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Hello all, I have some information on a game-breaking exploit I want to share with you. It’s possible for any class including infantry SL’s, AT, satchels, and even commander to spawn on Recon OP’s

Here are some examples of why it’s game changing: Satchel players and other classes can continually deploy in your HQ, destroying nodes, camping tanks with AT and satchels when they spawn, and building tank traps to block in your tank spawns. Infantry SL’s can use recon OP’s way behind your lines to set up flanks for a full infantry squad. In both cases, they can come back quickly and continuously.

Here are the steps as well as a video explaining it:

  1. Join recon squad as sniper

  2. Request to join locked infantry squad

  3. Have locked infantry squad accept your request to join

  4. Click deploy on recon OP

  5. Go to change role screen

  6. Accept squad invite

  7. Select any class (including, AT, satchel, SL and commander)

  8. Wait to spawn on recon OP (you will still be locked into spawn)

I’m posting this because it’s potentially game-breaking and am hoping the dev’s see it and feel pressured to fix it. Until then, enjoy cheesing in your pub games. Let me know if you have any questions.


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We've been made aware of this and are working on a solution. We are also confident we have resolved the loadout bug too for the next update. I have hidden this post to mitigate impact on this exploit. Thanks for the report.