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Originally posted by :): 1. Optimization (Urgent task)
-Too much frame drop and disconnection make it difficult to play the game.

2. Consideration for solo players.
-It's too hard for a solo player to film all these characteristics.

3. A bug when hunting animals while swimming.
-If you catch a swimming animal with a headshot, the screen is full of water as if I had submerged after the kill cam came out.

4. The unnaturalness of tools.
- Using the C key, it's good to take out the tool in the third person, but when you put it back in, the tool disappears.

5. Oxygen furniture.
- The first oxygen bag to be constructed has the same number of oxygen stones randomly. It doesn't go in at 40, it doesn't go in at 30.

6. Korean version. (Korean)
- Expectations for this game are very high in Korea.
If Koreanization is too hard, ask for help! Many people will help you.
Great feedback - thank you!

For points 1 -5, please make sure you've left them here: https://icarus.featureupvote.com/ so our team can be aware of them!

For point 6, I can give you the good news we are working on Korean translations with an awesome team right now!

Appreciate your well thought out feedback!