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Long time HLL player here (1750 hours) and I spent 90% of that time playing on an old PC with a GTX 980 which game me around 50-60 FPS on most maps using low settings. I recently upgraded to a beefy computer with a 7900 XTX (24GB), an i7 13700k and 32GB running HLL off of an NVME. Since this upgrade I have seen a solid 80-90 FPS on most maps even on low settings. I think that this is insane and that I should be seeing a much much higher framerate. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I get 80FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 on max settings at 2k widescreen even with raytracing on psycho.

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that’s crazy bro, i have a i9-9900KF 32GB RAM and a 3080 and get between 90-120 on high/epic settings

on the poorly optimized maps i get 70-80ish

How on earth can you call 90+ FPS "poor optimization"?