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Hello EHG,

Can you please clarify how accessing the Pinnacle Boss will work for solo vs group play?

If someone would like to access a Pinnacle Boss in a group, will all members be required to have Harbinger Eyes or one player is enough?
If one player is enough for the entire party to access the pinnacle boss, will all players receive equal loot, or only the player with the keys receive a loot?

Why do I ask? I want to avoid a situation where solo players are ‘‘forced’’ to play in groups to be effective. I hate that in Diablo 4 and it killed my drive to farm Uber Bosses in that game.

Thank you

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12 days ago - /u/ehg_trasochi - Direct link

Only one eye is required, but the player that provided the eye will get more loot and only the player who provided the eye can get any of the pinnacle boss's specific unique drops.