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This week we have a small update but a big announcement…

Next week, we will be effectively doubling the size of Icarus' playable area with a second 8x8km map, dropping 16 more missions and unleashing several new creatures. And as a thank you for our fans and players, we are giving this DLC pack away to every current Icarus player for free.

The Styx Map and Missions Pack will be a separate DLC pack for all Icarus players available next Friday 27 May (UTC). Read on for a preview of what to expect in Styx, including a sneak peak of the detailed patch notes and missions.

While our team put the finishing touches on Styx’s missions, this week’s regular update includes several bug fixes and optimization improvements, listed in the change log below.

New Map

This new territory is centered around a long braided river which the First Cohort of prospectors named Styx, after one the rivers of the underworld.

The 64 square kilometer map effectively doubles the size of Icarus' playable area. While it will feature the familiar forest, arctic and desert biomes, it presents a new network of valleys and pathways to explore over 16 missions. Some of Styx’s missions will even affect the map and unlock pathways to areas, providing permanent shortcuts.

Originally posted by author: This bonus free DLC is our way of saying thank you to our fans and player community. With your support and feedback, Icarus has evolved considerably in the nearly six months since launch. We had a rocky start in many ways, but with 24 weekly updates to date we’ve established a good pace for our additions and have introduced some pretty major changes along the way (such as removing the real-world time limit, rebalancing talent points, solo trees, hardcore mode, difficulty options, more bosses).

So this pack is is free for everyone who has bought the game so far, as a thank you for supporting us through release and the last six months of updates.

- Dean Hall, Game Runner

New Creatures With the new territory come new creatures, modified by UDA exo-biologists for the volatile climate and atmosphere of Icarus. Here’s a preview of what you may encounter.

Komodo Dragon

Another alpha on the top of Icarus' food chain, the Komodo Dragon is a foe to not be tangled with, especially when it is eating. Identifiable by its blood-chilling roar, they may try to muscle in and eat your own kills, although they make a good meal themselves if you can penetrate their scaled armor. Beware their jaws as a nasty bite can leave you nauseous.


The apex predator of the waterways, Crocodiles were successfully released onto Styx, and have taken full control of the braided rivers that dominate this area. While they’re easily mistaken for logs, you’re more at risk of their stealth hunting and their powerful jaws. Their tough, scaly hides make them difficult to take down from range, and even more dangerous to fight in hand-to-teeth combat.


The first avian addition to Icarus' forests is the Kea Parrot. Colorful in both appearance and character, these mischievously clever parrots will take advantage of any undefended food-store they can get to.

How can I get Styx? Styx will be available for free with next week’s update on Fri 27 May (UTC).

It will not require any additional downloads or purchase. Everyone who already owns Icarus will automatically see a separate Styx Map & Missions Pack DLC appear in your Steam Library.

In future, Styx may become a paid DLC but for now it is a thank you for our fans. However, don’t confuse Styx with our future plans for two other major expansions, New Frontiers and Dangerous Horizons, which will be paid DLC featuring new biomes and creatures. We’ve already begun work on those.

If you can’t wait and are interested in beta testing Styx, join the experimental branch channel on our Discord community at discord.gg/SurviveIcarus

Detailed Changelog

  • Added separate (and optional) AttachOffset_ADS socket support to allow bows to have an alternate attach offset transform specified to use while aiming down sights. This will allow us to resolve some issues with camera position when aiming with some bows.
  • Fixed players far away taking explosive damage during Kill Cams by adding a component tag (IgnoreDamage) which lets post process/audio colliders ignore damage detection.
  • Character Flag in MIGRATING SANDS: Survey is now granted to players as they join the quest so sandworm items can be crafted immediately.
  • Disabled Caves, Rivers and Lakes from being used for Occlusion culling to improve performance.
  • Adding metal damage cue for animals hitting metal objects.
  • Fixing issue where some modifiers where dealing physical damage instead of pure and therefore would be causing unintended armor degradation.
  • Fixed typo in Titanium Knife description.
  • Fixed some bushes not having FLOD. This should address issues with them disappearing/reappearing seemingly at random.
  • Updated Potbelly Stove description and flavor text.
  • Fixed typo in Kitchen Bench.

Styx Preview Changelog (Available next week)

New Map
  • A new 8x8km map to explore, based around a large central river network.

New Missions
  • VERTIGO: Expedition - Find and repair lost drilling equipment.
  • MALSTROM: Exploration
  • ZEPHYR: Expedition - Scan for new potential drop locations to unlock more missions.
  • OMPHALOS: Survey
  • GOSSAMER: Research - Discover more about the worm species native to this planet.
  • RENDEZVOUS: Delivery - Retrieve Biosample and return it to your ship without letting it fall outside optimal temperatures.
  • CRESCENDO: Survey - Investigate the Shifting Sands
  • BALLISTIC: Extermination - Investigate the Increased Cougar Presence
  • ALCAZAR: Construction - Setup a Self Sufficient Powered Research Base
  • RICOCHET: Expedition - Investigate Signs of an Oasis
  • HEADLONG: Exploration
  • ADAGIO: Exploration
  • KISMET: Exploration
  • CAVALCADE: Exploration
  • DUST: Exploration
  • HALCYON: Extermination - Investigate Increased Polar Bear Presence in the area.

New Creatures
  • Adolescent Caveworms - Once they grow beyond their larval stage prevalent in Icarus' caves, they become significantly more dangerous and can venture beyond their subterranean nests.
  • Kea - Icarus' first avian addition. Colorful in both appearance and character, these mischievously clever parrots will take advantage of any undefended food-store they can get to.
  • Komodo - Typically distracted by food, these will likely not bother you unless you come between them and their meal. They have a nasty bite that can leave prospectors nauseous at best.
  • Crocodiles - Ever-present around the water bodies of Icarus, they’re most at home in the water but can still be a notable threat on land. Their thick hide make them resistant to projectiles.

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.