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Originally posted by Des: i've got questions
1, dedi servers are always on so whats gonna happen to your base
when no one is on at that moment?
lotta storms happen and on styx stone gets damaged
would we have to build all the way to concrete before getting off every time?
There is in option in the config of the server as to how long the game runs when no-one is connected. I believe we default it to 3 minutes, then the server switches to lobby mode, and the next time you connect you will have to load up the session. While the server is in lobby mode the game isn't running so no events or anything will be happenning.

Originally posted by Des: 2, what happens when the mission is finished?
When missions finish players will be instantly rewarded with the Ren / Exotics, no need to go back up in the dropship to collect the rewards.

Originally posted by Des: how will it deal with multiple people leaving?
In p2p play if the host leaves the session shuts down, on dedicated servers the game stays up until all players leave the session.

Originally posted by Des: does the server have to stay on till everyone leaves that mission?
Depends what you mean, if everyone leaves by dropship the mission will be cleaned up. If people just return to character select the mission will be there if people want to continue playing/

Originally posted by Des: what happens when someone ghosts the game (join but never come's back later)
what happens if the mission is force-ably ended because 1 person couldn't play that day and couldn't leave?
does he lose all rewards? this is bad for the owner of the server and everyone who joins one
risk on both sides.[/quote]
So with the data decentralization your character is no longer locked into a prospect and can join as many as you want at once. Also since you get rewarded for missions right away, there isn't really going to be any issues with people not leaving. If someone isn't online when the rewards are gained, they can load up that session on the dedicated server and get there rewards at a later date.

I hope this answered a few of your questions. We have an in-depth FAQ which will be posted soon.