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Besides having completely broken respawn timers for animals, having to spend hours to go back to the forest biome to get wood, not being able to craft the polar bear armor, what is the actual point of the Artic Biome?

Usually, in games, biomes that are harder gives better rewards as well. However, the artic Biome is just useless for me so far. I have my rifle, killed a lot of polar bears and that's it. There's no benefit for this harsher biome.

I don't get what the game is trying to do honestly. I was so hyped up and loved the first weekends. I am still very much looking forward to the release of this game that could be the best survival ever made. However, they really need to adjust a LOT of things. What bothers me is that those things are so obvious that it feels almost intended..

I am a bit worried about what the direction of this game will be.

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The arctic is my favorite biome, but I can imagine it will not be everyones.

The primary function of the arctic is as a survival challenge. It's much harder to survive, and it bisects the map - becoming very important later when you land in one area but have to head to another. You might decide to cut across the arctic, or go around even though its longer. Or you might know about a secret cave that connects several biomes.

I believe a good survival game is about choice based on risk, and consequence of those choices. The arctic is risky, but this can prove fruitful.

I would say that the game is released in portions, with us trying to balance and adjust each portion as we go. This can mean that the current "portion" doesn't have as clearer "point" when considered as a whole.

In the same way that the "point" of a car chassis might not be apparent until the car is entirely assembled. Initially, it just looks like a weird hunk of metal.

Many people said (rightly so, I might add), there was no "point" to the forest biome, or there is no "point" to the game. Ignoring the obvious esoteric aspects of their being a point to anything (in particular, a video game) - I would argue the primary point of the arctic is to exist as a challenge for the players. To craft any deeper a point, risks the designers getting to smart and making a linear experience. Which I think is not the essence of what makes a survival game great.