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Hello wonderful people. I am wondering if increasing minion damage will also increase their DoT damage or are they separate? I understand how gearing for increased minion damage over time would not affect minion hits in general and only the dot portion. I am hoping the general minion damage modifier encompasses all damage they do including dots.

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All dots are damage but not all damage are dots.

Increased damage affects dot and non-dot damage.

Increased dot damage affects dot damage and doesn't affect non-dot damage.

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Originally posted by New_Cod_5838

Thank you for the quick response! If a skill like Soaring Scorge (Druid swarmblade) indicates that damage will be sourced from "minion damage" (and not player damage) would this factor in equipment with the increased minion damage over time modifier or only the straight minion damage?

I'm a little confused and I think I'm just going to repeat myself with the word minion added.

If it's a minion dot ability, it gets increased damage from the stats, increased minion damage and increased minion dot damage.

Edit: ok I get the confusion. Dot is a subset of damage. If you increase all damage you increase all the damage of the things in the set of damage. So increases to minion dot damage are used as part of the set of minion damage. What is really happening is all minion damage stats are handed to the skill and it just applies the relevant ones. So if you had 100% increased minion hit damage, that would also get passed on but it wouldn't do anything and would just sit there in the background.

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Originally posted by New_Cod_5838

I am confused too! Hmm, I think I can simplify my question.

If I take the Skill Soaring node in the Druid Swarmblade tree it will convert the damage from my Locust Swarm from my damage to minion damage. The tooltip reads "Locust Swarm now scales with your minion damage rather than your damage."

If I then stack my character with "increased minion damage over time" will it increase my locust swarm damage? Locust Swarm is scaled by DoT damage to begin with. I just wanted some clarity.

You rock with these awesome quick replies!


Sorry for the confusion. I often muddy the waters with too much info.

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