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Lol I did have a look. I also knew someone would say this.

I checked the discord which referred me to posting on a steam forum but I couldn't see how to easily include the picture. The steam forum is also public. The discord also said try the team17 support page but that just seemed to be faq threads for things like lost connection to host and it wasn't clear how to notify a new issue that wasn't listed. They also seem to have removed the in game bug reporting feature since the 1.0 release.

The devs do seem to follow this sub, and as I don't have time today to further investigate how to report discretly, I decided to post here.

Either it was a totally freak occurrence and not easily replicable, in which case it isn't a big deal if I post here, or it is easily replicable and so should have the attention of the community and devs.

That was my thought process anyway. Happy to delete this post if someone wants to give me a straightforward way to let the devs know.

Steam Forums? Are you sure? This should never happened in the first place. We always advice these exploits to be reported the Team17 Support... Ill also ask QA to look into this. Thanks for making us aware of this issue.

11 days ago - /u/DannyArt_HLL - Direct link

Originally posted by xxnicknackxx

Thanks Danny. On rereading the discord on map bugs, I misinterpreted. This way seems to have worked now though. Assuming you've got what you need, I'll delete the post.

Thaaanks, I hope QA still has access tomorrow eventho the post is deleted.