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What are people disliking with team17? Like what will be different? It seems some think it will change everything planned for the game or neglected it, i may be understanding some things bit that is what it sounds like when i read different comments and such

Are blackmatter Studio leaving HLL completely?

Enyone know enything?

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Originally posted by BLB_Genome

When you realize, BM actually bought "most" of the assets and or hired "temp" artists to create assets...

No offense to DannyArt, his map art is incredible!

Trust me, they had most, if not all core assets made by the time early access came out. They gave T17 the "tools" per se. Now it's in their hands

Let me correct this quickly. About 98% of the assets are made inhouse or in collab with partners of BM, there were some assets bought to keep up production, but they should be replaced by now or about to.

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Originally posted by BLB_Genome

Did I ever tell you, you are the MAN?!!!

I meant no disrespect, Danny. I know you spent weeks or a week in literal fish guts before, for our entertainment. I've not forgotten about that, nor the commitment towards your craft. You are the real deal! ##DanTheMan!

It's been too long now to recall most of the names, but I was referring to past employees like Engdhal and the likes that are no longer on the team. Along with other sources of assets that are indeed, on the Unreal Engine asset stores for purchase. For ex: the burning trees in Hurtgen.

I should have not used the word "most" when describing the info above. That was my naieve mistake. I was merely trying to ensure the "tools" are there. The tools are developed and optimized enough to pass to T17 per se. Or at least, we're directed to believe.

Once again, I meant no disrespect.

Since we have you here Danny, are you at the liberty to discuss what exactly is going to happen when the transition happens soon here? How will the transfer of HLL over to T17 be conducted? Will BM be apart of the future of HLL, or no? I understand if you cannot answer this.

Glad to chat with you through the ether again, Danny. Always makes me genuinely happy! ;)

You are the maaannnn tooo Genome! No worries! Yeah hahahhahahaha, those fish smells kept reappearing for days after the shoot hahahahhaha...

I am not at liberty to write anything about the transition, but id suggest to read back chat history of other devs in Discord. However, I can say, the future and vision of Hell Let Loose is in excellent hands, please know that. Not all cards are on the table ;).

Always happy to chat to you tooooo!