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Week Fifty One's update brings an end to one of the longest-standing bugs, disappearing items on reload. With the help of our new bug-reporting tool and the community, we’ve managed to identify and remedy this bug and expect the results to be immediate after updating with the patch.

We’ve also added a range of items that previously have been ‘coming soon’ in the tech tree, along with the highly requested ‘auto-run’ feature and new meshes for an updated aesthetic on a few items.

Pastes have also received a re-work, making them a viable consumable amongst the craftables pool once again.

Finally, a new Repair Bench at Tier 3 has been added for repairing all items, regardless of their original crafting location and for repairing workshop items, when paired with a power source.

Reloading Fixes
A longstanding issue in Icarus that has proved a challenging battle, has been disappearing deployables and in-game features such as Deep Ore Veins or Mounts on reload of a prospect or session.

Most players have experienced and reported these issues to us. These reports have been incredibly helpful and paired with our recent bug-reporting tool, we’ve managed to identify the bug and reproduce it with a 100% success rate.

As a result of this work, we have been able to fix this bug and include it in this week's update. Going forward, we expect this will have a massive impact on persistent and multi-day sessions.

It’s important to note that previously lost items are unable to be reloaded, but anything saved forward of this patch will now save and be reloaded correctly.

Originally posted by author: This patch we have been able to address a few long standing issues brought up by the community.

The first being that of items disappearing when reloading an existing session. This has been most prominent with deep ore veins, buildings & deployables especially on sessions with larger builds. It has been an issue that has plagued us since release and is something that some developers have spent countless hours trying to fix. This week's build contains a fix to this long standing bug. The fix is in no small part due to some members of the community (Twist2021 & Cucu) for providing us with some files where we could accurately reproduce this issue 100% of the time.

Another widely asked for feature is that of auto-run and the various items that have been marked as coming soon (including the waterwheel). In this patch we have added these items and made sure they fit well into the existing Icarus structure.

Fishing is not one of the ‘coming soon’ items addressed this patch. It is something that we hear a lot of community members and internal staff talk about and is something we very much want to add to the game. The original intent of fishing and its place in the game has changed and I wanted to let you know the design team is hard at work expanding the mechanics to make it a fun feature. The main thing for us here is that inclusion of fishing feels natural and has its own place in the game. This may take a little time but will be worth it when we add the completed feature.

- Jake Dodunski, Project Lead

Tier 3 Repair Bench (Workshop Items)
We’ve added a Tier 3 Repair Bench to the tech tree which provides two unique benefits. It has the ability to repair all items you’re wearing or have placed on the bench with a single click, regardless of where they were crafted. When combined with a power connection it can also repair Tier 4 and Orbital Workshop items.

This change means that all Orbital Workshop Items can only be repaired on this bench, rather than the machining bench or fabricator as before. It will still require the Workshop Repair Kit, which can be used in collaboration with the bench to repair workshop items on the go.

The bench costs 20 aluminium, 20 leather, 50 wood and 10 stone to craft, and can be unlocked in Tier 3 of the tech tree.

New Items
We’ve added a bunch of new items to the tech tree that have previously been ‘coming soon’.

The ‘Waterwheel’ will be a new power generation source that can be placed in any body of water. It provides 2000 power but requires some active maintenance to keep in service. Every three and half minutes, the waterwheel will collect junk such as spoiled plants, or rarely fish or sponges. After 50 items (which should take just under three hours), the waterwheel will grind to a halt and not generate power until it has been cleaned out. Keep an eye on it to keep your base moving.

The ‘Marbled Kitchen Bench’ will craft most items previous cooking benches can’t provide and has a 50% crafting speed bonus also.

It can be paired with the ‘Marbled Kitchen Storage’ which provides the same aesthetic as the other Tier 4 kitchen items.

The ‘Plumbed Sink’ when connected to active water connection, provides a short buff when interacted with. The Buff increases crafting speed, movement speed, health regeneration, and reduced water and food consumption.

The ‘Electric Stove' has been added to Tier 4 also, allowing you to craft items previous stoves couldn’t and plus a 50% crafting speed bonus.

Finally, we’ve changed the 3D meshes on a bunch of existing items to give them a fresh look. The Electric Furnace, Concrete Furnace, Electric Dehumidifier, Cooking Bench, Glassworking Bench and Lightning Rod have all received a new look. Existing versions that you’ve deployed won’t be updated so as to not ruin existing aesthetics (note: they also cannot be destroyed for a refund due to this change), and new versions will use the new mesh.

Pastes Rebalance
Pastes have been an area deserving of attention for a while, and today we’re providing a substantial rebalance to make them a more viable option amongst the consumables pool.

Previously, pastes provided small bonuses such as 10% health regeneration/increases or 50 health on use, which only lasted 60 seconds.

We’ve scrapped this model entirely, and redesigned pastes into ‘Enhancement Tonics’ which provide much stronger benefits.
  • Health Enhancement Tonic: Significantly increases maximum health and health regeneration, and provides a large boost to health on use.
  • Stamina Enhancement Tonic: Significantly increases maximum stamina and stamina regeneration, and provides a large boost to stamina on use.
  • Sustenance Enhancement Tonic: Significantly reduces oxygen, food and water consumption, and provides a significant boost to each of these on use.
  • Strength Enhancement Tonic: Significantly increases melee damage, throwing speed and physical resistance, and provides a boost to both health and stamina on use.
The new tonics can be crafted on the Herbalism and Chemistry benches and will have a two-minute timer from the point of consumption. Any blueprint points used on previous iterations of the pastes will be refunded to your character.

Originally posted by author: To introduce the revamped pastes, we have created a new mission to complete which requires you to perform research on protective pills and enhancement tonics on behalf of the UDA. Due to a last-minute issue in updating our content sever which stores a lot of the prospect data and player talents we have elected to pull the mission from this week and release it as soon as we can in the future.

- Jake Dodunski, Project Lead

Changelog v1.2.26.104657
New Content
  • Add data setup for new revised Electric Furnace asset. Existing spawned/crafted Electric Furnaces will remain the same for nostalgia reasons. Newly crafted Electric Furnaces will use the new mesh
  • Add data setup for new revised Concrete Furnace asset. Existing spawned/crafted Concrete Furnaces will remain the same for nostalgia reasons. Newly crafted Concrete Furnaces will use the new mesh
  • Fix Mats on new furnace DMs
  • Update Lightning Rod to use new revised asset
  • Add data setup for new revised Cooking Station asset. Existing spawned/crafted Cooking Stations will remain the same for nostalgia reasons. Newly crafted Cooking Stations will use the new mesh
  • Tweaked view distance settings for proxy meshes on new revised deployables
  • Add data setup for new revised Glassworking Bench asset. Existing spawned/crafted Glassworking Benches will remain the same for nostalgia reasons. Newly crafted Glassworking Benches will use the new mesh
  • Setting up waterwheel logic and power generation, adding new UI & unlocking on blueprint tree
  • Update Repair Bench BP to use new mesh
  • Update icon for updated Repair Bench
  • Fixed texture settings on Repair Bench assets
  • Delete repair bench mesh/materials/textures which were made obsolete by v2 assets
  • Fix material errors for Wood Bed DM
  • Update Interior Wood bed to use new v2 mesh
  • Add new Repair Bench
  • Can repair all items previously repaired at Fabricator and Machining Bench
  • Requires power to repair T4 and workshop items
  • Bypass stamina requirements for repair at bench
  • Add data setup for new revised Electric Dehumidifier asset. Existing spawned/crafted Electric Dehumidifiers will remain the same for nostalgia reasons. Newly crafted Electric Dehumidifiers will use the new mesh
  • Electric Dehumidifier - separated fans for animation
  • Updating Repair Bench UI to make consistent with the rest of the UI
  • Unlocking Repair bench in the Talent Tree and shifting to T3
  • AUGMENTATION: Extermination initial mission setup
  • Water wheels can now be only placed on flowing water
  • Adding and unlocking T4 Kitchen Bench, Stove, Storage and Sink, also adding recipes, meshes and deployable setups
  • Adding Snapping for Advanced Kitchen Blocks
  • Reworked herbalism bench pastes into enhancement tonics, these provide a much more significant buff, last 2 minutes and cost slightly more than the previous pastes.
  • AUGMENTATION: Updated mission requirements to utilize enhancement tonics
  • Added tonics and furnaces to dynamic quest reward options
  • Advanced Kitchen Bench & Electric Stove are now set up correctly with their available crafting recipes
  • Updating T4 Kitchen Deployables Names, Descrioptions and Flavour
  • Updating repair bench to be the only way to repair workshop items
  • Adding waterwheel generator crafting recipe
  • Updating Repair Bench UI to include new buttons
  • Adding new Strings for Repair Bench UI
  • Added advanced kitchen, waterwheel and repair bench icons
  • Players can now wash their hands at a plumbed sink for a 2minute crafting, movement, consumption reduction buff
  • Fixed typo in plumbed sink modifier
  • Players can now place items in the interactable sink
  • Cleaning in sink is only triggered when there is an active water connection
  • Updating Water wheel talent and itemable
  • Add Multiple Category Buttons To Repair Bench
  • Add DamagePercentForRepairAll to D_Durable
  • Added ability to toggle on and off auto-run
  • Add Multiple Category Buttons To Repair Bench
  • Removed the amount damage required for repair all from DT to BP variable
  • Conditionally hide repair buttons and info popup based on repair bench state
  • Allowed the waterwheel to not be affected by weather
  • Reorganized T4 kitchen pieces in talent tree.
  • Added recipes for T4 kitchen pieces.
  • Ensured recipes for T4 kitchen pieces cover previous recipes as required.
  • Fixed description of Marbled Kitchen Bench to indicate that it does not craft chemistry recipes.
  • FORSAKEN: Fixed typo in Thruster step
  • Fix location of Water network connection position on V2 Glassworking Bench
  • Add transparent sphere helper guides to show network socket positions in Editor
  • Removed Floatable trait from waterpump, causing it to error spam after being deployed
  • Adding in a tonic base mesh with material setup to easily change tonic liquid color and an Icon + color for the front of the bottle
  • AUGMENTATION: Increased mission timer to 3 days
  • Added autorun support to mounts. Pressing forward or backward movement input will disable autorun if active
  • Added enhancement tonic icons and added them to itemable datatable
  • Added new backend hooks to the Repair Bench for greater filtering/better UX (not yet implemented)
  • Enabled code enum generation on D_RecipeSets/D_TalentTrees tables
  • Resaved D_TalentsTree table to fix formatting issues
  • Reduced recipe costs of waterwheel.
  • Doubled time between items clogging up the waterwheel, resulting in less item returns but longer running time.
  • Removed waterwheel talent from repairing tree, as this is no longer required
  • Fixed crafting location for Repair Bench, now correctly crafted at Machining Bench
  • Added water connection to kitchen stove and electric stove, as there are now water recipes there
  • Fixed typo in Condensed Enzymes (was missing z)
  • Fixed typo in water tooltip for crop plots, receive instead of recieve
  • Removed fuel slot from electric stove, as this does not do anything.
  • Update icons for enhancement tonic modifiers to use new icons.
  • Fix a bug with the enzyme dynamic mission reward where it would show 2-3 enzymes as a reward but only give one (now correctly shows it will give 1)
  • GetRepairableItems function can now process multiple inventories at once with the ability to include/exclude workshop items
  • Cleaned up ItemManipulationComponent code
  • Dynamic Tools Mission: Required number of items no longer scales with difficulty, increasing required items at lower difficulty and reducing it at higher difficulty. - Fixed crossbow attachment reward giving the flexible frame instead of the lightweight frame. - Fixed icon for cooking bench talent to use new version
  • Fixed the stamina regeneration on the Stamina Enhancement Tonic not applying to the character
  • Updated Repair Bench description and flavor text
  • Add new UMG_RepairMaterialStack widget for displaying stacked repair materials in the Repair Bench
  • Fixed waterwheel item fill timer to correct value for new expected clog time
  • Fixing Repair Bench Confirmation UI to include correct stat changes
  • Fixing Waterwheel Timer
  • Waterwheel now checks there are spoiled plants in its inventory before adding other items to prevent expoits by removing non-stackable items
  • Increased energy generation of waterwheel to 2000 from 1500. - Increased time for clogging of the waterwheel to 2h50m, now requiring 50 items to fully clog (gains 1 item per 204s)
  • Changed glow colour on enhancement tonic icons
  • Update pivot position of Waterwheel SM and offset SK mesh in BP so that the wheel touches the water
  • Adding new developer prospect to force content server update
  • Fixed a bug where having sleep quality % buffs (e.g. washing hands) on the player wouldn't affect the well rested buff
  • ADVANCED ORDER mission: Updated Health Restoration Paste requirement to Health Enhancement Tonic
  • CONCEALMENT mission: Updated Oxygen Restoration Paste requirement to Sustenance Enhancement Tonic
  • Added pre-compiled Sentry binaries to version control
  • Added extra logging to ActorStateRecorderComponent
  • Shifted GPU/Driver info collection to USentrySubsystem::AddDefaultContext so it doesn't spam log with gpu info
  • Dynamic Quest Reward improvements:
  • Increased the amount of storage granted by storage improvements (now 3 pieces of storage instead of 1)
  • Fixed Advanced Modifications: Melee reward
  • Fixed typo in Dietary Requirements
  • Added T3 light options to light rewards
  • Reduced chances for and increased reward amount of cooked T1 items
  • Increased reward amount for uncooked veggies
  • Added additional reward options
  • Removed Prime Meat options from dynamic quest rewards, as the item is no longer in use
  • Added validation to prevent a crash related to Quest initialisation during prospect reload
  • Fixing Mission Communication board Mesh
  • Fixing Water Pump Energy Requirements
  • Fixing issues with missions created prior to week 50 being in an end state and reverting back due to bad save informaiton
  • Committing fix for Icon editor crashing when clicking on a folder icon
  • Fixing issue with caches missions not providing xp
  • Fixing Collect Mission dead prospects from not being there on reload
  • Mission Communicator now works all the time in editor
  • Clients can now see the contents of Quest Rewards during selection
  • Update wood repair hammer name, description and flavor text to communicate merging of repair and upgrade hammers
  • Fixed an issue where deployables and buildings pieces could be destroyed when reloading an outpost/open world game. Reloaded IcarusActors and IcarusItems are now assigned their UID as soon as possible after spawning. UActorStateRecorderComponent::AttemptToFindOwner no longer accepts actors with valid UIDs as potential owners. Reduced default verbosity of various recorder-related log categories
  • Dynamic Hunt mission: Reduced spawning delay on creatures slightly.
  • Dynamic Cache mission: Items are no longer marked as quest items.
  • Dynamic Collect Prospector ID mission: Bears no longer respawn, but will still respawn on reload (to prevent login and logout to remove them)
  • Added missing RepairFunctionLibrary file missing from previous commit to fix the build
Future Content
  • Updates and improvements to swamp scatters and general ambience finessing
  • Fixed an edge case with the hotbar focusing secondary slot not going away when reviving
  • Add Enzyme Geyser to TU/AC/SW on Blue Quad, DLC Map
  • Apply water physical material to creek water mesh to fix creek footstep sounds, which were broken by the refactor required for lava footsteps
  • Removing breathing layer from b.dog aggro state
  • Placing Foliage, Exotic Meta Spawn and Enzyme Geyser's, In Volcanic Biome, Purple Quad, Prometheus
  • Cleanup of Ice Cave on Green, Cave AC SML 005 Added & Cleanup on Blue Quad, DLC Map
  • Moved GetLoadout and GrantMetaItems character functions to their own component to improve dedicated server compatibility
  • Remove pointless Substance Toolbar buttons which are links to the website, taking up valuable Editor UI real estate
  • Added DEP_T3_Communiction Device
  • Adding more swamp lake scatter bubbles and interesting layers
  • Placed Respawn Dropships in Grasslands, added aspen saplings in GL,polished decals and foliage around GL/TU transition, Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Increasing the scale of the BatDog by 35% character to its correct size
  • adding in first pass base level tundra ambience. To be adjusted and fine tuned and adding more scatters
  • Upping the swamp quad character and corpse scale by 20% to better fit the vocalization feel
  • RVT Off on CF Sandbanks, Prometheus Cliffs/Rocks/CaveEntrances
  • Tree Trunk RVT OFF, Pine/Fir/Palm/Cypress
  • Submitting Flyer and textures
  • Adjustments to tundra and environment tweaks
  • Wood Fortifications - all meshes, textures, materials added. Adjusted settings in D_DeployableSetup and added sockets to improve placement
  • Adding biome data table info
  • Cleanup of Riverbanks & Cliffs on Green/Blue Quad, DLC Map
  • Added DEP_Landmine
  • Updated LOD for DEP_Landmine
  • Update Texture reporting in AssetInfo tool to take into account World Normal maps
  • Fixed Skeletal Mesh checking including Destructible Meshes in results
  • General Cleanup On, Purple Quad and Green Quad, Prometheus
  • Fix LODs on several SKs
  • Fix filenames and texture settings on new creature assets
  • Fix Diorama mesh using complex collision at over 100k tris
  • Delete test levels for new creatures uploaded into creature folders
  • Fix DM material errors for new cooking station
  • Adding tundra and grasslands ambient and scatters. Removing unused assets
  • UI layout tweaks to AssetInfo tool
  • Progress on Missing Materials check
  • Added Enzyme Geyser to SW & General Cleanup on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Placed Respawn Dropships in Grasslands, polished decals and cliffs around GL/TU , Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Converted HAB Character assets from Virtual Textures to standard to remove unnecessary technical overhead
  • Fixed up some filenames and deleted unused assets
  • Adding new tundra and grasslands subtle grass blend layer when around bushes. Adjustments to grasslands levels and dynamic sounds
  • Fixed Cypress BB texture being VirtualTexture
  • Fixed Tree and Grass Billboard masters using assets instead of default textures causing dozens of unnecessary asset references
  • Added Sulfur deposit meshes (duplicated stalagmites) + materials
  • Adjustments to LC_PlantDebris decal
  • Added subsurface to red grass in Lava Biome, LC_GrassA
  • Rename Crate MED asset because it keeps dirtying DTs with casing issues
  • Rename WildBoar assets folder because it keeps dirtying DTs with casing issues
  • Tweaked WildBoar GFur LOD settings to fix close up visuals
  • Adjusted M_RockMacroMaster and MF Dolerite/Moss/Sand/WindSweptSnow to reduce texture lookups and shader complexity, added cheaper triplanar method (MF_CheapTriplanar), WIP and older files saved in Dev folder
  • Added New Arctic Template Cave, ACMED_005, DLC Map
  • Fortifications - added first pass on wall piece with window
  • Made template Cave_AC_MED_006 Level for TU/AC on DLC Map
  • Placed Respawn Dropships in Grasslands and Tundra/Arctic, polished decals and cliffs around GL/TU , Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Added KIT_Brick
  • Added ITM_Brick Resource
  • Added IsValid check in UpdateSentryContext function to prevent log spam in HAB
  • Add pathway to climb out of Mega Tree Cave & Set Dress Mega Tree cave tunnel on Purple Quad, DLC Map
  • Finished Template Cave ACMED_005 and Added it into the Ice Cave On Blue Quad and General Cleanup, Blue Quad, Prometheus
  • Update D_Durable to fix build validation issue
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