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Generals! Hearts of Iron IV will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass from May 15th. There is an article creation by Microsoft HERE but this document will serve as an active FAQ, that I will be updating with answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Do I keep my DLCs if I bought them while owning base game with Game Pass?
Anwer: Yes, but you will have to purchase the base game on Microsoft Store to continue playing.  
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jsoooskkl said: will the game be back on the gamapass one day ?
That is for the future to decide, it could be yes, or it could be no. But currently, its not there.  
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Crouching Cadet said: Will achievements ever be obtainable for recent DLCs? This question has still gone unanswered for months.
We have been looking into it, and I'm hoping that we are able to fix it from our side. But cant give any dates for when that fix would be available.  
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Fyvoclock Shado said: Hi there. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I had the itch to play HOI4 and was looking for it in the Microsoft Store app and the Xbox App (both on my PC). I understand that it's been off of Game Pass for a year, but I expected to at least be able to buy the base game. After all, I paid for quite a bit of the DLC while the game was still on Game Pass. Unfortunately, I now can't find HOI4 anywhere on either storefront. So, is the game now completely removed from Windows store apps too? If so, what about all the DLC I paid for?

Thanks for any response!
The game still exists on Microsoft Store if you bought it, if you download it and go into the launcher itl prompt you with a Steam key as we no longer support Microsoft store. Of course you can reject the key and play on Microsoft but you wont recieve future updates.