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1s hey there Travelers I'm Judd kobler game
4s director for last Epoch and today I'm
6s thrilled to bring you the highlights of
7s our long-awaited multiplayer update
9s patch 0.9 convergence mark your
12s calendars bring a friend and get ready
14s to experience a Terra in a whole new
15s light convergence drops on March 9th
19s for the first time in last Epoch you'll
21s be able to Adventure through time with
22s up to four players in your party adding
25s friends and grouping up is easy and you
27s can start playing together right from
28s the start of the campaign we've upgraded
30s all in-game content including the arena
32s Dungeons and the monolith of Fate to
35s ensure that group play feels great for
37s example in the monolith we've introduced
39s a new Echo completion system that
41s ensures Fair rewards for the full party
43s and in the arena we've introduced a
46s group ready check to allow parties to
47s strategically proceed to the next Arena
49s wave set when the whole party is ready
52s in multiplayer the loot you find drops
54s per player so you're not having to
55s compete for the same items on the ground
57s additionally if you find an item that
60s would help your allies you'll be able to
61s gift items to your party members who are
63s fighting alongside you we will be
66s expanding trade beyond what is in patch
67s 0.9 with our new item faction system
70s announced recently there is a link in
72s the description with all the details
73s with multiplayer dropping on March 9th
76s we are looking forward to seeing what
77s powerful team compositions you put
79s together with your party we hope you
80s enjoy slaying the enemies of a Terra
82s with your allies
84s while you're crushing enemies alongside
86s other Travelers you will notice a whole
88s host of upgrades we've made to increase
90s the impact and polish the feel of combat
92s in last Epoch we've added new win hid
95s visuals to enemies visual impacts now
97s have directionality carrying the weight
99s through from your swing or spell cast
100s death effects have been updated to
102s correspond with the elements that are
104s used on the killing blow elements
106s applied to enemies displayed nicer on
107s enemy models and many enemies have had
109s death and stun animations significantly
112s improved all of these updates combined
114s make slaying enemies in a Terra feel
116s much more satisfying
118s if you are returning to a terror from
120s our last update prepare to see the world
122s come to life like never before our our
124s team has been hard at work and there is
126s an overwhelming amount of new visual
128s upgrades coming in conversions
130s for example the dialog system has been
133s updated across the game to include
134s better ux and beautiful new NPC
136s portraits allowing you to get to know
138s the iconic cast of characters a little
140s better many environments across satara
143s have received new tech that makes their
144s visuals come to life and this new tech
146s will continue to be extrapolated in
148s future patches in addition to the many
150s new environment visual updates we're
153s introducing 15 updated or newly added
155s enemies tons of skill VFX improvements
158s and 14 entire new gear set visuals
161s across all classes there are also new
163s player summon models and animations in
166s addition to completely updated animation
168s kits for both the prime list and acolyte
171s all of this together results in the last
173s Epoch gameplay feel that you've never
174s seen before and one that we're all very
176s excited for our players to experience
179s convergence will also be bringing a
181s number of new powerful build shaping
183s uniques for you to hunt down including
185s the harbinger of stars this new unique
187s belt enables any class to have the
189s chance to cast meteor when Landing a
190s Critical Strike we've already seen some
192s very interesting builds created with
194s this belt in early testing like meteor
197s the new hand of judgment gloves can
199s bring holy Justice into the palm of your
201s hand giving your unarmed Paladin Divine
203s strength allowing you to slam your fist
205s into the ground to cast judgment which
207s will scale area and damage by stacking
209s Attunement
210s finally gelker's blast knife captures
213s the power of the rogue's detonating Aero
215s ability and infuses it into a melee
217s strike transforming your Marksman into a
219s bomb slinging assassin these are just a
222s few examples of some of the new uniques
223s you'll be able to wield on March 9th
225s that should you be lucky enough to find
226s them check out the full list in our
228s patch notes
230s ailments have undergone significant
232s changes that will make them more easily
234s understood and bring their effectiveness
236s against bosses and packs of low-held
238s enemies more in line namely by reducing
240s the duration that the full effect would
242s take place over and will Now display the
244s full amount of stacks applied to enemies
246s the balance of all elements have been
248s updated in a number of ways which are
250s also detailed in the patch notes since
252s our last release depths of a Terra we've
255s put a significant amount of work into
256s improving performance across the game
259s Baseline frame rates in zones and
261s performance when using abilities have
263s been greatly improved especially among
264s stabilities that were noted as poor
266s performing in earlier patches while this
269s update does bring significant
270s improvements to Performance will
271s continue to make improvements to
273s Performance in future patches as well
275s we'll also be shipping an early version
277s of the MTX system with this update while
279s you won't be able to buy anything new or
281s access the shop just yet you'll finally
283s be able to equip Cosmetics that you own
285s through previous supporter pack
286s purchases
287s I'll also take this opportunity to
289s reinforce our commitment that last Epoch
292s will never sell items that Grant player
293s power we've taken a hard stance against
295s this and will continue to Champion that
297s stance into the future with that said if
300s you have fun ideas for how certain
301s skills pets or armor could be reskinned
303s we'd love to hear them
305s as we conclude I would like to address
307s and provide some context to the recent
309s Gap in our releases developing server
311s authoritative multiplayer with a smaller
313s but growing team has come with plenty of
315s challenges including the need to rewrite
318s systems so that they're ready for scale
319s and admittedly that took much longer
321s than anticipated this much more complex
324s way to enable multiplayer with server
326s Authority will allow last Epoch the
328s future options and benefits that we feel
330s is important including competitive
332s features that are hard to cheat better
334s protected accounts and characters and
336s the ability for us to ensure that
337s gameplay is smooth by providing top tier
339s servers and players not having to rely
341s on peer-to-peer connection which may be
343s slow or intermittent with this enormous
345s development Milestone behind us and
347s having an expanding team we will be
349s releasing content more frequently and
351s for years into the future including
353s additions to itemization in-game further
356s story content classes are much
358s anticipated item faction system and much
361s more
362s I want to sincerely thank you all for
364s your continued support it's an absolute
366s dream for the 11th Hour games team to
368s reach this Milestone after coming from
370s an after hours passion project Five
372s Short years ago we hope you enjoy
374s playing last Epoch with your friends as
375s much as we have and we'll see you in a
378s Tara