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Originally posted by danderskoff: Hello,

Here is why I am refunding the game:

Major bugs have not been fixed after 3 beta weekends. Major bugs being - Dropping an oxygen bladder makes it disappear forever, you can't fully mine ore without it being stuck in the ground, deer and other animals spawn inside of your house and often get trapped in the door, wood often drops through the ground and disappears, any fire on any point of the map makes the hills to be alive with the color of fire, animals often spawn but do not react to you and are not able to be interacted with - so basically ghost animals

Major gripes about the game - iron is scaled to be way too important in the game - you need somewhere around 600 iron ore to build one gun from the beginning of the game and that's NOT including making iron tools or stone architecture for base building, a lantern should not take 12 sheets of glass to make, a lantern should be able to held on your belt like a raccoon and give way more light than a torch, iron should be more common if it's going to be so important, ore spawns inside of the ground way too often and you should really have specific mines for ores instead of a spread mix - it feels really bad finally finding a mine and half of the ore being titanium or aluminum, 1 steel bloom shouldn't take 2 iron ingots to make, a concrete furnace should be able to more efficiently make ingots out of ore compared to a smelting furnace, resetting your progress after every beta weekend, stone foundations and stone architecture shouldn't take iron to make, you should really get more talent points than you do because it feels really bad NOT BEING ABLE TO REFUND TALENT POINTS in the game, stamina takes a really long time to recover, not being able to turn up the brightness at night is really frustrating because even with a torch it's super hard to see and forget about hunting at night, building things is really finicky and it's super easy to build something half-way down a mountain.

I could go on and on but this pretty much sums it up. It's way too tedious for such a small result.
Hey! All great feedback, and like one of the others commented, I would love to see ALL of this on icarus.featureupvote.com!!

Being in Beta, balancing and tweaking is key. We know this, and so we've been really figuring out how we're going to approach this and gathering a ton of player data over the weekends. Bugs too, getting thousands of players in the game, gives us data we just can't get any other way!

I would encourage you to come back at the 1.0 launch, it sounds like the Beta approach doesn't quite work for you and that is TOTALLY ok! It's not for everyone, some of us just like a working, polished game!

Thanks again for the feedback, and I hope to see you on launch!