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Hotfix rev v0.7.0.79766-rel-BetaWeekend4 is now available which addresses the following known issues that weren't addressed in the first hotfix:

- Can sometimes keep the undergrounder debuff even after you leave a cave.
- Deployables in bases being damaged by storms even while fully sheltered.
this is impossible for us to resolve for the weekend, so we've had to disable storm damage to deployables. Structures will still take damage in storms.

Known but unresolved:
- Occasionally unable to craft or rest due to not being in shelter, despite being in a closed structure or a cave. WORKAROUND: Restarting the prospect by returning to character select will resolve this issue.

Hotfix rev is now available which addresses the following known issues:

- Unable to progress through solo talent tree due to 'coming soon' talents blocking the path.
- Players joining the game dead or with broken legs due to not being safely seated in their dropship.
- Players unable to respawn if rejoining a game while unconscious.
- Items in base or caves showing as unsheltered.
- Losing talent points when leveling past 25.

These issues affecting some players we have been unable to reproduce with a dev build, but are including additional safety checks in this hotfix:
- Crash when moving around the map (particularly heading toward grid ref N10) with the stack trace including WindowsRunnableThread.cpp:86 or something to do with voxels.
- Hang and eventual return to desktop with error message (also moving around the map, or out of a cave).

See our
Preparing for Beta Weekend #4 blog for a list of all the updates since Beta Weekend #3.
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Hotfix rev v0.7.0.79789-rel-BetaWeekend4
- Fixed the issue with the bosses that defend satellites sometimes not spawning (primarily both Arctic bosses)