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First time I have run into such blatant hacking in HLL.

We were pushing into WN4 for about 30 minutes and were finally getting the point to start flipping. I was on defense and started seeing people in chat saying there are two hackers on the other team. Guy was running with a Thompson literally mowing down our whole team on offense and took down our attack garrisons and ops. When they switched to attacking my whole squad pretty much got headshot at the same moment. Get to output screen and see 20 blueberries just vanish from the map at the same time spread out around the point.

Took them about 5 minutes to turn what felt like we might actually take mid point to them getting banned and us losing the last point. Was a sh*tty game to end the night on. Over 400 hours in and first time I have seen any hacks this bad.

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Simply flag any activity with !admin and server admins will be on it ;).