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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome to Week 135.

This week we’re introducing a new building tier, Stone Brick, which will be available in all maps and biomes.

We’ve also got an update on Prometheus Part II, upcoming building piece variations and next week's changes to crops and their interaction with biomes and weather patterns.

Jump in and have a read.

Notable Improvements:
  • ABYSS Mission. Fixed a case where you could have no objectives because the mission waits for you to return to the island before the final objective triggers
  • The context menu for items while not on planet only ever shows 'repair' and 'destroy' now

This Week: Stone Brick Building Tier
We’ve added a new Stone Brick building set at Tier 3, giving you a new aesthetic to experiment
with on your base.

Stone Bricks are crafted on the Advanced Masonry Bench at Tier 3. These will be the main ingredient used to craft the building pieces along with refined wood, steel screws and tree sap.

This tier is an alternative to the clay brick that we introduced in Prometheus and provides a similar level of protection and durability. Being crafted from Stone, this will be available in all regions, rather than being restricted to just on the Prometheus map.

Coming Soon: Prometheus Part II
We’re currently working through the missions for Prometheus Part II and starting the testing phase on the completed phases. This includes making sure one of the new large creatures is working the way we want it to, and iterating on its behaviors.

Our aim is to move into closed beta testing soon among the community, and then into a more open phase in the future. For more details, make sure you’re a member of our Discord[discord.gg].

Coming Soon: Building Alternatives
We’ve been listening to the community requests for more building piece alternatives, and have been working on curved and angled pieces, along with expanding grid placement of building pieces to support diagonal placement.

So far, our testing has been promising and this is likely to be something we’ll be adding this as part of our free update when we release the next major expansion, Dangerous Horizons.

Next Week: Crops Weather / Biome Interaction
Next week we’re making some adjustments to the crop system to account for biomes and their impact on different plants.

Crops will have more success growing in biomes with favorable conditions, and certain crops will incur large debuffs if they’re not appropriate. For example, nothing will be able to grow outdoors in the Arctic.

However, unsuitable conditions can be negated by building greenhouses using Glass building pieces.

Crops will also be affected by weather patterns, and your choice of crop plot or mound will determine if a crop survives a storm or not.

We’re also introducing new shovels to create better-quality dirt mounds for crops to be grown in, creating a new tier between dirt mounds and crop plots.

Your support makes these updates possible.


Changelog v2.2.10.124449
New Content
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  • Unlock stone brick building tier for release
  • Added Stone Brick item and recipe
  • Updated Stone Brick building tier to use Stone Bricks and Tier 3 ingredients
  • Added Stone Brick building tier to upgrade hammer

[expand type=details]
  • Matariki mission is now locked behind correct package ID
  • Unlocked kiwi mission, removed DLC package flag requirement
  • Hab context menu only ever shows 'repair' and 'destroy' now
  • Fixing stone brick recipe so you can craft stone bricks

Future Content
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  • Added extra missing BuildingLookup rows for Dirt and Steel. Added missing BuildingType entries in GetBuildingUpgrade function
  • Added new BuildingLookup rows for Limestone and Stone Brick
  • Instanced levels WIP, deal with some issues around teleports and blockers at the other end
  • Rename assets for new Prometheus mission to fit naming convention