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  A solo prospect, with a no co-op lock, that yields greater rewards. 
 As a primarily solo player with limited time I would enjoy a prospect that grants some level of equality to group play. I enjoy the beta weekends so far but find that I am unable to reach mission completion in the short timeframe. Hopefully the full release has a good balance of risk/reward. This mode is one possible option. What does everyone think?
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We are trying to balance the game. Balance problems, issues, and bugs, have much greater consequence Solo than they do in Coop. Hence, why Solo players can feel "attacked" by that. But really solo play helps best highlight the problems with the game.

I myself play solo most often, and I experience the frustration. The beta is about figuring those things out, and fixing them, before the game is set in stone.

Overall though, I see the game will be "fun to play alone", but certainly won't be *easy* to play alone. Solo play is intended to be the ultimate challenge.

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Originally posted by Sircuit83

I think extending the time your stuff will drop after death would be a nice start, or even not despawning it if playing solo? It's kinda a bummer that I had to use literally 10 full reloads of ammo + 100 bow ammo up to kill the mammoth (was that health bar not perhaps a tad overkill considering you can one-shot a bear with the rifle?), then a polar bear decided to spawn in at random (I remember checking explicitly for one of 'em being sneaky) and merced me. It didn't feel like I died because I wasn't keeping watch of my surroundings, it felt like I died entirely because the game went 'haha f**k you'. I thought I might have time to craft some armour up before stuff despawned, but finally managed to get back to where I died (less than an hour later I'm pretty sure?) and my stuff was nowhere to be seen.

It's perhaps worth me noting that I had both a shovel and a rifle instantly clip into the snow as soon as I dropped them (luckily I alt+F4'd before anything saved and got the rifle back, but the shovel was pretty ironic) - possible the deathdrop did the same if the drop is meant to last a few hours?

I've been fine with the higher challenge so far, but that did suck some serious eggs.

Agreed. There is a ticket in for BW4 to this effect. We will place a gravestone marker at your equipment, and for solo players, the equipment will only despawn when destroyed by weather or on reload. Subject to change, but that's the current plan. We'll test and adjust and see how that feels.\

Additionally we might give solo players a "death run" modifier, that allows them to run faster, and have less visibilty.