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It's our 1st year anniversary!

1 year ago yesterday on the 18th of November 2020, I, and Angry Badger, received the game from Matterhorn, who had been playing it for a few weeks and wanted to share the fun!

I was unsure at first, as I don't tend to like online games due to the toxicity they can pose, my own shyness, and the fear that other players would thoroughly bash me into the void and back, same with Angry Badger.

But I had a game with Matterhorn, and yes I did get bashed into the ground, however there was no toxicity, and I saw the teamwork going on around me, and felt warmed by it. Additionally the graphics were truly beautiful, and the sound effects were incredibly immersive. And whilst the gameplay was terrible at that point for me, I began to like the game.

Angry Badger on the other hand found it way too harsh, and it took me a few weeks for me to get him into the whole thing.

On the 19th of November 2020, I set up a WhatsApp group called "Hell let loose" which consisted of me, Angry Badger and Matterhorn, overtime more people joined:

Xmicrobeast (27th of November) Cutiegun (29th of December) Nellskeeper (11th June 2021)

Although early 2021 I expierinced some crashes, and nearly quit the game altogether, but then I started chatting with u/DannyArt_HLL who assured me the Devs would look into it and he was so friendly, reassuring and supportive that I decided to stay. Plus my squad were also trying to encourage me into continuing the game and I couldn't abandon them when we've come so far together in HLL.

March 27th I named it The Blue Ravens HLL because of the qualities both Ravens and the colour blue represent, plus I thought it sounded cool (ok, it was primarily because I thought it was a cool name)

Now we regularly catch up together (to the best of our abilities) and I'm good friends with u/DannyArt_HLL who if like to thank for supporting our group and trying to fix all of our issues by offering useful advice and support. I'd also like to thank u/Colin70000 for giving me the user flair

And lots of thanks to Matterhorn, for introducing me to the game, inspiring me into creating this squad, and telling me about discord so that I could create a discord group for us to use (which we use every game now) where would I be without you

Also thanks Angry Badger for helping us on the tech front, if it wasn't for you either I would've quit or Danny would've got overwhelmed with help messages, thanks Angry Badger!

And thanks to the rest of the team for helping liven up our squad, thanks!

One last big thanks to all the players out there for boosting my confidence, teaching me the ropes, and giving me a friendly and welcoming expierience! Your the guys who make the game what it is r/HellLetLoose !


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Cant wait what the Blue Ravens will do upcoming year, but im sure itll be amazing! Really lovely message and post by the way!