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Why does Easy Anti Cheat keep banning me? Does this happen to any one else? I am a new player with only 28.6 hours of play. The first 26 hours or so were great. I love this game. Then a couple of play hours ago EAC put up a screen that said I was banned for cheating. (Before you say anything, I am 68 and have been playing FPS and such since Rogue Spear on TheZone dot com. Never cheated. No fun in that. So) I appealed and pretty quickly the ban was lifted. That was the first time. And since then, I can't play hardly anytime at all before I am once again booted for cheating and a ban is placed on this game thru EAC and Steam. When I appeal, I am quickly re-instated. This makes me think that this is a known problem. What are your opinions on why my comp keeps getting flagged and banned. I am getting tired of the appeal, then the OK to play, then logging into what I consider a really great game, finding an open server, landing in a squad, saying howdy (from Texas here), then the servers says AMF. Any advice appreciated here. Again, just wanna play HLL, find a fun squad and win.

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This is indeed not your fault. Please share your SteamID with me in Discord and ill chase this up for you.

Thanks sooo much!