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24 Oct

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The game is loading while the video is playing.

People's PCs load at different speeds, so some people can skip after a few seconds and some people have to wait longer. It's intended to be less annoying that a blank loading screen.

23 Oct

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NumPad 9 hides the UI.

You can change this in the Settings too.

22 Oct

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Some additions for version

  • Fixed blood trails not using life time values from the hunting clue table. Fixed issue with non-responsiveness of age value on blood trail widget
  • Fixed lantern
  • Disabled the fur components on the deer and cougar trophies to prevent crashes
  • Added Japanese font support
  • Fixed chamois carry third person running anim.
  • Fixed issue where when trying to move items when crafting into a crafting bench, the items were not returned if an attempted move was unsuccessful
  • Fixed issue with higher tier Knives being unable to skin lower tier animals
  • Updated several desert rocks, canyon walls, forest cliff materials
  • Reduced rain's change to add fog
  • Fixed issue where recipe list was hiding when it shouldn't have been in various cases
  • ...
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As always we've made a bunch of key bug fixes and QOL improvements since the last Beta Weekend. This list doesn’t reflect every change, but gives you an idea of where our effort has gone.

Many of these bugs were reported by you on Feature Upvote[icarus.featureupvote.com], please report any new issues you find there.

Read our Prepare for Beta Weekend Five blog post here.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting bench could be fooled to think it had enough items to continue crafting
  • Fixed a bug where the shelter trace stops fu...
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21 Oct

It’s finally here. The sand is stirring and the canyons are open. Prepare to venture into the unforgiving wastes of the Desert biome.

Beginning 22nd October 5pm PDT and ending 25th October 10pm PDT, you will have just over three days to experience the raw beauty of our latest biome.

Journey to the heart of Icarus’ uncharted desert biome, enduring arid conditions to gather survey data for the UDA. But beware – threats are unknown, and few have returned from this barren region.

With no trace of their whereabouts, we can only recommend you watch your step.

There have been rumours of a subterranean route to the desert, but Minos, the gas giant planet nearby, exerts such immense tidal forces, so these paths are anything but stable. You’re on your own out there... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

19 Oct

18 Oct

17 Oct

16 Oct

15 Oct

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

Mission Achieved, Prospectors!

Beta Weekend Four provided a challenge like never experienced before on Icarus, but you took it head on with confidence, creativity and a lot of courage. With the largest journey yet to complete on foot, changing biomes and fierce new predators, it took careful planning and resource management to successfully complete.

Mission Broken Arrow saw countless warheads recovered, bosses defeated and recovery missions completed. We also include several successful performance improvements (always more coming) and balance changes for this Beta Weekend, and put out a couple of hotfixes during the weekend that addressed some spawning is... Read more

14 Oct