered
8968s um level would go down to 11 HP and in
8970s that case it would be quite a
8973s quite powerful
8974s wow so that's a good insurance against
8978s brawl I would say yeah that definitely
8980s that means RDU can just go all in here
8982s if he wants to this is a straight
8983s decision whether he values the two the
8986s two damage from the hero power or
8987s whether he wants another Minion on the
8988s board and RDU has decided it's straight
8991s up Face Hunter time and he's going in
8992s there with the hero power Pavel has to
8994s panic brawl here no choice but it's not
8997s looking like it's gonna be enough
8998s especially not now that is 19 Health
9002s facing 10 damage straight away on the
9004s board Call of the Wild now drawn that
9007s can be played next turn due to RDU
9009s saving that coin this is exactly what
9012s RDU is going to need to get back into
9013s this series yep and it's also going to
9015s build up a lot of confidence say just
9017s getting that one just take it one by one
9019s it wouldn't be the first reverse sweep
9021s that we've seen on HCT
9023s so kindly grandmother comes again comes
9026s down again playing around things like
9027s revenge like brawl number two just to
9030s make sure that he's able to to maintain
9032s the biggest ball presency possibly can
9034s and with Call Of The Wild coming down
9036s next turn now every minion that sticks
9038s to the board is is an extra point of
9040s damage getting Amplified by that Leo now
9042s I'm kind of playing into Revenge here a
9044s little bit I suppose but they're still
9046s that Misha it wouldn't even die to that
9048s and they're still the kindly grandmother
9049s so yeah I don't think there's anything
9050s that could go wrong and we can see that
9053s the favel's hand is not too great oh
9055s Shield block
9057s Shield block takes him to 12. tank up
9059s takes him to 16 and the execute on the
9062s Misha means that there will be three six
9065s eight ten fifteen yeah that's just a an
9069s enormous amount of damage I think
9070s they're out I think it's 20 damage
9072s there's only one or two minions from the
9074s call of the world but the minion spawn
9075s alphabetically so the Misha is going to
9077s be the one that does not get summoned
9079s yep so get the ones that matter yep
9083s it's already you just double checking
9085s the maths here coin Call of the Wild is
9087s going to be plenty of damage with the
9089s board this wide Leon buffing everything
9091s Huffer getting in the charge attack as
9093s well and Misha just left watching by the
9096s sidelines on this one but Misha did his
9098s work earlier in the game after that turn
9100s three summon I think he got to connect
9101s face every single turn after that turn
9104s through yeah that was incredible that's
9106s very one-sided game right there and I
9108s really needs some more of that that was
9110s the first step and now he needs to take
9112s down that same deck three more times
9113s it's going to get a little bit harder
9115s every time I would imagine that RDU is
9117s going to play his uh Decks that the
9119s decks in order where he feels like he's
9121s going to take his best matchups first
9123s kind of maybe build up some confidence
9124s and uh make Pavel nervous well here's my
9128s question then what is the next best
9131s matchup for RDU because while we're on
9133s break I said to you these three matchups
9135s Druid Shaman warlock there's no way
9137s c'thun Warrior loses to all three of
9139s these so in this situation if you're
9141s going with the best matchups what are
9142s you picking
9144s yeah
9145s it's so awkward I guess Shaman yep so
9150s here we go Spirit claws uh not like the
9154s greatest God against that but uh
9156s likely still be a good card to keep I
9159s mean it is a one-man a play so so pretty
9161s nice hex that'll be good later on but uh
9164s not in the starting and Pavel looking at
9166s a fiery warx acolyte of pain also not
9169s too bad yep staring at that fiery War ax
9172s looking into its eyes caressing it this
9174s could be the fiery War ax that sends him
9176s to BlizzCon at this point such a huge
9178s card to have in your opening hand in any
9180s board Focus matchup but against Shaman
9182s in particular because they are so
9184s snowbally beyond any other deck in the
9186s game they snowball early board presence
9188s into dominance better than anyone else
9191s so fiery warx to shut that down is huge
9193s it certainly is something like a turn
9195s one final joke gonna be so impactful it
9198s is incredible bloodlust I mean it's not
9201s necessarily a car that you want in your
9202s starting hand but I don't think it's a
9204s bad card to have either the warrior
9206s tends to play a little bit greedy uh
9209s with uh with those brawls and stuff like
9210s just the totems are not that threatening
9214s um I think RDU has a very good chance to
9215s maybe that even though there are there
9218s is a good starting hand from Pavel spell
9220s damage term right off the bat Pavel
9222s gonna choose uh probably just a war ax
9224s this down and reduce any threat of that
9226s uh spirit claws interacting too well
9228s with his minions going forward
9229s especially as he has quite a uh board
9231s presence heavy minion heavy hand so
9233s that's spell damage tote and buffing up
9235s the spirit Clauses potentially of
9236s detriment to him but he decides not to
9239s he's going to leave the spell damage to
9240s him up on the board wow that's a very
9242s interesting choice there
9245s doesn't look so damn thing because of
9248s that Spirit Clause I guess he could play
9251s it anyway just cycle cycle that uh that
9253s acolyte just goes for the cartoons
9255s chosen
9256s yeah I don't hate this c'thune's chosen
9258s classically a another Minion another
9260s another class that it is strong against
9262s in Shaman but the spirit Clause really
9264s changed that a little bit but still a
9266s three damage swing gonna have to be used
9268s here if he wants to take care of the
9269s Divine Shield but RDU might just uh
9271s choose to ignore it and operate on his
9272s own terms here let the uh c'thun's
9275s chosen trade into his minions slowly one
9277s by one
9278s good positioning there in case that he
9280s got the flame thing told them he would
9281s have been able to trade both of his uh
9283s his basic totems into that
9286s cartoons cultist
9289s yep so it looks like audio is
9291s considering the trade this turn uh at
9293s least the uh taking off the Divine
9294s Shield so it doesn't get full value out
9296s of that but uh definitely some Merit in
9298s pushing face here and being aggressive
9300s because it doesn't really reduce the
9302s charge I mean I guess if if he leaves it
9303s like this the war ax can go into the
9305s taunt home the Divine Shield can go into
9306s the 3-4 that's more value than he has to
9309s give to the c'thun's chosen
9311s um but are you really considering what
9313s this charge of his weapon is worth to
9314s him right now
9316s I mean I would like to see him punch
9318s that but I don't know I think it's a it
9320s might be a close decision he doesn't
9322s have another one in his hand right now
9324s still really surprises me that Pavel
9327s allowed that spell damage to him to live
9329s early on I like I understand the
9330s thinking that if you kill it now he can
9333s just re-summon it again and you've
9335s wasted your time right like if you wait
9337s and you deal with the spell damaged home
9338s on the exact turn you're scared of it
9340s being relevant that minimizes your
9342s chances of it being around but that
9344s opens you up to the world which it's
9346s exactly what happened which is taunt
9348s home coming down and blocking that from
9350s ever being an option yeah I'm just
9352s thinking about the thought damic might
9353s like they got that theorem was going
9356s down anyway this ravishing call is going
9358s to be amazing profile it's going to
9360s finish off that it does take his own on
9363s minions Divine Shield so there's that it
9365s kind of backfires in that sense but
9367s still very powerful yeah what the
9368s totemic might did is prevent that trade
9370s I talked about where the war ax goes
9372s into the taunt totem and then the Divine
9373s Shield of the 4-2 goes into the barn so
9375s he was trying to prevent that much
9377s Divine Shield value coming out from the
9379s c'thun's chosen but ravaging ghoul is a
9382s nice clear up here anyway you can only
9384s address one of these minions with what
9386s Pavel can see but does have lightning
9388s bolt plenty of other strong options in
9389s hand as well to take care of this yep
9392s and there's the lightning bolt that's
9394s four more Mana so I think From Below
9396s is going to hit the board right now
9399s oh well that's a shield slam for it but
9402s uh no armor disciple of cartoon however
9404s that's probably going to be used and go
9407s oh he does have a shield block he has a
9409s shield block Shield slam yeah disciple
9410s of c'thun into execute is a far more uh
9413s Universal activator for um for example
9415s you know Shield block Shield slab
9416s doesn't take care of a thunderbluff
9418s Alliant whereas uh disciple and execute
9420s does so I like him using that order also
9423s digs him one card deeper into a into a
9425s deck where his hand is looking a little
9426s bit suspect right now thunderbluff just
9429s dropped on the board and pavel's hand
9431s picks apart this this one by one minion
9433s strategy of RDU right now it gets picked
9435s apart very well by public that's an easy
9437s Shield slam right there even if there
9439s was a ragnos from RDU coming later he
9441s still has that execute and then not only
9443s that but he has three more Mana so he
9445s can get his own acolyte on the board
9447s right now
9449s and uh RDU needs uh something like Mana
9452s type to keep himself sustained here on
9455s cards
9456s goes for the tote first doesn't hit the
9458s spell damage so he is gonna have to
9459s commit the blood Mage Thanos here
9461s probably needed to do it anyway because
9462s his hand is running dry but takes care
9465s of the acolyte to prevent any any
9467s excessive draw there from the the
9469s acolyte there's the first brawl those
9470s are huge cards in those mat in this
9472s match up you need to be as greedy as
9474s possible the ravaging Gould raw is
9477s enormous though paired with that execute
9480s moving forward he has so much removal to
9482s burn now bran disciple of c'thun just
9485s another removal option then curving into
9487s that ancient Shield Bearer to gain him
9489s life yeah I thought damic might not
9492s going to help
9493s is there a worst object for RDU maybe he
9496s gets at least a spell power totem no
9499s that is too useless ineffectual cards
9503s and you are you're looking at the face
9505s of a a potentially broken man here a man
9508s on the brink of falling apart he's
9511s worked so hard and he just feels this
9513s slipping away for him and he can't
9514s generate any pressure Harvel has all the
9517s plays available to him
9519s c'thun's chose a disciple of c'thun
9521s sorry coming down for the double buff
9522s now meaning that Shield Bearer is
9524s immediately active it's gonna be a 20
9527s Automotive Audio can't remove the brand
9529s and I don't think he can like how are
9533s you supposed to remove that right now
9536s I think he would have needed lightning
9538s bolt number two that would have been a
9539s reasonable turn Bolt the 2-4 and mouse
9541s for portal again well that's good at
9543s least they got the best thought I'm sure
9546s it might not be enough but it was uh it
9548s was a there's at least something
9551s and uh here we go 20 yard run for
9554s football unless he picks up something
9556s even better nope unless he draws a
9559s better card than seven Mana six six game
9561s twenty yeah that's pretty tough yeah
9564s let's be real
9566s and uh yeah almost at 60 Health right
9569s now
9571s I mean the good news for RDU is that if
9573s he can actually gain a grip on this
9575s board you know kind of irreversibly the
9577s health doesn't really matter if you can
9579s just have a couple of turns being away
9581s for six to eight damage and then finish
9583s it all up with a huge bloodlust at the
9585s end you you are capable of bursting down
9588s huge amounts of damage against Warrior
9589s the bad news is that he has to beat two
9592s brawls and a c'thun to be able to do
9594s that and his hand is just not equipped
9597s Pavel is looking in incredibly good
9600s shape here RDU needs to cycle this Drake
9602s into hex right now yeah I think that's
9605s the hex I guess he still has a small
9606s chance uh Thorn thoram will maybe help a
9609s little bit here
9610s doesn't even get that so powerful one
9613s damage off right now yeah are you just
9616s gonna give it up even in a game of this
9619s importance he knew that he was beaten
9621s and Pavel is gonna be our final
9624s competitor from the Europe region at
9627s BlizzCon RDU I think he played like an
9629s absolute Champion today but just felt a
9632s little bit short and for Pavel no slouch
9634s himself incredible stuff from him and
9636s now maybe after I do it one final time
9640s people will stop talking about that
9642s missile after making it to Worlds Pavel
9645s wasted no time and found himself in the
9647s semi-finals against Jason Joe China's
9650s Last Hope for a world champion in 2016.
9653s the match had some crazy moments and
9656s went back and forth throughout but much
9659s like his winning moment in last call
9661s c'thun saved the day and secured pavel's
9664s spot in the world championship final
9667s Pavel vs Jason Joe I cannot wait yeah
9671s unbelievable stuff I am so hyped for
9673s this this has been a year-long process
9675s to get down to this point we are left
9677s with just four players at this point
9679s great mix China career in the mix and
9682s the two Europeans I can't wait to find
9684s out who's gonna come out on top yeah we
9685s got to actually cast pavel's game
9687s yesterday versus amnesiac which was very
9690s emotional one for everyone I think we
9692s were getting a bit crazy on the desk
9694s ourselves but we've not really uh we can
9696s get to cast Jason show we did obviously
9698s uh see him a lot last week and we did
9700s see his match yesterday but what do you
9702s think of him as a player yeah I mean I
9703s think it's important to point this out
9705s because you know we as Gilly as anyone
9706s else uh we as much as anyone else have
9708s been guilty of getting caught up in the
9710s sort of Europe versus America Mass
9712s hysteria that's been going on and very
9714s quietly this representative from China
9716s as well as chonsu from Korea have been
9719s putting together some of the strongest
9720s performances Jason Joe had one moment
9723s yesterday where some eagle-eyed
9725s redditors managed a spot that he'd miss
9726s lethal where he just wasn't looking for
9728s a damage push whatsoever but outside of
9731s that he's been the strongest performer
9733s that's left in this tournament outside
9734s of I would say chonsu and that's amazing
9737s you're having a third different region
9739s having you know Asia come in now and
9741s potentially have the world champion of
9742s their own that'll be so huge for the
9744s game so huge for that region but
9746s standing in his way the Russian Comeback
9749s Kid Pavel who's come back from zero
9752s three not once but twice in this
9755s tournament yeah and we are going to get
9756s straight into game one Jason show on the
9760s zoo versus Pavel on his Rogue and you
9763s know as you had mentioned then Pavel
9765s somehow pulled it out the bag versus
9766s amnesiac yesterday but I'm pretty sure
9769s he's gonna want to hope that he doesn't
9770s have to fall behind in this series and
9772s actually you know get ahead and stay
9774s ahead yeah I mean not obviously he's
9776s shown that he's equipped to do it but
9778s Pavel probably feels like he's due a
9780s break at this point he's due a nice easy
9782s four-o he's had to work so much harder
9785s than anyone else to get to this point
9786s just in terms of you go minutes on
9788s camera and games played but early on he
9791s does have this malagos road going up
9793s against the zoo this is quite a greedy
9795s build from Pavel so it does have the
9798s potential to get snowballed by a zoo
9799s deck but he does come into that all
9802s important coin SI play that zoo is so
9805s afraid of pretty much all of their two
9807s Mana plays are tutus these days so if
9809s coin SI is there for the Rogue such an
9811s early Tempo swing yeah and on top of
9813s that he has backstab and eviscerate as
9815s well to just negate any early pressure
9817s as you said this malagos Rogue is you
9820s know even slower than for example quest
9822s in Rogue and some other variations so
9824s it's going to be a struggle to get there
9825s with cards like we can just see now
9827s powerful there's two Sinister strikes at
9829s the top of his hand and they're going to
9831s be pretty useless for the moment more
9833s than likely used to cycle with gadgets
9835s and later if he you know happens to come
9837s out for Pavel but these back stabs just
9839s doing work councilman on turn three
9841s instant answer and most importantly the
9844s SI 7 agent is still alive to contend
9846s anything that's playing made from
9848s descend Joe next time yeah I mean
9850s whenever you queue up against Zoo you
9852s learn that it's Zoo this is your goal
9853s right you think at some point I want to
9855s clear their board and I want to stick a
9856s minion and at that point I feel like I'm
9858s in control of the game Pavel has managed
9860s to achieve that as early as turn three
9863s and he has a great follow-up now with
9865s the tomb Pillager the rest of his hand
9867s is completely dry so he's gonna need
9869s that SI and tomb Pillager to do a lot of
9872s work for him but he has secured an early
9874s board leader and that's so huge in this
9876s matchup yeah Jason Joe still has some
9878s plays though you know being Zooey is
9881s going to have to start tapping pretty
9882s soon but still got a couple of minions
9884s to play but the frustration from his own
9886s as we mentioned is the the sis 7 engine
9888s just trades straight away with the
9890s direwolf so Jason Joe effects were just
9892s negating the 3-2 swaps out for two and
9895s Pillager and he only has his Alchemist
9897s on the board and again this follow-up is
9899s just not great he can't deal with the
9901s tomb Pillager you can't and that really
9903s just you know gives him no incentive to
9905s play darkshire councilman here because
9906s it's just gonna give him a free free
9908s trade with the tomb Pillager into one of
9910s the highest value minions in his deck so
9912s he is at a really rough spot right now I
9914s think he may even just have to tap here
9916s try and dig for that abusive Sergeant
9918s dig for a soul fire if not he still has
9920s a strong three Mana play to make using
9922s the the knife juggler and now the choice
9924s of the flame imp or the possessed
9926s villager yeah it's an interesting choice
9927s as well because we've seen the
9929s backstabber and an SI and an eviscerates
9931s so early you're just gonna say that the
9933s flame imp you might just need the power
9935s on the board at this point you know
9937s we've seen that Jason Jones struggled to
9938s deal with this tomb Pillager if an Azure
9941s Drake comes out the two impulsion trades
9942s is one of these minions then well it's
9944s the same issue all over again
9946s papa needs some help and that is indeed
9949s help picks up the bombs he has one man
9951s of spells available to him so an
9952s Auctioneer or a malygos would have been
9954s a nice outcome for him just the Edwin
9956s though one of the weakest pulls off the
9958s barns but still just drawing another
9960s Minion there was huge for him because
9962s now he's Bridging the Gap towards his
9964s Auctioneer turns that helps him cycle
9966s through his deck a bit longer if he can
9967s pick up you know backstab preparations
9969s some of that stuff hold off for one more
9971s turn maybe before dropping the action
9973s Auctioneer suddenly everything coming
9975s together for him yeah it's not looking
9977s too bad at all Pablo did get Amala ghost
9979s from his uh Barnes yesterday yep but no
9983s chance of that because it is in his hand
9985s so no chances at all the van cleef's not
9987s going to do too much and finally Jason
9989s Joe is getting on the board at least
9991s just a little bit the barns with that
9994s far health is going to be great to start
9995s trading down these minions but Jason
9997s Joe's starting to stack up that damage
9998s with the power of Wyoming in hand as
10000s well you know a lot of bursts combined
10001s with a doom guard can kind of come out
10003s of nowhere here yeah but I mean now
10006s there's a kind of an interesting
10007s decision here for Pavel the without
10009s drawing the SI it looked like pretty
10010s clear that he might just get the gadgets
10012s in on board for a 4-4 he could cycle the
10014s coin and the Sinister strike in the
10015s meantime but having drawn the SI he has
10018s so much more clearing power now that he
10019s is just going to go for the SI turn to
10021s continue his board dominance and the
10023s longer he can hold off with that
10025s Auctioneer from here the better it gets
10027s the more potential cycle it provides the
10029s closer you get to those preparations in
10031s your deck that can really create the
10033s absolute chaos with the card and Jason
10036s Joe has just been having to play this
10038s game from behind since turn three which
10040s is just not what zoo is equipped to do
10043s no not even close and you know when you
10046s get this kind of handle this opening
10048s versus zoo with Rogue is very easy to
10050s just get ahead and stay ahead but Pavel
10052s is gonna have to navigate the few turns
10054s the auctioneers he said being the key
10055s one and we even saw like Santa's track
10057s be used before just to prop the SI you
10059s don't really care about the damage it's
10061s a spell that isn't the coin that is
10063s going to be used to help just clear up
10066s some of the board the councilman is now
10068s finally down from Jason Joe
10070s that is a Van Cleef nothing he can quite
10073s do with it this turn that I I feel like
10075s using the Spells this turn just blows
10078s your auction there becomes a six Mana
10079s four four yeah I agree I mean the Edwin
10081s isn't even really that impressive you
10083s make a six six Edwin which doesn't
10085s really even get you you know close to a
10087s position of threatening lethal because
10089s you know you're a bit your opponent has
10090s Minions on the ball to make out trades
10092s so I feel like you're gonna need a few
10094s extra resources to push through this
10095s game the gadgetzan auctioneer looks
10097s vastly Superior in this situation Pavel
10100s agrees starting off with the coin swash
10102s burglar picked up will at least fill out
10104s his curve here also potential for some
10106s one Mana warlock spells doesn't get it
10108s just Cycles out the Sinister strikes run
10112s a little bit dry on his Auctioneer turn
10114s there but still he's a cycled through
10116s his deck a bit more has more options in
10118s his hand moving forward but this might
10121s just be the window now for Jason where
10123s if he has a powerful turn if we see a
10125s doom guard here defender of Argus is not
10127s bad either this could be the moment yes
10130s with that abusive sergeant and the wagon
10132s on the board can very easily just trade
10134s the wagon in and sort of you know guard
10136s or protect the health of the councilman
10138s which is going to be super important
10140s because the best thing about the
10142s councilman is to fight Health like total
10144s that's such an awkward number to deal
10146s with outside of you know a shadow strike
10148s there's nothing that just directly deals
10150s with it in like a one-for-one car trade
10152s so yeah I wouldn't mind the trade up
10154s here the abusive Sergeant here is just
10156s so huge and abusive being nerfed to a
10159s 1-1 and now only being played as a
10160s single copy in most people's decks is
10163s such a huge impact because think all the
10165s way back to you know the term where it
10166s really started going wrong with there
10167s was the tomb Pillager on the board he
10169s tapped to try and pick up an answer
10170s didn't hit it just had to play minions
10172s he'd hit an abusive that turn he would
10174s have had the amazing value trade this
10176s time he picks it up so abusive being
10178s weakened has been a big hit to zoo it's
10181s one of the strongest cards in the deck
10182s for sure it's basically good whenever
10184s you draw it in its original 2-1 form now
10187s it's a bit more difficult to use but
10189s Jason picking it up in good time there
10191s to be able to make a Tempo swing on the
10192s board yeah and you've probably found
10195s himself in a similar spot yesterday
10196s where he hit the point where he pretty
10198s much needed to draw a sap and you know
10201s he did have the auctioneer and managed
10203s to cycle through to get it but just the
10205s one draw of the Ozil Drake was not good
10207s enough as it's pulled the second
10209s swashburger in this is a tough one
10211s because Pablo is facing down a hell of a
10214s lot of damage it's just something so it
10217s definitely helps with more damage demon
10219s wrath not gonna be enough for now as he
10221s simply doesn't have the Mana to play it
10224s as well as training I'm not off that
10226s would have been huge with the spell
10227s damage as well he would have taken care
10229s of the Argus and the 2-2 on the ball
10231s without taking any damage on his face so
10233s he's left Jason now in a position where
10234s he's just digging for three extra damage
10237s but he doesn't pick it up the two men
10238s minions will buff the councilman which
10241s means any additional damage a direwolf
10244s and Argus abusive problem is there's
10247s only one abusive in the deck there's
10248s only one Argus in this deck so he's
10250s actually used a lot of his buffing
10252s minions already and now you see him just
10255s drawing a little bit dry but still
10257s comfortable looking position from here
10259s yeah so it was definitely worth the
10261s trade there being just one off you know
10263s there's not a lot of difference between
10264s one damage and three a zoo the main
10266s thing being say jugglers go into the
10268s face
10270s this demon wrath is glorious
10275s that is pretty nice it leaves up the
10277s mountains I'm actually not sure okay it
10280s is of course it is because people start
10281s playing demon fire because of the six
10283s one drop build yeah of course so it will
10285s leave up the Imp but still huge clear
10287s with the spell damage of the Drake the
10288s Drake Will Survive it and still be able
10290s to make the trade afterwards into the
10291s councilman so Pavel has a chance here he
10294s can put Jason back on a draw to win the
10296s game
10298s this is so close Jason Joe not on a
10302s great health total himself
10303s although he has seen two Sinister
10305s strikes and in eviscerate so there's
10307s probably just not a lot of just direct
10309s burn from hand to end the game from
10311s Pavel pavel's main game plan is to just
10313s stabilize and give Jason jail as little
10316s opportunity as possible to draw into a
10318s victory but Jason Joe has actually seen
10320s no Doom guards so far this game and that
10322s straight up is just two cards in the
10323s deck that just wins him uh this one
10325s straight off the bat dark chocolate
10327s Librarian Is the card that's going to
10329s draw an effectively sort of cycling and
10331s it's teammate as a two of in the deck we
10334s will see just not good enough in this
10336s spot though he has all of his soul fires
10338s and all of his Doom guards remaining in
10340s the deck that is four outs right off the
10342s bat imp gang bosses cycle with this yet
10344s again but Yankee said he Cycles the
10347s councilman just the Imp again
10350s this is this is just a torturous for
10352s Jason not to do God he he gets it he has
10356s not seen a single Doom guard all game
10359s game time and he finishes
10361s game up versus Pavel that was getting
10364s pretty close yeah and remember Jason is
10367s making a habit of drawing those Doom
10368s guards at the right time we saw this
10370s yesterday as well he got the timely Doom
10372s guard followed by the timely Moon fire
10374s in the very next game to be able to seal
10376s two games and Jason you can see emotions
10379s almost overwhelming him at this point
10381s head in his hands just trying to compose
10383s himself but that Doom guard was needed
10385s an honestly well deserved because all of
10388s his power cards were remaining in the
10389s deck the soul fires and the Doom guards
10391s yeah there was such a high chance for
10393s him to end that game in the next turn
10395s with the amount of cycling got as well
10397s but that is only one zero frame he has
10399s got a long way to go to potentially
10401s close out this set and we've got game
10403s two coming up Charlene
10416s the Hearthstone World Championship is
10419s sponsored in part by
10421s Intel
10423s T-Mobile
10425s Nvidia
10427s and Republic of gamers
10451s thank you
10476s foreign
10499s transfer didn't play a lot of like
10502s International Tournament
10504s basically we're playing in our region
10507s but we have a lot of talent players and
10511s they all play very well let's see if we
10514s can get a good achievement this year
10517s what's been the difference overall
10519s between the competitive scene in China
10521s the competitive scene in the Americas
10524s there are a lot of online tournaments
10528s but in China we have a golden series and
10531s every month you have a like open
10534s tournament then you can travel and make
10537s friends and play Hearthstone I think
10540s it's pretty cool what initially made you
10543s like control Warrior so much oh because
10546s I like show he's a very famous streamer
10550s on Jewish right which are watch a lot of
10552s his stream and I feel like yeah this guy
10555s played it's just a pretty good and then
10558s I want to try it like just as a fan
10561s that's why I always play country Warrior
10564s yeah well thanks to show here's a good
10567s metal play on both ladders yeah both
10569s ladder what is there a big differences
10572s between the Chinese ladder and the
10574s Americas ladder America they have like a
10578s More Country players in China they have
10581s a lot of aggressive players rack of
10584s China I feel like controller is so tough
10588s on China because they all like
10590s aggressive dicks always do always like
10593s Shaman something like that so you need
10596s to change a bit I think a good prayer
10598s you need to like make the change based
10600s on the situation right
10602s foreign
10610s being flexible and actually needing to
10613s change it up and he did exactly that he
10616s is known as a control Warrior God there
10618s saying no show is his inspiration but he
10621s switched this up players could change
10623s their deck list between opening week and
10626s top eight and he swapped out his Warrior
10628s for a dragon warrior much more
10630s aggressive list yeah and you know
10631s everyone naturally assumed looking at
10633s that okay Court of course he's coming up
10635s against the the greedy priest and the
10637s greedy Paladin in the opening round
10638s against hamster and yes that was a huge
10641s Factor he didn't want that Warrior
10642s exposed but he'd also planned even
10644s further forward than that and he was
10646s looking at Pavel as a potential
10649s semi-final opponent he said you know
10650s what that greedy malagos rogue build
10652s that Pavel has that's a problem for my
10655s control Warrior as well I'd much rather
10657s just have some dragons and just beat up
10659s that deck and rush them down before they
10661s can get there so actually that Rogue not
10663s picking up a win in the first game is a
10665s big deal for Jason's strategic thinking
10667s come coming into this weekend because
10669s he's potentially trying to Target that
10671s road deck just a little bit yeah we see
10673s we're going to see the warrior deck from
10675s Jason now as he has locked it in for
10677s game two his Dragon Warrior is going to
10679s be pavel's Druid and a lot of the time
10681s you know the dragonlers got quite a lot
10683s of late game can take games pretty long
10685s as well especially with this uh the
10687s curator list so you're gonna play the
10689s curator just draw additional cards a lot
10692s of the time to keep the juices flowing
10693s but it can also just rush someone down
10696s and punch them in the face pretty quick
10697s yeah and uh Jason's Warrior list here is
10701s still playing both copies of execute
10703s which is going to be helpful against
10705s this list from Pavel which has these
10707s extra mid game taunts with the dark
10708s Arrow colors that he's gonna have to
10710s push through a lot of beefy minions in
10712s this deck and it's by no means a given
10714s that you play two copies of execute in
10716s Your Dragon Warrior anymore when it when
10717s it costs one Mana of course it was a
10719s no-brainer this thing costs one it kills
10721s anything it's an insane Tempo card but
10724s when it costs too much trickier decision
10726s a lot of people are going down to a
10727s single copy in the deck or sometimes
10729s even zero Jason choosing to include both
10731s and it's gonna potentially pay out for
10734s him in this matchup now against the
10736s malagos Druid yeah he couldn't go full
10738s Dragon Warrior there's still a splash of
10740s control in there just using the double
10742s executes purple though getting off to a
10744s relatively quick start that innovate
10746s into the emperor although isn't Gonna
10748s Get You know like a huge reduction on a
10751s huge hand size but the actual effect on
10753s this is just means he can just curve
10755s straight into dark arachoa next turn
10756s yeah I mean based on the actual literal
10759s size of his hand that's not a huge
10761s Emperor but that is a huge Emperor
10763s because it fixes his curve so nicely
10766s here the execute gets pulled out of the
10768s hand doc aracoa comes down this is
10771s pavel's unique Twist on the malygos
10773s Druid and it's filling out his curve
10775s here perfectly yeah and that's seven
10777s Health being a real pain for Jason is he
10779s just has nothing you know the Qualcomm
10781s was just one off being able to very
10783s cleanly clear up the arakoa
10786s I imagine we're going to be seeing this
10788s used to cycle yes picks up the swipe can
10791s continue to curve out with the Maya
10793s keeper here and this is around the time
10795s of the game where you actually have to
10797s make a decision early on in the game you
10799s ramp literally every time I don't care
10801s what anyone else says much later in the
10803s game obviously you take the token but in
10805s this situation Tempo base match up you
10807s have a play for next turn anyway with
10809s the Arcane giant or the swipe if you
10811s want to take a removal turn I like the
10813s extra 2-2 on the board in this spot yep
10814s completely agree I think as well he
10817s doesn't have a lot of options to fill
10818s out with so it's not as if the extra man
10820s is going to do anything or even get into
10823s a particular game plan quickly he
10826s doesn't have a game plan at the moment
10827s except for just get stuff on the board
10829s and start to really pressure Jason Joe
10831s down because just having a swipe all
10833s that's going to do is just leverage like
10834s the ball even more
10836s that execute is so big he doesn't have a
10840s great proc for it right now but look at
10843s parbol's hand Jason doesn't really have
10846s information as to what this hand is the
10848s rappers of course recently drawn the
10850s swipe was recently drawn off the cycle
10851s of the Wrath on a previous turn as well
10853s so he doesn't have too much of a read as
10855s to what's going on here but I don't
10857s think he can let that AAA hang around so
10859s I think Jason Joe assesses this
10860s situation correctly he just has to
10862s answer this threat on board hope the
10864s hand is drying he gets rewarded the hand
10866s is dry are we gonna see a self cycle on
10869s the Wrath here just to try and pick up
10871s some pressure he is gonna go for it
10873s needs to hit some gas here that's
10875s playable because the moon fire takes it
10878s down to six and he just drops it down
10880s Pablo with the snap play A8 number two
10883s your executes are gone pavel's looking
10886s comfortable again yeah this is a serious
10888s issue now for Jason you can put some
10890s speed bumps in the way though does have
10892s the Twilight Guardian that you can play
10893s that's just very awkward to deal with a
10895s lot of the time we can see they probably
10897s to if the Twilight Guardian came down
10899s you can just swipe trade in the two one
10902s but he's still running a bit dry they
10905s are I mean they're speed bumps but they
10907s are speed bumps in the way of a
10908s bulldozer right now they're not going to
10910s slow this thing down for long Pavel has
10913s the power to push through and we've both
10914s executes gone Jason Joe is gonna have to
10917s deal with this A8 through board tension
10919s he doesn't even have a face out in this
10922s situation he's done zero damage this
10924s game he can't even start trying to push
10926s in the situation there's just very
10929s little route to victory that I can see
10932s from Jason Joe but he does just try and
10934s create some poor attention get some face
10935s damage in the meantime Pavel is drawing
10938s you know a few dead cards here but still
10941s that single AA on the board might just
10943s be enough to carry him yeah he can still
10945s um clear up the board here with the moon
10947s fire and the hero power as well and
10949s leave the A8 to attack face if he really
10951s wants to to just start pounding on that
10953s damage it looks like that is going to be
10954s the plan yeah again both executes gone
10957s so you know this Arcane giant almost all
10961s the time gets to live there's Ragnar
10963s also can come down on curve this turn
10964s that's a consideration to try and keep
10966s your 2-1 alive but you can't really do
10968s that and then if there's no rag this
10970s turn then your AA is basically living
10973s until Deathwing which you know by that
10976s time it's gonna get the got the job done
10977s there is a death Wing in Jason Joe's
10980s deck but he needs to find some serious
10982s stalling mechanisms to get to that point
10984s yeah they'll be pretty much curator as
10986s an option which has a great chance of
10988s drawing Deathwing yep as well so you
10991s know curator are exactly ragnaros would
10993s be the key draws for Jason at this term
10996s what is he gonna get that'll look like a
10997s 10 Mana okay as a champion yeah I'm not
11000s going to be good enough that only allows
11001s him to get seven onto the Arcane giant
11003s but he can at least take care of the 2-1
11006s on the board and armor up to get himself
11008s out of range of the nine that Pavel can
11011s do with the Giant and the hero power
11012s next turn
11014s any form of damage more or less is gonna
11018s take him out though and it's such a
11020s scary moment he's used a lot of it
11022s though rage is still there right he's
11024s used two moon fires he used Roots early
11025s we've seen swipe used as well but the
11027s feral rages are in there the York is in
11029s there the Ragnarok is in there all of
11032s these things can make it happen he does
11034s just draw Minion presents here so Jason
11036s Joe has another chance to get himself
11038s out of this and he has been getting some
11040s very timely draws in clutch situations
11043s just like this yeah we'll see it's only
11046s going to be a frothing Berserker which
11048s is just not gonna be enough this is just
11051s gonna be game as he actually just even
11053s if he armors up yeah Sandra will kill
11055s him along with the hero power so Pavel
11058s evens this one up with a pretty good win
11060s versus the Dragon Warrior there yeah one
11062s thing we have just learned is parvo is
11064s not gonna have to come all the way back
11066s from zero three this game he is on the
11068s board early picks up a game win early
11071s and Pavel is looking in much more
11073s comfortable spot but this might be
11075s foreign territory for him at this point
11076s yeah so don't go anywhere guys we are
11079s going to be right back with game three
11085s foreign
11088s do you think you have a play style
11090s I had a stone it's not about playstyle
11093s it's about which play have better
11095s chances to give you even what about if
11098s you don't know which play is better I
11101s really chose to play which I feel gives
11104s me more chance to win
11106s how did you prepare for the world
11107s championship just that
11110s thinking about which decks is the best
11112s tested on ladder and in with my practice
11116s Partners a cooler your main practice
11119s Partners I don't have main practice
11121s Partners but I was practice with yog
11124s Maverick it's French players also with
11128s name and hippie we had Skype call what's
11131s the Russian Hearthstone seem like a
11133s Russian Community have a lot of strong
11135s players for example neyman
11141s who would you want to beat the most it
11144s doesn't matter too much not Dr hippie uh
11147s yeah it will be nice to be Dr hippie
11150s this little troll
11160s to have a chance at drippy does have to
11163s go through Jason Zhao though it is 1-1
11166s at the moment and moving on to game
11168s three shortly how do you think this
11170s series is going to pan out so based on
11172s you know the you know mainly that Rogue
11174s to be honest as you said the Rogue was a
11176s tough one for Pavel to get a loss with
11178s probably really wanted the win just to
11179s get it out of the way it's true um I
11181s have been incredibly impressed with
11183s Jason Joe's play throughout this
11184s tournament but I can't bring myself to
11186s root against a guy whose cardigan game
11188s is so on point as pavels is so I mean
11192s pavel's my boy just purely on dress code
11194s alone yeah so I'll actually took me out
11196s shopping and it took me straight to a
11198s store that just pretty much was like
11200s these do the best Cardigans and it was a
11203s definitely an interesting trip for me I
11204s didn't purchase for myself I feel like
11206s I'm not quite up on that game yet but
11208s maybe one day you'll get me to wear one
11210s yeah but serious time the Rogue is a big
11213s deal like I said um Jason Joe had this
11215s consideration in his mind he thought he
11217s thought he on the opening round matchup
11220s against hamster and went all the way
11222s through to potentially playing Pavel in
11224s the semi-finals and he's adapted his
11225s lineup a little bit towards what he was
11227s expecting from parvo in this situation
11229s so I think you know Jason Joe I think
11232s has been playing stronger as well
11233s overall again that one mislethal
11236s yesterday where of course you know it's
11239s it's almost unforgivable to miss lethal
11241s in a game of hearthstone but it was a
11242s situation where his opponent was like 20
11244s something healthy just wasn't looking
11245s for a damage push whatsoever and you
11247s know that one turn aside he's been
11249s playing incredibly strong so I have to
11252s realistically cardigan game aside give
11255s the nod to Jason Joe yeah he is looking
11258s fantastic and I think again the main
11259s thing and you know something we've
11261s talked about through opening week and so
11263s far yesterday but this morning is that
11265s just consistency and just generally not
11268s you don't need to do anything too flashy
11270s we're just not messing up and just
11272s playing well overall is actually enough
11273s something we've seen from chansu as well
11275s who's also doing pretty well in this
11277s tournament yeah I mean worldwide
11279s Chauncey was a guy that I just described
11280s as playing robotic Hearthstone but you
11282s know this weekend he's gone even beyond
11284s that he's getting reads into his game
11286s you know he's out playing people on The
11287s Human Side as well so the Asian
11289s representatives chansu from Korea are
11292s more relevant to this game now Jason Joe
11294s from China have been incredibly
11295s impressive to me and this has been
11297s something that we've long since needed
11299s in Hearthstone honestly is just a
11301s consistent threat coming in from the
11303s East just to shake up that Europe versus
11305s North America conversation just a little
11307s bit get them in there we've had you know
11310s we've been splitting the world champions
11311s a little bit far about followed by us
11312s Kaka is it Asia's time in this
11315s tournament yeah it definitely wouldn't
11317s surprise me too much based on how these
11319s guys have been playing to be honest but
11321s something we've learned as well is that
11322s you can never count Pavel out no matter
11325s what the score looks like until the
11326s whole match is over it is not finished
11329s he's proven time and time again that he
11331s can come back even in dire circumstances
11334s yep so one game a piece on the board
11337s both of the Sean almonds are banned out
11341s shout out to you crowd
11344s there we go some cool signs going on
11345s there some support for Jason Joe in the
11347s crowd as well pause and crowd all room
11350s for their their favorites their
11351s Champions people from their home region
11353s however they're picking their
11354s allegiances they're getting behind their
11357s players and Pavel is ready to re-queue
11359s now Jason Joe staring at a handful of
11363s Mana with nothing to play with it swipe
11366s is not what he needs he's gonna need to
11368s pick up some gas here but he has all the
11370s ramp in the world Pablo is gonna have to
11373s go and go fast this game to overcome the
11376s Mana deficit that he's gonna have yeah
11377s and taking a note from something we
11379s briefly discussed yesterday was that
11380s pavel's Mage deck is very minion heavy
11383s still Tempo Mage but with cards on the
11385s lines of War Elemental double faceless
11388s Summoner there's just so many minions
11391s and I bulky mid-range minions in the
11393s deck Joey kind of just struggles to deal
11395s with them most of the time in a war
11397s Elemental how does Drew that actually
11398s kill it outside of a mulch like not in a
11401s very clean way
11403s popo is literally one with Babbling
11406s Brook I
11407s ain't a man with such control over
11411s yesterday picked up
11414s as portal exactly when he needed them
11416s and here picks up a nice juicy Mirror
11419s Image to go on curve buff up his Mana
11421s worm get the aggression rolling
11423s everything's looking great for Pablo in
11425s this situation because despite all the
11427s Mana for Jason Joe as I said he's just
11429s not picking up the plays to go with it
11431s and look at this already on this the
11434s spell power drawn and maybe a couple
11436s more innovates that aren't in the deck
11438s like how is this water Elemental
11440s answered and it's actually going to lock
11441s down the hero power potential that is
11443s how it's answered good job Jason Joe you
11446s answered my question pretty quickly
11448s there mulch can be used but we said no
11452s there's way more mid-range minions in
11454s this deck after water Elemental so if he
11456s has to mulch now he knows that he's gone
11458s from the deck overall it means he has to
11460s do something pretty brave to keep up
11462s later he's doing it I mean he's going
11463s for a full clear here so I can only
11465s imagine from Jason's perspective he's
11467s saying okay Pavel you've joined a bunch
11470s of minions but you know in this
11472s situation Tempo Mage is somewhat
11474s entitled to run dry they do play a lot
11476s of spells as well but as you correctly
11478s pointed out so many extra minions in
11481s pubble's deck that he could just
11482s constantly keep reloading the gas here
11484s the thing from below obviously isn't
11486s going to get huge in this situation or
11487s isn't going to get discounted to a huge
11489s degree but it's still just another
11490s chunky minion that he can drop on the
11492s board at some point so Pablo's decision
11495s to just bring all this extra beef not
11497s just in his Mage but in all his other
11498s decks as well paying out for him yeah
11501s and you know you said about the thing
11502s from below we see Effigy as well from
11504s The Babylon box so you know there's a
11506s chance that Pavel can set up a fortune
11508s situation where the thing from below is
11510s forced to get killed because it does
11511s have taunt as well and then that's going
11513s to summon like re-summon a six drop and
11515s there are a couple of powerful six drops
11517s in the game cam Sylvanas being a couple
11519s of them as well there is one or two of
11522s them yeah but
11523s Pavel does manage to uh sorry doesn't
11526s manage to find an answer to the fandral
11528s which means that say a nourish would be
11530s a huge draw for Jason Joe but Harrison
11533s picked up not the matchup that he's
11534s aiming this at Jason Joe does seem to be
11536s twoing his lineup towards control
11538s Warrior just a little bit with all his
11541s weapon destruction as well as some of
11543s his lineup choices but Harrison is very
11545s much a whiff in this matchup yeah and we
11548s see the saucers uh sorry the cold
11550s sorceros is actually going to line up
11551s really well versus the FanDuel as well
11555s yeah so Rath gonna come out here but
11557s probably to cycle here from Jason needs
11559s to pick up some gas that's gas but it's
11562s not playable but it does give him some
11564s game in the upcoming turns to be able to
11567s dominate the board but Hubble here can
11569s try and take advantage of this one free
11571s turn of tempo that he has available to
11573s him to try and create some kind of board
11575s State and this is the situation where
11577s you have to State take a step back and
11579s say okay I have massive card Advantage
11582s I'm going to have Tempo Advantage
11584s because I'm the first guy playing onto
11585s the board what's the situation that I
11588s lose to here so you have to think about
11590s the potential Power Cards what could
11592s that one card be it wasn't played with
11595s five Mana available like literally what
11597s could that car be ragnaros is one of the
11600s reads and just by playing the one big
11602s minion on the board Pavel did leave
11604s himself a little bit open to that yeah
11606s and we've seen ragnos has been very
11607s impactful in this tournament overall and
11610s yet again kills the thing from below and
11613s suddenly Pavel is the step back kind
11615s still has a massive card Advantage but
11618s has to deal with this ragnaros he cannot
11619s just leave it Knocking around we might
11621s even see the Effigy come down this turn
11624s yeah there we go so even if the ragnaros
11626s kills the Azure Drake you get another
11628s five drop and if it doesn't where you
11629s can then use the spell power to actually
11632s start helping deal with the ragnaros
11634s okay that Drake
11636s into the
11639s into the even more important than you
11640s might think because remember Jason
11642s didn't know what that secret was that
11644s was being played he only had the malygos
11646s available to him to play but all he knew
11649s that was me error entity so he picked up
11652s a minion and that was playable but
11655s pubble hits the Doom guard off the
11657s Effigy this game is swinging back and
11660s forth so quickly
11662s yeah I'm ready for the second Doom guard
11664s of the violence portal at this rate
11667s I mean Sorcerer's Apprentice comes down
11669s that gives him a little bit more
11670s flexibility in terms of his Mana usage
11672s he is able to play
11673s and the frostball I mean that's a lot of
11676s stats for sure the 6-6 against Druid but
11679s it is pubble's job in this situation to
11682s be the aggressor
11684s yeah he's uh he's definitely gonna be
11687s able to use a lot of pressure here just
11689s because the main is very difficult to
11690s deal with and at the moment Jason has
11692s quite a lot of Health anyway so the
11694s death rattle from the the uh the 66
11698s isn't really gonna do too much just
11699s gonna help it on the ball presence
11700s overall
11702s yup so Jason Joe looking at his hand
11704s here now that the secret has been
11705s cleared he is free to develop that
11707s malygos if he wants to to uh try and
11709s combine it with the moon fire and and
11712s take care of the six six or the 5-3 on
11714s the board and may want to try and get
11715s full value out of the six sixes healing
11717s a bit later on but for now at least yeah
11720s the moon fire is going to come down he
11721s is just going to choose to take the
11723s maximum stats off the board picks up his
11725s healing and now with a malygos in play
11727s he's in a very comfortable position
11731s yeah definitely uh definitely looking
11733s pretty good the Molly goes surviving
11735s onto the ball is a big deal it's just
11738s going to be if Jason can survive and you
11740s know really cash any like he said he's
11741s got the Wrath but the nourish into more
11744s remove all the moon fights is what is
11745s what's going to be really important just
11747s to really beat down what Pavel has left
11753s yeah so I mean the malagos on the
11755s board's such a huge deal for Jason right
11757s now demands an answer
11761s blood Mage is going to come down he
11762s might even just be trying to cycle here
11764s boy he's just going to load up minions
11766s against it use the flame strike to try
11768s and take care of the malygos
11770s yeah I think he pretty much has to
11771s actually like this you know as you said
11774s you just can't leave it up if the maligo
11776s survives even like a single swipe is
11778s going to be a really big deal yeah you
11780s haven't seen any swipes but I know he
11781s did see one swipe used early in
11783s combination with the mulch and the
11785s innovate turn which means that Jason he
11789s I mean he was just forced to play around
11790s here I mean this way would be an
11791s absolute blowout in that situation
11794s yeah the Raven Idol is looking pretty
11796s good so far he has another nourish as
11799s well
11800s as an option as well as a mulch
11803s I can't quite see the other one though
11806s yeah the nourish being picked up is huge
11808s now the Arcane Giants in his hand enable
11809s him to just keep putting down pressure
11811s on the board he spent the vast majority
11813s of this game just casting spells so this
11816s is an absolutely huge outcome for him
11818s yeah just being able to slam two Arcane
11821s Giants down like what is Pavel even
11823s going to do at this point just a flame
11826s Waker available for him bloodmage is
11828s gonna draw into the Drake which will
11830s definitely help out but you know what
11832s can he do he's not put enough pressure
11834s on Jason Jason's still at 30 health and
11836s that is going to be the concede Jason's
11839s joke goes two zero up and Pavel just was
11843s not enough there even with the huge hand
11845s Advantage it just wasn't enough the huge
11848s turn with the malagos dropping those
11849s Giants ending up that game pretty
11852s quickly yeah and we saw you the opening
11854s hand had so much manner acceleration in
11856s it from Jason that he just needed to
11859s start picking up those huge threats to
11861s be able to use that Mana Advantage got
11863s the rag got the malygos the Arcane giant
11865s into nourish term was huge and then the
11868s Arcane Giants just finished the job yep
11870s Jason Joe two one up versus Pavel gonna
11873s find out how this series continues
11874s straight after this
11895s have you started thinking about playing
11897s on the big BlizzCon stage yet I did
11900s think about it but I need to be like
11903s come out through this group stage first
11906s have you thought about the money at all
11907s yeah it's a lot of money right maybe
11912s spend some money to travel a bit and
11915s rest and maybe to do some investment
11917s investing into Hearthstone packs perhaps
11920s actually I always do that a controlware
11922s is always expensive right oh yeah it's
11925s always expensive
11927s who's been the coolest person that
11928s you've met in all of your travels
11930s offense best gym oh your fans you have
11934s to pick one person though
11936s does he have blue hair okay okay you
11939s have a question you make a deal if I win
11942s the Visa card champion title I can make
11946s the blue hair yeah just like you just
11949s like you Mohawk too
11954s foreign
11964s Ty with your decks coming into the world
11967s championship
11968s I just bring deck switches in my opinion
11971s as the best
11973s I mean all my decks is good against
11975s control water Maybe
11977s accept through it but Android also have
11980s decent chance against it and the old
11983s medics in general very strong
11987s so how do you think you compare to the
11989s other players at the world championship
11991s I don't think that anyone have better
11993s chance to win BlizzCon than me someone
11996s players have less chance than me I think
11998s than someone have equal chance
12002s do you think winning postcon will change
12003s your life yeah it will definitely change
12007s my life I mean I'll get a lot of money
12010s more popularity you were very close to
12013s qualifying for the world championship
12015s last year yep how did it feel this year
12018s after you won the last call and
12020s qualified yeah I'm super glad that they
12022s qualified for BlizzCon
12025s learn that time here hopefully I will
12027s win BlizzCon
12038s and we are back with Pablo versus Jason
12042s show Jason Joe is 2-1 up at the moment
12045s sorry about that slight delay but we
12048s should be ready to get into the next
12050s game Pavel can he do it so of course he
12053s can he's been in this position
12055s Al times already he's faced more
12057s adversity than this coming back from
12059s zero three down on two different
12062s occasions so this small deficit will be
12064s water off a Ducks back to him he is the
12067s Russian Comeback Kid yep just a walk in
12070s the park but Jason show is no pushover
12073s himself he's looking great so far in
12075s this series as we do get in to the next
12077s game it's going to be Jason Joe on the
12079s Dragon Warrior that we saw him lose with
12081s earlier versus Pebbles Tempo Mage again
12084s how does this matchup normally goes all
12086s I mean one of the reasons why Tempo
12088s major originally came back to popularity
12090s is that it started to pick up decent win
12093s rate against Dragon Warrior at the point
12094s where Dragon Warrior was absolutely
12096s terrorizing The Meta so you'd have to
12098s think it does reasonably well still but
12101s this opening hand from Pavel is looking
12103s dry and the exact opposite for Jason he
12107s has the absolute dream available yeah
12110s there is a slight difference between the
12112s opening hands there just a little bit
12114s the double War racks into three drops as
12117s well just means Jason Joe can do pretty
12119s much anything he wants right about now
12121s and even the Alex trousers Champion
12123s coming down being able to get that easy
12125s trade on the Thanos yeah as if he needed
12128s the help already had both War axes
12130s available to him picked up the Alex
12132s strasa Champion which is actually even a
12134s better Tempo tour than the war axes they
12137s already had and the missiles why not
12140s take care of it though but Jason is just
12142s fine with that honestly he has the war
12144s axes to start ramping back
12146s yeah and he even has the uh the three
12148s drops just to follow up as well
12151s can do pretty much what he wants here
12152s but the war ax doesn't like the best
12154s player he can work his way into the
12156s Twilight guard your next turn is having
12158s that death Wing available as well means
12160s that you know normally having a 10 drop
12162s in your hand is not great this early on
12164s but he will have a dragon Synergy buff
12167s all of the time the Twilight Guardian
12170s the Blackwing corrupters and other Alex
12171s trousers Champion they are just going to
12173s be live and active I mean I'd be really
12176s surprised to see any play that is in the
12177s war ax here even though it's off curve
12179s even though it does you know it's Mana
12181s inefficient doesn't use his resources as
12183s efficiently this is tempo major playing
12185s against and the way that Tempo Mage
12187s beats you is pushing through early
12190s damage with these snowball Minions that
12192s they have and then backing that up with
12194s burn and like game minions later on this
12197s is not what bubble Wing to draw he does
12199s not have those minions to play this turn
12201s he can do nothing pink pass on for
12204s Jason's show quick nod and that must be
12207s a huge confidence booster for him in
12209s this game right so imagine the
12211s difference here from Jason's perspective
12213s if he's putting a fireball as one of the
12216s cards in his opponent's hand because he
12218s knows it's running dry right now if he'd
12220s have coined this out on the last turn or
12222s just played one of his three drops into
12223s the Mana worm the fireball comes down
12225s Hubble has counter play he pushes
12228s through so instead just equipping the
12230s fiery War ax and starting to take care
12232s of the minions one by one he's made the
12234s tempo plays from Pavel basically
12237s non-existent he has no answer to this
12239s yeah and one of the card choices we were
12241s talking about earlier in this Dragon
12242s Warrior is the single slam and wow that
12246s got value helped cycle for Jason and
12248s most importantly with the addition of
12250s the second swing of that Pharaoh War ax
12252s help cleared up that as your Drake and
12254s presented a very very scary board for
12256s Pavel to look at this turn as he is
12258s still one turn away from that flame
12260s strike yeah he really is and still no
12263s perfect answer to this board State I
12265s think he's just gonna try and recreate
12267s board tension with the faceless Summoner
12269s but Jason oh that's a good one
12272s that is certainly a little bit of
12275s tension but Jason has so much game
12277s against these attempted pushes onto the
12279s board with minions just look at this
12281s potential Black Wing corrupter plus
12282s fiery War ax turn to just continue to
12285s trade through and dominate the board
12286s he's in such good shape here yeah he's
12290s playing on a hell of a lot of pressure
12292s and even case worst case scenario we go
12296s to the late game Deathwing has just been
12298s chilling in the hand for a while he can
12300s just end it as well as Mage does not
12302s have a great answer unless pavel's gonna
12305s pull another polymorph out of that
12306s babbling bug I mean and this is what
12308s makes the line that Jason took so much
12311s more appealing as well is that he kind
12313s of just has the late game locked up yeah
12314s he had no reason to try and Rush against
12317s the Mana worm equip the fiery War ax
12319s played it slow and again every
12322s interaction that's come since then has
12324s been dependent on that decision to play
12326s off curve early on and equip that war ax
12329s with three Mana available yeah
12331s definitely one of the key decisions has
12333s helped him get ahead here Pavel is going
12335s to try to mount a defense though not
12338s going to just go for the flame strike
12339s this turn gonna take that down at the
12341s froth in Berserker and set up a bit of a
12343s scary board himself
12345s yeah I do wonder about this decision
12347s from Jason to be aggressive on the
12349s previous term because as I said with the
12351s death Wing in hand it really does feel
12352s like the late game is locked up in his
12354s favor Tempo maze just has no game
12356s against a 12-12 on the board apart from
12359s that unique out that you've already
12360s talked about but I guess Jason's read is
12363s that he's putting his opponent now on
12365s things like flame strike like Firelands
12368s portal like ragnaros even potential
12371s cards are in hand and he's looking and
12373s saying okay if I give my opponent the
12374s chance to come back into this game his
12377s expensive cars that he clearly has in
12378s hand can have a big impact yeah and we
12381s see now Jason choosing to actually try
12383s and trade up and slow this game down a
12386s little bit because of that we can see
12387s pebble is putting together a good amount
12389s of damage dude
12392s he did use the pole to clear up the
12394s first corrupter RK missiles for the next
12397s but he does have a fire behind hand even
12399s with the Drake to help cycling to even
12401s more burn and the 6'5 from the violence
12405s Paul is a huge threat in itself at the
12407s moment yeah Jason Joe gonna start off
12409s his turn here with the Finley the rest
12412s of his turn uh was only seven Mana
12414s available so he may as well lead out
12415s with the Finley see if it changes his
12416s mind but there's not a hero power that's
12419s really going to bail him out of trouble
12420s this turn it's about how he sees his
12423s game plan steady shot can potentially
12425s get him into immediate range so that
12428s when Deathwing comes down Deathwing plus
12430s the hero power the next term will
12431s threaten lethal if he can just find a
12433s way to press it a couple of turns over
12435s the next turn or two but does he feel
12438s like he's trying to set up an aggressive
12440s win or is he favoring a more stabilizing
12442s hero power like the Lesser heels it's
12444s definitely a tough goal to make he's
12446s gone with the Lesser heel he might have
12448s even been looking for the Mage hero
12450s power to trade cork run into the 6'5 and
12453s ping it down which just removes the
12455s threat from the board as opposed to this
12457s play which just says okay I'm just gonna
12459s play two taunts you're just probably not
12461s going to be able to hit through both as
12463s well as punch me in the face for six oh
12465s I came blast is gonna help though he did
12467s exactly what I said he couldn't and that
12470s sticks to face is gonna change
12471s everything with that Azure Drake and a
12474s fireball in hand the clock right now is
12477s so real for pubble he's sitting on the
12480s Fireball the curator pickup is huge that
12483s keeps him alive and now this is
12485s potentially the one turn that he needed
12487s to get himself the death Wing in play
12489s and start to put the pressure back onto
12491s pobble yeah the problem is he needs to
12494s do that little bit of extra damage
12495s Deathwing coming down clears the board
12498s great but Pavel especially with this
12500s Arcane intellect has access to more
12502s burning if he can just kill him the turn
12504s deathwing's played who cares at this
12506s moment he's going for it
12508s yeah I love this he really
12514s right Paul and papa with the smile Lee
12518s Roy Jenkins let's not wait for Deathwing
12521s let's end the game now
12525s they're all gone Pablo is just
12527s manipulating reality to his will this
12530s tournament
12532s serious no he had the fireball to back
12534s it up the nest her Deathwing was almost
12536s certainly gonna come down the fireball
12538s would have ended the game either way but
12540s he wanted to go out in style gets the
12542s Leroy Jenkins to push through Pavel
12544s right back in this series yeah
12546s absolutely insane Series so far and we
12549s are going to be right back with the next
12551s match of Pavel versus Jason show
12554s we are back everyone I think everyone
12557s needed just a minute to recover from the
12560s end of that specific game Firelands Paul
12563s into Leroy to end it from Pavel
12566s accompanied by the nice smile over the
12568s monitor at Jason you can't really argue
12570s with that but these players are even now
12572s is 2-2 and this is the best of seven of
12575s cars two more decks for each player to
12577s win with and hey both Rogan Warrior yeah
12580s but still dramatic differences in the
12582s two decks because Pavel as the uh the
12586s greedy malagos Rogue Jason has some of a
12589s unique Rogue where it really resembles
12591s the questing build that people have been
12593s playing recently but it's cut the
12594s questings out it's kind of all the way
12596s back to an old school Miracle Rogue
12598s where it's just Leroy Cold Blood as a
12600s win condition two conceals in there as
12602s well to try and make board pushes but
12604s you know Pavel as well sitting on the
12606s c'thun warrior of his own whereas Jason
12608s has got himself away from those control
12610s Warrior strategies and move to the
12611s Dragon Warrior yeah and the lack of
12613s question is actually just like it's
12615s going to make this matchup a little bit
12616s more strange than normal yeah this sort
12618s of you know it acts similar to the
12620s question versus malagos matchup but
12622s Jason can't be as aggressive as you can
12625s with Quest adventurers because you know
12627s he just doesn't have he needs to buy the
12629s time and really push for the late game
12631s win condition as opposed to just
12632s slamming the quest and get concealed
12634s build it up and pressure with cold blood
12636s so that's just not an option so there's
12638s potential that Pavel is just going to
12639s join him in the very late game and just
12641s kill him with Mali Pavo just swashes
12643s into an assassin's blade as well that's
12645s potentially really big but it just
12646s represents 12 damage Rogue these days
12649s Kyle all the healing so if you can get
12650s them on a clock you know one of their
12652s weaknesses is Decks that are able to
12654s push fast repetitive damage and
12656s assassin's blade is a card that allows
12658s Rogue to do just that so Pavel can grab
12661s himself aboard here he might be able to
12663s just leverage that assassin's blade and
12665s be able to skip the whole malagos
12666s proceedings entirely yeah that's
12669s actually pretty huge it kind of uh what
12671s just happened
12674s oh Jason just played and Edwin on the
12677s board and Then followed it up with a
12679s backstab that is just pure Miss
12681s sequencing wanted to have the 4-4 on the
12683s board instead he's just sat with a
12685s miserable tutu and one of his biggest
12687s resources is gone that is a potentially
12689s huge error for Jason yeah that is
12692s massive and you saw straight away as
12694s soon as that Van Cleef hit the ball
12696s Jason just looked down to the desk and
12698s was like what did I just do because that
12701s as you said could be game changing and
12704s you know the the amount of pressure
12706s these players are under that there's
12708s always going to be moments where it gets
12710s very difficult and you just slip once
12712s and that could be one of these moments
12713s yeah two words slow down you played that
12716s turn within the first five seconds of
12719s his turn time why why are you doing that
12722s you have 75 seconds available to you to
12726s think through everything to make sure
12727s tiny little mechanical errors like that
12729s don't happen I bring bringing this point
12731s up over and over again towards Hubble
12734s during this tournament proceedings this
12736s time is Jason falling foul of it this is
12739s the most important of hearthstone in
12741s your
12747s snap play every turn Pavel did take his
12749s time though the Rope started burning and
12752s again look at this turn he's just
12753s disrespecting the Vancleave just gonna
12755s whack him in the face with that
12757s assassin's blade and there is no counter
12759s play in terms of weapon destruction in
12761s Jason Joe's Rogue so there's not a lot
12763s he can really do about it yeah it's kind
12766s of interesting actually because Jason
12767s has favored the Harrison in a number of
12769s his other decks he has it in the Druid
12771s he has it in the shaman but choosing not
12773s to go with it in the Rogue here is a
12775s little bit clunky Roger very streamlined
12777s deck it just wants to do what it wants
12779s to do and you know I illuminated this
12781s possibility early on which is just
12783s purple grabbing Tempo and then
12785s leveraging this assassin's blade with
12787s just the burst damage that he has on the
12789s left-hand side of his hand to be able to
12790s end this game essentially in the fashion
12792s of just old school aggro rogue basically
12794s these that's a deck that used to play
12796s Sinister strike just as one Mana three
12798s damage get it done and that's exactly
12801s what this strategy right now is
12802s resembling from pubble and so key to
12804s this Pavel needed to grab Tempo to be
12808s able to leverage this assassin's blade
12816s and as you said you know problems very
12818s quickly getting to the point where he
12819s could just kill Jason Joe second is your
12821s Drake is gonna help out as well but it
12824s might just be sense to strike with if
12826s this to clear up the opponent says he'll
12828s drink never mind no no reason
12831s uh sorry the best assistant strike and
12833s hit with the dagger to finish this game
12835s and it's got to be said that Van Cleef
12839s being a fourth floor would have changed
12840s the Outlook of this match yep there is
12843s actually no reason to interact with this
12844s Azure Drake on that turn you're just not
12846s going to die to a seven Mana hand with a
12849s drake in play so next turn by playing
12850s the emperor even if by some miracle he
12853s can't get physical damage Through Drake
12855s of this Sinister strike Sinister strike
12856s is just lethal from hand anyway so this
12859s is pretty much gonna lock up this game
12860s from parvo and Jason is going to be
12863s cursing that huge error early on that
12866s could it potentially cost in this game
12867s potentially cost him this series
12869s potentially cost him a world
12871s championship absolutely huge and Pavel
12874s has just cashed in and identified his
12876s game plan very quickly that assassin's
12879s blade unlocked a completely new route
12881s for the deck and he's executed it really
12884s well going for the emperor there like as
12885s you said no real reason to interact with
12888s the Azure Drake and that is going to be
12890s game two people and he's gonna go three
12894s two versus Jason Joe one more game from
12896s qualifying for the Hearthstone World
12898s Championship Finals yeah Pavel plays out
12901s the hand shows his strategy says hey
12903s this Emperor was a setup all along but
12906s as you mentioned that assassin's blade
12908s allowed him to create that strategy of
12911s just playing old school Tempo Rogue old
12912s school aggro rope just push damage push
12914s damage grab the board push damage and
12917s Jason had that one turn where he could
12919s have grabbed the board with the 4-4 Van
12920s Cleef horrible Miss sequencing error and
12923s it could be just so costly for him now
12926s yeah you know Pablo is one game away
12928s from potentially bucking his spot in the
12931s finals so we'll be back very soon with
12934s that game do not go anywhere
12936s Pavel is three two up versus Jason Joe
12940s in the first semi-final of the day won
12942s the game away for him to qualify for the
12944s finals Jason Joe though does have a
12947s chance at coming back he made a huge
12950s error in the previous game but he still
12952s has a chance and this guy is an
12954s incredible player that that era that he
12957s made is the kind of error it has no
12959s reflection on your ability as a
12960s Hearthstone player you know you as long
12962s as you've played Hearthstone to a basic
12964s level you understand the order that
12966s you're supposed to play backstab and si7
12968s and then and I'd win van cleefen it's
12970s not something that you just mess up
12971s because you're thinking about the game
12972s that you don't understand what's going
12974s on that is just purely a Miss click just
12977s a mechanical error a mechanical error
12979s with execution but now Jason is in the
12982s spot where he can turn this into an
12984s opportunity to get back to his old form
12986s but Pavel is right on the line of grand
12989s finals yeah he is one game away and we
12992s are in that game right now Pebbles
12995s cassoon Warrior versus recent shows
12997s Rogue he does have Van Cleef in his
13000s opening hand
13001s he does and it's it's it's gonna be hard
13004s for him to push through here because as
13005s we mentioned this is a deck that's cut
13008s out a couple of win conditions potential
13010s win conditions against Warrior the
13012s questings are huge threats that need to
13014s be answered this is a pure Leroy Cold
13016s Blood as the win condition form of Rogue
13019s which is yo can have trouble just
13021s getting damaged through against c'thude
13023s Warrior a lot of the time does still
13025s play double conceal though which is
13027s another thing the warrior does really
13029s struggle to interact with speaking of
13031s double conceal there it is in the hand
13033s but yeah you know we even saw it on that
13035s last turn from Jason Joe in the previous
13037s game the double Cold Blood and it's just
13039s 12 damage out of nowhere so it can be
13042s difficult to deal with he still has the
13043s ability to stack up that damage but for
13045s now Pablo is feeling pretty comfortable
13047s being to be able to follow up with that
13050s fiery War ax acolyte still on the board
13052s and still needs to be answered and Rogue
13054s kind of doesn't really answer alkaline
13056s very well outside of his your Drake
13057s backstab
13058s or I was just about to say pavel's hand
13061s right now is set up so perfectly to deal
13064s with the tomb Pillager but almost
13065s luckily for Jason Joe he didn't have it
13067s but then he drew the tomb Pillager and
13070s now the ravaging goreplay is gonna
13071s punish it the war ax comes down takes
13074s care of it and he Cycles a card off the
13076s acolyte here parbo is just watching his
13078s dreams come true at this moment yeah
13081s Jason Joe does have access to a
13083s reasonable turn now though he can set up
13086s the gadgetzan with coin uh gadgets and
13088s coin conceal but he is gonna go with the
13091s clear and just start to reduce this
13093s board size down the SI is going to
13095s challenge the cool time to hold off on
13097s the gadgets and turn this time
13100s this is interesting too as well because
13102s he had the opportunity to just conceal
13104s this board and make a push for damage he
13105s could have played the second coin as
13107s well then the Edwin to max out the size
13110s of it and then concealed and had this
13112s huge ball presence that he could have
13113s pushed through potentially checking for
13115s a brawl and then if the brawl happens
13116s you have gadjizen concealed to follow
13118s that up on a later turn but decided to
13120s just go for the minion presence here
13122s keep both of those conceals available to
13124s him potentially to pair with those cold
13127s Bloods later on yeah Pablo has a great
13130s turn here the ship how Brown in the
13132s c'thun deck is huge one it helped him
13135s just kill Van Cleef with the double
13136s disciple hits and oh by the way the
13139s double disciple hits both c'thun twice
13141s which means this Shield Baron curve is
13143s gonna work out for him also means the
13145s c'thun's just generally getting bigger
13146s which is now in his hands so a very real
13149s consideration for just killing your
13151s opponent with it a lot of the time you
13153s buff up c'thun and it doesn't end up in
13155s your hand till really late in the game
13156s but now Pavel can just play as if he can
13158s just kill his opponent yeah and Rogue as
13161s a class just doesn't really have outs to
13163s c'thun
13164s gets the board and clears right it's
13167s probably the worst minion in the game to
13170s sap back to your opponent's hand as long
13172s as they didn't innovate it out or some
13173s nonsense in Druid um it just seems
13177s destined he would have woke up woke up
13178s this morning and he would have just been
13180s praying that one he can play to his
13182s potential but two he just had that
13185s little bit of luck working on his side
13186s and right now it seems like both of
13188s those things are coming together in the
13189s perfect Synergy for Pavel yeah it is in
13192s a great spot and it's only getting
13194s better because Shield Bearer
13196s with the armor is a good play equipping
13199s gohal colony
13200s for next turn is a good play but you
13203s really want to play The Shield Bearer
13205s combined with the shield slime which is
13206s eight mana and you know what twin amps
13208s on seven is always a good play and he
13211s drew into it and he's causing Jason
13213s Jones some headaches now all right so
13215s now this is Jason's push he has this
13218s concealed board if he can get one minion
13220s to stick here as could be the case with
13222s this Auctioneer now he has the cold
13224s blood to follow up and the reconceal
13226s just to try and get the one two punch
13228s forcing the cold blood damage through
13230s twice so this is a potentially huge
13233s decision for parvo he can choose to take
13235s the brawl 50 50 here and try and deny
13238s the auctioneer or he can just try and
13240s load up on pressure and move towards the
13242s win condition himself as you stated of
13245s just ending the game with c'thun yeah I
13247s mean I don't think he needs to risk the
13249s brawl at all to be honest he has Shield
13252s Bearer this turn he can even follow up
13254s with Gore howl into c'thun if he really
13257s needs to to just really push the damage
13259s because realistically
13260s Jason's just not gonna pile the bald
13262s wide with minions the Rogue just doesn't
13264s really have the ability to do that
13266s especially with no questions so you know
13269s even if one additional minion comes out
13270s well c'thun at worst is going to clear
13272s the board and then what does he do yeah
13275s I mean I really like Doom caller this
13276s turn just huge threat in play he's
13278s threatening lethal that keeps the shield
13280s Bearer Shield slam combination available
13281s to you if you need to be able to take
13283s care of a minion and there's there's no
13285s way this game is progressing to the
13287s point where you need Doom caller to
13288s revive that's just not happening so
13291s let's get the seven nine down in play as
13293s buff c'thun up even higher he actually
13294s chooses to go for the c'thuns chosen
13296s here instead which is a little bit
13298s interesting to me this is just less
13299s power in play it allows him to fit in
13302s the armor up as well if he's really
13304s worried about just dying straight up
13305s this term yeah I think there's just on
13308s on 26 is just like probably a small just
13312s a small niggle in Pebbles bank it's like
13315s well there is a gadgets and down there's
13317s already a lot of cards in my opponent's
13319s hand if the star a line that goes into
13322s sap cold but cold blood you know it
13324s starts just stacking up that much damage
13325s there's a chance I just die and then
13327s Shield Bearer with the 10 armor isn't
13329s enough to stabilize next turn so I don't
13332s mind this play although Doom caller felt
13334s like the you know the standard go-to I
13337s do completely understand this play from
13339s Pavel just playing it safe because as
13341s you said the game is not going to go
13342s long and so far it seems to be favoring
13344s Pavel here yeah if Jason does go ahead
13347s and use the sap he's picked up the Leroy
13349s now to his damage potential is huge in
13352s this position and this is exactly what I
13355s talked about push the damage try and get
13357s two swings out of your cold blood and
13359s look doesn't even play the swash burglar
13362s to play around the potential brawl from
13365s Pavel and here's another factor of
13367s playing uh c'thun's chosen on the
13370s previous turn as opposed to playing a
13372s bigger minion this turn he would have
13374s c'thun's chosen brawl available to him
13376s that would give him another option of
13378s potentially being able to deal with the
13379s auctioneer
13381s yeah he really would actually that would
13383s have been a tough one for Jason show to
13385s react to If the auctioneer did die to
13387s the brawl but look at this hand this
13389s hand just may as well say draw your deck
13392s because of the gadgets and on the board
13394s you can see the Azure come down first
13396s though not going to start off with a
13398s prep it's too easy rates available but
13401s even more damage this is looking pretty
13404s scary for Pavel now yep still a cold
13406s blood left in the deck as well I believe
13408s on top of those two eviscerates but he's
13410s already used Too Much Mana this turn to
13411s be able to force through Leroy so that
13414s is 10 damage from eviscerates plus 12
13418s from the uh gadgetzan Auctioneer making
13421s 22 but he is just going to send it all
13423s downtown right now if he pushes the
13425s second cold blood in as well
13427s yeah Pavel is going to be no doubt
13429s tracking these cards needs to know what
13432s is available and now he can't really
13434s play c'thun because even if it clears
13436s the board there's only what one card
13438s left in Jason's deck like Leroy into
13441s Cold Blood Plus weapon kills him if he
13443s doesn't armor up whilst playing c'thun
13445s so this is now purely a survival game
13447s from Pablo's perspective he knows the
13449s entire deck is in the hand and he knows
13451s what those cards are so he all he needs
13453s to do is be able to beat minion presence
13455s and the small amount of remaining damage
13457s which is Leroy and cold blood in terms
13459s of damage from hand so this is the play
13461s I like for all the board whichever
13463s minion lives you have the shield slam to
13465s then take care of it you're at 16 life
13467s you cannot die based on your opponent's
13470s deck yeah and you don't leave Gothel
13473s might have been an attractive option to
13474s get it equipped but you do not want to
13476s take the damage because she said all
13478s power needs to do is to survive this
13480s Rogue will run out of burn and the game
13483s will be pavels if he can Outlast Jason
13485s Joe and he does have a reasonable way to
13488s do it as long as he can fend off these
13490s minions and guarantee the out of range
13493s oh boy that's damaged that is damage
13496s that pubble can all been accounting for
13498s with the Drake in hand still the
13500s alexstrasza champion can come down and
13501s push another three that is such a big
13504s deal for Jason Joe right now yeah
13506s swashburger is just causing havoc in
13509s this series so far and partner looks
13511s like it's going to be a consideration
13513s for Jason Joe over the dagger op just to
13515s make the ball as awkward as possible but
13517s going wide on the board means that that
13519s second brawl is going to be looking
13520s pretty tasty right about now and picks
13522s up the execute but no way to activate it
13525s in terms of being able to clear up the
13526s last minion that would survive leave a
13528s brawl so the amount of Health on the
13530s board as well as take a look at that
13531s there is six nine eleven Health on the
13533s board and he does have c'thun available
13535s to him at I believe 12 so that seems a
13539s little bit ambitious in terms of the
13540s counter punch there it is the 12 12
13542s c'thun so I think it's going to have to
13543s be a brawl but brawl armor up here takes
13546s him up to 15. he knows that there is 11
13548s damage available from hand Leroy Plus
13551s Cold Blood Plus the dagger so if he is
13554s at 15 and the tomb Pillager lives he
13557s dies yep you have to take that chance I
13559s think though there is just too much
13561s damage on the board to just pass I
13563s believe
13564s so what about the 4-6 taunt that is just
13567s the becklinach right that's just these
13568s single forces that won't regenerate so
13571s if you put that into play he saw the
13572s second sap get burned which means that
13575s Jason Joe would have to go through that
13577s the hard way end up being the brawl if
13579s two pillages this game is over okay
13582s double lives to fight another day
13585s Jason Joe has his work cut out for him
13587s now he still has the extra Alex Riders
13589s Champion so the brawl wasn't a complete
13591s disaster for him if I swash if
13594s swashburger lived and that is a horrible
13595s just as a one one not gonna push through
13597s the damage needed at all
13599s yeah so magically as well right now he
13602s is at 12 so Jason Joe needs to push one
13606s this turn to make sure he's playing
13608s around c'thun because if he pushes the
13610s one he puts his opponent to 11 which
13612s means if his opponent plays c'thun he
13614s then has Leroy cold blood's second
13616s dagger here to deal that 11 damage so I
13618s actually feel like the dagger hit would
13620s be pretty important in the situation but
13622s Jason has probably decided he cannot
13624s beat c'thun this game and just isn't
13626s considering it in his options yeah and
13629s it looks like
13631s um kind of has to be the option here
13633s everything else just isn't good enough
13635s because Pavel knows exactly what Jason
13638s shows win condition is gonna be he's
13640s checking the minions
13642s and what did I say he is Valiant damage
13645s out of range right now Leroy Coldplay
13648s dagger is 11. he has no game against
13652s this c'thun Jason Joe China's Last Hope
13655s looks like he's going down here and it
13657s is
13659s kid humble is going to be our first
13662s finalist at the 2016 World Championship
13665s absolutely amazing series some
13668s incredible moments he can't not believe
13670s it Pavel has made it to the finals he's
13674s probably had one of the roughest sets of
13676s games to get here go having to do
13678s multiple comebacks but he must be pretty
13681s happy now booking that spot in the grand
13684s finals here at BlizzCon you can check
13687s out his road to that finals first off
13690s that insane match versus amnesiac yeah
13694s it was completely Bonkers and then he
13697s would just seen him beat down Jason's
13699s Joe in another crazy series but he is
13702s ready to give his thoughts on what it
13704s feels like to be in the grand finals
13706s with Rodan on the stage
13709s Pavel you've done it again and now
13711s you're in the finals I'm seeing you
13713s getting some pretty amazing things from
13715s Firelands portal what's your secret how
13716s are you doing that
13718s I mean
13719s yeah
13721s but actually it was doesn't matter
13724s because anyway quite Fireball in my
13726s friend and and nothing could have saved
13730s him
13731s nothing could have saved it from the
13733s onslaught of Pablo you're the first
13734s player from Russia to go and represent
13737s the world championship in the Grand
13738s Final what does that mean to you
13741s uh I really
13744s happy that I
13745s represent Russia and
13748s have really nice results
13750s it will be nice if I'm not going to be
13753s me against Dr hipney even more nicer if
13756s I will win this final
13758s all right he wants to face Dr hippie in
13760s the Grand Final so he wants to see
13762s another fellow European in the grand
13765s finals thank you so much congratulations
13766s Pablo is your first finalist for the
13769s world championship of 2016. Pavel had
13772s only one match left the finals his
13776s opponent was Dr hippie a relatively
13778s unknown player at the beginning of 2016
13781s but by no means a pushover and well
13784s respected amongst the pros
13786s let's watch the moment Pavel became a
13790s legend a 4
13793s th Edition has reached a climate
13795s climate thousands of top players have
13797s compete around the world but only two
13799s remain and now it's time for them to
13802s compete for the biggest title in
13805s Hearthstone
13806s it is time to Crown a 2016 World
13809s Champion
13812s please welcome our first finalist
13815s s in
13816s her happy
13830s his opponent Haley from Russia seeking
13833s Redemption by becoming the world
13834s champion the following year please
13836s welcome Paul novel
13849s Dr hippie the Bible said he warned you
13852s in the finals and it's all European
13855s Showdown are you prepared to take it
13858s yes take it
13861s he asked for an easy question he got one
13863s Pavel you said you wanted Dr hippie in
13866s the finals is it because you had
13867s something personal or you just want to
13868s prove that Europe's the strongest yeah
13871s just wondering what was it Europe is
13873s strongest and the especially CIS
13876s ooh CIS region represent Pablo's ready
13879s to prove it let's shake hands
13881s and let's get on with the show The Grand
13885s finals is a
13890s hello everybody and welcome to the Grand
13894s finals of the 2016 Hearthstone World
13897s Championship my name is TJ and joining
13899s me to cast this final match is Brian
13902s Kibler Brian Kibler how excited are you
13905s I mean it's it's tough to talk what
13906s we've already seen so far today we've
13908s had so many incredible moments in these
13910s matches last week this weekend uh but
13912s here we are in the grand finals and this
13914s is it both these players if spent all
13918s year trying to get to this point and now
13920s it's on the line yeah the story for both
13922s of these players is sort of shaking off
13924s their nerves a little bit Pebble was so
13926s close to qualifying for the World
13927s Championship in 2015 but had that
13930s crucial error but it's been a sort of a
13932s story of redemption for him throughout
13934s the entire year all the way up until the
13935s last call Invitational where he took out
13937s one of the toughest fields that we've
13939s ever seen these here today Dr hippie one
13941s of the only players to make it to a
13943s championship event twice so his has been
13945s a story of consistency as well I could
13948s not be more pumped for these two players
13950s these two player players you know we
13951s both heard them on stage talk about they
13953s want to you know demonstrate the
13955s strength of Europe as a region they've
13956s already done that Europe is the only
13959s region remaining here at the Hearthstone
13960s world championship and now will this be
13962s which of these two players emerges on
13965s top indeed and you can see Shaman ban
13968s for both players they have pretty
13970s similar lineups across the board here
13973s and it's time to jump in to the action
13976s so ladies and gentlemen one more time a
13979s round of applause for your world
13981s championship participants
13983s Dr hippie versus Pavel game number one
13992s is the warrior deck for both players
13994s this is one Element their lineup these
13996s two players do differ on significantly
13998s while they are both playing Warrior
14000s Pavel is playing the much more
14001s controlling oriented c'thun Warrior he's
14004s looking to build sort of powerful late
14005s game whereas Dr hippie is playing Dragon
14007s Warrior he's looking to get out more
14009s aggressively and really put pressure on
14010s Pavel and force him to have the right
14012s answer at the right time indeed yeah the
14014s c'thun warrior has a little bit of a
14016s better matchup uh versus the Dragon
14018s Warrior than the normal version Oh it
14020s gets life too yeah that is huge the sir
14022s Finley mergleton on turn one allows Dr
14024s hippie to replace his hero power with
14026s life tap and this is a matchup where so
14028s much of what the c'thune warrior deck is
14030s trying to do is run you out of resources
14031s it tries to use its cards to answer
14033s yours and eventually you just don't have
14035s very much left but life tap will allow
14037s Dr hippie to use his life pedal as a
14038s resource and exchange that for cards the
14040s consumer Warrior deck doesn't Crush you
14042s very much at all you can really life tap
14043s at will in this matchup yeah it does
14046s pressure you a little bit it pressures
14048s more than normal control where with
14049s cards like kazoons chosen with the seven
14052s drop that they have twin Emperor VEC
14053s lore and the ancient Shield Bearer but
14055s definitely not as much and Dr hippie
14056s actually has a pretty solid curve he
14059s also has a cheap dragon in fairy dragon
14060s so if he draws and in his Dragon
14062s activation cards like Twilight guardian
14064s or blackwind corrupter she'll be okay
14066s look at how fast Pavel plays and this is
14069s a player we've seen playing here
14071s literally the biggest match of his life
14073s the biggest match that has ever happened
14075s in Hearthstone you know this is the
14076s biggest prize ever being given out and
14078s he is just playing lightning fast it's
14081s the player who kind of seems to play on
14083s instinct yeah and we actually noticed
14085s backstage when we were talking that
14087s Pablo actually plays better when he
14089s plays fast he slowed down his play
14090s yesterday and had some you know crucial
14092s errors in some of his matches uh
14095s playing to that instinct that he's sort
14097s of trusting in that instinct so it'll be
14099s interesting to see if that pays off for
14101s him now in the finals and he does have
14105s that c'thun's chosen on turn four to get
14107s a little bit developed the board but Dr
14109s hippie that's a really good possible
14111s turn of his own you can answer that
14113s pretty easily with fiery War ax if he
14115s wants to uh he does want to think about
14117s the possibility of potentially
14119s overextending into brawl he doesn't just
14121s want to play out a bunch of minions and
14123s allow Pavel to clear out all of them
14124s with his brawl but that fireworks which
14127s it looks like he is debating playing
14128s right here along with sir Finley to take
14130s out the Divine Shield will allow him to
14132s clear that to c'thun's Chosen and just
14134s keep up the pressure with this board so
14136s Alex has this Champion comes down
14138s charging forward and speaking of
14140s charging forward that uh Berserker is
14142s doing a lot of damage as well oh yeah I
14144s mean he's put Pavel down sub 20 Health
14145s already one thing to notice is by
14147s trading in sir Finley he also makes his
14149s board a little bit better against brawl
14150s and Pavel Shield blocks but doesn't find
14153s anything to remove this damage off the
14155s board so he's going to take a lot going
14157s into this next turn and this is one of
14158s the things that kind of makes the c'thun
14160s warrior a bit different than a lot of
14162s the other Warrior decks it does have the
14163s ability to be proactive a powerful in
14166s some ways inevitable end game with
14167s c'thun but so many expensive cars can
14170s just clog up your hand Pavel has a
14172s handful of The Shield Bearer The c'thun
14174s the just a car the Dooms there these are
14176s cards that are powerful the game gets to
14178s go a long time but Dr hippie is not
14180s looking to make that happen he's just
14182s putting on the pressure right now and
14183s you also lack a little bit of the hard
14185s removal that traditional controllers
14187s tend to have like The Bash but look at
14189s this pal or Dr hippie purposefully
14191s putting Pavel on 13 Health yeah there's
14194s a crucial decision because of Revenge
14196s Revenge if Pavel were to go down to 12
14199s could do three damage to the entire
14200s board rather than just one and Dr hippie
14203s with a very heads up play of ensuring
14205s that he puts the maximum damage on Pavel
14207s without actually allowing him uh to get
14210s the max value of that Revenge yeah so Dr
14212s hippie I believe is sitting two damage
14214s off of lethal at the time being with 12
14216s on the board 15 from the fireworks and
14218s three from the actual champion it puts
14220s him at 18 total damage
14222s he just needs two more to push it all
14224s the way and he's actually putting below
14225s 12. this is the push that he needs he
14226s realizes he can probably get Pebble low
14228s enough and has enough gasp behind this
14230s to make it even throw a Revenge yeah
14232s this brawl too we just saw the horcrown
14234s elite picked up for Dr hippie he has so
14236s much damage coming through and I don't
14238s think there's any way Java lives
14241s he's down to eight and there's two
14243s Chargers plus that warx remaining Pavel
14245s doesn't know it but this is gonna be his
14247s last turn of this game one oh yeah and I
14249s mean this is just sometimes what the
14251s c'thun warrior can struggle with if it
14253s doesn't draw any of its removal it draws
14255s too many of its minions if it falls
14257s behind on board it has a very tough time
14259s catching up the brawl came late the
14261s removal never came and Dr hippie was
14263s able to pressure enough to bring it home
14265s Powell's thinking of what his best
14267s chance is to survive Dragon Warrior
14269s doesn't necessarily have too many Buffs
14271s so killing it is usually the same amount
14273s of Health as letting it live yeah but we
14275s see the core Cardinal League gonna come
14277s down and Dr hippie will take game one of
14280s the world championship final Fast and
14283s Furious as well as both players playing
14287s at a pretty fast
14292s but we'll see if Pavel can bring it
14295s together and tie up the series as we
14297s move into game number two right after
14300s this
14318s hello everybody and welcome back to the
14321s Grand finals here at BlizzCon 2016. the
14325s crowd here is
14330s for the title of 2016 champion and 250
14335s 000 give these guys a huge round of
14338s applause as they get ready to jump into
14341s game number two Kibler Pavel is not used
14345s to being behind in the series he is oh
14349s he is he's been behind a lot he actually
14352s had two matches over the course of
14354s opening week and here uh in the
14356s quarterfinals where he was down three
14359s games to zero and managed to come back
14362s and win four straight to secure his spot
14364s here in the finals and you know he's
14366s down one game so not quite in that
14368s situation yet but uh still you know
14371s certainly would rather be in the lead in
14372s the series he has Dr hippie right where
14375s he wants him give him a false hope lose
14377s three games give them false hope is that
14378s how it works that's exactly how it works
14381s Ryan Kibler but one card that has been
14383s pavel's best friend over the course of
14386s the BlizzCon main stage has been
14388s babbling book in this Tempo Mage Pavel
14391s has put up some crazy performances with
14393s his Tempo mage deck and we'll see if he
14395s can do just that against one of the
14398s Decks that has the most trouble against
14399s and that's the zoom warlock from Dr
14401s hippie yeah the the zoo deck is able to
14403s get out in the board very quickly and
14405s force the tempo Mage deck to react fast
14407s one of the things that kind of a
14409s misnomer considering its name uh the
14411s type of Mage deck would prefer to have
14413s time it likes to actually have time to
14415s build up resources build up a hand build
14417s up mana so we can have big turns with
14419s flame Waker and lots of spells basically
14422s needs one turn in the game where it can
14424s develop its own minions while clearing
14426s the board in order to you know be able
14428s to answer every threat that the zoo
14430s warlock can play which can be pretty
14432s tough though yeah but this is actually
14434s already working out pretty well for
14435s Pavel here the malcolors Imp is answered
14438s immediately by a coined out cult sourcer
14440s and while well generally you do want to
14442s hold another coin because it lets you
14443s have those explosive turns of flame
14445s wanker against Zoo you can't waste time
14447s you really want to get out there and
14448s threaten their Minions on the board and
14450s the Malcolm is actually a very high
14452s value minion so if Pavel were to uh
14457s if Pablo weren't able to you were first
14459s to uh kill it with some sort of spell
14461s here it does pick up a Arcane missiles
14464s and a ice Lance from that babbling book
14466s so not really at Great use yet the
14469s Iceland could come combined with
14471s frostbolt to do enough damage to
14472s actually take a big threat like a doom
14474s guard though yeah also something like a
14477s darkshire councilman or anything buffed
14479s by defender of Argus things like that it
14481s is you know a lot of resources to use
14483s and that's one thing that Temple Mage
14485s can struggle with is sometimes they can
14486s even get ahead on the early board but
14488s fall behind in card Advantage because of
14490s the life tap and Dr B with the Discover
14493s here of his dark Peddler finds a few
14496s interesting options the soul fire has to
14498s be at least somewhat attractive because
14499s his board and hand doesn't have very
14501s many ways to deal with uh any
14504s significant threat but he does take the
14506s Villager villager allows him to have a
14508s good defense at least somewhat against
14511s flame Waker but it's not that effective
14514s so I'm a little bit surprised to see
14515s that choice but the oh perfect missiles
14518s there from Pavel ends up picking out Dr
14521s hibby's entire board and leaving him
14524s with the only threat yeah the double
14525s spell power missiles gives him a lot of
14528s room to maneuver on this early board
14529s papal also has a very minion heavy
14532s Temple mage deck with water Elemental
14534s and with the faceless Summoner as well
14536s and that imp gang boss that's one of the
14538s most important cards for the zoo deck
14541s against Tempo Mage uh imp gang boss
14543s because it does spawn imps whenever it's
14545s damaged is particularly resilient
14546s against flamewaker pings against Arcane
14548s missiles and at least requires awkward
14551s use of mana and pings in order to get
14553s off the board even with single Target
14555s removal like frostbolt also against just
14556s the Minions that Temple Mage has I mean
14558s all of their minions have like three
14559s attack which is right below the
14561s threshold of one shotting that in game
14563s Boss now Pavel does have a way to sort
14565s of cleanly deal with it with frostbolt
14568s plus a ping now that he has spell power
14569s on the board but his minions are
14571s challenged by that possessed villager
14573s and he wouldn't be developing water on
14574s the metal which would be the strongest
14576s play you can make on the board turn yeah
14578s and that possessed villager pickup from
14580s the dark Peddler is working out very
14581s well for Dr hippie he did allow him to
14584s play these out to the board here and the
14586s cult sorcerer like you mentioned still
14588s challenged even if I was able to use his
14590s removal to clear off the ink gang boss
14591s thanks to the extra body
14593s oh he's going to evaluate his draw but
14595s pebble is running out of time so he
14598s doesn't have much time to think he's
14599s probably already thought the return
14600s fling strike may not be a good pickup
14602s now but that's one of those cards that
14604s can help you swing a board later on in
14606s the match and the cost production from
14609s source of apprentice allows Pavel to use
14610s Iceland just to buy time this isn't
14613s going to damage the Imp gang boss it's
14614s not frozen but it does protect both of
14617s his minions here but Dr hippie has a
14620s pretty big moment of his own Doom guard
14622s with the silver
14623s oh and it does the silverware gold limit
14626s does come down he discards it goes
14628s directly into play a massive Tempo swing
14631s for Dr hippie he gets both the five
14633s seven charge and the three three on the
14634s board right away and he holds on to the
14636s crazed Alchemist I'm actually not sure
14638s which one's better in that situation to
14639s discard crazed or the boardwalker
14641s because woodwalker can do wonders in
14643s sort of protecting a more powerful
14645s Minion from the face of other Minions on
14648s the opposing side of the board I think
14649s that curse knock is gonna work out
14650s really well right here though it'll
14652s allow Dr hippie to swap his imp gang
14654s boss to kill that Azure Drake allowing
14657s him to keep his doomguard in play so
14659s this could be a pretty powerful swing
14662s from Doctor Who or there's a soul fire
14665s yeah now we can use his minions to push
14667s damage he can still craze Alchemist his
14670s inking boss if he wants to push
14672s one really interesting thing is he has
14674s the crazed Alchemist plus the uh abusive
14677s sergeant
14678s interaction here because the crazed
14680s Alchemist effect is permanent it will
14682s flip and retain the attack you give with
14684s the abusive Sergeant as health so you
14686s can potentially abusive Sergeant his
14688s Doom guard then crazy Alchemist it so
14691s you can attack for seven then flip it to
14693s be a four seven if he wants and those
14695s would be permanent stats because of the
14697s interaction something we saw with
14698s direwolf Alpha earlier on in the
14700s tournament as well and this allows Dr AP
14702s to not only clear off all of pavel's
14704s board incredibly efficiently but have a
14707s super strong Doom guard left over that
14709s Doom guard was damaged and it was it was
14711s potentially in range of say flame strike
14714s which Pavel does of his hand which could
14715s he cast next turn so a huge huge uh
14718s interaction for Dr hippie there yeah
14720s definitely and it was at that for health
14722s like you mentioned four flame strike
14724s Pavel though does have some pretty
14726s decent cards in his hand water Elemental
14727s is very resilient on the board flame
14729s Waker plus Arcanine like can draw you a
14732s lot of those cheap spells that can allow
14734s you to push back on the board Powell
14735s though looks like he's just setting up a
14736s for the flame strike here yet he does
14739s have the ability to clear off Dr hippy's
14741s board next turn and hippie during a
14743s couple of fairly low impact cards here
14746s he is in kind of an awkward spot he does
14748s know that at least looks like Pavel is
14751s setting up for flame strike he of course
14752s knows that there's a flame strike in
14754s pavel's deck so he's probably trying to
14756s figure out exactly what he can do to
14758s maneuver around this or if he can't
14760s doesn't feel like he can afford to play
14761s around it at all and just wants to
14762s deploy his hand indeed yeah so uh Dr
14765s hippie you know he has to realize that
14767s that flame strike is definitely a huge
14769s possibility that Frost bolt on the Doom
14770s guard is is not a play you make very
14772s often it could block that five damage it
14775s could act or start at the four damage
14777s now that it's been flipped uh and it
14779s could act as sort of a heal but you sort
14782s of know what's coming in the back of
14783s your head and it's going to be a big
14785s swing for Pavel all right yeah hippie is
14787s just saying all right if you got flame
14788s strike you've got flame strike and you
14790s know what pavel's got flame strike a
14793s huge clear of hippy's entire board and
14796s now Pablo is firmly in the driver's seat
14799s yeah you can't really blame Dr hippie
14801s from for that one I mean at that point
14803s flame Shrek is usually going to mean you
14805s lose the game anyway okay so you kind of
14807s have to act like he doesn't have that
14808s because that's the best play he can make
14810s to the board should Pavel not have the
14812s flame strike so you can't really blame
14813s him for going and extending into that
14815s spell there yeah the the ability to
14817s identify when you can afford to play
14819s around something and when you have to
14820s just let your opponent beat you if they
14822s have it is a crucial thing for top level
14824s players and hippie looks at the
14826s situation evaluates yeah you know what I
14828s probably lose the flame strike if you
14829s have it you have it and uh Pavel truly
14833s that and
14835s if you're getting the best of that
14836s entire higher board and hippie with no
14839s cards in just 10 life this game's all
14841s but over yeah I mean when it rains it
14844s pours as far as Hearthstone goes Dr
14846s Avery's gonna stay in the game just to
14847s maybe you know think of what deck he's
14849s going to queue up next but this game is
14850s over as Pavel with the fireball to the
14853s face it's gonna take game number two and
14857s this is a big one killer because this
14858s was a poor matchup for him going in yeah
14861s this was definitely not a matchup he was
14862s looking to get but he was able to make
14864s the best of it when he did and he's able
14866s to take the series to a tied score of
14869s one game to one here in the finals
14873s look at that crowd we have looks like
14877s every single seat is full here in the
14880s Hearthstone arena for the world
14882s championship finals this is a lot of
14885s pressure for these players oh yeah I
14887s said earlier the tension is palpable if
14889s these players look out and see all those
14891s people rooting for them or rooting
14893s against them even it's a lot of pressure
14895s but we're gonna head into game number
14896s three right after this
14900s it's standing room only here at the 2016
14904s BlizzCon Hearthstone World Championship
14906s stage and these players they're looking
14909s very nervous as the crowd cheers them on
14913s it I had a one-to-one killer it's
14915s basically down to a best of five for
14918s these players at one to one yeah these
14919s players have been working all year to
14922s get here in Pablo's case this is this is
14924s the culmination of last year too he was
14927s one match away for making to BlizzCon
14929s last year it gave him the motivation to
14932s fight to make it here again he's made it
14934s all the way to the finals he wants to
14937s make the best of it it takes a lot and
14938s both these players sort of have that
14940s same story it takes a lot to lose in the
14942s finals realize you're so far away from
14944s making it back but having the
14946s determination and having the drive to
14949s get back Dr hippie had his runner-up
14951s performance in Winter came back in the
14953s summer and won it you mentioned Pavel
14954s had his performance last year one game
14956s away from BlizzCon he came back won the
14958s last call and now going into game number
14962s three Druid versus druid
14965s zadek we've seen a lot of so that every
14968s single player brought to the world
14971s championship but hasn't necessarily been
14973s the best performing deck no especially
14976s against Pavel yeah Druid against Pavel
14980s has an abysmal win rate he four zeroed
14983s both Omega zero at opening week and
14986s amnesiac here on the BlizzCon main stage
14988s so Dr hippie he's got to be pretty
14990s scared of of what's in store for him
14992s with this Druid Deck and Pavel has had
14994s an excellent uh track record of keeping
14997s nature down has that risen against him
14999s very much but uh we'll see who is the
15003s master of nature here is Dr hippie
15005s Mulligans into it looks like a pretty
15007s bad hand yeah he does have Azure Drake
15010s though that's one of the good cards in
15011s the mirror he does have removal
15013s but Pavel has wild growth he has FanDuel
15016s he has Meyer keeper that hand is looking
15019s much better than Dr hippies and Pavel
15021s has the ability to ramp multiple times
15023s this is a matchup that will often come
15025s down to just getting big threats in play
15027s that stick and it's difficult for the
15029s Druid to really remove big threats uh
15032s because most of the Druid removal is
15034s based on damage we see the swipes and
15036s moon fires rafts and if you are able to
15039s stick an Arcane giant if you're able to
15041s stick ragnaros the Fire Lord it can be
15044s very very difficult for the other player
15045s to come back yeah one thing to note
15047s about the differences between these
15049s guys's deck is a pebble as we've seen
15051s over the course of the championship has
15053s those dark iroquoas at that sixth slot
15056s in his decks uh where you know Dr hippie
15059s doesn't I believe he has an extra copy
15062s of of something and he has Baron get in
15065s as well yeah it is worth noting many
15066s players chose to play ancient of War
15069s ancient of war is generally accepted
15070s sort of the big taunt minion that you
15072s play in in ramp style Druid decks but
15075s Pebble disagrees he wants something that
15077s comes down a little bit faster doesn't
15078s rely on him ramping quite as much but
15081s still offers a big taunt body and it's
15083s gotten him very far with that yeah he's
15085s been able to fill his curve quite nicely
15087s with those with those six drops but now
15088s I mean he has Meyer keeper now to even
15090s ramp further towards whatever he may
15093s draw in the future one thing you see
15094s doesn't really have plays lined up for
15096s the future unless Dr hippie were to
15098s develop something if he Meyer Keepers
15099s this turn then he could go with
15101s something like fandral wrath into a
15103s potential mirekeeper for Dr hippie on
15105s the following turn and Pavel definitely
15107s taking his time here we've seen Pavel
15109s play very fast in most of his games
15111s throughout this tournament but he is
15113s taking his time Druid is a deck that can
15115s often have a lot of options because
15118s between cards like innervate and the
15120s modal cards like wrath you have a lot of
15123s different ways you can piece together
15124s your turns
15125s yeah drippy's gonna ramp but he just
15127s doesn't have too much substance to his
15129s hand he's got Azure Drake as his only
15131s minion he's got plenty of removal but
15133s that's going to force him to sort of
15134s play reactively for most of the game
15136s unless he picks up Big minions to play
15138s very quickly Pablo's gonna go ahead and
15140s play his Azure drink rather than play
15143s fandral this does set him up pretty
15145s directly in a swipe from Dr hippie here
15151s uh fandral perhaps try to set up fandral
15153s with Raven Idol in order to get card
15156s Advantage uh could also try and set it
15159s up with feral rage feral rage is usually
15162s a tool that is used to remove Azure
15163s Drakes and fire Keepers in this matchup
15165s and health can matter a lot when we get
15167s to the later turns because of malygos
15169s it's also possible that he is trying to
15171s save the fandral plus wrath specifically
15173s for an Azure Drake yeah because the
15175s spell Power Plus from Azure Drake is
15177s extremely important with the number of
15179s damaging spells that are in the malygous
15180s Druid Deck and he can line it up pretty
15184s specifically in order to answer the
15186s Drake yeah and at the moment he doesn't
15187s have any other way to answer in Azure
15190s Drake where he did have the way on the
15192s board to answer the Meyer keeper so
15193s definitely planning ahead here for Pavel
15196s it seems
15197s Starfire takes that and there's a raven
15200s Idol so so immediately for Pavel he is
15203s rewarded for his patience with fandral
15205s and is able to get a double discover
15207s with his Raven Idol here
15209s that takes pretty much just the highest
15212s impact minion available this is a
15214s matchup that can come down to just who
15215s has a big thing none of those are big
15217s but manoraptor is the biggest yeah one
15220s thing that gets a little bit interesting
15221s at this game moves on is that neither of
15224s these decks packs hard removal but they
15227s all have big big threats of their own so
15229s it comes down to sort of a war of giants
15231s later on if you can you know be the
15234s first one to play Giants if your
15235s opponent doesn't have removal for it you
15237s get a big initiative but at the same
15239s time if you do have removal for your
15240s opponent's Giants that puts you at a big
15242s advantage
15243s and uh Powell's gonna go ahead and coin
15245s out that Raptor here it does make his
15247s board a little bit awkward for hippie to
15249s deal with uh the swipe plus hero power
15252s be able to take out the fan drill but
15256s not necessarily take out the uh rafter
15259s as well but he does have the ability to
15260s innervate out Swipe with the spell power
15262s now from that Drake and that can take
15265s out both of it but it will leave a
15267s minion behind thanks to the death rattle
15268s of the Raptor yeah we'll see what it is
15271s usually not a fact Angry Chicken in the
15273s world championship finals let's hear for
15275s Angry Chicken
15279s foreign
15281s that's a lot of Angry Chicken fans
15285s I mean who is an Angry Chicken fan crazy
15287s thing about it yeah
15289s well papill has some interesting options
15291s here uh with the Angry Chicken it allows
15294s him to uh wrath like a wrath innervate
15297s Arcane giant I believe he had enough
15299s Mana to do that
15308s it's an excellent portal results this
15309s weekend usually you think of Karen
15311s hanging out in Thunder Bluff but I guess
15312s he was visiting moonblade I was like all
15314s right I'll come hang out too this is
15316s actually huge the Karen from the Moon
15319s Glade portal means that Pavel is almost
15321s guaranteed to have something on the
15324s board going to the next turn one thing
15326s to note though Dr hippie does draw the
15327s malygos and as we talked about earlier
15329s this deck does lack hard removal so if
15332s you can just slam amalgos on the board
15333s clear it your opponent usually doesn't
15336s have a direct answer for it unless they
15338s got something from Raven Idol or they
15339s have a ton of damage spells in their
15342s hand and you know Dr hippie kind of in
15344s the tank here trying to figure out what
15346s he's gonna do against this Karen looks
15348s like he's just gonna use a lot of
15350s resources to deal with it
15352s I'm gonna go ahead and swipe plus face
15354s tank with Escape shift that is
15357s very tough to swallow if you're Dr
15360s hippie having to use multiple removal
15362s spells to remove that six drop from the
15365s board and Pablo's Just Gonna Keep the
15366s Train Roll and nourish
15368s to get himself some more cards more
15370s spells more removal Giant
15374s it's down to six already well
15377s yeah yep there it is so Pavel on the
15379s board with an Arcane Giant and still
15382s being bloodhoof so he has a lot of
15384s pressure here it's not gonna be easy for
15386s Dr heavy to answer no he does have jogs
15388s are on it still will turn away and
15390s actually it's relatively early in the
15391s game he hasn't casted too many spells so
15394s far
15395s but it is sort of that wild card in this
15398s matchup both players have it in their
15399s deck there was a lot of players in
15400s opening week who chose not to bring
15402s yogg-saron and there was sort of a mix
15404s and match some players got rid of it
15406s some players put it back in a lot of
15408s players are still undecided on whether
15409s or not that card is worth it uh in their
15412s competitive decks because of its
15413s inconsistency
15415s of the card that uh prior to the change
15417s was very effective at generating
15419s resources because you could draw out of
15421s cards put a lot of secrets in play even
15422s if yog Saran did end up uh killing
15425s itself but now it's pretty much only a
15428s card that's good when you're behind in a
15430s game and even then isn't reliable in
15432s terms of a way to answer your opponent's
15434s threats but for Druid in particular ramp
15436s Druid you could often really struggle to
15438s deal with a big board and yogg-saron
15440s offers the ability to do that in worst
15441s case scenario yeah and Dr hippy uses the
15444s nerves to try and draw into some more
15446s removal
15448s but the thing here is is publisher is
15450s going to keep generating threats and
15452s while Druids can sometimes deal with one
15455s big threat a full Board of big threats
15457s cannot be dealt with very easily I'm
15459s actually a little surprised to see this
15461s snap Emperor tharson from Pavel here
15463s because Dr hippie just used Barrel Race
15466s to just gain armor that is about as much
15470s as you can Telegraph the fact that
15471s you're about to play yogsrod as I can
15473s imagine but pebble
15475s count on swipe and living roots that
15477s does make his own malagos win condition
15479s much more powerful later on so if Dr
15482s hippie does choose to go with the Oxford
15483s on this turn it will be a seven spell
15485s yogg Saron we see just drew a five cross
15487s Arcane giant a little bit of math there
15489s he can make it more it looks like he's
15491s going to make it at least eight he's not
15492s going to use Moonfire in living room so
15494s but this is an eight spell yeah all
15495s right bow down to the god of death
15499s whose hopes are ending here oh inner
15503s beat oh ancestral spirit
15508s s
15509s tracking now keep in mind tracking can
15512s actually skip over his malygos that's in
15514s his deck so there may no longer be a
15516s malygos in Doctor Who production
15519s he could skip over a big thing this is
15522s actually Incredible Dr hippy killed
15524s nothing I don't know what he actually
15525s resolved the entire yogg and nothing
15528s died in fact he just gave Emperor
15530s tharson another life he did remove his
15532s ability but wow that was absolutely not
15535s what he needed from that yogg-seron
15537s there's 17 damage on board I think
15539s Powell just has lethal here pretty
15541s clearly from his hand oh yeah yeah
15543s that's a lot of spells oh yeah this is
15545s just going to be it so yaad does not
15547s answer doc rahibi's prayers and Pavel
15550s takes the lead two games to one
15554s massive stuff
15556s from Pablo gets the first threats on the
15560s board and yogsaron is not enough to stop
15563s him in his tracks this is one of the
15565s first times he's actually seen Pablo
15567s ahead in a series Kibler yeah he is you
15570s know in the driver's seat here he's had
15572s an incredible showing just coming off of
15574s his win against Jason Joe in the
15575s semi-finals and he looks in winning form
15577s right now all right well game number
15580s four is going to come up in I can't
15583s right after this
15584s hello everybody and welcome back to the
15587s 2016 Hearthstone World Championship
15592s see on your screen there there's Tice
15594s 2005
15596s and fit finalists for the world
15597s championship
15599s made it to opening week as well this way
15602s you can see the crowd Brian Kibler I am
15606s pumped yeah this crowd is pumped too we
15608s see all kinds of signs
15610s supporting each of these players
15612s annoyotron ready to say hello
15616s indeed
15618s it's uh it's so cool to see everybody
15621s come out here and support players even
15623s not even from their own region I know
15625s we're in the Americas but I know there's
15627s a lot of Pavel and Dr hippie supporters
15630s in the audience if you want Dr hippie to
15633s win the World Championship get as loud
15636s as you can right now
15644s you want Pebble to become the 2016 World
15647s Champion show them some love
15651s foreign
15656s for both these players and these are
15659s players who you know they're used to
15661s playing a very different environment in
15663s this we've heard the crowd cheer every
15667s time this dramatic moment all weekend
15669s and most Hearthstone tends to be played
15672s kind of by your Hearth at home yeah it
15674s tends to be played in your underwear at
15676s your computer maybe for you I'm
15678s streaming man I gotta put pants on uh we
15680s can't see you from the waist down
15681s together uh one thing though is I'm
15683s waiting for a world champion participant
15685s to request to be able to play on stage
15687s in their underwear it hasn't happened
15688s yet excuse me could you just put like a
15690s curtain here but we are ready these
15694s players are closed and into game four it
15697s will be Pavel with his c'thun Warrior
15699s deck that he failed to win with moments
15702s ago against Dr hippy going with try
15704s number two with his Druid yeah I know
15706s this one is another tough matchup for
15708s druid
15709s c'thune Warrior Ken pressure early or
15712s earlier than normal control Warrior can
15714s they also have an absurd amount of Life
15716s gain which can make the win condition of
15719s malygos plus spells very difficult for
15721s the Druid yeah the way that the Druid
15723s generally beats most control Warrior
15725s decks just kind of attritioning their
15726s removal you just play card draw like
15729s nourish you play Big threat after big
15731s threat and eventually the warrior runs
15734s out of ways to kill your guys but
15736s Warrior not only has a bunch of ways to
15739s kill your guys but it's a bunch of ways
15740s to kill you and Pablo's gonna be looking
15742s to put the pressure on himself not with
15745s this hand though this hand is a little
15746s slow for Pavel now he doesn't have any
15748s of those c'thun activators doesn't have
15750s to do chosen beckoner of evil well
15752s disciple of c'thun but as I say it he
15754s draws one still a little bit of a way
15756s ways away from activating the twin
15759s Emperor becklor or the ancient Shield
15761s bear in his deck yeah but Pablo does
15763s have the uh backlight of pain Shield
15765s blockability to cycle through his deck I
15767s would not be surprised to see that
15768s acceler pain come down and then disciple
15770s of c'thun used on his own athlete pain
15772s to draw cards there aren't that many
15774s targets to kill with Disciple of
15775s c'thun's Battle Cry in this matchup so
15777s you can often use it in combination with
15779s acolyte to ensure you get additional
15780s card draw a lot of the times it's just
15782s used to activate execute or maybe to get
15785s closer to being able to allow Shield
15786s slam to kill off a minion so those types
15789s of things are not the greatest uses so
15791s drawing a card is actually fantastic
15792s considering that this matchup you need
15795s that card draw because Druids are going
15797s to get those cards and get that Mana
15799s very quickly but one crucial thing is Dr
15800s hippy missed wild growth again so he's
15803s not going to have that sort of Mana
15804s Advantage as much as he'd like he can
15807s still coin out the Meyer keeper here and
15808s it looks like that's exactly what he's
15810s going to do yeah Meyer keeper will get
15812s Dr Amy a little bit closer to his bigger
15814s spells to be able to get it to five for
15816s either nourish or Azure Drake next turn
15817s and yeah this will allow Pavel to use
15820s that disciple as removal cycling through
15822s his acolyte so not getting too cards but
15825s still able to get the removal effect at
15826s least of the disciple and powering up
15827s his c'thun as well
15829s one thing that's worth noting about Dr
15830s hippy's specific build of Druid is that
15833s he's playing a build of Juror that's
15834s much more designed to be good against
15836s aggressive decks and not nearly as good
15839s against control Warrior many versions of
15841s Druid we see with ancient of war or
15843s ragnos the fire lord uh doctor maybe has
15845s neither he has a copy of Barrington and
15847s a copy of bloodmages down those that
15849s leaves him much more vulnerable to the
15851s attrition plan of just removing each of
15853s his big threats yeah which is unlike the
15854s deck we just saw from Pavel who didn't
15856s run those anti-aggro cards and decided
15858s to run dark arrowcoa as threats that he
15860s could play on curve darker color sort of
15862s serves a double purpose though and that
15864s it can also be good against aggro but
15865s going back to this match as well Pavel
15867s just throws down the second acolyte of
15869s pain so he's gonna be able to cycle
15870s through his deck quite effectively Dr
15873s hibby that's a handful of spells and
15876s that's wild growth wild growth not on
15878s time he wanted those a few turns ago I
15881s would not be surprised to see Dr hippie
15883s hold on to certainly at least one of
15885s those until he does get to uh to 10 Mana
15887s but it looks like he's gonna go ahead
15889s and ramp a little bit and then clear off
15892s what he can of Pablo's board he wants to
15894s deny Pavel from getting additional card
15896s draws from this acolyte so he's going to
15897s expend resources dealing with it here
15900s whoa's chosen drawn from Pavel right on
15903s time that allows him to get up to that
15905s 1010 c'thun activates twin Emperor
15907s effect lordroots can sometimes have
15910s trouble dealing with two four sixes uh
15912s on seven and Pavel slams The Sylvanas
15915s this is
15917s a little bit interesting actually
15918s because Sylvanas has tons of powerful
15921s uses in this matchup in particular if
15922s Sylvanas is particularly strong when you
15924s play it into big minions from your
15926s opponent uh like for instance if Dr
15928s hippie had Arcane giant but uh Powell
15931s knows that there aren't that many big
15932s minions in dog rabies deck essentially
15934s just Arcane Giants and malygos but if
15936s your opponent is getting a turn with
15937s Malaga you've got something wrong going
15939s on yeah so here I think that he just
15941s wants to throw Dr hippy's curve off as
15943s much as possible force him to deal with
15945s this Sylvanas right now also one big
15948s exclusion from Dr hippy's deck is
15950s ragnaros the fire lord which is also one
15953s of the uses that you can save Sylvanas
15955s for in order to try and make an awkward
15957s situation from your opponent so Pablo
15959s also knows that he's going to be able to
15961s curve into some quite a few good plays
15963s over the next coming turn so if he makes
15965s Dr hippies turns awkward now he might be
15967s able to put himself in a better position
15968s as he moves forward and Dr AP you know
15971s has a pretty good nourish here finds his
15973s malagos so now he's gonna be looking to
15977s assemble enough damaging spells to burst
15979s Pavel down Pablo has not been able to
15981s really gain any significant amount of
15983s armor yet so he actually has none and he
15987s doesn't have any Shield bearers in his
15989s hands so he has really actually kind of
15991s in more risk of just getting burned down
15994s than you generally expect a c'thun
15996s warrior to be at the stage of the game
15997s yeah now he's going to be able to
16000s develop uh something powerful he'll
16003s probably just c'thun's chosen he can
16005s actually adjust if he really wants to
16006s just equip Gore howl because there is no
16009s weapon removal from Dr hippy's deck he
16011s does not run Harrison Jones if he wanted
16014s to be Superman efficient but being
16016s proactive with a c'thun's Chosen and
16018s making so he has the option to Twin
16020s Emperor Beckler next turn could actually
16021s be a big deal and this is a pretty
16023s aggressive play from Pavel here and
16025s choosing to use his disciples this isn't
16027s even to put a c'thune to 10. often if
16029s you see someone just fire off disciple
16030s of g'thun it's like okay I'm gonna
16032s enable my c'thun cards but here he is
16035s just again kind of trying to force Dr
16037s hippie to react to his board spend
16039s spells dealing with these things and not
16042s just sit back and armor up and try and
16044s tank things out that's much more
16045s difficult to manage when your opponent's
16046s drawing as many cars as Dr hippy has
16049s if he can force out removal spells that
16051s later on in the game could end up going
16053s faced with malygos then he could put
16055s himself in a good position where he
16056s doesn't need as much life gain but now
16059s he doesn't have that he I guess he drew
16061s into an execute activator if he were to
16062s draw an execute with ravaging ghoul but
16064s now he doesn't have that extra two
16065s damage on demand so we'll see if he's
16067s gonna pay out for him ooh wisps of the
16070s old gods an option for Dr he'll be a
16072s another nourish he's already played one
16074s has another in his hand so kind kind of
16076s difficult to make use of that much card
16078s draws you can actually often end up
16080s fatiguing yourself if you go for too
16083s many nourishes in a game against control
16084s Warrior you can just run of actual
16085s threats if it does take the Wisps of the
16087s old gods that can give him the ability
16090s to generate a big board that Pavel may
16093s be forced to use brawl or rabbit and
16095s ghoul and if he does have to use his
16096s ravaging ghoul he may not have a way to
16097s enable execute later on when he needs it
16099s yeah sometimes the control Warrior
16101s versus Druid matchup can come down to
16103s fatigue situations where both players
16105s are trying to run each other out of
16106s resources kazoo Warrior is less likely
16108s because you know of course katoon
16110s Warrior does have c'thun to play on the
16112s board which is usually ends the game in
16114s one form or another but Pablo goes
16116s hadn't placed a twin Emperor deck lore
16118s there is a board already for Dr hippie
16120s so he does he's already a little bit of
16122s the ways there in regards to clearing
16125s off these four sixes which are usually
16126s pretty awkward for Druids to deal with
16128s there's a way to deal with it if you
16129s want
16132s did not go so well for him last game
16135s though so he also does as you mentioned
16137s have a bit of a board himself he could
16139s potentially just use his minions plus uh
16142s swipe have to commit a little bit more
16144s than just the swipe in hero power though
16146s because those are four six yep now one
16148s thing that may not be relevant in this
16150s matchup but but could be relevant uh in
16153s matchups to uh in the matchups to come
16155s is that yogsaron does affect malagos
16158s it's true or malagos affects the Oxford
16161s so Malgus is on the board and the August
16162s round is played all the spells that
16164s Malik or that yoguron Cass get that
16166s spell power benefit so sometimes I've
16169s seen it happening matchups before a lot
16171s of times malagos doesn't live to tell
16173s the Tale But Here We Go finding ways to
16176s use that wisps of the old gods yeah and
16178s this does allow Dr hibby to leverage
16180s that in such a way that it doesn't allow
16183s it to just get countered by a ravaging
16185s ghoul or a revenge and now Pavel he can
16189s clear this off
16190s with either one of those that arriving
16192s Google Revenge plus the attack of his
16194s minion it is a little bit awkward though
16196s because you'd love to be able to
16197s actually keep the pressure on with that
16199s Emperor you can use Revenge Plus warhow
16202s uh to clear it off it's true be more
16204s Mana efficient uh but I I don't know how
16207s much used revenge is going to happen
16208s later on the match there's not really
16210s many three Health Minions that you'll
16212s need to kill once you get sub 12 Health
16214s in this matchup a lot of times it can
16216s help you reach malygos if you need that
16218s damage but that's about it the ancient
16220s Shield bear is the draw for Pavel and he
16222s already has a brand bronzebeard in his
16224s hands so Dr hippie he's been setting up
16227s with those burn spells plus malygos but
16229s pothole is finding the armor gain to get
16232s himself very far out of range yeah
16234s Arcane giant picked up for Dr hippie so
16236s that's a big threat that he can use I'm
16238s wondering when Dr hippie is going to
16240s decide to use that yogs run there's two
16242s ways you can look at it you can play it
16243s as another big threat in your deck and
16245s to reduce the risk that you know you
16247s discard your hand or that you draw too
16248s many cards and fatigue yourself or you
16251s can try and play it as a win condition
16252s very late in the game after you cast it
16254s all of your spells to try and go for a
16256s last-ditch effort against Warriors to
16258s maybe sneak out a win Young's a lot
16260s worse the latter of those nowadays
16261s though because yeah if there's nothing
16263s on the board you can just yog and oops
16265s purified it I'm dead and we did see a
16268s youngster actually that in the group
16269s stages so it can happen and a lot of
16273s times it will happen yeah and then Dr
16275s hippie though he has the the Arcane
16277s giant ooh
16278s Pavel actually is going right ahead
16281s though he picked up the execute not
16283s really wasting any time to just double
16284s ancient Shield Bearer here I'm someone
16287s surprised to see this actually because
16289s he does lose some of the value of the
16291s arbor game because the opponent can just
16293s immediately attack and uh deal so much
16295s damage and does have a minion to contest
16298s either these Minions on the board as
16299s well yeah the Brand Plus Asian Shield
16301s Bearer is not really going anywhere
16302s right here's the thing he he can wait
16304s for that he's not in any danger now that
16307s he's seen innervate now that he's seen
16308s uh hasn't seen Emperor Thor sand there's
16310s not really any combination of cards that
16312s could have killed him in that position
16313s if you just had removed the Arcane Giant
16315s and waited uh but he I guess he realized
16318s that he wants to put threats on the
16319s board right now to try and make Dr
16321s hippy's turns maybe a little bit worse
16323s well Dr Abby's gonna dig some more who
16326s picks up fandral with a raven Idol that
16329s can be a pretty big way for him to gain
16331s additional threats later on we were
16333s talking about how he can run the risk of
16335s just having all of his major threats
16336s exhausted but the Raven Idol plus uh
16339s fandral can pick up maybe something like
16341s force of nature plus a minion and that
16343s could be a very big deal in that kind of
16344s game oh yeah I can give you that gas
16347s that you need to finish out a game but
16348s whoa this is
16350s getting a little awkward or travel Havel
16353s does not have a shield slam and there's
16356s two eight Eights on the board he could
16357s go for a brawl that could go very badly
16361s for him unlikely to go very well he has
16364s one in three of things going very well
16365s but he could effectively trade his six
16367s six for an eight eight uh most likely if
16370s he did brawl but yeah he's just kind of
16372s running low on relevant removal effects
16374s and
16376s and a bit of a pickle oh yeah it doesn't
16378s have c'thune either to present his own
16380s thread on the board not that it'd even
16381s be good in this situation I believe it's
16383s at a 12 12 right now
16385s he's not even had a low enough life
16386s total to say Gore Howell and revenge he
16390s I don't know maybe he just has to remove
16391s one of these and hope that he finds a
16393s way to deal with the next one next turn
16394s but that execute is premium removal
16398s comes out he's in trouble here's the
16400s brawl there's a chance this goes very
16402s well for Pavel
16404s better survive overall that is
16408s absolutely huge for Pablo Pablo is on
16411s fire today
16415s not much can stop this man not even Dr
16419s hippie but still a lot of threats that
16421s doctor who can present and he might even
16423s be able to find more with this vandro
16425s plus Raven Idol
16428s plaxi Amber Weaver Pablo would love one
16430s of those yeah that'd be pretty good lord
16432s of the Arena though is just the most
16434s powerful another Raven Idol here he's
16436s just going he's just going through this
16437s comboing off here
16439s that's also another cheap spell that he
16441s can use to fuel the ox around but the
16443s scary thing for Dr hippie here is
16445s because that Shield bear survived and
16447s got a hit in he's taken a lot of damage
16449s oh medivh the guardian that is a very
16452s powerful card if the game does go long
16455s wow medivh the guardian
16459s it's big spells left in his deck I mean
16461s he's got Mark of the wild I mean in
16464s general right now that's just a big mini
16465s that he could place on the board the
16466s extra stuff that he gets from the spell
16467s is sort of just a a side thing
16470s all right and Dr hippie we saw we've
16472s seen this before he feral rage went face
16475s this is this is the look of a man who's
16477s looking to yogg oh yeah I mean there is
16480s another option for Dr hippie should he
16482s so choose next turn with malagos plus
16485s you know two of those cheap spells
16486s Moonfire plus living roots and you know
16489s Pablo he probably feels like he wants to
16491s go aggressive here but leaving fandral
16493s on the board can sometimes be a rough
16495s situation but he's already seen a lot of
16496s the cards that he gets high value with
16498s this is actually kind of a serious
16500s situation oh we are going to see the
16501s Dune caller I was gonna say if he did
16503s just go face with this uh with this
16506s Shield Bearer and hippie cast yogg next
16508s turn if he takes any damage from yog if
16511s for instance there's a Hellfire Gore
16513s hell's just lethal that is very true and
16517s so now drippy's on the ropes
16519s let's see what he's going to go with
16521s he's got malagos Moon fire and living
16524s Roots he could clear the board
16527s with those the fandra would have to
16529s trade into the Doom call in order to do
16531s so
16532s and malagos would be on the board which
16533s would mean like a c'thun would not kill
16535s him because he'd have enough Health
16536s presented on the board with minions to
16539s survive unless all of the shots were to
16541s go face are Allah which is very very
16542s unlikely and because Dr hippie has
16544s gotten the double Raven Idol off and he
16547s picked up medivh he picked up lord of
16549s the Arena he can try and play an
16551s attrition game even if this malagos just
16553s gets killed he's not reliant on just uh
16556s using these a little bit of a misstep
16559s from Dr hippie here he actually uses
16561s maybe not as you know he's playing
16562s around brawl yeah actually maybe not a
16564s misstep at all this is looks on the
16566s surface you think about it initially oh
16567s missed two minions but this means
16570s there's only malagos in place so a brawl
16573s from Pavel does nothing
16575s yeah very good point very good point
16577s he's forcing Pebble to have direct
16579s removal whether it be a shield slam
16580s because he has the armor for it or that
16582s execute and uh one thing about ancient
16585s chill bear is it's also just a big
16588s threat
16589s it's it's a six six it's something that
16591s drippy has to deal with and Pavel saw
16593s that Dr hippy didn't really struggle but
16596s use a lot of resources to kill the last
16598s one the last board
16600s and Powell here with Gore Howell though
16602s able to take down malygos and still have
16606s that Gore Hall equipped and that Go howl
16608s can represent damage either to remove a
16610s big Minion or just go to hippy's face if
16612s he does find c'thun
16614s it could be pretty big but Dr hippie he
16617s discovered medivh and Mark of the wild
16619s in the same Raven Idol he's actually
16621s able to generate a nine nine taunt and a
16625s two drop menu a two-man a minion this is
16627s if it's Dooms well projected here oh god
16630s oh no say it TJ don't say it okay
16634s just a dust bore
16636s just a decimal
16638s I'm so sorry
16640s you don't get much more attack than that
16643s in a two-minute minion that's true
16644s frankly Pavel has no easy to remove it
16646s does force in this situation actually
16649s fantastic it's gonna shred some armor
16651s for sure and Dr hippie this is not a
16654s hand you see very often for malagos
16656s Druid a deck that's majority spells and
16659s he's got majority minions and they're
16661s big minions to boot
16663s yeah and now Dr hippie very much in the
16666s driver's seat he can just play this slow
16668s he has so many of these powerful tools
16671s he is unfortunately for him at very low
16673s life though so he needs to be careful to
16676s maneuver around the threat of c'thun
16678s coming down for Pavel yeah and it's
16679s going to be interesting because he
16680s doesn't have any way to answer the
16682s c'thun other than yogg-saron so he's
16686s going to be and I I don't even know if
16688s he has Raven owl if you've got one Raven
16689s out from the first Raven Idol
16700s maybe he'll live up to his dream of
16702s being able to provide lethal damage all
16705s right hovel is clearly brawling next
16707s turn will the tiny fin win the brawl
16711s oh that's the big question
16714s here it is
16716s oh
16717s Dave is the winner tiny thing goes down
16720s and Pavel looks like he might be going
16723s down to the guardian himself
16728s doctor would be still not out of the
16730s woods yet he's got a lead or what
16732s appears to be a lead in the series
16735s but there are some crucial draws still
16737s left in pavel's deck he's got some hard
16739s removal left and we saw a brawl earlier
16741s this game go exactly how Pavel needed it
16744s that was exactly the worst case scenario
16746s for him there and he's got to figure out
16748s a way to get back into this game because
16751s he's facing down not just a huge threat
16753s but a huge hand of cards with very
16756s little remaining in his own tank it
16758s looks like he's going to try to rely on
16760s the ravaging bull to trade in and that
16763s hurts this is oh though Dr hippie he is
16767s running low in his deck so if Pavel is
16771s able to answer these threats it could
16773s mean that Dr hibby goes to fatigue and
16776s you know if Pavel there are still
16779s cards that he has to account for
16782s like yogg-saron but as far as he's
16784s concerned about what's up oh wow
16787s is he doing it
16789s oh
16791s wow
16794s that could go wrong that no it goes
16797s completely right for Dr hippie and now
16802s all right and
16804s yeah okay that effectively yogg was
16808s Starfall yogg removed but that's that's
16810s actually not that bad yeah it does it's
16812s captured too yeah it did play Patrick as
16814s well and that does protect his medivh
16817s the guardian from being traded into so
16818s now how was supposed to Face tank that
16821s take nine damage
16824s there's still a c'thun in pavel's deck
16826s but Dr hippie is out of cards his last
16828s card is gonna be living roots
16831s can Dr hippie do it he does not have
16834s many cards to work with
16836s you can use the innervation it's going
16838s to take a little bit into fatigue
16839s because of the drop of azure Drake
16841s living Roots will take out the Beckner
16843s of evil he gets a wisp we've had all
16845s kinds of stars here on stage for the
16847s final so far but I mean this is it he
16850s can't even play Baron gedden because
16851s that means oh it's c'thune
16858s destroys Dr hippy's board and Dr hippie
16862s we're going to game five Papa leads
16865s three to one
16867s Dr hippie tried to rely on yogsaron but
16871s the old God was not having it today as
16875s Pavel takes a decisive lead
16879s series and we saw some huge moments go
16881s go the way for each of those players one
16884s brawl went pavel's way one ball and Dr
16886s hippy's way but the game went pavel's
16889s way
16889s indeed and now he's one game away from
16892s becoming the world champion we'll see if
16895s Pavel can win a championship title right
16899s after this
16900s there it is the 2016 Hearthstone
16904s championship trophy that that's what
16906s these guys are playing for ladies and
16908s gentlemen this could be the final game
16910s of
16912s Stone Championship tours so make some
16914s noise for these players last year Pablo
16917s was one game away from making it to
16920s BlizzCon now he has one game away from
16923s being the world champion
16927s only Dr hippie stands in his way and now
16931s Pavel only has to win with his Rogue
16934s only with his Rogue and this is a
16936s malagos rogue
16937s so keep keep that in mind as we move as
16941s we move forward
16942s but uh Pablo does I mean the malagos
16944s Rogue is something that he's been uh
16947s struggling a little bit but let's see
16949s what could be the final game game number
16951s five
16952s Pebble versus Dr hippie
16956s and Dr hibby choosing to play his
16958s Warlock deck this is a matchup that
16961s because of the specific choices pavel's
16964s made in the construction of his rogue
16966s deck can be a little bit tougher than it
16968s is for a normal Miracle Rogue oh yeah uh
16970s definitely there's malagos provides you
16973s with you know ways to more effectively
16976s beat control decks but you sacrifice
16978s some of the tools that you normally use
16981s to beat those those faster decks
16984s signature strikes really don't do
16986s anything against Zoo warlock scabler you
16988s get low tapping a lot you're dead sure
16990s yeah but in a matchup that comes down to
16993s early board control much of the time
16995s signature strikes in your hand even
16997s sometimes shivs in your hands now it
16999s goes in your hand are not generally that
17001s great crucially for paddle he is on the
17004s coin and has si7 agent those are two of
17007s the most important cards for the rogue
17009s deck to compete with the early
17010s aggression of the Warlock not too happy
17014s though he has a good hand himself
17015s yeah definitely he's got those early
17017s minions it's hard to not have a good
17019s curve a lot of times we walk especially
17021s nowadays it's been so refined it's so
17024s precise a lot of zoo warlock decks are
17027s running more than 10 One Drops nowadays
17030s which means that they're guaranteed to
17031s have good starts a lot of the time yeah
17033s and Dr hippie with his one drop into
17036s that dark Peddler trying to decide
17038s exactly how I want to take this on
17039s Argent Squire gives him some resilience
17041s the runic egg gives him perhaps some
17044s extra gas if he needs it and malcolores
17046s empty if he can find one of his cards
17048s that synergizes with discarding could
17050s give him a little bit of extra fuel in
17052s the tank as well yeah malcolor's imp
17053s though is you know pretty resilient as
17056s well as ours at Squire and it also
17058s provides that that extra benefit out of
17060s these three options I'm looking at
17062s malcolor's in to be one of the best I
17064s think imp is particularly attractive you
17066s even have a second copy of dark Peddler
17068s and you have a defender of Argus so the
17069s dark Peddler can get you say a soul fire
17072s that can combine with the imps to both
17074s remove something and dig you to gas uh
17076s the defender of Argus can pump those up
17078s and Pitch the runic egg though okay well
17081s I guess he he does think that he's gonna
17082s need that gas uh to get through but
17085s Pablo does have like you mentioned on
17086s the coin able to coin out that si7 agent
17089s to deal with the dark Peddler he's a
17092s head on board for the time being which
17094s is so crucial in Rogue vs Zoo yeah and
17097s the dark Peddler for Dr hippie finds no
17100s abusive Sergeant there's no soul fire he
17102s does not have the ability to answer this
17105s si7 agent right away
17108s no zest villager so he's gonna have some
17111s resilient minions but we see those two
17114s cops a fan of knives in pavel's hand
17115s could cause him a lot of trouble they
17117s could but one thing is though Pavel as
17119s we talked about has two of those cards
17121s that are dead for much of the game in
17122s signature strike and malygos so a lot of
17125s times what happens is Rogues can get
17126s through that early board but they can't
17128s deal with the second Onslaught that Zoo
17130s can throw at them so pavel's still going
17131s to need a lot of help should he he need
17134s to win this game and and Phantom knives
17136s will help him get through his deck a
17138s little bit not only does it act as good
17140s removal but it's also a cycle tool so we
17142s can find those more crucial cards for
17143s this matchup it's also worth noting that
17145s the discard version of zoo isn't nearly
17148s as vulnerable to fan of knives as many
17150s of the Forbidden ritual versions that
17152s have lots of one Health minions even
17154s just looking at Dr hibby's hand there's
17156s a zero two there's a one three another
17158s one three a death rattle minion so as
17160s your Drake for Pavel that could give
17162s spell power they can make the fan of
17163s knives stronger but does not help him
17166s right now yeah but it is a mini that you
17168s can put on the board it's also a cycle
17169s for his deck
17170s again does not help him at the time
17172s being he has to decide how best to do
17175s this
17176s I can imagine Phantom dive is going to
17177s come down this turn Powell might feel
17179s like he needs to play more efficient and
17180s Dagger up
17181s because he still makes sort of similar
17183s trades with Phantom Dives and Dagger up
17185s dagger up just also means that he has to
17187s dagger up for the next turn of phantom
17189s knives and Pablo going to go ahead and
17191s make those trades uh baby with that
17194s runic egg it does potentially allow him
17197s to get a trade here that draws him a
17199s card with defender of Argus if he wants
17200s it if he does pick up an abusive
17202s Sergeant obviously he can use that to
17204s trade and draw as well but he is going
17205s to go ahead and play the Imp gang boss
17206s he just drew alongside possessed
17209s villager just gonna make a board that's
17211s actually quite resilient to fan of
17212s knives yeah positioning is important
17215s here at least a little bit important
17217s here because of the fact that you can
17218s tell he wants to taunt up the Rune game
17220s he's just not sure the other way putting
17221s possessed villager on the side also
17223s means that your death rattles uh die
17225s more conveniently for things like
17226s direwolf Alpha when you want to go
17229s outwards in so definitely doctor would
17231s be paying attention to that not that
17233s it's going to be too crucial in this
17234s next turn but Pavel with that tomb
17236s Pillager off the top crucially filling
17238s out his his curve here allowing him to
17241s contest the board with that five four
17243s and Dr hippie now silver gold was not
17246s what he's looking for no not at all and
17248s he was hoping that Powell wouldn't have
17250s tune Pillager because that is a card
17252s that can wreak havoc for health can
17254s sometimes be a little bit awkward for as
17255s he walks to deal with unless they have
17256s soul fire and also it means that they
17258s get a coin so Pavel can leverage that
17261s with cards like gadgets and Auctioneer
17263s with cards like Edward Van Cleef or just
17265s you know being able to use multiples
17267s those are blood Mage found those that
17269s does enable a spell-powered phantom
17271s knives right now but effective as that
17273s yeah hippies hippies board is not that
17275s vulnerable to a fan of knives he has a
17278s bunch of three Health minions right now
17281s and have only able to remove a little
17283s bit of damage so I was gonna say dude
17286s and it's Dugard he has exactly enough
17289s Mana to play malcolor's imp doomguard
17291s discarding the Golem drawing a card that
17294s was a huge draw for Dr hippie draw a
17297s card develop a one three a three three
17299s and a five seven with charge
17303s and Dr hippie though still taking his
17305s time
17306s yeah these are the types of things that
17308s you know there's so many times where
17309s doomguard won't you I'm not you know
17312s discard the cards that you want and
17314s that's the risk that you take when you
17315s play the discard warlock but this is
17319s another Doom guard
17321s Dr hippie back against the wall
17327s here it is well Apple does have a lot of
17330s tools though in his hand to deal with a
17331s white board yeah he does it's true but
17333s the amount of Health on doomguard makes
17337s it terrifying to try and deal with as
17338s the Rogue he does have the ability to
17341s potentially Shadow strike it but uh if
17343s he does attack into the Azure Drake now
17346s Shadow strikes off the table so that
17348s Doom guard is going to require some
17350s actual removal and it's difficult to
17351s deal out much damage uh in pavel's shoes
17355s but he does have blood Mage plus fan and
17358s with that shift picked up he can
17359s actually blood make uh fan coin into
17361s shiv which could take out doomguard but
17364s would not deal with most of the rest of
17365s the board is it better to try and hold
17367s on for a blood Mage double fan for the
17370s following turn is there something that
17372s Pablo can do to put himself in a good
17374s position
17376s but also allow him to have good removal
17378s tools for the next turn if Pavel does
17381s not remove power from this board right
17383s now he is dead he's facing down that
17385s other Doom guard right now he doesn't
17386s know it we know it though and there will
17388s be the fan of knives the backstab right
17391s off of fatal knives never the timing you
17393s want to see it what would have been huge
17395s dare if Pablo were to pick up a
17397s preparation to be able to preparation
17399s out the next span of knives he would
17401s have cleared the board in its entirety
17403s because a full board means that in-game
17404s boss doesn't summon the extra it but
17407s fortunately he doesn't hit it
17408s how much damage is that uh he's got nine
17410s on the board doomguard represents five
17413s more gonna go ahead and cycle through
17416s that if you find Soul fire
17418s not quite
17420s quite close though yeah there's two so
17422s far is left in his deck no Doom guards
17425s now though has two abusive sergeants so
17427s if something lives he can use that but
17429s this looks like Dr hippie he's he smells
17432s blood he's going for it he's gonna trade
17434s with the bloodmage downers to try and
17435s get rid of this Bell power
17436s and crucially Pablo has no healing in
17440s his deck his malagos deck doesn't play
17441s any copies of Earth ring farce here
17445s and he has sat with sap does not do it
17447s against doomguard he's gonna come right
17449s back down he needs sacrificial pact off
17452s this swashburger I don't even know if
17453s that's enough
17455s see what he can pick up
17457s Kara Kazam that is not gonna do it
17461s not quite
17462s Pavel does not have the tools to get rid
17465s of that Doom guard
17469s he's gonna try and survive
17472s but I don't think there's a way that he
17474s can do it he's gonna try and draw
17476s something but I don't think there's even
17477s a draw in his deck that can save it at
17479s this point Emperor Thorson's definitely
17480s not it and Dr hippie brings himself one
17484s game closer
17486s it's now three to two yep
17489s kaval has not had many leads in this
17491s tournament he has been the one fighting
17493s with his back against the wall now Dr
17496s hippie he's making a stand
17498s yeah we saw we we sort of preluded that
17501s by saying that the Rogue has a tough
17503s time against the zoo especially with
17505s those dead cards and they were in his
17506s hand malagos Sinners just like the whole
17508s game so Dr hippy gets that step closer
17511s still down though still a tough road
17513s ahead of him we'll see if he can make it
17515s happen in game number six right after
17518s this
17521s the tension in the air is building as we
17525s get closer to a conclusion
17527s 2016 Hearthstone World Championship Dr
17531s hippie and Pebble have been battling out
17534s the entire year for their chance to play
17537s on this very stage Pavel has the leads
17540s three to two but he's got that rogue
17543s deck left and we've seen it struggle at
17546s times across his run through BlizzCon
17549s yeah this deck is very powerful has the
17552s ability to do huge amounts of damage
17554s that malagos burst but
17556s he needs to find some ways to deal with
17559s the aggression coming out of Dr hippie
17561s in these games all right well here we go
17562s Joe
17566s your ears for the 2
17568s of the two championship tour let's see
17570s if Pavel can become a world champion or
17573s doctor if he's going to take this one to
17575s a game number seven and Dr hippie going
17578s with his Druid this is the deck that
17581s Pavel feasted on to make his way to the
17584s final he in two straight matches beat
17587s Druid eight times four zero in both of
17591s them when he was on the brink of
17592s elimination and now he just waits to win
17594s one more to be the world champion this
17597s is the deck that Dr Habib needs to win
17600s with right now this is the wild card
17601s deck for Dr hippie that has probably
17603s given him the most struggle and has
17605s probably uh given battle the most
17607s success winning season on the other side
17609s as you mentioned he does start off with
17611s the swash burglar bite can be a decent
17613s removal tools but you know this deck
17615s isn't really about the minions so I'm
17617s not sure how happy he is with that swash
17620s burglar pickup I can be interesting
17621s because it does give you tools to deal
17623s with as your drink later on true you
17624s don't necessarily have to invest actual
17626s resources getting something off the
17628s swashburger they can deal with that can
17630s be pretty big it can also deal burst
17632s damage
17633s yeah true and I I think Powell is going
17636s to breed a sigh of relief when he sees
17637s that Dr hippie has missed the wild
17640s growth again with this Druid Deck he
17642s does have nourish and he does have
17643s innovate so he's got plenty of ramp
17645s tools along with the mirekeeper to get
17647s him that Mana to get him those cards
17649s that he needs but this turned two has
17651s sort of been a big whiff for Dr hippie
17653s in the series yeah he has definitely
17655s struggled with this Druid Deck and now I
17658s think he's debating perhaps whether he
17660s wants to use his wrath here just cycle
17662s through try and find perhaps some actual
17665s ramp he does have a mirekeeper and that
17667s also the option to potentially innovate
17669s out and nourish on a future turn as well
17671s to get his uh Mana going but the problem
17674s if you do use your inner your nourish
17676s early for ramp you can run low on cards
17680s but ooh Dr hippie he is just going to
17683s ramp up get nourish online and as you're
17687s saying you know this can lead you to
17689s potentially running low on resources
17690s later on but he's looking to take
17692s role of the game with tempo right now
17694s yeah this makes powerful draws from the
17696s top of his deck much more powerful
17698s because he has the Mana to utilize them
17701s he can also keep ramping up with Meyer
17702s keeper he doesn't have wrath as cycle
17704s but he needs some help he needs second
17706s nourish he needs Azure Drake he needs
17707s more tools to increase his hand size and
17710s we see Pavel pick up a second copy of
17712s sinister strike we saw that kind of
17714s rotting in his hand last game and
17716s mentioned that the the sort of greed of
17718s this malygos rogue deck can lead it to
17721s have dead cards the stage of the game
17722s and Pavel he's got both them in his hand
17725s yeah and I'm interested to see what Dr
17727s hippie goes for here ramp is you know
17729s the the first choice but is there a
17732s situation where since you ramped with
17734s the nourish you created
17736s on time second game in a row Pillager
17739s for Pavel it's kind of kind of hanging
17741s out in his deck until turn four
17743s it's like he's got an agreement with
17745s tomb Pillager to show up on turn four in
17748s the grand finals but that is actually
17749s quite a crucial draw Dr hippie has ways
17751s to deal with it but those are resources
17753s that he otherwise wouldn't have had to
17754s spend if drippy didn't have it and moon
17757s fire is not really helping him and
17759s crucially that tomb Pillager if it dies
17762s will give Pavel a coin the coin plus
17765s backstab even just firing off Sinister
17767s stripes on his own turn can make a giant
17770s Edmund Van Cleef Dr hippies that does
17772s not have a mulch he has nowhere to deal
17774s with a huge minion yeah I mean Dr hippie
17776s I I feel like that was a huge risk going
17778s with the nurse for ramp early on in the
17780s game nourish a lot of times used for
17782s card draw maybe Dr heavy was afraid that
17784s he'd get too far behind if he had to
17786s wait that long to get that many cards
17789s but he had the option to innervate Meyer
17790s keeper which isn't as much ramp but
17792s you're also developing a body so I mean
17795s Dr David taking a risk on the big stage
17797s not paying off yet but I mean if he
17798s draws into big stuff
17800s he could get a lead in this match yeah
17802s he's got the feral rage going to go
17804s ahead and remove that tomb Pillager but
17806s as we mentioned that does give Pablo the
17809s ability to have an absolutely explosive
17812s turn five
17815s all right well let's see
17819s I will pick the ship shiv
17822s that he could actually use backstab plus
17826s the shiv to even power up the uh the Van
17830s Cleef a little bit more will be
17831s backstabbed
17832s we know that that's going to start
17834s things off but exactly how powerful it
17836s was to maneuver how many of his
17837s resources you want to invest here
17838s because you could use the coin and uh a
17841s Sinister strike as well is going for it
17844s it will be shiv and backstab Sinister
17847s strike and
17849s Edwin Cleef is coming down and he is
17851s huge
17857s turn clock for Dr hidden he's at 21 life
17859s just a couple of hits from that will
17862s absolutely knock him out of this
17863s tournament that is so big papa on turn
17866s five was able to create a 1010 Van Cleef
17868s Dr hippie would need to have sort of the
17871s perfect answers here to deal with if you
17873s count up even all the removal he has in
17874s his hand it's only nine damage from
17875s spells so it would have to base take he
17878s actually goes for the draw but now he
17880s just has to rely on this Arcane Giant
17882s and hope that Pebble doesn't have a sap
17885s to remove it but he does
17887s yep Pavel actually is very very close to
17891s just finishing the game off with bite
17892s plus Sinister strike as well he has
17894s seven eight more damage you can do this
17896s turn he could put dogger heavy down to
17898s just three life but he can also just sap
17900s plus Barns and all but sure that Dr
17903s hibble will be dead next turn I mean you
17905s saw Pavel he gave like a big sigh
17907s realizing that he was that close to
17910s winning the World Championship doctor if
17912s he's had 11 health and he saw last year
17914s and he gave away the fact that he had no
17915s way to deal with that Edwin Van Cleef he
17918s played the Arcane giant with the hopes
17919s that Pavel wouldn't have a way to answer
17921s it
17922s but he does he's got the perfect answer
17924s with the sap yeah it's like the two
17926s turns and he doesn't even need two turns
17929s he just needs a single window to connect
17931s with Edmund Van Cleef one more time
17934s and he's making sure that he puts on as
17936s much damage as possible so even if Dr
17939s hippie finds a way to deal with Edwin it
17940s means that he has enough damage in his
17942s hand plus the si7 agent to have lethal
17945s damage Dr hippie needs a miracle he
17948s needs Raven Idol swipe that does not
17951s look like he has quite enough he can
17953s take down the Van Cleef but he has no
17955s way to survive the following turn it
17957s could take down the Van Cleef with the
17958s spells that he has
17960s I mean of course from his perspective he
17962s can survive but Pavel has bite that's
17965s four damage he has Sinister strike
17967s that's three damage he'll have the si7
17969s agent on the board that's three more
17970s that's plenty of damage to end the game
17972s and we said fight with the little
17975s innocuous off the swashburger earlier
17977s but it will be Pavel with that bite
17980s burst this is the last turn for Dr
17983s hippie for the world championship and
17984s this is the last turn before Pavel he
17988s will do it the bite the Sinister strikes
17990s the attack hobble is your 2016
17993s Hearthstone world champion one game away
17997s from BlizzCon last year comes into this
18000s year and wins the world championship he
18004s took his near miss last year as
18007s inspiration motivation and it took him
18010s all the way to the title all the way to
18013s the trophy he is now the champion what
18017s an impressive performance from that
18019s young man that Dan is standify on stage
18021s with our champion congratulations Paul I
18024s present to you the 2016 Hearthstone
18026s world champion
18030s you worked hard this entire year
18032s battling out over thousands of people
18034s and now you've won on the biggest stage
18036s what do you have to say to all the fans
18039s who are watching around the world uh
18045s I'm really appreciate that
18048s foreign
18051s I bet you are
18060s one more time please
18063s well uh definitely a lot of emotions
18066s going through everybody's minds and
18068s congratulations again I want this
18070s opportunity to present the trophy with
18072s president and co-founder of Blizzard
18073s Entertainment Mike moreheim as well as
18075s production director Jason chess
18085s hobble we would like to award you this
18088s trophy on behalf of Blizzard
18090s Entertainment on behalf of the entire
18092s Hearthstone Community 2016 was an
18095s amazing year for Hearthstone Esports and
18098s we're incredibly proud to Crown you as
18101s the new world champion
18102s from everybody at blizzard and from the
18105s millions of hearthstone fans across the
18107s world congratulations
18109s foreign
18150s foreign
18154s Hearthstone Esports this year we cannot
18157s wait to see what's happening in store
18158s for 2017. but for now please join me in
18162s one final round of applause for a world
18165s champion Pablo from Russia
18186s hello
18188s foreign
18211s the world champion pravel went on to do
18215s well in many tournaments throughout 2017
18217s but one of the real highlights was when
18220s he played at the seat story cup
18222s after taking a short break from the game
18224s he didn't appear to realize that Rogue
18227s Secrets had recently been added and was
18230s just a little confused when they
18231s appeared in his match versus Eloise take
18234s a look and finally getting ready to jump
18236s into game number one and that's quarter
18238s creeper that's a good card right that is
18240s indeed a good card Eloise knows what's
18241s up actually looks like Pavel is playing
18243s on norea's account which I assume is
18245s because Pavel actually doesn't have all
18248s the cards that he needs from this
18249s expansion he said to me yesterday he
18251s does not want to open them off stream
18252s and he hasn't had the chance yeah it's
18254s really good it's all about the content
18256s yeah yeah you're right you're right I
18258s thought it was very business minded you
18259s know
18262s Swatch on one Corridor creeper in hand
18265s combination of uh patches and Corridor
18267s creeper it's been something that's been
18269s hotly debated right like is Corridor
18271s creeper actually the problem or is the
18272s patches meta the problem that's making
18274s Corridor creeper insane I think it's
18276s batch is the problem to all of the
18277s things that like it also makes klsf more
18280s powerful it makes Corridor creeper more
18281s powerful and uh yeah so delete patches
18285s Hearthstone solved right that's what
18287s we're saying no no not necessarily it's
18289s not that uh linear but I'm just saying
18291s like a lot of these cars are powerful
18292s because patches is powerful yeah I
18294s definitely agree with you
18296s paint up Doom pretty solid
18299s especially now I think there's like some
18301s better demons added
18303s it's actually maybe a decent card we
18304s might see it in Zulu in the near future
18306s really I don't know interesting I know
18308s so Navi won the Sydney Invitational that
18310s we were talking about he was playing two
18312s copies of bait and doom in his control
18313s warlock at that time but now he's moved
18316s away from that he's playing a different
18317s build where he's cut the bane of Dooms
18318s we've seen bane of Doom in the past in
18320s zoo when malganus was in the format
18324s there's no malcolis right now void Lords
18327s I guess they're okay they're gonna be
18329s great in that in a mirror match you
18330s would play a five-man avoid Lord yeah
18335s foreign
18339s are you playing that every day
18342s yeah I'm playing in my rogue Folk
18344s Marvel seems to be playing Highlander
18346s priest so it's probably just like the
18347s standard build it's like extreme I would
18349s assume maybe not even now your place
18352s like extreme yeah it's like the best
18353s game over in the car I'm just thinking
18355s if he hasn't if he has looks I'm taking
18356s it to the next level if he hasn't looked
18358s at the cards just oh come on
18362s so these are honestly you know my
18366s prediction for what might be the two
18367s strongest decks going forward which is a
18369s little bit unfortunate because it really
18371s felt like uh Cobalt might shake the meta
18373s up enormously uh but Tempo Rogue plus
18376s Minstrel and creeper and Raza anduin
18379s priest plus psychic scream still feel
18381s like two of the strongest decks for me
18383s control warlock of some variety comes
18384s into that as well for sure
18387s um but I would have liked to see both of
18388s these decks kind of rotate their way
18390s down to tier two they were never
18391s realistically going to get any weaker
18393s than that but I think they might both
18395s end up being tier one you know even late
18396s game into the expansion it's hard to
18399s predict how the expansion is going to
18400s look like in like two months there's a
18402s lot of small things that change and can
18404s impact everything like we haven't seen a
18406s refined Hunter build yet and everybody's
18408s saying that Hunter has mad potential but
18410s uh nobody's had the least that just
18411s broke the meta term people actually
18413s Reyna the Rayna said that he had a
18415s really good list that breaks down the
18416s game yeah so the the pig minions back
18419s here playing Corridor creeper was
18421s something that I tried to do very early
18422s as well but I made the dumb mistake of
18424s trill still trying to fit the secret
18425s package as well and it was just too too
18427s much stuff going on so when I saw Rayna
18429s post that deck that was just yeah this
18431s is just face onto a corridor creeper I
18433s was just like okay yeah that actually
18434s makes sense why didn't I do that I think
18436s like very successful hunt at least that
18437s we saw six or play yesterday was like
18439s kind of like raina's list but it had the
18441s six Mana minion that uh works with
18443s spells and then it had Call of the Wild
18444s yes which is actually seeming more and
18447s more like how people are going to end up
18449s building aggro decks because we're
18450s seeing it even in uh pirate warrior with
18452s the you know the seven Mana five five
18453s thing as well doing the same thing with
18455s spiteful Summoner
18457s it's kind of interesting just having
18458s that insane power Spike on six is so
18461s huge Prince Shadow step Prince Shadow
18463s step Prince is an option now but how far
18466s in does she go I think it's worth doing
18467s because you have the mean still to go
18469s dominions afterwards that's true yes
18471s that means true I think actually before
18473s Minstrel came out Shadow stepping this
18475s late was kind of a bait uh if you've
18477s already used patches then Shadow step in
18479s Keller Seth a bunch of times just wasn't
18481s even that worth it a lot of the time
18482s you're better off Shadow stepping valves
18484s binds bomez Leroy like whatever it ends
18486s up being Elven Minstrel has changed all
18488s of that better you could you can just
18490s pull that buff out of your deck so
18491s quickly this is nice too it gets the
18492s card of Creeper gets a decent demon it's
18495s better against uh heavier control decks
18497s right because then the stat buff on
18498s every single Minion makes a difference
18499s but if you're against aggro and you lose
18501s the board because you're making this
18502s killer set play right people too far
18504s behind I like this play a lot from
18505s Eloise because she can go for careless
18507s if next turn and then play Ministry in
18509s the same turn
18510s if you would play for example kill
18512s yourself now uh shouldn't have enough
18514s money to play bane of domain ministical
18515s next turn so it's really good
18516s manaitalization
18521s yeah that's really nice actually
18524s and you only miss out on one card
18525s getting buffed which you don't really
18526s care about because you'll just get two
18528s cars from Instagram and in the normal
18529s draw and yeah this looks like Rogue is
18533s going to be able to put a lot of
18534s pressure I was about to see some new
18536s cards well no just a bit true psychic
18538s scream is not even good against careless
18539s if because you put it back into the
18542s well it's okay if you can shuffle a loop
18544s order into the deck as well like that
18546s you've got a two drop now can't rock it
18547s again oh
18549s Next Level right just like for Raza yeah
18552s yeah she might still backstab the loot
18553s harder but I'm not sure if it's worth
18554s doing that
18556s I challenge is a three two right
18560s yeah but do you care
18562s maybe I care a little bit ready
18565s seven Mana eight eight seven Mana what a
18569s joke
18570s for now nice one
18573s too
18575s like it's gonna be super cheap and you
18577s also will be able to combo it with
18578s Vancleave you just need to play around
18580s and doing a little bit
18583s great actually
18585s so she could have converted her backstab
18587s to five damage there essentially uh she
18589s wants to keep the backstab because one
18591s of the minions she Drew was Van Cleef so
18592s obviously those two go together very
18594s nicely
18595s but trading five damage to protect three
18598s in theory does that does that pay out
18600s over the long term in terms of like
18601s damage rationing I would have
18603s backstabbed there I think okay
18605s I don't think tutu and Van cliff is
18607s worth missing that much damage and you
18609s also take the damage on the quieter
18610s creeper so you basically like get to
18612s attack on Vancleave so is there anyway
18615s you can make a case where everybody's
18617s not that great is there any way Eloise
18618s can go in on the Edwin now because it's
18619s only turn six there's no anderin coming
18621s down on turn seven
18623s yeah you can go back step trade me still
18625s trade kls if go karted or creeper Edwin
18628s and you probably can even set up close
18630s to little and then like not play
18632s anything next turn for sun doing if
18634s there's no one doing you win if there's
18635s something you still have uh plenty of
18637s fuel to trap the Eloise might fall into
18640s here so she's seen the shadow of death
18641s already that's like a big upside to
18643s making the huge Edwin and going in uh
18645s but she had a really juicy looking
18648s dragon fire board the last turn and it
18650s didn't get dragon fired so Eloise might
18653s not uh play around Dragonfire because
18655s obviously making a huge Edwin is another
18657s way to play around Dragonfire because it
18659s will be resistant to it so she might
18660s feel like she doesn't need to because
18662s she's got the read that Dragonfire isn't
18663s there but the Edwin is just so insane on
18666s board that there's a good chance she
18667s just jams it
18670s yeah she just like had to consider if
18672s she wants to straight away the corridor
18673s people of or the 12 Armenians right this
18676s place against the psychic screen because
18678s you want both kill sfm Eastern in your
18679s deck that's true so it's actually
18681s probably better yeah but Apple has no
18683s psychic scream yeah but still your
18685s player you play around it like it's very
18688s good play for me Louise
18691s that is lethal setup if Pablo didn't
18693s heal but he
18695s definitely heals this turn but how's he
18697s deal with this
18699s he does not
18701s yeah thanks for asking yeah
18706s at this point they can just ignore the
18708s Raza right I mean you have vowel spine
18711s yeah
18714s wow you don't even have you seen patches
18717s yet
18718s we must have seen that I don't remember
18719s I don't think we have we have term one
18721s yeah swashbuckler on turn one okay okay
18723s oh yeah it's been a dream right wait no
18726s oh no that came from courier which came
18729s from swashburger okay okay got that
18733s and now even if your opponent has
18735s undoing you still have free damage on
18737s board yeah yeah and then you can play
18739s like six six Captain to make that fork
18742s damage and you're gonna have a seven
18743s seven captain and whatever you draw this
18745s looks great for Eloise I mean now we've
18748s seen both hands we know it's game over
18753s got him this guy is toast indeed as
18755s powerful jobs to concede now Louise
18757s takes game one radio in my predictions
18760s seems to be holding up at the moment
18762s yeah well it's still the best of five
18763s yeah of course but um I thought I
18767s thought that was it I thought we were
18768s going home now yeah is the tournament
18769s over yet I mean I feel like we've been
18771s casting the series for at least an hour
18773s now right this definitely happened but
18775s yeah Raza priest's not looking too
18777s impressive there but I think that's
18778s flaring to deceive I think rather priest
18780s is still fantastic I was a little
18783s surprised initially to see a lot of
18785s people bringing uh dragon priests and I
18787s suspect there's a little bit of big
18788s priest hanging around somewhere as well
18790s um but when you think about it it's the
18792s reasoning behind that is because
18794s everyone's expecting their priest to get
18795s banned so if their priest gets left up
18797s it's because your opponent is targeting
18800s priest in the standard form which is
18802s rather priest so you bring something
18803s different but Hubble hasn't done any of
18805s that he's just said nope uh rather he's
18807s coming back that's a main Deck King
18809s Crush all right new cards finally I was
18811s just about to say purple did actually
18813s say to me at one point last week hey
18814s what about if I just go to seat story
18816s and bring our decks to beat everyone he
18818s did say to me that that was something
18820s he's considering doing so I believe that
18822s we are seeing some news Katrina in
18823s pavel's hand there's like the card he's
18826s looking at us amazing he's laughing nice
18828s and farvel yeah you're such a memo like
18833s yeah
18835s Katrina
18838s he's giving us the eyes okay all all
18842s illusion illusion professionalism has
18844s disappeared
18846s each other and bursting out laughing uh
18850s why is there a king crush and a Katrina
18853s in your deck okay Katrina is the
18855s opposite of patches that's why I don't
18856s think the opposite yeah like you need to
18859s do a Katrina before you draw your king
18861s crush or your uh your other big big
18864s chargers right to make it effective
18866s whereas patches you need to draw the
18868s Pirates before you throw patches so
18870s mathematically it's not good to play
18871s Katrina but for fun it's history cup
18875s Pavel just gives us a treat
18878s it might even work this time because he
18880s actually Drew Katrina before the king
18881s crash
18883s to get all the way to turn eight though
18884s it's not like he's gonna have other big
18886s beasts in there right like he just has
18888s to he can't just be all in on Kick Crush
18889s that's insane oh no there's Savannah I
18891s made in his hands right there must be at
18892s least one or two others and expect a
18894s second I mean are there they're what
18896s they call Violet grubs the devil's all
18898s right
18899s devil saw right yeah eight Mana seven
18901s seven
18903s we charge yeah
18906s with charge that you can actually use if
18908s it's summoned from Katrina right yeah is
18910s this an edwinter yeah you can kill the
18912s New York too that seems good to me he's
18914s gonna she's sorry Eloise she is gonna
18917s get cat tricked super hard here though
18919s does it matter yeah you definitely care
18921s about the fork together when you have a
18922s 1010 engine
18928s yeah you don't care you just like
18929s shallow stuff the burglar go all in
18934s it's so juicy is she afraid of a deadly
18937s shot probably yeah you have to think
18939s about it right every time you make this
18940s play you think about deadly shot and
18942s then you ignore that thought and do it
18944s anyway that's that's basically the
18945s mentality of playing against Hunter yeah
18947s yeah I agree because they're not going
18949s to keep delicious in a starting hand I
18951s mean they might if the dog is on the
18952s coin but we saw Pavel throwing actually
18955s probably crypto cards I've kept it
18957s before like more in the in the miracle
18959s Rogue days when it was like the only way
18960s you were gonna lose right if they just
18962s made huge Edwin yeah um but yeah I agree
18965s you probably wouldn't be keeping it now
18966s are there any death battles in Eloise's
18968s deck whatsoever
18971s um
18971s I cannot think of any no I don't think
18975s there are
18977s so that card is irrelevant
18979s he yeah this is a cat trick but Pablo
18981s traded um made the play very quickly
18983s trying to convince Eloise that this is a
18986s freezing yeah but now he always has the
18988s Venom strike trap to test
18990s yep yep and that comes down this turn
18993s right yeah I don't think four Mana five
18995s forever is coming down here
18998s I mean she might play it just to play on
19002s freezing but
19004s uh oh that's playing around freezing
19007s really hard right because if you if you
19009s Venom strike and it's not cat-trick then
19012s suddenly you can't play a minion to try
19014s and test the freezing right
19018s looks like she's gonna go ahead and play
19019s it then get a good news and get 12
19022s damage out of the equation
19027s is little next turn
19029s oh okay these what can you get
19034s I was expecting powerful to look over us
19036s then can you get like yashiraj or
19037s something into
19039s something else no you don't know my
19041s language
19043s what can you get like seriously to take
19045s him out of this so he might
19046s realistically have in his deck yeah
19050s um you're sure Argent at any time
19053s there's a Lich King in there
19055s no no yasharaj into I don't know king of
19059s beasts is that even still a card where's
19061s obsidian statue why isn't he playing
19063s priest yeah because he already lost with
19066s freeze good point priest already got
19068s dunked by this rogue deck
19071s foreign yeah I think this is the play
19075s 100 just try and get the power on board
19077s to challenge the 12-12 and Eloise is
19079s gonna get a quick 2-0 out of it as much
19081s as I enjoy the memes I do like it with
19083s the memes are actually at least somewhat
19084s successful yeah but Eloise just stopped
19087s purple
19088s yep Pavel needed that second cat trick
19091s to be uh freezing trap or at least like
19094s wandering monster fun fact about
19097s wandering monsters not only a hunter
19098s secret in the new expansion it's also
19100s Raven's nickname for his penis whoa
19107s I I don't want to know how you found
19109s that out I don't want
19111s to die I'll just Breeze over that one
19116s so back to the cat that comes uh
19119s be careful
19122s broke mirror is all purple has left I
19125s mean Rogue can beat Rogue yeah
19129s in fact Rogue probably will beat Rogue
19131s at some point in this next match oh wow
19133s that's some really good casting inside
19135s thanks very much for calling me out
19138s ah good old patches
19145s oh Shadow step kind of yeah yeah delayed
19148s Shadow step it's actually because she
19149s has a double chain going in hand it's
19151s actually pretty nice as well because
19152s Chain Gang has taunt and then it will
19154s almost certainly get propped on she
19155s death
19156s uh she might just choose to dagger up
19158s here for that reason instead of
19159s developing the secret yeah I like this
19161s yeah
19162s and then again you're gonna have like
19163s two Mana Serenade
19165s it's very nice
19167s I like to cheat death on my Corridor
19169s creepers but they are actually just five
19170s out of five pounds I think seven out of
19172s five five is a bit weak
19175s why are they playing it
19181s bubbles Rogue seems to be quite standard
19184s yeah not looking to Mimi just yet yeah
19188s maybe he just brought at the hunter
19189s because he was like a rogue and priest
19191s are gonna
19192s solo key anyways he's like I'll just
19194s throw it with Rogue afterwards no
19195s problem
19196s I'm Pavel I mean it's much more nice to
19199s be able to win a tournament while
19201s playing a meme deck like if that's like
19203s the best thing
19205s Quick Test does Pavel know what the
19208s Rogue secrets are yeah she's just like
19210s wait wait what Rogue Secret
19212s can we uh get an admin to check the
19214s powerful he's not on his phone right now
19216s Googling what Rogue Secrets do
19221s she's looking at us she's like what to
19224s go get all got Secrets what is this
19230s he's like harvested must have changed
19232s the last season I was in China
19237s hands above the desk
19241s foreign
19269s he just has no idea does he he just
19271s literally has no clue what's gonna
19273s happen when he plays any of these cards
19275s oh boy
19278s okay good Rogue didn't get counter spell
19281s that helps
19283s all right power was like yep okay Edwin
19286s up he's a six six nothing bad's happened
19288s yet
19290s that six six he's gonna have to chew
19292s through a lot of two threes though but
19293s the math checks out he does chew through
19295s a lot of two threes
19301s he doesn't know he's gonna try to have
19303s to guess what the real secret is
19307s to watch the reveals teams and exactly
19310s pavel's just being punished for not
19313s keeping up that's what's happening right
19314s now
19316s all right well he's going to find out
19317s there we go the fun is over there's
19320s probably
19321s reading the card
19324s he's like what is this
19330s oh this is my favorite game of
19332s hearthstone ever
19336s it's seriously like a very underrated
19339s aspect if you play too many events your
19342s performance is going to be significantly
19343s worse no matter if you like a fantastic
19345s player right it's just like you have to
19347s put a lot of time into keeping up with
19349s the game the game is constantly changing
19352s he had a few weeks in China One series a
19355s day he had a lot of time to look at the
19357s cards if he wanted to
19359s so hang on back back in serious mode for
19361s a second uh deckhand SI and kill the
19365s Edwin then lets you play Corridor
19367s creeper right because two minions are
19369s dying uh or you can just go saronite
19372s aside instead which do you like rather
19373s uh what about deck and Desai and then in
19376s Shadow stepping he played they say on
19377s the captain FaceTime the captain and he
19379s can play with people oh now we're
19381s cooking this is why I ask you the
19382s questions that matter Radu
19384s I like that let's do that yeah you you
19387s use your Shadow step but you want to
19389s kill the captain I think yeah 100 that's
19392s just so much of a bigger swing
19395s take an extra three three off the board
19396s so your five five isn't challenged
19399s yeah Eloise sees it and then next thing
19401s you have double sagonite and afterwards
19403s how long can this go on it's a great
19406s question it can go on for a very long
19408s time Hearthstone plays are on point his
19410s meme games on point what can't this man
19413s do
19414s play Quest Mage apparently yeah
19420s it's a very underrated aspect too like
19422s it's maybe not worth bringing bags like
19425s Westminster tournaments because under
19427s the tournament pressure and uh under so
19431s many
19433s eyes watching you it's like so hard to
19436s play flawlessly
19439s we cannot play a deck perfectly on
19440s stream you shouldn't bring it to a
19442s tournament like on your own stream yeah
19444s on your own stream and when I play Quest
19446s Mission stream I kind of sometimes make
19447s mistakes
19448s so yeah maybe that was an indicator I
19451s shouldn't have brought it Cabo has a
19452s very easy way back onto the sport or if
19454s he wants to play the ball spine Slayer
19455s to deal with the five five he can just
19457s deal with everything here
19459s backside three three balls point five
19461s five exactly
19466s he knows what these cards will do
19473s I really want to see Eloise get a second
19475s secret for the swashburger I think they
19477s were just I'll just finish this game off
19479s nicely I want to see pavel's Slam Elven
19481s Minstrel without activating the combo
19484s that'll be hilarious
19492s so oh okay that's better I think that's
19496s real nice is it yeah you want a 3-2 on
19498s board right you only need two taunts you
19500s want a convoyed yeah sure
19504s oh it's not bad
19510s but do you have time to get the value
19512s out of quelesev yeah this feels like one
19515s of those situations I was talking about
19516s before where the color set is kind of
19518s too late to be relevant Eloise has even
19520s already used a shadow step this game on
19522s the SI and even if another one came into
19525s hand I just think it's better using on
19527s Leroy or drawer valspine Slayer draw a
19529s bone mayor yeah like that well played
19531s that's a pretty good job pretty good
19532s yeah although he's good at Hearthstone
19534s confirmed
19539s okay above the 2-3 that leaves Armenian
19542s with two Health after killing the Cobble
19545s scale Bane
19546s what do you do with the three two do you
19548s kill the fourth yeah you killed the 14
19550s yeah yeah you know value trade because
19551s this is not a dagger up yeah okay
19555s like there are points where you want to
19557s validate but at this point so late in
19559s the game you don't really care about the
19560s Firefly
19561s okay
19564s is there any play that denies your
19566s opponent's bone man there isn't right
19568s can't kill enough stuff no
19572s and now puppet is going to be able to
19574s boner the Firefly
19577s actually like I don't know maybe do you
19579s find a train to play on boner
19582s does he play around boy man I guess it
19584s kind of does yeah yeah I like it
19585s actually that makes sense yeah maybe
19587s it's better actually but it's only
19589s better to Bone to play on bone there
19590s this is kind of why I was getting out
19592s because because the Rogue doesn't have a
19594s dagger up and you're scared of their
19595s bone mare turn like leaving a 3-1 around
19597s is actually valuable right wait wait
19598s wait why is she why did she kill the
19600s fruit over the photo that it's like
19603s there's like no reason a good question
19604s like
19607s anyways but what if he doesn't
19611s it's like no
19613s better to kill the fort too over killing
19615s the free too unless there was like a
19617s specific tag like beast and like Druid
19619s and stuff like that but I don't think
19620s there was like any tag on those minions
19623s like viles point doesn't have a no no
19625s there's no tag
19628s she even let the elemental leave if
19630s anything
19633s I don't think there's any character
19634s effects
19636s whole blood trade right yeah
19641s this is quite close buffer needs to
19643s combo the minister Health that's like
19645s very important
19646s oh never mind
19648s Cobalt is really good here yeah
19652s Eloise is just immediately gone from
19654s being very ahead on the board so very
19655s behind that's the temporal mirror match
19657s I was about to say the only good card is
19661s bone marrow like valspine isn't even
19662s good because you can't combo it with the
19664s one card in your hand being Leroy uh
19666s that like even like Elder Minstrel
19668s wasn't good because you just have to
19669s like slam a LeRoy on the board which
19670s isn't ideal and just but like if she
19672s didn't draw bone mare you would have had
19674s to have leroyed and traded in that spot
19676s which put him in horrible the second
19677s time this game Eloise has managed to
19679s pick up a pretty nice bone man right on
19680s cue yep
19682s that's not right on cue that's not how
19685s Corridor creeper works Pavel does
19688s however know how Minstrel works
19693s oh that's pretty good pickup
19698s yeah very nice
19705s she knows exactly what we're talking
19708s about oh my goodness Pub always now
19710s explicitly familiar with uh 66 of the
19713s road
19714s can we get three for three
19718s foreign
19724s unreal
19732s so if you're Eloise you have to just
19734s start hitting in the head right can you
19736s trade this game out at this point after
19738s your opponent just minstrolled
19741s you might be able to about I'm not sure
19743s if ah you still have to trade
19745s you have to you don't play legally it
19748s looks very bad but I'm pretty sure the
19750s correct place no I'm not getting the
19751s captain and then backstabbing face
19753s tanking and just passing I don't I don't
19754s want to play the Leroy this turn but I
19756s want to potentially send the six damage
19758s face to set yourself up for potential
19760s second Shadow strap drawers later on I
19762s don't know leaving to Minions on the
19763s board is sketchy okay by trading you
19766s play around the vile spine and you have
19768s to trade you have to pay there's no way
19769s around it maybe there is a case for
19772s trading with Leroy but then you make two
19775s extra one ones and I don't know if
19776s you're gonna deal with that yeah this is
19777s the query play it looks bad but it's the
19779s query play all right I believe you thank
19782s you Sato
19784s see like no no papa doesn't have that
19786s much either yeah no no yes you're right
19788s this gives you outs of like the
19789s swashburger card not being gas and then
19792s you know probably not drawing well off
19793s the top which is realistically what
19795s actually happened so
19797s hello that's quite gassy though yeah now
19801s we do it
19806s and now that evasion card probably going
19809s to buy powerful attack
19811s which is not relevant no
19815s uh let's just wait unless you can like
19817s yeah
19824s if he I can't think of one but he's now
19827s he gets like means Leroy that could
19830s happen right wow but because of the
19832s evasion he's got one more turn to draw
19833s it yeah which is
19837s foreign
19846s I don't think so
19848s there's no reason not to play it either
19850s yeah it's just an irrelevant card where
19853s are you going with this Falcon so
19858s what if you play the killer SF now and
19860s you'd go means Trail then you can go
19862s means to go Shadows
19863s do you have enough Mana to play leeway
19866s plus deckhand which if both are above it
19869s might be enough wait without you having
19871s the shadow step
19872s sir
19875s that's risky how about putting yourself
19877s down to seven is there any way Eloise
19878s can deal seven damage in one hit no no
19881s okay Leroy's already gone these minions
19883s attack and kill each other so
19886s cold blood from Shadow step would do it
19890s all right
19892s another new card
19894s if at least Pavel will see the text on
19896s this one as soon as it's played
19911s how many cards do you get it did he get
19914s it he just looked at us oh he got
19915s minutes to go but I don't think he has
19917s money to minister she does the mystical
19918s and get me away it doesn't draw any yeah
19921s right he has to draw the then replay it
19923s then play it again then he gets the draw
19924s double double decking is it enough no
19927s it's not no uh
19929s yeah oh oh
19933s oh wait no oh no
19940s foreign