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0s Hi, I'm Jake Dodunski
2s Project lead on Icarus, here at RocketWerkz
4s Today we are excited to introduce to you the Galileo patch
8s For those unfamiliar with our new content cadence
10s this is the first of several larger patches we have been working on, while still releasing smaller weekly updates
16s This patch includes several exciting features
18s including fishing, the bestiary, steam achievements, and trading cards
24s Our hero feature of Galileo is the introduction of fishing to Icarus
28s To go fishing, prospectors will be able to craft a fishing rod from the new fishing bench
32s along with traps and lures
35s All bodies of water can be fished
36s from running rivers, to the lakes they connect to
39s Each water body will contain a different variety of fish
41s so you will have to go searching to catch them all
44s Once you've cast your line
45s you'll be prompted to hook your fish and reel it in
48s Once hooked, you have to keep the fish in the 'golden zone' of this mini-game
52s When the fish is in the golden zone, progress increases
56s Once the progress reaches 100%, you will reel the fish in
60s Fish are either saltwater or freshwater
62s and come with a variety of stats
64s including quality, length, weight, and rarity
68s All fish you catch are recorded in the fishing book
71s which is part of the bestiary record
73s This can be opened by hitting 'J' on your keyboard
76s Players can increase the likelihood of catching better fish, or different types of fish by using lures
81s These are also craftable at the fishing bench, and provide different stats to your rods
86s These can be equipped, in a very similar way, to swapping ammo out on your gun
90s by holding the 'R' key
92s For players who don't want to actively fish
94s you can also build fishing traps, that are craftable from the fishing bench
98s these will slowly catch fish that are available within the current location
101s Though be warned
102s these also fill up with junk, and take far longer than using a rod
107s If you don't want to use a rod or traps
109s you can still go and shoot fish, or slash them with your knife
112s only now, you will get fish chunks instead
115s Fish caught with traps or rods can be taken to the fishing bench
118s and filleted into saltwater or freshwater fillets
122s All three ingredients can be used in a variety of recipes
126s Players can also craft new wall trophies and aquariums, to show off their prize catches
132s Our next Galileo feature is the Bestiary
135s This is a journal for prospectors to record what creatures they have encountered on Icarus
140s As players kill,
141s fall victim to,
142s skin,
143s or craft trophies of,
145s they will uncover more information about that creature
148s Each encounter with a creature is recorded individually,
151s and as players uncover more information, they will unlock perks related to that creature
156s Upon first encountering the creature, you learn its name and its biomes
161s Further encounters lead you to learn unique lore about your foe,
164s its weaknesses, habitats, and even unlock unique perks
168s Some of these include wolves dropping additional meat,
171s reduction of oxygen consumption,
173s and heat temperature resistance, while in the desert
176s In addition to this, for every 20% you complete of a Bestiary entry,
180s you gain 1% extra damage dealt, and 1% damage reduction taken against that creature
186s The last big feature is the addition of the Steam Achievements, and Steam Trading Cards,
190s along with profiles and emotes, you can now earn while playing Icarus
195s These have all been hand-drawn and crafted by our art team, and come with a range of challenges to unlock
201s We really hope you enjoy the Galileo patch, and look forward to your feedback

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