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Since the last update I've been having an issue where certain textures on the map flicker, the switch between two different textures very quickly when standing close to them. Most of the time it's the muddy roads on the Western Front maps, they flicker between a slightly muddy texture and a water covered texture. Also the shell craters flicker between dry mud to low quality mud with hot ashes.

My question is, is this a game bug or a me problem? My GPU is a 1660ti and not an old card, 3-4 years old maybe. Does anyone else have this glitch or is it my GPU dying?

Thank you :)

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Can you please share any video of the issue?

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Originally posted by CheekiBreekiBanditz

Sure, I’ll try next time I find it. I’ll get back to you today

Woaaaaa! Thanks!

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I haven’t been able to reproduce the same results today, this may have been because I installed new graphics drivers. However the odd thing is, this happened before and even after installing new graphics drivers the issue persisted. It was only the third new set of drivers that it seems to have stopped. I will let you know if I find the issue again however because I didn’t get a good enough chance to find it today.

Thanks so much, yeah, whenever its happening again, just DM us a vid and we are on it!