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Herennius said:
I'm also happy for anyone being interested in career profiles and the fact that they got beefed up...though I have to say also that these have zero relevance for me. Not trying to argue that work could have been spent elsewhere or something...I'm fine with pleasing that crowd as well; just making the point that not everyone cares about that stuff in case it somehow matters for higher level decision-making.
It's doesn't impact our workload of making fixes and expansions

benjay2 said:
Very curious about this. There are only ever so many hours to be worked, and priority decisions to be made - and every decision to do something is a decision to not do something else.

I only comment due to my continuing and increasing frustration at the BBA plane sprites still being utterly broken and not resolved, even at least a resolve just for the majors, 4 months after release... Considering these are at the heart of the plane designer... Seems very much like a 'too hard, takes too long, dont want to, lets move on and hope players forget, instead look at this shiny new thing over here' mentality.
The people working on the career profile are not the same discipline as the people who would fix particular bugs with the game. For example it would be like asking a content designer to fix a pathfinding bug, or a programmer to fix a focus bug, they are not the same and are allocated separately. 1 person doing X does not mean that another person does not do Y, conversely it can sometimes mean be that 1 person doing X means that 1 person cannot do Y. It very much depends on the specific persons involved, the project involved and what their job is, but in this case it is not the case.

Áurum said:
They can be disabled with game rules but they start disabled by default? How is it then?
You do not need to have all of them enabled, you can choose which ones you want, etc. Thus creating an easier way for a player to personalize their experience ^^

Hope this answer helps!

Open beta has been updated with the following:

- Small fixes to Romanian focus tree additions  
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Hello, Ingevar is here with news about Career Profile, if you're just looking for patch notes, scroll down to find them at the bottom, but let's get into things!

More stats and Awards​
We were happy to see that a lot of players welcomed new awards and got gold medals including the trickiest ones, so we felt we should expand the list of medals and ribbons a bit.
Previously we focused on warfare mostly, but this time we added some that cover economy, production and recruitment aspects of the game.

My personal favorite is the new ribbon "Orchestra of Boom": first of all the name! But then also it will require you to design and deploy a division with anti-tank, anti-air, artillery and rocket artillery with a support signal company. Not that hard to do, but very fun to use this division in battle!​

Some of the New Medals will deliver a serious challenge even for more experienced players, like "Quality Over Quantity" , which requires you to have several times less casualties than the enemy after inflicting at least 1 million casualties.

We are also adding more statistics to your Career Profile, which can tell a bit more about each player's playstyle.

Awards Display
You can display your awards now! Be a proud general with a couple of the best medals, or go full Brezhnev-mode showcasing every bit you have!
We also plan to add more medal shapes and icons so that it's easier to tell on medal apart from another.

Stats in Multiplayer
We will also collect Statistics in Multiplayer now! Awards are still Single Player only, but now you'll be able to see how the player is coping against other humans.

Backgrounds We wanted to add a bit more customization to your Career Profile, so now you will unlock backgrounds for career points that you earn with Awards.
The combination of your nickname, profile picture and the background will form the Badge, which will be visible to other players.

The Badge in Multiplayer Lobby and Chat One of the Biggest changes we bring is the possibility to view the Career Profiles of other players in the Multiplayer Lobby and chat.
Just click on their badge and see their stats and awards!
If you don't want to share this valuable intel with others you can always set the visibility of your own profile to "Friends Only" or "Private".

Stats Comparison When Viewing profiles of other Players you will be able to compare numbers to your own directly.

We are very excited to hear your thoughts and see more gold in your Career Profiles

Stay tuned and see you later!


- For easy and very easy difficulties, AI countries will transfer a part of their Peace Score to the human player(s)
- Puppets will transfer a part of their Peace Score to their Overlord (can be disabled with custom game rules)
- Faction members will transfer a part of their Peace Score to their Faction Leader (can be disabled with custom game rules)
- Countries with a low war participation score will transfer all their Peace Score to other countries (can be disabled with custom game rules)
- Make peace score redistribution game rules disabled by default

- Prussia of the Balkans rebalanced slightly, and more of the modifiers now scale as the spirit is upgraded
- Bulgaria now begins with the Mountaineers tech unlocked
- Bulgaria: National Railway Lines now take 35 days, from 70. Added two mutually exclusive focuses after this, choosing between exploiting aluminium resources (16 Aluminium) or natural gold deposits (stability + civ)
- Integrated designers navy spirit no longer gives double bonus and only gives research bonus for ship modules now
- Romania: several new focuses added which enable the possibility to manipulate which country leader will run the fascist party
- all countries will now build carrier aircraft if they have carriers, countries with low military factories are less likely to spend too much on fighters
- increased carrier aircraft wanted buffer for countries with carriers to 1.5x total deck space

- Fixed various issues with tech tree on different resolutions
- Bulgaria's default UI colour (used for allegiance/country unit banners) is now the same as their starting country colour
- Main menu Social Media buttons update

- Added some scripted AI desires for land doctrines
- Fixed bug in how AI prioritises its construction queue
- Stop AI from queueing up more naval bases and railways if they are already waiting to be upgraded
- Italy will now be much less active on the French front for the first months of the war, unless France are losing badly, or Germany is under threat
- AI will check if it should afford the monthly cost of Improve Relations before attempting it
- USA colorado class battleships now obsolete in 1936

- add is_hired_as_advisor = yes/no trigger
- Make has_resources_in_country accept extracted and buildings parameters
- Add get_supply_vehicles and get_supply_vehicles_temp effects and triggers to check the number of trucks and trains
- Make the following triggers neutral - meaning they won't impact the outcome of the trigger block they are in : log, set_temp_variable, print_variables, round_temp_variable, clamp_temp_variable, subtract_from_temp_variable, multiply_temp_variable, divide_temp_variable, clear_temp_array, add_to_temp_array, remove_from_temp_array, resize_temp_array, find_highest_in_array, find_lowest_in_array

- Improved requirement tooltips for Mare Nostrum decision.
- Random country selection disabled when loading ironman saves
- Fixed incorrect dates for 1938 engine and armour techs
- Bulgaria's unit names now use the spelling 'Diviziya', from 'Divizija'
- Fixed issue in which Germany would get twice the amount of research bonuses via the focus "Treaty with the USSR"
- early cruiser hull no longer unlocks cruiser armour
- Aircraft Bomb tech now unlocks torpedoes
- Fixed incorrect role settings for amphibious drive module
- Fixing typo in Adopting Rumantsch country flag in Switzerland
- fixed incorrect templates for RO.57 aircraft
- Fix the capture and subsequent consequences for operatives when they get spotted on offensive missions
- Small fixes to Romanian focus tree additions

For more input, make sure to leave a comment on the Forum[pdxint.at], and as always, thank you to everyone for being apart of this Community - we appreciate you all and the enormous help that your suggestions[forum.paradoxplaza.com] and bug reports[forum.paradoxplaza.com] bring! So let's continue with this war effort to improve the game together!