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To confirm - i can't connect, so I am experiencing it as well. We are looking into it right now, and I will post back details. If you are ingame, you can keep playing, and once back online your progress should be saved once reconnect is made. If you are not, you will just have to sadly wait or play in offline mode.

Sorry folks, working on this as fast as we can.


We are working on the issue now. Whole system is down while we reboot, it's just safer that way. It was only affecting a few nodes, so some local reboots got many people at least one save. But some none - so we have to fix it. Sorry folks will keep you updated.


The outage is "resolved" for now.

I put inverted quotes because we have a strategy that treats the symptoms (and gets us back online), but it doesn't solve the root cause - which we don't know yet.

So at the very least, we can continue to fix this if it crops up again. More to follow on actually fixing it later - but its 4:40am here!

Apologies for the delay for everyone, do email us if the outage caused you to lose gear or anything.


There as another outage, we have put the temporary fix in place to buy us a few more hours again while we debug the root cause. Should be stable for the next few hours and will provide more info.


Additional outage, we have about 8 people working through the problem. Keep going it will be back up.
18 days ago - Rocket - Direct link
Note I have managed to get all the way in on the drop. We see some issues, but it seems once I got in on a drop everything is fine.

It might be worth restarting the game to see if you can get back in.