28 days ago - PDX Katten - Direct link
Here is my personal description of each DLC and why you might want one of them. (Im biased I know, but I just want you to make the right decision for yourself) ^^

Trial of Allegiance: Adds Focus Trees for Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay (Purchase if you want to play in that region with those countries)

Arms Against Tryanny: Adds International Market & Military Industrial Organization Mechanics as well as Focus Trees for Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland (If you want more peace time mechanics and more action in northen europe then this would be for you)

Man the Guns: A completely rehauled Navy system with ship designer similar to the NSB Tank Designer, and a bunch of naval changes alongisde a new focus tree for USA, UK, Mexico, Netherlands, (so if you light democracy and boats, this one might be for you. (