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27 Jan

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This week we’re re-working our weather systems, adding a forecasting system that gives you up to two hours of insight into approaching weather patterns.

This also adds more storm sequencing, creating up to seven different levels of severity to face and making this severity consistent across the entire map.

This also gives us the ability to customize sequences for specific missions, making more unique challenges applicable to the task at hand.

Finally, we’ve improved our backup system to create a backup save file every 30 minutes and provide more safeguards against accidental data loss.

Weather Forecasting
Our weather systems are getting an overhaul.

Weather Forecasting changes players' relationships with storms. Previously, storms were randomized with the only unique element being the dif... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

26 Jan

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20 Jan

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Week Fifty Nine is here, and we’ve focused this update on multiple dedicated server and core game bugs and improvements that have been reported and ticketed over the New Year period.

The Dedicated Server search functionality has received an overhaul, with new ways to tag and sort your favourite servers, and faster load times with more details to make scanning results simpler and more efficient.

A large number of core game bugs were reported to us by our player base, and we’ve addressed the majority of them this week. Check out the long list below, with more in the patch notes.

Finally, we’ve gone into depth about our strategy for dealing with ongoing performance issues and the five key areas that build our approach.

Dedicated Server Fixes
We’re improving the Dedicated Server search results functiona... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

19 Jan

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14 Jan

13 Jan

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This week we’re introducing a new mission to Styx, similar to DEEP VEIN and PAYDAY which guides players to explore the many exotic deposits across the map. REMNANT will provide multiple outcomes in a dynamic environment, perfect for new players or exotic farmers.

We’re also making a change to exotic extraction, providing a more balanced extraction experience across our three biomes, as requested by our community in Feature Upvote.


New Mission - REMNANT: Extraction
This week, we’re bringing you a new mission, REMNANT: Extraction. Similar to the introductory missions DEEP VEIN and PAYDAY, REMNANT guides players to place a number of radars in various locations to find, extract and launch exotics into orbit.

REMNANT takes place on Styx however, which has a much higher saturation of exotic deposi... Read more

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06 Jan

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Week Fifty Seven is here, and it brings our newest equipable item, shields. The first iteration released this week is the wooden shield, a Tier 2 item that blocks up to 75% of damage when used to defend against enemy attacks.

The shield can be equipped in your off-hand and used with a melee weapon or tool, but be aware it will suffer durability decline when used, at the benefit of your health bar.

Shields have been added as an equipable off-hand item.

The first version, the Wooden Shield, is crafted at the Crafting Bench and costs 14 wood, 12 fibre, 4 leather and 2 iron ingot. These can either be held on their own or with any one-handed melee weapon such as a hunting knife.

You can block up to a 90° angle in front of you, reducing damage by up to 75% using the right click on your mouse. The... Read more

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30 Dec

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Week Fifty Six is here, bringing with it our newest accessory - Carts. Attach them to your buffalo mounts and take advantage of the 1000kg, 60-slot capacity for those long-haul expeditions.

Crafted at the Carpentry Bench, you can take advantage of them from Tier 3 and avoid the dreaded slow slog back home when over-encumbered with ore.

Carts are here. For all our cross-country explorers and busy gatherers, miners and hunters, you can now attach a wooden cart to your Buffalo Mount.

Carts can be crafted at the Carpentry Bench for 80 wood, 15 iron nails, 20 rope, 10 epoxy and 50 refined wood. They go into the Mounts ‘saddle’ slot and when used, render that mount unable to be ridden and will reduce the buffalo's speed slightly.

The carry improvement is immense, however, with a massive 1000kg and ... Read more