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So a rollercoaster of events have just happened to me, as I was playing a team commander a "The Line" server. All of the sudden, I'm kicked from the game and this error comes up: "Host closed the connection"

I try to load into a different server, and same error (as above) comes up again. I try to reload the game, same error. I then restart my computer, re-open steam, a prompt comes up on my steam account stating: "You've been permanently banned in Hell Let Loose by Easy Anti-Cheat on behalf of the game developer."

Screenshot: Screenshot of ban

I then post on the official HLL server, seeking assistance, and I open up a ticket with EAC. About 20 minutes after doing so my ban is revoked and I'm greeted to this message on my steam client: "Your In-Game ban in Hell Let Loose has been removed"

Screenshot: Screenshot of ban removal

I then reach out to EAC again, inquiring why this happened to begin with, as I just want to play the game. I then load up my game again, and I'm greeted with the same initial error: "Host closed the connection". So I quit the game, re-load steam, to find out: "You've been permanently banned in Hell Let Loose by Easy Anti-Cheat on behalf of the game developer." Once again!

Can someone please look into this. I have 150+ hours in the game, and I absolutely love it. I have no idea what's going on, I just want to play over the weekend. Please help!

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Hi there!

So sorry you are experiencing this, but do know, we are in the case! Please DM us your SteamID in Discord preferrably and we will investigate and fix this for you!

Thanks sooo much OP!

15 days ago - /u/DannyArt_HLL - Direct link

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Thank you so much DannyArt for replying! I sent you a DM via discord, hoping I have the right person, this is you correct: TotallyNotDannyArt#9850 ?

Its A Me, Danny!

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