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Hello everyone,

Update 15.1 is live on all platforms! This update includes a Night variant for Utah Beach, an Omaha Dusk variant; and new Control Skirmish variants for Carentan and Sainte-Mère-Église.

The team has also worked on player onboarding enhancements to streamline your experience when learning about the inner workings of Hell Let Loose.

We’ve also updated the Practice Range and introduced more Free and Paid DLC.

Please read through our previous PTE blog for more info on the changes in 15.1: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/686810/view/6850618508610524364?l=english

Patch 15.1 Changelog

  • Utah Beach - New Night Variant
  • Omaha - New Dusk Variant
  • Carentan - New Control Skirmish
  • Sainte-Mère-Église (SME) - New Control Skirmish


Player Onboarding Enhancements

  • Updated UI Field Manual
  • Updated Field Manual Entries
  • New Field Manual Videos

As we continue to evaluate the UI/UX in Hell Let Loose, for Update 15.1, we've decided to revisit the Field Manual with a focus on enhancing the overall User Experience (UX). Our primary goals were to improve aesthetics, streamline navigation, and increase usability, ensuring that our updates aren't just about looks but about delivering a more engaging and user-friendly gaming experience. We wanted to put a large emphasis on improving player onboarding, making it easier and more enjoyable for new players to get started. By getting new players up to speed faster, we create a more cohesive and dynamic gaming experience for everyone. Stay tuned, as there is much more exciting content to come in future updates!

Old Field Manual

New Field Manual

Updated Barracks & Loadout Screens
  • Updated UI

The second area we wanted to revisit on the front-end menu was the Barracks screen, which naturally cascaded to the deployment loadouts. We took the time to understand the complexity of the features at play and decided it wasn't right to uproot an already established mental model well-known to the community. Instead, we focused on enhancing a few key features that lacked an intuitive UI, creating a much more fluid and easy-to-use loadout and appearance system. By revisiting the compositional layout, we addressed some contrasting areas of focus and added a few UX enhancements, like experience bars for loadouts. Now, you'll have a clear view of how close you are to unlocking that next weapon you've been working towards.

Old Barracks

New Barracks

We hope you enjoy the new UX updates and look forward to hearing your feedback. Let us know if there are any other areas you'd like us to address next. Your input is invaluable as we continue to improve the UI/UX in Hell Let Loose!

Updated Practice Range

  • New Faction: German Forces with updated theming

Free DLC
  • Airborne M1942 Reinforced - US - Available for Infantry & Recon roles


Paid DLC Bundle
❗This Paid DLC is only available for use on Mortain. Operation Lüttich Units are not an option for any other maps. This is to ensure that maps have period-accurate themed DLC attached to them. The same will apply to themed DLC for Elsenborne Ridge and future maps in 2025.

Mortain: Operation Lüttich Units DLC Bundle

  • US Armour
  • US Infantry
  • US Commander
  • US Hair
  • US Head
  • German Armour
  • German Infantry
  • German Commander
  • German Hair
  • German Head


Bug Fixes:

Hardware Memory usage improvements across the entire title

Specifically targeting console hardware stability – keeping memory load under a certain threshold to mitigate crashing issues. (This is another step towards resolving the problem and not to be seen as a final solution. We’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback)

  • [Basic Training] Unnatural shadows appear on the Practice Range table when changing the video settings
  • The reload animation of the Webley MkVI shows the player loading far more bullets than the cylinder holds
  • Ammo drop empty hint shows "Your vehicle is out of supplies" instead
  • Jeep HUD shows "Cant drop supplies here" when attempting to place ammo in invalid location
  • Tank Gunner hint is missing Precise Aim instructions
  • The game is currently showing old key art on launch.
  • The Medic's armband is missing from the Oak Leaf DLC uniform
  • The sizing of videos found in the field manual are not uniform, with some of them differing slightly.
  • [UW] When inside the deployment appearance/loadout screen in UW, the UI is left justified
  • [UW] The deployment screen for the practise range on UW is only visible on 1 half of the screen
  • The new German Oak Leaf uniforms have belt and buckle texture issues on all classes except "Assault" and "Anti-Tank".
  • IIS will not cover the entire display while booting on a ultrawide-screen monitor
  • The Half-Tracks section in the Seats & Keybindings page of the Field Manual shows the Accelerate/Reverse keybindings in the wrong order
  • The Seats & Keybindings page of the Field Manual shows the Left/ Right Keybinds in the wrong order


  • [E7] Stone Fence presents extended collision
  • [D5] Jumping in between the chair and chimney will get the user stuck.
  • [F6] Wall tiles pop in
  • Certain cross gravestone has shadows popping in
  • Outposts can be placed in certain buildings across the map
  • [E8] Shadows on grass and wall vines pop in at very close range
  • [E7] Unnaturally bright light inside the house of sector E7.
  • Player is unable to crouch walk up barn stairs that can be walked up
  • Wheat field disappears at 400M
  • House missing collision on some roof wood scraps
  • Draw distance issue on stone wall
  • [C4][C5] Buildings shown on the tactical map are missing from the actual map
  • Incorrect terrain blending and painting across the entire map.
  • [F5] Bush is present inside a house
  • [E6] Two benches are overlapping


  • [B3] Bunker ceiling light is on but does not provide any light
  • One of the lights in the Radio Bunker at B3 does not illuminate the floor under it.
  • Pre-placed destroyed bunker presents no player and bullet collision
  • Smoke plumes present sorting issues


  • [GER] [Hurtgen] Axis HQ Spawn #02 floating repair station


  • [I7] A specific stone pillar asset is corrupted
  • [I8] Building shown on the tactical map is missing from the game itself
  • An open gate south of the Town Centre Capture Point leads into an area that can get vehicles stuck.
  • [F5] Player can get stuck behind a box and cannot get back out
  • [F5] Destroyed halftrack is missing fire VFX
  • [G8] Smoke coming from the pre-place bomb crater is misaligned.
  • [E7] Stone Wall Pillar has reversed Textures
  • Anti Air Gun presents missing player collision
  • [D7] Bench clipping through a sandbag wall
  • The player can clip into a building's rooftop in sector F5 of Carentan map
  • Performance drop is present in the whole town
  • Gas and water tanks assets disappear over 20-45m
  • [J5] Mud asset clipping into building
  • [D7] Stone fence is clipping through a stone wall


  • [H6][H7] "Strong Point" UI is showing up when you're not in the strong point
  • Player can spawn inside locked buildings
  • [Offensive US/GER] The loading screen shows different weather conditions.
  • [F6] The player is able to teleport through a fence
  • [D4] Player locomotion is hindered by assets in this sector
  • [D8] Terrain in this sector has incorrect painting, blending or positioning
  • [E7] Assets in this sector are missing textures, polygon faces or are very noticeably misplaced
  • LargeHouse static mesh enterable building has a toilet in its bathroom that isn't hooked up to anything visually.
  • Numerous parachutes are scattered around the north of the map with incorrect positioning.
  • [A3] Terrain in this sector has incorrect painting, blending or positioning
  • [F6] Terrain in this sector has incorrect painting, blending or positioning
  • [E6] Slight clipping or misplacement of assets are present in this sector
  • [A3] Assets in this sector are missing textures, polygon faces or are misplaced
  • A specific old fallen tree trunk presents LOD issues from 7m
  • [E5] The sandbags cover asset presents LOD issues from 20m
  • [E4] Minor clipping issues are present in this sector
  • [C4] Player can teleport through a fence asset
  • Missing buildings on tac-map
  • Window asset is missing player collision.
  • Grass foliage pops in when player moves closer or aims down sights
  • [A8] Vehicle locomotion is hindered by multiple assets in this sector


  • [H6] The player can spawn in building next to outpost and gets stuck


  • [G6] Player can spawn inside an inaccessible building using an outpost
  • [G9] LOD issue is present on a bush
  • [G6] Damage hitbox for a fire effect on a destroyed vehicle in sector G6 is misplaced
  • [E6] Assets in this sector are missing textures, polygon faces or are very noticeably misplaced
  • Multiple parts of a wrecked artillery gun are missing bullet collision


  • [I6] Wooden Boxes present LOD issues.
  • [E5] Framerate drops below 50 FPS in Sector E5


  • [E3] A floating cart asset on sector E3

El Alamein

  • E5 Specific tree presents low textured model


  • Legacy Clipping Issues
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