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This game keeps getting recommended to me on Steam and I can’t stop looking at it and watching gameplay video. For some background on me, my games of choice are typically Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and a ton of Monster Hunter. I’m mainly addicted to these games because I enjoy crafting builds and seeing what I can come up with when trying to defeat whatever.

I’ve never played any ARPGs like Diablo or Grim Dawn. I’ve been intimidated in the past because seriously, these games look high IQ and I’m about as smooth brain as they come but man, this game looks like so much fun. Is this a good entry point for someone like me? As someone who’s never played any ARPGs and is kinda dumb.

Lastly, I was mainly looking to play this game on an ASUS Rog Ally. Would this be playable with a controller or is mouse and keyboard mandatory? I don’t mind playing on PC but I would love to tackle this game at the gym post workout or on my commute to work.

Sorry for the long post and I hope I can get some feedback. I would love to dive into this as I’m kind of burnt out on Elden Ring, Souls likes in general, and Monster Hunter.

Thank you every one!

Edit: I bought it.

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Just to add on to the mobile compatibility side of things, we are getting quite close to adding a sizable update to the mobile devices like steam deck and rog ally and GeForce now style systems.

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Will these updates also affect controller support on pc? Controllers still have many issues related to the UI: can't select blessings (it selects a random one), can't select passives (it selects a random one), etc. Any idea on when those bugs will be revisited?


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Originally posted by Gackibaer

Will it also improve the performance?


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That's great to hear! I'm in Germany for the summer and only have my ally with me so I had just installed LE and tinkered with it to see if I could play the new cycle. It's close to playable even now I think, but the smoother the better.

It's not all coming in 1.1 sorry to imply that. Some stuff is but we aren't quite ready to go to verified for steamdeck (and other mobile devices). We are close to getting that checkmark though.

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Originally posted by leaguegotold

Does that mean controller support isn’t going to get improved, including the inability to select passives as mentioned above until 1.2?

Some now, some in hotfixes, some more in 1.2, and more after that too. We just don't have a full steamdeck verified checkmark quite with 1.1 launch.