19 days ago - sknightly - Direct link
Hey Everyone,

A few of our players are experiencing issues with their loadouts and items disappearing on their oldest characters when embarking on a drop. This is a serious concern for us and is currently our top fix priority. We are attempting a solution for this problem before our next patch drops, as part of this you may experience some disconnections.

For those who have been affected by this issue, you are able to rescue your items by using the debug 'Remove From Prospect' button if your character is still on the drop and you have not left via dropship. If you want us to investigate meta items you have lost, feel free to reach out at [email protected] providing your SteamID, your character name, and what was lost. If you're interested in what's going on I've provided a short summary of the issue below:

As part of the outages we experienced over the weekend it appears our message broker RabbitMQ wasn't the only thing that was affected. We utilize a memory blob storage called Reddis that holds onto various pieces of data for us, namely our prospect save states and our character loadouts. The virtual machines that rebooted leading to our outages were also hosting some of our Redis services. Now when we query Redis for data, it will sometimes return old or different data even when running the same request. We currently believe this is due to local caching and bad data is being held onto in our other services. Our fix is an attempt to reinstate the affected services in the hopes that all local caching is cleared.

Thank you for your patience! Watch this space for any updates concerning these bugs.
18 days ago - sknightly - Direct link
When you 'Remove from Prospects' it will only retain your Workshop items. As usual, you can't take items you've crafted during a mission back up into orbit with you.