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I got fed up of the exp grind to 10 so I can start trying for the mammoth as a solo, and started just felling trees without gathering to get faster experience, but like 30-40 trees in the game hard crashed, and I can no longer load into my prospect before getting an unreal engine crash.

I get it's a lot of stuff to render but small/medium scale tree felling probably shouldn't be causing this in a game with experience grinds and might need looking at.

I've done all the usual troubleshooting, and I'm making a second character to double-check that it's the trees causing it. If it is the case then maybe a hard cap before the oldest chopped down tree starts despawning would be a good idea?

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24 days ago - /u/thedeanhall - Direct link

Likely a RAM issue, although 30-40 trees shouldn't really cause an issue by itself. You can use the provided buttons to eject your character from that prospect and land them on a new one.

The trees do decay, and I have been suggesting we look at not loading in cut down trees. We did the same with corpses.