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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hey everyone,

Today’s brief is another big one, diving further into some of the additional improvements coming with Update 14. We’ll be sharing a final changelog with everyone on the 25th of May, where you’ll be able to find a complete list of changes and bug fixes!

The Hell Let Loose Experience
Offering unique gameplay through player-driven experiences, Hell Let Loose is often defined as a hardcore WWII first-person shooter, with a steeper learning curve and a strong emphasis on communication. Platoons are only successful when knowledge is shared and comms are open, and with Update 14, we have begun to facilitate better onboarding for both new and existing players alike.

Non-Verbal Communication Tools
In our roadmap reveal, we announced that non-verbal communication tools would be implemented to help support players who may not have access to a microphone or are able to use one.

Radial Menu

While this new tool is not designed to be used by Squad Leaders or Commanders, it does offer other players a new way to supplement communication - a radial wheel that categorizes the four most essential comms:

  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Information
  • Actions
Requests Responses Information Actions Ammo Acknowledged Enemy Ping (The existing standard ping) Attacking Healing (Bandage) Thanks Defending Supplies Sorry Observing Explosive Ammo Good Job Moving Awaiting Orders Unlucky Repeat Designed to support gameplay, these simplified communications aim to help players make quick calls on the battlefield. On PC, you’ll be able to hold the scroll wheel down in order to bring up the radial menu which will allow players to select an option. These responses are then seen only by the members of that player’s squad. Similarly, console players will be able to use the left d-pad to bring up the menu.

With an option selected, the corresponding text will appear in the text chat and the relevant marker will appear above your character’s head, allowing members of the same unit to see who has made the request. For Actions, markers will be placed wherever the player is pointing, other than Defending, which is placed at the player’s current location.

We hope that these non-verbal communications will allow players to quickly and efficiently deliver information when voice comms are not available.


Update 14 will also be further developing the existing ping feature by introducing a new point-and-ping system, where players will be able to highlight the location of ammo, explosive ammo, and supply boxes to other players in their platoon.

To use this new system, players must be within 5m of the item, using either the middle mouse button or the left d-pad on a controller, for a marker to appear above the item, while also calling it out in the text chat.

With these extended non-verbal communication tools, we hope players will be able to fully enjoy the Hell Let Loose experience and boost the communication of all players.

Improvements to the XP Screen
Update 14 will also see an initial improvement of the XP screen by now providing a breakdown of your awarded XP. With this feedback, players will be able to better understand how to alter their play style to maximize the XP they’re awarded.

Vote to Kick Functionality Console players will soon be able to Vote to Kick those who are purposefully disrupting gameplay. Arriving with Update 14, functionality for a Vote to Kick system is being implemented, mirroring the one available on PC, where twenty votes are required to successfully kick a player.

From the lobby menu, players will be able to select one of the following options to start the vote:
  • Abuse
  • Cheating
  • Team Killing
Improved Player Locomotion
With each update, we’re continuing to improve gameplay mechanics, including player locomotion; creating realistic movement that more accurately reflects a soldier’s capability in the field.

Dive to Prone
Highly anticipated, U14 will see dive to prone finally implemented - allowing sprinting players to hold the prone button to seamlessly move into prone and avoid conflict or discovery.

Dive to prone in the third-person perspective.

Dive to prone in the first-person perspective.

Step Height Improvements
These improvements have now introduced individual step heights for each position of Standing, Crouching, and Prone. Crouch step height has been decreased while slightly increasing the Standing step height, allowing players to traverse through maps more smoothly while remaining realistic.

Run & Sprint Updates
Sprinting and running in both Crouch and Standing have been adjusted to feel more natural and realistic.

Improvements to the Rifle Animation Set
New jog animations, as well as pose animations for the Rifle movement set, have been implemented, along with new aim poses, creating more natural movement and poses.
Alongside this, improvements to the base idles and transitions for Rifles have been implemented.

Player Onboarding Development
The existing Field Manual has been updated for U14 so that it will now reflect the new non-verbal communication wheel, as well as include a first iteration of video tutorials - short gif-style videos that help to illustrate certain in-game actions.

We have also added further details for the following:
  • Dive to Prone
  • Defensive Building
  • Engine Damage
While we continue to work on plans for our new tutorial system coming in a future update, we hope that the initial expansion of the Field Manual will help players locate the correct information to support them on the frontline.

Game Analytics & Internal Testing
A game the size of Hell Let Loose will always be difficult to fully test at scale, with some bugs only occurring when several key factors align - including the implementation of new features introducing bugs not present during QA or regular testing.

Update 14 will be evolving on the initial implementation of the game analytics introduced with U13.5, allowing us to better identify issues that players run into, effectively design new features, and support the fixing of the harder-to-reproduce bugs. With a much quicker release schedule planned, and more internal resources for testing, including the game analytics, we will no longer be relying on public testing ahead of new updates in the current PTE format.

We’re reviewing new processes to support early access for our partners, moderators, and creators. The new studio has recently brought on a dedicated resource to help support early access for future updates and we’ll be sharing more on this in the coming months.

Free DLC - Jericho Cap
Available with Update 14, players can download the Jericho Cap – a new version of the Budyonovka hat – a pinnacle of the Communist uniforms during the Russian Civil War. When the temperature drops, the flaps come down to shield the crews’ ears and neck from the harshest weather.

This free DLC is available to the Soviet Commander, Infantry, Armor, and Recon units.

Worn at the beginning of WWII during the bleak winter weather, the Jericho Cap worked to keep the Soviet soldiers warm so they could continue the fight.

Cavalry Coat DLC
Alongside the free DLC, players can also keep their soldiers warm with the Cavalry Coat DLC – worn by the Soviet tank crews throughout the war. Available for the Soviet Tank Commander and Crewman.

Stained by the grease and grime from the heavy machinery, its well-insulated mix of suede and sheep’s wool protected the crew from the cold.

Battling through the most severe weather, the new Soviet coat reminds the tanker of the relentless winter and the measures taken to survive.
Wombat’s Wrap-Up
Hey everyone, Wombat here! I wanted to share a few updates on just some of the bugs currently being investigated, as well as catch up on the results of the map refresh poll.

Loadout & Grenade Bugs
I have been continuing to share your experiences with these persistent bugs, and while they are still incredibly difficult to reproduce, the team are keen to resolve them with future development. Both require further testing and verification to help pinpoint the cause.

Reload Animation Bug
The reload animation bug has now been successfully fixed for U14!

Server Performance
Update 14 will also be bringing further performance improvements to a range of maps, with more HLOD fixes to address transition issues, as well as a pass over meshes to remove excessive triangle counts and additional UV sets.

A Map to Refresh
Thank you to everyone who voted in the map refresh poll! While it started out close, Purple Heart Lane took the win by securing 50% of all votes. So, what happens now? We’ll be taking a look at the feedback on the post to see which improvement requests we can begin to plan for, and will share further details in a future developer brief. If you haven’t yet shared your ideas, make sure to leave a comment here.

Players Crashing on Joining T17 Friend
The team have attempted to reproduce this console-specific bug, and have so far been unsuccessful. To help us investigate it further, please continue to report this issue either using this form[support.team17.com], or in the Discord and provide as much information as possible, including:
  • Time of Crash (include your timezone)
  • The platform you were using
  • The number of friends in your T17 friend list
  • Username / Gamertag ID
Battle Scarred DLC Now Available for Spotter & Sniper
Update 14 will now show the Battle Scarred DLC as available for the Spotter and Sniper roles!

Weapon Reload Audio
The team are currently working on fixes for a range of weapons missing audio on console and aim to deploy these with Update 15. The M1 Garand reload audio has been fixed for Update 14.

Barracks Lighting
Based on feedback from Update 13.5, the team have now increased the exposure of the Barracks, brightening the screen. Players will be able to see this change with Update 14.

Tank Shell Penetration
This issue is continuing to be looked at as part of a wider investigation into reported issues of inconsistent hit registration.

Floating Pistols
Further amendments are required before the team are able to release a fix for some instances of pistols floating on menu screens.

Flamethrower Clipping Radio
The team will be submitting a fix in U14 for a bug where German Support players wearing the Battle Scarred DLC would see the Flammenwerfer loadout clip a radio box.

The Hell Let Loose Identity
As a studio, we’ve been so thrilled to see your excitement and anticipation for the future of Hell Let Loose. Going forward we’ll continue to grow and optimize the game and further develop the Hell Let Loose identity as the title takes on an incredible next chapter.

Starting today, the next evolution of the Hell Let Loose logo will be going live across all of our channels. The Hell Let Loose trident has remained a community symbol since the start, and this next iteration will allow you, the community, to continue to express your own identities alongside it. We’ll be sharing details on how you can access the logos and our brand guidelines, in a future announcement.

New Horizontal Hell Let Loose Logo Lockup.

New Hell Let Loose Icon Logo.

Game Price Change
We would also like to let everyone know of an upcoming change in our pricing structure. As we continue to bring new content and improvements to the well-loved title, the base price of Hell Let Loose will be increasing to reflect the new updates and future content planned.

In your respective currency, you can expect to see Hell Let Loose increase by 5 units, shortly after Update 14 releases, so now is the perfect time to enlist your friends and prepare them to take on all the new battles arriving soon!

Our journey together has only just begun, and as these updates and changes take effect, we’re glad to have you by our side.

We look forward to joining you all on the frontline next week!


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