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Originally posted by DrDr !: 1. Crossbow working with its sighting
Confirmed fixed in BW2. We also checked the Hunting Rifle and Shotgun (both are currently in BW2, barring a catastropie).

Originally posted by DrDr !: 2. Fixed air bladder with the interface , ( oxite machine related)
Confirmed fixed in BW2.

Originally posted by DrDr !: 3. Fixed server logic, preventing Death or lock outs without fair reason. AKA bugs
Much improved. We fixed the things we know about, with one or two "ahhhh" bugs that we have been unable to reproduce - but think are still out there.

Originally posted by DrDr !: 4. Optimization of shadow visuals, ( not complaining , just a hope)
A huge amount of optimization and fixes for graphics and optimization are in, and this will continue for a long time. Every change we make is risky, so much of this is incremental. Depending on the GPU you have, you might experience major (hopefully good) differences from BW1.

Originally posted by DrDr !: 5. GUNS!!!!! PLease santa ive been a good bwoy!!!!!
As above, basic guns confirmed for BW2, assuming that there is no catastophie discovered with them between now and BW2 beginning!