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Hello Travelers, and welcome to the second day of the Pre-patch Blog Post Hype Week!

Originally we were going to be talking about towns today, but in a Shyamalan-like twist, we’re going to instead be covering the new Reaper Form coming in Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames!

Reaper Form

Reaper form is getting a whole new visual overhaul to better match the theme with new robes, scythes, and VFX. We think the visuals can speak louder than words on this one.

0.9.1_PPBP_Reaper_Hero1920×1056 108 KB

With the flames rising on May 25th, you’ll now be able to reap the fields of Eterra in style. Reaper form will now also use Reap when you transform, using the skill tree, allowing you to get into the fray right away.


0.9.1 continues our goal of improving our visuals in Last Epoch, getting things up to our current standards, and with this new Reaper Model, we continue to push Last Epoch into its 1.0 Era.

We’ll share again here the original concept artwork which inspired this Transform, which I know I regularly keep as my own computer Background!

0.9.1_PPBP_Reaper_Concept1920×1056 128 KB

The Week Continues

Thank you all for joining us today for a quick look at the new Reaper Form coming in Patch 0.9.1 on May 25th, and we’ll see you all again tomorrow for our next post of the Pre-patch Blog Post Hype Week as we talk about the Beta version of the MTX Store.