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Patch 24.2.1, a server-side hotfix patch, is scheduled for September 2 and includes the following content updates and bug fixes.

Content updates:
• Adjusted the Battlegrounds Leaderboard logic to remove all players with 0 Rating from the Leaderboards and increase the number of games required before appearing on the Leaderboards.
• Lich Baz’hial was moved from Armor Tier 1 to Armor Tier 3.
• Fungalmancer Flurgl was moved from Armor Tier 2 to Armor Tier 1.
• Several Battlegrounds Quests and Quest Rewards have been adjusted.
• The Witness Protection Battlegrounds Quest and Another Hidden Body Quest Reward have been temporarily removed from the Quest pool.
• Adjusted the “Big Friends” and “Live to Win” Duels buckets and removed Sire Denathrius from the “Group Learning” bucket.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug where Ring of Tides would continue to update based on the original owner’s spells after stolen.
• Fixed a bug where the Imp generated by Imp Gang Boss lost its “Imp” tag.
• Fixed a bug preventing the Training Session Darkmoon Prize from working with the Sire Denathrius.